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Big questions, big ideas and big debates about the future. That's what the podcast series 'Studio 2030' from Ageas ( is all about. What does the future bring, and how can we all navigate our way towards success? Hosts Ianka Fleerackers and Viola Zsédely-Takács, the coordinator of Ageas internal think tank “Think 2030”, invite guests to discuss the trends that may change the way we think about the world.
11 Episodes
🎶 It's the season to be.… tuning into a new episode of Studio 2030!  Join our host Ianka Fleerackers in an enlightening conversation with Heidi Delobelle, CEO of AG Insurance Belgium.  Heidi's career trajectory is a remarkable example of finding passion in unexpected places. From a mathematician with teaching aspirations to a visionary leader in the insurance sector, her journey is nothing short of inspiring. We are delighted to have her on the podcast, challenging our ideas on career trajectory and sharing the lessons she picked up along the way.  Curious to hear what she has to say? No need to wait, you can tune in now! 🎧
Buckle up for a front-row seat for our next episode of Studio 2030 in which none other than our very own CEO, Hans De Cuyper talks to lanka’s! 🎙️ Since taking on the role of CEO three years ago, Hans has been at the helm of Ageas, navigating a rapidly changing global landscape, with the insurance industry being no exception. Hans is here to spill the beans on all the behind-the-scenes action. Have all your burning questions answered and join us in discovering how Hans has been experiencing these challenging times and how he’s looking toward the industry’s future! 🔮
This podcast episode is starring a very special guest: our newly appointed CFO, Wim Guilliams, joins Ianka Fleerackers at the table where he spills all the tea on what a CFO does and how he got to this point in his career. Does that also include some unconventional advice? Yes. But that might just be exactly what we need to hear 🤗
How to find balance in your career In this episode, we’re going to talk with Ann Rombaut, Group Director Consolidation and Reporting at Ageas about finding a good balance.   We'll deal with all kinds of balancing: in work, life, expectations, leadership... At 'Studio 2030,' we bring you big questions, ideas, and debates about the future, and discuss how we can create a long-lasting positive impact. Check out this new episode below, or on all major podcast platforms.
What does Pippi Longstocking have to do with Ageas? Maybe more than you think…  Join us for the first instalment of season 2 of our Studio 2030 podcast as host Ianka Fleerackers welcomes guest  Gilke Eeckhoudt, Chief Development & Sustainability Officer at Ageas.  What should we consider our careers to be, and which type of mindset will get you furthest? Gilke openly shares her personal insights and reflects on what she has learned over the years. We even touch on what it means to be ‘more like Pippi’. « Seeing people around me ‘grow’ gets me maybe even more excited than my personal growth! »  At 'Studio 2030,' we bring you big questions, ideas, and debates about the future, and discuss how we can create a long-lasting positive impact. Check out the first episode below, or on all major podcast platforms 
What is diversity? This is a question that all business leaders should ask themselves. Defining diversity and how good leaders can benefit from it is not easy. Our Chairman Bart De Smet and diversity expert Fons Trompenaars share their views in this podcast.
Ageas is directing a large part of its investments towards investments that make a positive contribution to the transition to a more sustainable world. Going for a sustainable investment approach sounds easy, right? Just go for the “green” one! The reality is somewhat more complex…    And does “All things green” necessarily translate into sound investment decisions? In a world where terminology like “greenwashing” has entered the lexicon, how can we be sure investments are sustainable in reality? We asked these questions to our Chief Investment Officer Wim Vermeir and David Veredas Professor at Vlerick Business School in a new episode of the Ageas’s Studio 2030 podcast.
The past couple of years have been very turbulent, with the pandemic, a sharp economic contraction, and a strong vaccine-induced economic rebound all in quick succession. The coming years will be dominated by adjustments to the new reality. However deeper trends like climate change or the rise of China will become even more important. But what does this all mean for Europe? Can Europe embark on an economic and political renaissance, and will it be able to turn the known challenges into opportunities?  In this podcast Antonio Cano discusses the outlook for Europe with economist Peter De Keyzer. Stay tuned for more big questions, big ideas and big debates about the future!
In this episode Filip Coremans, Managing Director Asia at Ageas and Andrew Schwedel, partner at Bain & Company, discuss the importance of partnerships, the different types of partnerships and why companies are setting up partnership. They also shed a light on how to make a partnership work.
What is the impact of sustainability? How can we balance the need for financial performance with the need to play a constructive role in society? In this 2nd episode of the Ageas podcast series ‘Studio 2030’ CEO Hans De Cuyper and Professor Luc Van Liedekerke share their thoughts on sustainability. 
Hans De Cuyper, CEO of Ageas , and Vincent Defour, Strategic Trends Analytics Specialist Trensition, discuss the importance of long-term thinking. How can (and should) we plan ahead in a world that is constantly changing? How can long term thinking become part of the DNA of your organisation? And how can AI help?
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