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Every week the Byte Me Podcast dips into the games you should be playing! Featuring news and reviews for PC, console and mobile games, along with fun discussions about games from the classics to new releases. Perfect for casual gamers or for casual gamers that want to be a little more hard core, join Byte Me and find your next favorite game!
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There are so many games coming to Game Pass over the next two years it makes me wonder why would you even buy games anymore? I mean, it's kinda hyperbolic, but I honestly think you could never buy a game again and be happy. Anyway, that is just one takeaway from X019, but there was also so much more!Other news this week:Bioware is working on another Mass Effect gameBioware is also apparently still working on AnthemGoogle Stadia is out and apparently it's...okThe Game Awards have been announcedThere is a new Half Life in development (and no, it's not HL3)You aren't going to believe this Pokemon bugWhat We Are PlayingColby: Jedi Fallen Order, Remnant: From the Ashes, Mahjong Stories: Vampire Romance Cliff: Jedi Fallen Order, Remnant: From the Ashes, AfterpartyDylan: PokemonQuestionsDA VINSTER (Vinny): What are you most excited for that came out of X019?Mister Polite: If you could choose which actor (male or female) to have a comeback in 2020, who would it be? I would like to see Rick Moranis again on the big screen. Going back and watching a lot of 80's and 90's shows, he was everywhere, and I would like to see him again.Colby: What’s a Atari era game you’d like to reboot?JoeColeslaw: In regards to in-game chat with public lobbies in video games, what are some of your pet peeves? Too much background noise? Not using it at all in a very team oriented mode? Nonsense and hateful speech should go without saying.Prince of Pringles: Its draft season. Adam you're representing Sony Playstation, Cliff you're representing Xbox and Dylan is Nintendo. Each guy picks 5 characters. You can offer a trade after each guy has 5 characters. Will we see Mario riding a warthog in a halo crossover? Will Kratos have to save mushroom kingdom? Good luck boys. Cheap/Free GamesEpic Game StoreBad NorthGame Pass: Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition (PC)Age of Wonders: Planetfall (Console, coming soon to PC)Hearts of Iron IV: Cadet Edition (PC)LEGO: The Ninjago Movie Videogame (Console)Rage 2 (Console & PC)Remnant: From the Ashes (Console)The Talos Principle (Console & PC)Tracks: The Train Set Game (Console & PC)Small BitesAnimal Crossing: Pocket Camp is getting a monthly subscription
Xbox is going to talk about all sorts of fun stuff at x019, including 12 games from Xbox Game Studios plus big news for Xbox Game Pass, Project xCloud and much more!Other video game news: Minecraft Earth is available in Beta for all of the US Don't try and break the "most live streaming in a month" recordBethesda is getting a "new" studioStar Wars: Jedi Fallen Order isn't coming to EA Access earlyThe Xbox One is getting a shuffle buttonWhat We Are PlayingCliff: Outer Worlds, Thomas Was AloneDylan: Luigi's Mansion 3, Little Town HeroColby: To numerous to mentionQuestionsDaVinster: The Game Awards are coming up soon, so I have to ask the dying question that everyone loves asking...what is your GOTY for 2019? Also what game announcements do you think we could potentially see at The Game Awards this year?Mister Polite: Every time there is a new Tik Tok trend that I don't understand, I feel like I am becoming older and older. The most recent one is the Purple Shampoo:( For a grumpier question, is there a challenge that makes you annoyed for no real reason?John Tysinger What song did you hear in a game that you searched out. For me one would be “Prisoner” by Stumfol. It was in the beginning of The Surge.JoeColeslaw: So coming from somebody who was level 69 in Call Of Duty Modern Warfare last Thursday and I'm sitting pretty at 125 as of this morning, what are some signs that you are spending too much time in a video game Within a time frame... Let's say, one week. Also, I'm having trouble with people sending me Activision friend requests that have not already played with me. If anyone wants to play, search for me using Joe Coleslaw in the Activision friend requests.Turndwn4wut: Do you find yourself struggling to play games that your younger self didn’t? And in which way?Kim Cruz: Did Blizzard just sweep the whole controversy with china, after blizzcon or will we see changes to the industry because of it?ElGorditoSupreme: What goes into the perfect cookie?Ben Cee: How long before Todd Howard comes out and says "Well, we farked that one up. Sorry!"Cheap/Free GamesEGS: The MessengerTroll CornerWally World and the Great Switcheroo Snafu 
Last week at Blizzcon Blizzard announced a bunch of new games, including a new, darker Diablo 4 and an presented an interesting new approach to sequels with Overwatch 2. We also learned that Cliff is incapable of saying Diablo on the first try.Also this week:We want to give a huge shoutout to all of the folks who supported us and played with us this weekend for Extra LifeYou could make up to $10k (ethically) hacking Red Dead Redemption 2 and GTA 4The new Xbox Elite Controller Series 2 is now available for purchaseApex Legends has a firing range and a temporary Duos mode nowWhat We're PlayingCliff: Killer Queen Black, Aqua Lungers, CD-Run, Hot Shot BurnDylan: Luigi's Mansion 3 QuestionsVinny: What are your top 3 video game franchises?JoeColeslaw: What do you think about games as services just expanding the game themselves and not go into the sequel territory. For example, instead of a making The Division 2, just sell a $60 expansion to the game and keep the original world to go back to within the same ecosystem. Instead of spending three years to expand Destiny 2, just sell an expansion. Do you think in this economy and environment, that would work out better? How far could you see this business model going if it takes off in the first place?Mister Polite: Recently I tried to show my kids some classic games. Some games are still playable and enjoyable today (Ms. Pacman, Donkey Kong Jr., Mario, Zelda, etc...), but my goodness Goldeneye did not age well at all. Is there a game (movie, television, or board game) that you picked up years later that ruins your nostalgia for it?Turndwn4wut: What current gen games could you see 20 years from now have people wondering, what the hell were those people thinkingCheap/Free GamesGames with GoldSherlock Holmes: The Devil’s Daughter: Available November 1 to 30 on Xbox One The Final Station: Available November 16 to December 15 on Xbox OneStar Wars: Jedi Starfighter: Available November 1 to 15 on Xbox One & Xbox 360Joy Ride Turbo: Available November 16 to 30 on Xbox One & Xbox 360Game PassSubnautica (7 November)PS PlusNiohOutlast 2Playstation Now (Available Until 2/4/2020)Persona 5Middle Earth: Shadow of WarHollow KnightTwitch PrimeDouble CrossDarksiders II Deathinitive EditionPlanet AlphaSword Legacy: OmenTurmoilEpic Game StoreNuclear ThroneRuinerHumble Monthly CornerThe asshole or assholes who did a DDOS attack against Extra Life over the weekend. 
Somehow October is over and it's time to talk about the games coming out November (or as I like to call them, the video games everyone wants for Christmas). How many of these are going to end up on your wishlist?Just Dance 2020 (PS4, Xbox One, Switch, Wii, Stadia) – November 5 - $40Planet Zoo (PC) – November 5 - $45Red Dead Redemption II (PC) – November 5 - $60Death Stranding (PS4) – November 8 - $60Disney Tsum Tsum Festival (Switch) – November 8 - $50Layton's Mystery Journey: Katrielle and the Millionaires' Conspiracy (Switch) – November 8 - $40Need For Speed Heat (PS4, Xbox One, PC) – November 8 - $60Astroneer (PS4) – November 15 - $30Pokémon Shield & Sword (Switch) – November 15 - $60Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order (PS4, Xbox One, PC) – November 15 - $60Shenmue III (PS4, PC) – November 19 - $60Civilization VI (PS4, Xbox One) – November 22 - $60
Starting on November 19th (in the US) you'll be able to get an Xbox One X for only $32 a month for 24 months. But the best part is, next year you'll be able to trade it in for an Xbox Scarlet! This deal includes 24 months of Game Pass Ultimate as well, so you are actually saving money in the long run! If you'd prefer an Xbox S, you can do that for $22 a month and trade it in for a Scarlet after 18 months as well! Also this week:Sony is killing Playstation Vue early next yearEA is going to start selling games (and EA Access) on Steam againDeath Stranding is coming to PC next summerGoogle Stadia is getting it's own first party studioSteam might start asking you if you are really sure about your old reviewsWhat Video Games We're PlayingAdam: Blair Witch, The Outer WorldsCliff: Blair Witch, The Outer WorldsDylan: Little Town HeroQuestionsVinny: What games do you think could benefit from breaking away from a yearly release schedule?Princess_Megan: Happy Halloween! I've been reading about the Insight Project, that will use biometrics recorded while the subject is playing video games that could potentially be used to as a form of therapy for those with various mental illnesses to help the user learn to manage their triggers. What other roles do you see video games taking in the future outside of entertainment? ( What has been the scariest game you have ever played? What horror game do you want to play?Cheap/Free GamesEGS: Soma and Costume QuestHumble Bundle:
Fallout 76 continues to have some really strange ideas about how to get back on top and charging $100 a month for private servers really doesn't seem to be in their best interest. Also this week: Steam lets you play multiplayer games online nowHumble is making changes to Humble Bundle MonthlyThe Fallout Wastelanders Update is being pushed to 2020Eat tacos, get Game PassFinally you can watch movies with your Twitch friendsQuestionsVinny: Do you feel that this year was kind of an "off" year for video games? Coming off a year like last year with God of War, SpiderMan, Red Dead 2, etc. and looking at a year like next year with Cyberpunk, Final Fantasy VII, Marvel's Avengers, Watch Dogs Legion, Doom Eternal, etc. Why do you think this year is (or is not) as underwhelming as the year prior or year next?Mister Polite: If you could have the opportunity to take a day trip would you take it to space or the bottom of the ocean, and why?Operator Jack: G'day everyone! Question for the podcast this week. What do you guys think of role play in games? Have you tried it with your in game character? Do you find it fun? I’ve been doing RP as a cop and it’s so much fun and intense.JoeColeslaw: Last week until October 31st... What video game boss or horror-based character do you most affiliate yourself with or sympathize for? Who would you want to spend your Halloween night with? (Not as prey, but in a party with!)Prince of Pringles: Its draft season. Adam you're representing Sony Playstation, Cliff you're representing Xbox and Dylan is Nintendo. Each guy picks 5 characters. You can offer a trade after each guy has 5 characters. Will we see Mario riding a warthog in a halo crossover? Will Kratos have to save mushroom kingdom? Good luck boys.Cheap/Free GamesEpic Game StoreLayers of Fear CompleteQUBE 2Game PassLonely Mountains: Downhill (Xbox) (Oct 23)Secret Neighbor (Xbox) (Oct 23)Minit (Xbox) (Oct 24)The Outer Worlds (Xbox Game Pass for Console and PC) (Oct 25)Afterparty (Xbox) (Oct 29)LEGO Star Wars III (Xbox) (Oct 31)Subnautica (Xbox) (Nov 7)
Fortnite broke the internet this weekend, when the map exploded and a black hole appeared in its place for two days. Fortunately, all is well now and Fortnite Chapter 2 is up and running with the introductions of fishing, swimming, boats and healing bazookas. Other news this week:Google Stadia has a release date and a bunch of announced gamesBlizzard officially responds to last week's Hong Kong debacleThe original Half Life just got a patch after 21 yearsSaints Row 2 is getting a bunch of PC fixes as well after developers found the games source codeThe Internet Archive has a bunch of DOS games you can play in a browser. Like a lot.Minecraft: The Exhibition opens in Seattle this weekend What You're PlayingAdam: GTA 5, Master Chief CollectionCliff: Gears 5Dylan: Sheetrock: The GameQuestionsVinny: It's Halloween! What video game related character/thing are you dressing up for this Halloween? And what non-video game related thing would you dress up as?Mister Polite: Is there a game that would be a favorite game if it came out at a different time in your life. For example, Minecraft is a game that I know is something I would have loved back when I was playing games in Elementary School or early Middle School, but since it came out in my 30’s it just isn’t a game I want to play.Jacob (IconArising): What is your favorite Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon original show? What was the worst?Princess_Megan: What are your favorite Fall traditions?JoeColeslaw: Worst trope in horror? Films, games, tv specials?Mansocks: In a cute fight between Gus and Dart who would win?Cheap/Free GamesEpic GamesObserverAlan Wake's American NightmareHumble Bundle
It's been a hot minute (or maybe a couple of months) since our last episode of 8-Bit Bytes, but Cliff and Hans are back and have so much retro gaming goodness to talk about!Arcade1Up: Newer games better quality. Nice LCD’s, better joysticks, no paint issues, lit marquees, etc. New Games include TMNT, Marvel Super Heroes, Star Wars 83. More form factors. Sit down cocktail style cabinets (Pacman, Streetfighter) were revealed at NYCCSNES games on now available on the Switch!The Genesis Mini is out, Hans has one and it's greatThe TurboGraffix 16 Mini is out on March 19th for $100Neo Geo Arcade Stick Pro doesn't have a lot of details, but looks greatGoldeneye N64 is being remade in Unreal 4 (at least until the project get shut down anyway)Full size C64 release coming soon after the success of the mini! Billy Mitchell may be filing suit after the removal of his DK and Pacman high scores. Billy just last month sent 156 pages of documentation that outlines his dispute with screenshots, testimony, and technical evidence. Did send a four page letter on legal firm letterhead to Twin Galaxies. A musical in Indianapolis was even made about all of this called ARCADEFIRE (The redemption of Billy Mitchell).The Ataris VCS is in trouble, but pre-orders are open again! Check out this subreddit or this article for an incredibly detailed account of what’s going on.A general timeline:Sept. 30th: Atari® and Antstream Arcade Partnership Kick-Starts Atari VCS™ Content Offerings with Thousands of (streamable) Classic GamesOct 4th: Rob Wyatt (Founding team member of XBOX) chief architect of Atari VCS quit and claimed he and his design firm haven’t been paid in 6 months! They just last month got a prototype board and after trying to debug it.Oct 4th: Atari says "The Atari VCS is proceeding according to its previously announced schedule." Atari also says updates on the project can be found on Medium and that production has started.QuestionsJoeColeslaw: Any game collection you want to see soon in the like of Disney's Aladdin and The Lion King?
We all swore that this was old news, but apparently the PS5 is coming out during "Holiday 2020" and will be called the PlayStation 5. It's got a new fancy controller with haptic feedback, adaptive triggers and a new speaker that Cliff and Dylan hate. It will support 8K support for some reason, has hardware based ray tracing and some really cool innovations both on how games are installed and how you can start them.In other video game news:Sony is finally opening up cross play to all gamesRed Dead Redemption is finally coming to PCThe Atari VCS might be in troubleBlizzard is facing boycotts after punishing a Hearthstone Grandmaster who made pro-Hong Kong remarksWhat is Orange Ricky, Hero and Smashboy?What Video Games We're PlayingAdam: Astral Chain, Apple ArcadeCliff: Just Cause 4, Gears of War 5Dylan: Apple Arcade QuestionsVinny: What could next gen console controllers improve upon that would be beneficial to you?Princess_Megan: What would the name of your cult be and what would you worship?Prince of Pringles: What action adventure games go on your personal mount Rushmore?Mister Polite: With the Last of Us Remastered on Playstation Plus, I want to go back and relive the game, but at the same time, I am content with not going back. It was such a good game and experience but was fulfilled when the credits rolled. Is there a game or movie that was so good that you only wanted to experience one time.JoeColeslaw: Where do you see the "game from your phone programs" (remote play, xcloud, stadia, Bethesda) within a year? How will device exclusive contracts and os cut offs affect the common gamer and not just the people with the latest technologies?Princess_Mansocks: If you had to choose one console manufacturer for the rest of your life which would it be?Cheap/Free GamesEpic Games:Surviving MarsHumble Bundle:
Sony dropped the price of Playstation Now, it's streaming video game service that competes with Xbox Game Pass, down to a more competitive $9.99 a month. The price is available to current subscribers at the end of their current subscription, but it doesn't look like refunds will be given to current subscribers. With more than 800 games available and over 300 of those installable, PS Now is a terrific option for Sony gamers that may have balked at the price before. In addition to the new price, God of War, Grand Theft Auto V, inFAMOUS Second So and Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End are available on the service until January 2, 2020 and new "premium" games should be added on a temporary basis monthly.We also talked about: The 8bit-do Switch Lite controller is adorable, but we're not exactly sure why it existsPeripheral maker Logitech has purchased Steamlabs for $89 millionApex Legends has a new map called World's Edge (and it has a train!)If you have an Xbox and don't have Game Pass, it might be the time to get itBungie has plans to release at least one non-Destiny game in the next five yearsQuestionsDA VINSTER (Vinny): What video game/series do you think would work well in another genre of gaming? Gears of War RTS? A Rare (the company) kart racer?JoeColeslaw: What games do you feel deserve a second chance a few years after launch? What games have made the most a second chances? Rainbow Six Siege, Destiny, Destiny 2, Fallout 76? I just Revisited Star Wars Battlefront 2, sorry Adam... And was blown away by the vast improvements of the progression and reward system.mansocks: With the repetition we are seeing in humble bundles do you think their days are numbered?Cheap/Free GamesGames Pass: Dishonored 2 - Oct. 3World War Z - Oct. 10Yooka Laylee - Oct. 10Fallout New Vegas - Oct. 17Felix the Reaper - Oct. 17Panzer Dragoon Orta - Oct. 17Epic Store: MinitTwitch PrimeAdam WolfeThe Walking Dead: Michonne - A Telltale MiniseriesStranger Things 3: The GameDeadlight: Director's CutSerial Cleaner
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Justin Salas

love the show!! just sometimes I feel like there is rambling. sometimes I just stop listening because I want the topic to move on that's only my advice. love hearing the news and especially the cheap/free games because most of the time I know nothing about what is out there. thank you for the show

Jun 6th

Joshua Fulkerson

A great podcast with a bunch of dudes (sometimes a girl), having a great time talking about video games. Weekly news and viewpoints from a variety of generations, with the occasional comedic relief, and interactive questions from the community, all compacted into one clip. Great for a listen in the car or anywhere you go. The online discord community are great people! come check it out!

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Vinny DaVinster

Best Video Game Podcast in existence today. Give these guys some love and listen in week in and week out

Nov 2nd
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