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Author: Vanessa Cruz

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Hang with Vanessa Cruz at the intersection of psychology, faith, and culture. Vanessa is a U.S. Marine Corps veteran, Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, trauma professional, and Bible teacher. Vanessa and her husband lead World Renegade Missions in Atlanta, GA.
17 Episodes
Ep. 17 Feeling Stuck?

Ep. 17 Feeling Stuck?


Life as we knew it has changed. Rhythms have been disrupted, plans have been canceled and schedules are thrown off. This has some folks feeling stuck and in a funk. Our first-time guest Melody Fabien founder and visionary of Warrior Princess Conference walks us through on how to practically approach a "stuck season". ----------- + Episode Links: Secret of the Vine book: + Subscribe to the podcast on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Google Play + Connect with Vanessa on Social Media: Instagram: @VanessaCruz Facebook: Live Revolutionary with Vanessa Cruz
Find out why contentment is one of those key principles that will NEVER fail you on Vanessa's newest podcast!
Healthier relationships stem from a healthy childhood, but what if you didn't have one? There's a remedy for that and it's found in your relationship with God. Learn how a shift in your perspective can cause a ripple effect toward a healthier dynamic in your relationships.
Have you ever wondered why you end up dating the same kind of person? Or why you always feel like a burden in relationships? Then it's time to discover your attachment style. Learn what an attachment system is and how uncovering your style can lead to healthier relationship decisions.
Everyone experiences temptation but not everyone recognizes it. Learn what temptation feels and sounds like and the necessary steps to take to FIGHT it.
Self-hatred and low self-esteem are common symptoms experienced in today's generation and have actually increased with the rise in social media usage. How does your view of self affect your mental health?
Have you ever felt forsaken or abandoned by God? Has it ever seemed to you that he is far away, ignoring your heartfelt prayers? Have you ever felt spiritually alone? Listen in as Vanessa provides hope and insight on what some call the Desert Season.
Ep. 10 Fear Of Failure

Ep. 10 Fear Of Failure


Fear can present itself in our lives in many ways. In episode 10, we take a further look into the specific fear of failure and how a change in our perspective on success might be the key to help you overcome.
Ever leave the movie theater and feel like it resurrected pain or wounds from your past? Learn how movies impact your brain, emotions and even your memories.
In this week's podcast, Vanessa answers an Ask Vanessa question on relationships and trauma.
In part 2 of Don't Let Fear Punk You, Vanessa provides three practical tips to assist you in assessing, identifying and overcoming fear.
Why does fear have such a hold on us? Learn what the purpose of fear is and what are the healthy and unhealthy ways fear can manifest in your life.
Do you ever worry about situations that haven't even happened? Vanessa walks you through 3 points to help you overcome self-induced anxiety and shares her famous eyebrow story.
How can you maintain faith when you have been believing for this thing for so long? Listen in as Vanessa poses a serious question to ask yourself...
Vanessa tackles the issue of forgiveness and provides a new way to consider those who have hurt you in the past.
Ep. 2 Why Am I Clingy?

Ep. 2 Why Am I Clingy?


Tune in as Vanessa answer's an Ask Vanessa question on relationships.
Vanessa Cruz welcomes you to the Live Revolutionary podcast!
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