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Every week the Byte Me Podcast dips into the games you should be playing! Featuring news and reviews for PC, console and mobile games, along with fun discussions about games from the classics to new releases. Perfect for casual gamers or for casual gamers that want to be a little more hard core, join Byte Me and find your next favorite game!
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The Dylan and Vinny Show

The Dylan and Vinny Show


Gamestop layoffs, Death Standing gameplay, Spiderman news and more!
The Great Mystery Episode

The Great Mystery Episode


Ok, it's probably not really a mystery, but Cliff writes the show notes and he wasn't there, so it's a mystery to him!
Gamers are harassing the creators of Ooblets to the tune "tens of thousands of messages" because they decided to go exclusive on the Epic Game Store. Don't do that, it sucks. Somehow the release of the Commander Lilith convinced two millions people to buy Borderlands 2. Meanwhile, over 100 millions kids are playing Roblox even though there are a lot of better games available. The Now Man's Sky: Beyond update is coming out next week and the Cataclysm patch for Anthem is now available.QuestionsVinny: What single player game would you like to see turned into a co-op/multiplayer game?Eddie: Which mascots would make for great daytime talk shows ? Instead of Maury we get Wario.AngelGrl: Choices must be made.JoeColeslaw: With the next generation of consoles coming out next year makes think about the major jump from one generation to the next over the years. What other industry besides video games have been making steady upgrades every 8 to 10 years?Cheap/Free GamesEpic Games Store Humble Monthly Twitch Prime:Wonder Boy: The Dragon's TrapPumped BMX ProMable and the WoodAutomachefSmall BitesJourney Gets a Surprise iOS Release
Coming soon!
Unless you're a huge Madden football fan or love old school WoW there isn't a ton of new video games coming out in August 2019, but Rad, Life is Strange 2 and Blair Witch look to be solid indie entries.Madden 20 [PC, PS4, XBOX] – August 2Friday The 13th: The Game Ultimate Slasher Edition [Switch] – August 13Rad [ PC, PS4, XBOX, Switch] - August 20Life Is Strange 2 - Episode 4 [PC, PS4, XBOX] – August 22Oninaki [PC, PS4, Switch] – August 22World of Warcraft Classic [PC] – August 27Blair Witch [PC, XBOX] – August 30
Are Your Joy Cons Drifting?

Are Your Joy Cons Drifting?


Nintendo will now fix your drifting Joy Cons for free, no muss, no fuss. They will even give you a refund if you've paid for it in the past! Nintendo is also upping the number of levels you can upload for Mario Maker 2 from 32 to 64. Sea of Thieves is adding pets to the game "soon" and also adding microtransactions so you can buy pets (and emotes and ship cosmetics). Overwatch is making a HUGE change to the way their matchmaking works by introducing the "Role Queue" system where you will pick a role before you enter a queue. Finally, we got confirmation that we will see some changes to the mainline Switch, in the form of better battery life.What You're PlayingAdam: Slay the Spire, SkyCliff: Far Cry New DawnQuestionsVinny: What is some of your favorite relationships you have seen in a video game? Can be romantic or not. Kratos and Boy? Master Chief and Cortanta?JoeColeslaw: Here's something a little more pressing... With EA launching EA access on PS4... What games are what strategy do you see EA using? Looking at a lot of the Xbox titles... They are backwards compatible. With a PS3 generation not doing so well with a physical download for PS4, do you see franchises like dead space or skate being emitted from this service? Do you think Sony and EA are in talks to bring back some of the PS2 Classics? Franchises? Or is this simply going to be the Madden, FIFA, NFL 2019 service?Eddie: With Mario having a job being a plumber. Who else would you like to see having actual normal jobs. Like mechanic or fed ex delivery person?Turndwn4wut: In the history of video games what has been your favorite peripheral?Mansocks: Do you like dinosaurs or ninjas more?Cheap/Free GamesHumble Hooked on Multiplayer Bundle 
Building off last week's announcement of the Switch Lite, it looks like the main Switch line might be getting a new look under the hood as well! Do you really need to see what it looks like when somebody's spine gets ripped out? The folks behind the new Mortal Kombat movie thing so, confirming that it's going to be rated R and will have fatalities. In addition to their new Lord of the Rings show, Amazon has also announced that they are going to be producing a F2P MMO set in the LotR universe (which is apparently separate from Lord of the Rings Online). Tetris Effect is launching on the Epic Store and getting VR support on the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive plus a ton of PC specific enhancements. Apex Legends has some great ideas with how to combat cheaters and we are 100% in favor. And finally, if you are into emulation but want something that's a bit easier, Retroarch is coming to Steam towards the end of July!QuestionsVinny: The Xbox 360/PS3 generation's big feature I believe was the shift from standard definition to high definition. I know this gen isn't done yet, but what do you think this gen's "big feature" is, and what do you think the big feature will be for the next generation? Will VR be more prevalent? Streaming Games? Subscription Services? And how long until it becomes the norm?Josh: Has there ever been a game or genre that has legitimately got your heart racing? When was the last time you remember this happening? The last time this happened was with APEX Legends with @TheElusiveDylan where we won 2 games in a row!Eddie: What video game mascot had the best power ups ? *Must Answer in the style of ASMR.Mansocks: How many siblings do you have?OptimistPrime: Who came up with your intro music?Cheap/Free GamesGame Pass:Night Call, 7/17 (PC)Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, 7/18 (Xbox)The Banner Saga 3, 7/18 (PC & Xbox)
After denying rumors about a new console for months, Nintendo announced the Switch Lite, a smaller handheld console that although it looks like a Switch, cannot be docked to a TV. It will play all existing Switch games and comes out in September with a list price of $199.99.Donkey Kong 3 and Wrecking Crew will be added to Nintendo Online in July, along with a new feature that will allow all games to be rewinded during game play to help you get through the tough bits.Smash hit Cuphead will be getting a TV show on Netflix called The Cuphead Show. No release date as of yet.Ready to play some Gears 5 ahead of it's September launch? If you've pre-purchased or are a Game Pass member, then you can play the open multiplayer beta starting on the 19th of this month.And finally, Game Pass is getting a "Play Later" feature, which lets you add games to a separate list so you can keep track of games that you, well, want to play later!What We're PlayingAdam: Beat Saber: Kyle's Mom is a Big Fat B*$%#Cliff: Outer Wilds, Spec Ops: The LineDylan: Don't Starve, WoW, Mario Maker, DQB2 Demo, Enter the GungeonQuestionsVinny: With the announcement of the Cuphead Animated Netflix show coming, what other video game property would you like to see made into an Animated Show?Josh: Being summer, what are your top summer release games of all time?JoeColeslaw: Most controversial moment in video games that made an impact in your lives?Eddie: We just past the half way mark for 2019. Are you happy with what we got in the last 6 months ? What will be the stand out game that will finish out the year ?Operator Jack: Gday! Question for you guys this week. I you had to pick four characters from any video games for a dangerous mission who would you pick? My four would be John Mullins from Soldier of fortune, Glaz from rainbow 6 siege, Trevor from GTA v and JC Denton from Deus Ex.Mansocks: What is your favorite metal band?Cheap/Free GamesGame Pass: Dead Rising 4Shadow of WarBlazing ChromeMy Time at PortiaUnavowedUndertaleTime SpinnerLego City UndercoverSmall BitesDr. Mario World first impressions
It looks like we finally escaped the post E3 doldrums! First up this week, Rainbow Six Siege is getting an awesome sounding cowboy mode that runs through July 16th and you can get free gear just by logging in! Because of a new deal with the Epic Store, Shenmue 3 backers won't be getting a Steam key for a year post launch (but you can always switch to the PS4 if you want). If you bought a new video card in the last month or two you are not going to be happy with today's surprise launch from Nvidia. Setup your Twitch Prime and link your Rockstar account to get free Red Dead 2 Online and GTA Online rewards. EA Access if finally coming to Playstation on July 24th. Finally, it appears that gamers are really into Farming Simulator 2019. Like, really, really into Farming Simulator 2019.QuestionsVinny: What are some of your video game pet peeves? (Check out Vinny's Mario Maker level with code WS4-XY6-5JF!)OptimistPrime: Which video game character would make the best roommate?JoeColeslaw: With this being the American Fourth of July episode... Let's talk #merica! Consumers all around the globe have voice their concerns about certain Services, products, situations... be it the ability to swing through New York City in Marvel Spider-Man using the iconic Sam Raimi/ Tobey Maguire webbed suit, voicing disdain towards an animated life like Hedgehog to hit the big screen, to a last-minute switch-a-roo of a game being offered through PlayStation Plus... these are examples of consumers letting their opinions be known and Through Time, getting their way. How do you feel about companies using customer feedback to improve their products in media / gaming industry? How fine is the line between the squeakiest wheel getting Grease versus people griping and moaning, kicking and screaming until they get what they want? Will this hurt or hinder relations between companies and consumers Through Time?Cheap/Free GamesPlaystation PlusPES 2019 is out, Detroit: Become Human SE (includes Heavy Rain)Xbox Games with GoldInside ($19.99 ERP): Available July 1 to 31 on Xbox OneBig Crown: Showdown ($12.99 ERP): Available July 16 to August 15 on Xbox OneCastlevania: Symphony of the Night ($9.99 ERP): Available July 1 to 15 on Xbox One and Xbox 360Meet the Robinsons ($19.99 ERP): Available July 16 to 31 on Xbox One and Xbox 360Playstation NowBorderlands: The Handsome Collection (PS4)Dark Arcana: The Carnival (PS4)MXGP3 – The Official Motocross Videogame (PS4)NBA 2K Playgrounds 2 (PS4)Nightmares from the Deep 2: The Siren’s Call (PS4)Rad Rodgers (PS4)Rapala Fishing: Pro Series (PS4)Real Farm (PS4)Red Faction 2 (PS2)Rocket League (PS4)Tachyon Project (PS4)Wuppo (PS4)Epic Games StoreOvercooked (7/4 - 7/11)Twitch PrimeCultist SimulatorFor The KingThe EscapistsYooka-LayleeHumble Indie Playstation Bundle  Questions
Sorry we are a couple of days late! July is a bit of a slow month, but there are some great indie games coming out and a couple of fun looking AAA games too!Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers (PlayStation 4, PC, Mac) – July 2, 2019 - $40Red Faction: Guerrilla Re-Mars-tered Edition (Switch) – July 2 - $30Stranger Things 3: The Game (PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, PC) – July 4, 2019 - $20They Are Billions (Xbox One) – July 5 - $25Sea of Solitude (PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC) – July 5, 2019 - $20Blazing Chrome (PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, PC) – July 11, 2019 - $17Dragon Quest Builders 2 (PlayStation 4, Switch) – July 12, 2019 - $60Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order (Switch) – July 19, 2019 - $60Fire Emblem: Three Houses (Switch) – July 26, 2019 - $60Wolfenstein: Youngblood (PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Stadia, PC) – July 26, 2019 - $30/$40
Comments (3)

Justin Salas

love the show!! just sometimes I feel like there is rambling. sometimes I just stop listening because I want the topic to move on that's only my advice. love hearing the news and especially the cheap/free games because most of the time I know nothing about what is out there. thank you for the show

Jun 6th

Joshua Fulkerson

A great podcast with a bunch of dudes (sometimes a girl), having a great time talking about video games. Weekly news and viewpoints from a variety of generations, with the occasional comedic relief, and interactive questions from the community, all compacted into one clip. Great for a listen in the car or anywhere you go. The online discord community are great people! come check it out!

Apr 26th

Vinny DaVinster

Best Video Game Podcast in existence today. Give these guys some love and listen in week in and week out

Nov 2nd
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