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Brittany Dubins and Laura West of AVASK Group talk when and how to expand your Amazon business into foreign marketplaces. Learn what to avoid, and how to make your expansion seamless with AVASK Group who serves over 10K sellers
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Post Purchase PRO Podcast - Episode Sixty Three - With Special Guest Canaan, Chief Revenue Officer of QuartileVisit Quartile here : https://www.quartile.comFollow Post Purchase PRO Follow us on Facebook here: us on YouTub here: to the podcast here:
Post Purchase PRO Podcast - Episode Sixty Two - With Special Guest Burak Yolga Founder of ForceGetVisit ForceGet here : https://forceget.comFollow Post Purchase PRO Follow us on Facebook here: us on YouTub here: to the podcast here: https://www.postpurchasepodcast.comThis is the Post Purchase Pro podcast and we have a very special one today. We have the founder of ForceGet Burak. Sorry if I don't get the pronunciation, Exactly right, Burak. I am so excited to have you here. You're the founder of this international logistics company, and our audience is predominantly Amazon, sellers, building brands, and trying to tackle the world. by using, you know, these, this arbitrage between foreign lands and bringing those goods and our brands and our messages to United States in different markets. But to do that, we need people like you, freight forwarders, logistics companies, and you know the mess that the world has been in for the last couple of years. So we're kind of walk back in time and tell me, How did you start this company, how did you become the founder of Force get, and then we'll get into your story. Hey, thank you so much for the opportunity and the introduction. As you mentioned, I'm the Founder of ..., this is the freight forwarder. We are the only Amazon FBA logistic Company who's providing real-time tracking on our websites. I live in China eight years I'm originally from Istanbul, Turkey, I'm based out of Miami, Florida Loss for years and when I lived China, it was the golden years, actually 2011, 2019. I was very lucky to be part of this really grow an economy, Double digit, GDP grow and every year, the business or a boom in, you know, online and offline. And I've found it like a lot of events and China's side Hong Kong, I count on fair and electronic travel more than 50 cities. I started as a sourcing agent. woman, you know, one man show. But then, we start working with like, a large companies with the source for them, and then they asked us to help them with their international shipping. So that's how I started to force get. And pretty much, four years ago, we start shipping for e-commerce and Amazon sellers. Now, we have six offices around the globe. And we are the only FBA logistic company who's providing real-time tracking on our website. Because the biggest pain point I had when I lived in China was no communication, the time difference, the language barrier and, you know, the visibility and full control on your international shipments. So that's something that we decided to solve it. And then, so far, it's going great. That's amazing. 
Post Purchase PRO Podcast - Episode Sixty - With Special Guest Thomas Smale Ceo & Founder of FE InternationalVisit Space Goat here : https://feinternational.comFollow Post Purchase PRO Follow us on Facebook here: us on YouTub here: to the podcast here:
Post Purchase PRO Podcast - Episode Sixty - With Special Guest Anton Hermann Co- Founder of Space GoatsVisit Space Goat here : https://spacegoats.ioFollow Post Purchase PRO Follow us on Facebook here: us on YouTub here: to the podcast here:
Post Purchase PRO Podcast - Episode Fifty Nine - With Special Guest Adam ShafferReach out to Adam here : https://ecommerce.phelpsunited.comFollow Post Purchase PRO Follow us on Facebook here: us on YouTub here: to the podcast here: https://www.postpurchasepodcast.comThis is the Post Purchase Pro podcast, and today we're back again with a swapped co-host instead of shot, and we have Danny, which is our marketing director. So super excited to have you back with us Danny. Also, we have a great guest with us. Mister Adam Shaffer Atom by Atom is the President of Omni channel distribution, and those guys are approaching Amazon and E-commerce in a completely different way than than most other people out there. So I'm excited to dig in and kind of learn what you guys do, and we can kinda get into the weeds about what makes somebody successful on the platform, and, and all around, how do you grow in this space that's becoming more crowded. So Adam, welcome to the show. Let's, let's kind of dig in and how did you become the president of omnichannel distribution? Well, first of all, thanks for having me on the show. I'm really excited to be here and great to meet you guys. I'm you know, really interested in what you guys also do in addition to, you know, talking about and bringing information to the Amazon sellers. So I think, you know, thank you for that. I'm the President of omnichannel distribution. And we are a brand accelerator for e-commerce marketplaces. Predominantly Amazon, because it's the biggest in the US and really in North America. But we do help brands on Wal-Mart and e-bay and some niche marketplaces also. We do also help with Shopify sites where that's needed. But, the big, the big focus is much more Amazon than anything else, and we work with brands that are known brands. We work with brands that are mid-sized brands and up and coming and then we work with, you know, brand new brands. We don't care if it's private label. We don't care if it's a well-known brand. We care if there's a story to be told about the brand. And if the brand owners are passionate about the brand and it, you know, if they're looking for growth and brand protection and acceleration. So, we're not really, the guy said, build and create the new products. Although, you know, we've done a bunch of our own in the past. We really prefer to work with brands and where it's hard to be an expert at everything. And today you have to be an expert in so many different areas of the cycle to be really good at Amazon. You know, we're there to help, no. So that's what we do. We have about 30 different brands under management. 
Post Purchase PRO Podcast - Episode Fifty Eight - With Special Guest Dana Oren VP of Product at 8figCheck out 8fig here : https://www.8fig.coIf you have any questions or want to reach out to Dana email her Follow 8fig on all socials below Instagram : : : Post Purchase PRO Follow us on Facebook here: us on YouTub here: to the podcast here: https://www.postpurchasepodcast.comThis is the Post Purchase Pro podcast and today we have a very, very special guest.  Dana Oren from eight FIG, she is the VP of product and we're really excited to talk to her, but today I've swapped my co-host for from Shawn to Danny who is our Marketing Director here at Post Purchase Growth Pro. So Danny is going to be helping me out today, but Danna, let's kind of start with your background and your history. Kind of, how did you get into this e-commerce world, how did you get into a FIG, and let's dive into your story. Yeah, thank you so much for having me, Seth and Danny, and, you know, not present here, but also Sean, thank you so much for the invitation. So, how did I get started? And how did I end up at a fake, a series of fortunate events, I would say. My career started in actually marketing the and analytic world of CRM and life cycle marketing, which is pretty much just a fancy way of saying user obsession and measuring everything about user behavior in order to optimize experience, and interactions, and get users from Point A to Point B, Which, at the time, I I didn't realize. But now, I realize is very, very close to how product development and, you know, product road mapping works, which is just start with the user? What can you do to make their lives better and and that that should guide you, those challenges are the the precise way that you should be taking? Did some, some, some of those roles in, among others, an e-commerce company, which, where I learned more about supply chain and about the board opportunities and also disadvantages that e-commerce in itself, holts as a business, became very, very fascinated. And, met the founders of eight vague, heard the idea and said, I want to dedicate my time to building this because it's going to make a really, really big impact on seller's lives And it has that's amazing. So, Don. How long have you been with a big now? I've been with a fake for a little under two years, and considering the fact that the company is a little over two years old, that is pretty impressive.
Post Purchase PRO Podcast - Episode Fifty Seven - With Special Guest Scott Needham Founder of Smart Scout Check out Smart Scout here : https://www.smartscout.comFollow Smart Scout on all socials below Instagram : : : Post Purchase PRO Follow us on Facebook here: us on YouTub here: to the podcast here: https://www.postpurchasepodcast.comThis is the Post Purchase Pro Podcast. And today, we have another very, very special guest, Scott Needham. Scott is a longtime Amazon seller himself entrepreneur and he's also the founder of Smart Scout, which is an amazing tool that we're going to be talking about some today. Because, honestly, Scott, when you kind of unveiled this to me, a couple of months ago, blew my mind. I've never seen anything like this at all. We're going to be getting into your background and all of all of it, but for now, Scott, let's start at the very beginning. How did you become the Scott Needham of today? Where did you start, and bring us, bring us up to date, Scott. Sure. Thanks for having me. Uh, on the show. So, my background. Computer engineering, you know, I spent way too long in school learning about things that I don't use completely today, But I did learn how to program. And so, while I have been selling the law for a long time on Amazon, it's actually always from the capacity of a software developer, or either building, you know, automation and inventory management. Because in 20 12, there were no tools. There was no community, there was no, like, you know, so we kind of had to build things from scratch. My brother was scaling a wholesale business to over, I think, when I joined was already a eight million a year, and then got to, where we built, that's about 50 to 60 million a year. And with software, actually was less stressful when we are bigger than like, When we were small, so. a big believer in technology. and using very, you know, very slight changes to To improve your business. Yeah, that's amazing. So. So you kind of came from the computer science world and the data world right, and then you, you stepped into your brother's business where he was building a business and you got to see kind of the Amazon opportunity. Is that kind of where you kind of dip your toes in? Yeah. I mean, you don't spend a lot of time on Amazon to like, see it as a huge opportunity. Yeah. It's like just the sheer number of products. The volume, and I was kinda hooked on, if you know, most people can remember some of their first sales online, I think my first one was the i-pod Nano, I think like the fourth generation. 
Post Purchase PRO Podcast - Episode Fifty Six - With Special Guest Riki Hooker From Global E‑commerce Experts Check out Global E‑commerce Experts Here : https://globale-commerceexperts.comCheck out Global E‑commerce Experts socials below Youtube : : : : Post Purchase PRO Follow us on Facebook here: us on YouTub here: to the podcast here: https://www.postpurchasepodcast.comThis is the Post Purchase Pro Podcast. And today I'm joined by a very special guest Riki Hooker from Global e-commerce experts. Riki is a general manager there, and those guys are doing some amazing things, helping, predominantly, E-commerce and Amazon sellers grow their businesses by expanding what they're doing into the UK, and the EU. So Ricky, Super glad to have you today. Let's jump into your background, a little bit, and as well, as what you guys are up to, a global e-commerce experts. Yeah, thanks for having me. Appreciate the invite. We have been around for 5 or 6 years. I've been with the business for just over two years. I have a 20 year background in growing overseas businesses out of the UK and vice versa, and especially creating and nurturing international trade with the United States. Say, it was very natural for me to join global, e-commerce expert society transferred into the e-commerce market with a real edge, information, age, on, you know, the nuances of building and growing trade in the UK and EU from the United States. Yeah, I love it. So, so Rikki, I'm an Amazon seller, will say, I'm selling in the United States, and I'm starting to develop a presence. I'm growing my brand. and then what you guys are saying basically, is that, at a certain point, the next logical kinda phase of growth is not going to be staying domestic in the United States. It's going to be going abroad in The most logical place, to go next with the most opportunity right now, is the UK and EU, is that right? Yeah, I mean, most US, e-commerce sellers, I will attack the closest overseas market first, which is to sell in Canada. It's a very simple way of voting onto your existing sales supplied normally from home. Yeah, the UK and the EU is an attractive market for e-commerce sellers, in broad terms, Its worth 80% of yore home sales. 
Post Purchase PRO Podcast - Episode Fifty Five - With Special Guest Daneel From Zee.coDon't forget to check our here : Zee.coYou Can Contact Daneel Directly here : Check out socials below Facebook : : : Post Purchase PRO Follow us on Facebook here: us on YouTub here: to the podcast here: https://www.postpurchasepodcast.comThis is The post Purchase Pro Podcast and today, we have a very special guest from Daneel,  is a Branch Manager for Zee, which helps Amazon sellers like yourselves grow by expanding their reach through by expanding through different market. So, first of all, the Daneel. Thanks so much for joining us today. Tell us kind of how you got into Zee, , what your background is, and then let's jump into what you guys do over Zee and how you help Amazon sellers. Say, thank you so much for having us. Quite a fully loaded question, but I'll break it down. So, just in terms of my involvement and Zee, I actually joined the parent company called the ... Group, which is the world's largest regulation, tech company, about a year and a half ago. Ironically, I'm an e-commerce brand seller, my cellphone, a Shopify brand, Yes. I actually wanted to go in, to take, but instead of e-commerce, and lo and behold, within that, I was part of the initial team of five. that looked at, giving this import, logistics, and compliance services that we, That we often taken, medical, space, to e-commerce, so body, and off. It goes, he was as small as a brainchild of four people and And now we've grown to over 80 full-time employees yet based out of South Africa. Yeah, that's amazing. So Zee.cO is your ... website, So Daneel, you've been working with them for some time, but you also have experience yourself. So, from your perspective, and from what you guys are seeing, like from the data, what's the opportunity like for a seller that's only selling in one market, or you know, just selling in the US, but but has the opportunity to expand kind of, globally, what do you say it? 
Post Purchase PRO Podcast - Episode Fifty Four - With Special Guest Brandon Young Founder of DataDive Tools.Check out DataDive Tools here : https://datadive.toolsCheck out Seller-Systems here : https://www.seller-systems.comGet a Free Amazon SEO Master Class here : Post Purchase PRO Follow us on Facebook here: us on YouTub here: to the podcast here: https://www.postpurchasepodcast.comThis is the post purchase podcast back with another episode. Again, I'm one of your hosts Seth Stevens, along with my co-host, Shawn Hart and Shawn today we have a very, very special guest that we've been really excited about interviewing and digging into his story and what he's got going on for a long time. So Shawn, tell us, tell everyone who we have with us today. So we have the one and the only, he's a legend in his own mind and he's a legend in our own time. This is Brandon Young, a bigger seller founder and CEO of tell us what it is, Brandon. DataDive.Tools, I keep hearing about this, man, it's ridiculous, everywhere, goads, day-to-day, day-to-day day-to-day. To me, no, it's a, it's more of a verb, it's an action, then sets like no, this day to day we keep hearing about. It says this amazing, brilliant entrepreneur named Brandon Younger. Remember the guy related to That invited us to top golf and Vegas. I'm like, Oh, That's what day to dive is so we can't wait to dive in today to dive right now today Branden so before we get started, tell folks who is Brandon Young and what do you stand for? Yeah, so my wife and I started selling on Amazon in 20 15, we started our own brands. In 20 16, we had started with wholesale and some other stuff. 20 16, we took a trip to China and went to Canton Fair, and met some suppliers, and decided that we should be doing private label, because she's from China. OK, there's better reasons to start doing private label, and we didn't really know what the **** we were doing. We know we've kind of figured it out, we had some successes and some failures, but really early on, we started really focusing on learning from everything we were doing, and looking at the data and trying to understand it. We didn't know PPC that, well, We didn't know the algorithm, We didn't know keywords, we didn't understand much of any of that. 
Post Purchase PRO Podcast - Episode Fifty Three - With Special Guest Travis Zigler Founder of Profitable Pineapple Ads. Get Travis's Free Course on Lead Gen Here : Follow Post Purchase PRO Follow us on Facebook here: us on YouTub here: to the podcast here: https://www.postpurchasepodcast.comThis is the Post Purchase Pro podcast today. We have a very special guest, mister Travis Zigle, who is the founder of Profitable Pineapple Ads as well as a recovering optometrist turned e-commerce entrepreneur. So Travis has done a lot of amazing things. We're going to be diving into a lot of those first of all he has an amazing story as a brand builder and a seller, but then also he has an amazing business where he actually helps Amazon sellers grow their business. So Shawn, let's dive into this. Travis so stoked to have you on the show today. This is going to be my favorite interview all week. I can promise, and it's just Monday, but I'm looking at the schedule, every single time I've interacted with you, you just have that cool domain. You're like, Hey, I'm Travis, I'm doing Travis Things. If you don't understand then stay out of the conversation and get out of my way. BP at the billion Dollar Seller Summit for President, a presentation, and I still have my feeling turn it over that. We'd love your business. A profitable pineapple, loved the brand's story like Seth said, and we want to dive into that. And obviously folks, if you're listening on the podcast check, the show notes. Find out how to learn more about Travis and who's awesome company. And then if you're watching this on Social, just look at the at the description under the video. Travis, without further ado, my friend tell us, who is Travis from House Ziegler. Well, first of all, Seth and Sean, thanks for having me on. Thanks for that introduction, That was great. And, yeah, I did be $11 billion Seller Summit, so I'm gonna brag a little bit about that, so I have two. But Seth, you know, alluded to it a little bit, I'm a recovering optometrist. So I'm actually an eye doctor, and I graduated in 2010 from there, and practiced for about seven years. And so, I was the typical entrepreneur. I went to work for somebody else as an optometrist felt this it's to do more so we actually did the three things you're not supposed to do. We got, we quit our jobs. We moved from Ohio to South Carolina across the country. And then we actually started two businesses, and that was two practices. Well, I went from seeing six patients an hour to about one hour. 
Post Purchase PRO Podcast - Episode Fifty Two - With Special Guest  Don Henig From Accrueme.comVisit Don here : https://www.accrueme.comClick "Get a Funding Offer" to get a offer from Don or reach out of you have any questions Keep up with on all the socials Facebook : : : : Post Purchase PRO Follow us on Facebook here: us on YouTub here: to the podcast here: https://www.postpurchasepodcast.comAll right. Welcome to the Post Purchase Pro Podcast here today. We're so excited We have a very special guest,  Don Henig, from . We're going to be getting into his special story. But before I get too far in, want to bring to light my co-host as always mister Shawn  Hart  say, hello. Hey, thank Seth. Welcome back to another episode of the post purchase podcasts that and I are super excited, as always, to bring you, mister Don, who I type in here as Dan, so that's fun. Don, excited to hear more about your story. I know we interviewed you briefly on a private phone call, and I just can't wait to get this out there, to our massive list of Amazon sellers, all around the planet and had them find out more about you and what you're doing, it accrue me, he said, you're gonna love that stuff, you're going to love it. That's perfect, so, Don, kinda tell us who Don is. Where did you get started? And then how did you come to be the co-founder of accruing? Wow, that's a long, long, long question, because I've done a lot of different things. I've built businesses in, you know, 5, 6, 7 different industries, from entertainment mortgage, finance, on, and on, and on publishing. I just, I just end up finding things that I end up starting businesses and eventually, exiting them. So I've done very well, and I've retired or took breaks three times in my career. This last time was for five years. So after five years of not working, you actually believe that you're retired. My wife would tell me every day, my kids would tell me, my friends would tell me. Golfing I'm voting. Life is great. We're traveling everywhere. And then a friend of mine tells me about Amazon, an Amazon seller, so I knew nothing. And I love helping people grow businesses. I love mentoring people, so it just was right up my alley, so we looked at it. 
Post Purchase PRO Podcast - Episode Fifty One - With Special Guest Chelsea Cohen Co-Founder of SoStocked on social media, get free inventory tools and free marketing templates here: Post Purchase PRO Follow us on Facebook here: us on YouTub here: to the podcast here: https://www.postpurchasepodcast.comThis is The post Purchase Pro podcast and today we have a very, very special guest. With us, Chelsea Cohen, she is the CEO and co-founder of Chelsea, I know that when we were speaking the other day, what got me most excited is the way that you guys approach Amazon is from an inventory angle. It's, it's a little different than what most Amazon sellers are used to, when it comes to building an Amazon business. And now more than ever inventory and getting that entire process right, is so, so important. So I'm your host today Seth Stephens along with my co-host John Hart, post purchase pro podcasts. But now let's jump into Chelsea story. So Chelsea, tell us how you guys came to be, who Chelsea is, where you started and where you guys are now. Sure. Yeah, I started selling on Amazon 2014. And we had success, of course, as you face, success. You also faced stock outs and around 2018. Started looking at the bottom line, a concept called Death by Paper Cuts and was all those little tiny things that were eating away at the profit margin, eating away at the revenue. Inventory seemed to be the one that was something I could get my hands around and also would have a very big impact on the bottom line. So I have no experience in software, but I actually met someone who did have experienced pitch to my idea. And we went into business together and really worked with hundreds of Amazon sellers to figure out this piece that no one was really getting right back then. Yeah, that's amazing. So so Chelsea, you were an Amazon seller first, experienced a struggle, right? Experienced success. And then the kinda the consequences of that. And then you said, oh shoot. Not only is there a problem here, but you kinda figured out better than most. And then you started looking at software as kind of a solution to that. Is that kind of your, Your journey in a nutshell? Yes. yeah, pretty much. I mean, there's a lot of people along the way who also helped on that journey, and I think that's important is that I Experience certain things in my own business, but there's, I can't experience every single problem. And so it's all been a really collaborative experience with the users. That's crazy, so Seth and I, as you know from our call before, Chelsea, we had a crazy experience when it comes to inventory. 
Post Purchase PRO Podcast - Episode Fifty - With Special Guest Isaac Hadriye President & CEO of ON-SITECheck out On-Site Here : https://onsitesupport.ioSchedule a meeting with Isaac here: Post Purchase PRO Follow us on Facebook here: us on YouTub here: to the podcast here: https://www.postpurchasepodcast.comThis is the post purchase PRO podcast. Today, guys, we have a really exciting episode. This is actually something really, really unique in the marketplace. I'm super excited to have Isaac Hadriye the Founder and CEO of on-site Support. The reason why I'm so excited is something that will soon unveil to you, but basically, isaac's able to do something that no one else in the industry is able to do, and it dramatically increases your profitability, because it can limit negative reviews and limit return. So, Isaac, tell us what on-site support is, Tell us who Isaac is, and bring us up to speed on what you guys do. First, thanks for having me, guys. I appreciate being on here with you and your audience. on-site is brand-new six months in the making, It's a partnership with Amazon exclusive partnerships so far, so we're the only place you can get it. And we're giving you that ability to live chat with your customers post purchase, so any customer who buys from you on Amazon currently goes to Amazon to get support Now. They can go to Amazon and get that support from you. So, instead of Amazon just processing a return, you get to stop that. Yeah, that's amazing. So, this is why I'm so excited. You know, at post Purchase Pro, we really care about that post purchase experience for the customer. And so, what you guys are doing is actually allowing the seller to step in, right and chat with the customers. If there's an issue, if they have a question, if they don't know how to use the product, you're able to basically stop returns and stop negative reviews right in their tracks. Because what you guys are able to do is actually provide that support that Amazon can provide. 
Post Purchase PRO Podcast - Episode Forty Nine - With Special Guest Yoni Mazar From Getida.comFollow Post Purchase PRO Follow us on Facebook here: us on YouTub here: to the podcast here: https://www.postpurchasepodcast.comThis is the Post Purchase Pro Podcast. I am your host today, Seth Stevens, along with my missing co-host Shawn Hart, the first one he's ever miss. But we have a very, very special guest today, it's Yoni Mazar. Oh, my gosh. Yoni, I'm so excited to have you, ever since. We first met, actually, I've been looking forward to this moment where we could interview you and learn about your story because, I'll tell you something Yoni. We were introduced to you, just as like, Hey, you should meet this guy and we get on the phone. The very first conversation we ever have. You just like poor on so many things you pour on the value and it's like we just met. You Yoni, how can you be such a giver. So, we were impressed from day one and then after using your service and seeing what you guys are doing with the ... were even more impressed. So, Yoni, I am honored to have you as the guest today on the post purchase Pro podcast. So let's, uh, let's give you the floor here and tell us who Yoni. Mazor is, how you became a co-founder of ..., and what you're up to. You got it, so first of all, thank you so much Set, a pleasure to be here. also an honor to be here, and Sean, we miss you yourself will you will see soon? Yeah, so a little bit I guess about myself. I guess I'll start from Because I don't know what it is and I said at the beginning just like that OK, I'll central where we are now in the began to touch the beginning so it's package a bit better. So, currently, one of the co-founders and Chief Growth Officer of ..., in a nutshell gets, you know, we're a data company or a technology company, and our mission is to help Amazon FBA sellers, get the maximum AVL reimbursements that the eligible to receive. So, that's kind of our mission. We're the largest organization in the world, dedicated just for this mission. We got a team of over 100 people in six countries. We added billions of dollars worth of transactions every day. We'll talk about maybe more about that later, But ... was born actually from our activities as Amazon sellers, So, about a decade ago, we started selling online. And the main arena for us back in the day was e-bay. Alright. 
Post Purchase PRO Podcast - Episode Forty Eight - With Special Guest Norman Farrar - Vision, Growth, & Profit StrategistFollow Private Label Legion - Tim Jordan and Norm Farrar Youtube here :'t forget to check out Norms Podcast : https://lunchwithnorm.comFollow Post Purchase PRO Follow us on Facebook here: us on YouTub here: to the podcast here: https://www.postpurchasepodcast.comHello, welcome to another episode of the Post Purchase Podcast. I'm your host Shawn Hart hanging out with my co-host Seth StevensAnd we have the one the only the legend in his own mind Norm Farrar, the Bearded  30 year Entrepreneur, E-commerce Success story, Just rinse and repeat over and over again Norm you dealt with, with huge brand, You dealt with small brands. You've launched podcast. You have, you have the seller tools, you have a community of sellers. You're the you're the biggest clubhouse guy I know, that I'm trying to figure out, just so stoked today, my brand ever since I first met you. In person, I've been dying to get you on the show, so glad you're finally here, set, say hello, and then we'll turn it over to Dawn. Yeah, exactly. So I want to echo everything. Sean just said, Norm, ever since we sat down there in Las Vegas together. I was really excited to, for this moment right here, so we can dig into your background. It doesn't really feel like you know somebody until you interview them on a podcast, so I'm excited to jump into your background. But, for now, Norm, let me give you an opportunity to introduce yourself and tell your version of what just Sean just said there. OK, yeah, and again, it's going to be Reader's Digest, but I started in the e-comm business way back in the nineties, late nineties, mid to late nineties. From that experience, a lot of the larger companies would come to me, because I was one of the only guys up there. Anyways, I got involved with manufacturing. We had to. my family had two fam factories in Taiwan that we operated. We had a fulfillment center. We had specialty packaging, company back in the states, Got rid of those or sold those. And then we still have a manufacturing company in China right now got a bunch of different companies. Honer Worldwide is one of the companies very successful product innovation company. My own brands, I I live for Vertical integration. And I will just keep it like that because I can go on for a half-hour about things that we try to do, but vertical integration from a to Z vertical integration. I love it, so welcome to the podcast. I know folks out there are gonna love today's interview. Seth and I joined forces back in 20 14. 
Post Purchase PRO Podcast - Episode Forty Seven -  With Special Guest Jason Hsieh, CEO and Co-Founder of Seller FuelSchedule a free consultation with Jason here : https://seller-fuel.comFollow Post Purchase PRO Follow us on Facebook here: us on YouTub here: to the podcast here: https://www.postpurchasepodcast.comHello. Welcome back to another episode of the post purchase Podcast. My name is Shawn Hart, my co-host mister Steven who just joined us, forgot your name per second set, and we have the founder, co-founder and CEO of Seller-Fuel here today. Can't wait to dive in, mister Jason Hsieh. Say Hello, Jason. Hey, thank you so much for being invited me. You onto the podcast. This is my honor to be here, and we met at Prosper Show. I really like the energy, and I've been watching a few of the YouTube video about all the events strategy you're doing for Amazon Seller. This is really my honor to be here and talk to both of you gentlemen today. Well, we sure appreciate you joining us here. And before I talk over setup again, we'll let him say hello, go. Sets are I was just saying, we're excited to have you, Jason. We spent a lot of time there, The seller party that we through there and Vegas right after Prosper. got to know you some. And we just knew, at that moment, we had to have you on the podcast. We were able to follow up with you last week, Jason, and we've already got you on a live recording. This is amazing. Yeah, you guys move really fast. We don't normally sits still too long. You know, We'd like to move forward. So, although we're recording this, it's going to publish and a few weeks, and you'll definitely get a copy of it. So let's talk about solar fuel. What kinda strategies can you share with the listeners of our podcast? The post purchase Podcast generally goes out to an audience of Amazon sellers. Right, so I know that when we were picking your brain a little bit in Vegas a few weeks ago, you had some pretty good insights of opportunities that Amazon sellers are missing out on, and also some mistakes that you see Amazon sellers make. so since you, Wow. Zephaniah Vegas give us some of that Wow. Factor here on the podcast, Jason? Sure. So, I'm really an e-commerce business owner first agency on a second, because I also operate my own e-commerce brand, is called Lucky Kit. We design products for kids with learning disabilities, including autism, sensory processing disorder, ADHD. And I started that, ran back in 2017 because my son have learning disabilities. So, he's really a mission driven brand. And this is also something that I really feel very, very passionate about, and I had been a special education advocate for the past 10 years of my life, since my son was born, as well. 
Post Purchase PRO Podcast - Episode Forty Six - The First Line Of Defense For Stopping Unauthorized Resellers With Special Guest Michelle BonadonnaRequest a free reseller report here : https://www.vantagebp.comVantageBP reseller reports identify the size of the threat on the marketplace and are provided within 2-3 business Follow Post Purchase PRO Follow us on Facebook here: us on YouTub here: to the podcast here: https://www.postpurchasepodcast.comWelcome to another episode of The Post Purchase Pro Podcast. We're so excited to have a very, very special guest today with us. Michelle Bonadonna. She is from VantageBP: BP. Sorry. She is the VP of Sales there. And we were talking to her the other day, and we knew right away we had to get her on the podcast. Her and her company are performing something that hardly anybody in the space ever pays attention to. And, but when this is a problem for you and your Amazon business, that is a huge problem. And we experienced this ourselves. But we will kinda tease it there. So Michelle, kind of tell us who you guys are, what you do, and what your mission is. Yeah, definitely. Thanks for having me today. So, Vantage: BP is an online brand protection company. We focus on removing unauthorized resellers. In addition, we can also remove counterfeit listings and IP infringement. The company was actually founded more on the Black Market Counterfeit space originally, because that was more of the problem in the beginning, however, as the years gone by the unauthorized reseller piece, that's definitely the biggest threat to the majority of our accounts business. And so that is more of what our daily enforcement focuses on now at this point, but we still maintain all three enforcement's within our service. Yeah. That's amazing. So Michelle, we started our businesses in 20 14 and we're a private label seller and we were selling our own brands. And we would have people come and attach on our listings and sell our product as an unauthorized seller and we used to call them hijackers because they were hijacking. That's what everybody used to call them. So we were building all these brands, and it seemed like it was a full-time job for our staff to fight off these on our authorized sellers. And if you're a brand owner selling on Amazon, you don't even realize that. This is possible. A lot of times! But, what happens is, when you build a listing on Amazon, anybody that comes to sell on Amazon and, looks at the catalog, can see that as an eligible listing, a lot of times, to sell on that listing alongside you. Because, Amazon is a third party marketplace, not just a place where you get to be the sole outlet for that product, unless certain steps are taken. So, Michelle, kind of explain what an unauthorized seller is, and then how it actually is damaging a business from, from like a revenue perspective. 
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