DiscoverAsk Kurtis Podcast - A Workforce Training and Development Resource
Ask Kurtis Podcast - A Workforce Training and Development Resource
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Ask Kurtis Podcast - A Workforce Training and Development Resource

Author: Kurtis Smith: Workforce Training Solutions Provider, Sales Trainer, Business Strategist

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Hey there! My name is Kurtis Smith, Director of Training & Content Development at the K-Method Training Group. My career began in the automotive retail industry and from there, I realized that I had a passion for helping others reach their full potential and to take charge of their own personal and professional development. Subsequently, that passion steered me on a path to where I am today. As a dedicated, passionate, and result-oriented training professional, I bring over two decades of experience, know-how and personal insights for developing and delivering workforce training solutions to improve employee-performance. My goal is that you will use this channel to get the answers, information, and directions you need to build your own workforce training solutions. From time to time, other subject matter experts will be invited to speak on topics related to workforce strategies such as: apprenticeships, upskilling & reskilling employees, identifying workforce agents & training partners, finding funding resources, and understanding the tools to grow your business in a virtual environment. To learn more about my structured training solutions and learning platform, visit K-Method Academy, where businesses, trainers and entrepreneurs can discover what tools are available to train, deliver and develop their workforce.
6 Episodes
In this episode, Kurtis breaks down how to build your workforce training curriculum. He defines the best practices and essential components of a workforce curriculum with a special focus on COVID-19’s market disruptions. Kurtis takes employee interpretation out of training and replaces it with proven accountability standards that are predictable, repeatable, and trackable. Tune in to learn how you can jumpstart the onboarding process with solid expectations and help existing employees prevent performance plateaus.  
In this episode, Kurtis unpacks the ingredients of a comprehensive training curriculum that businesses need to build a solid workforce development program. He describes recent disruptions to the traditional sales business model, addresses how these changes lead to skill deficiencies, and provides an overview on how to stay competitive despite the recent paradigm shift. Kurtis shares the blueprint for how to overcome these challenges and thrive in an increasingly virtual business environment.   
In this episode, Kurtis sets the tone for what you can expect from the AskKurtis Podcast. He defines workforce training and explores the elements you will need to craft a successful program. He talks about the benefits of developing your own internal training program, the guests and subject matter experts who will share their knowledge, and an overview of the topics to be covered in this podcast series.  
Automotive Sales Training –AKP003: Importance of Connecting the Dots! In this Episode Kurtis Discusses the importance of connecting the dots between what your salespeople know, and what specifically they are being asked to do! He outlines why most strategies like CRM and BDC fail to meet expectation because what salespeople know, and what they are asked or expected to do, are two different things. Then Kurtis discusses how to Connect the Dots!
In this episode of the AskKurtis Podcast, Kurtis explains why he created the podcast for automotive salespeople and how it can be of benefit to them. He expounds on how it can be used as a tool and a resource for those who want to excel and grow a large and profitable sales practice. Kurtis also shares his vast background of being in sales, management, as well as a trainer and business consultant and brings his know-how to the table to teach dealership selling professionals who are committed to advancing their sales practice. Most importantly, he lays out the structure of how to ask and submit questions and get them answered.
In this episode, Kurtis will go over why his approach to training is so different from the norm. Kurtis discusses the microcosm that is the automotive dealership business model, and its use of social proofs as a means of vetting strategies that may or may not work in the varying businesses within the frame. He explains how the K-Method Academy training program will give automotive selling professionals something that will make a difference in their career by producing measurable results that are predictable, repeatable and track-able.
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