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Author: Alex Grodnik

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Alex Grodnik, current MBA student at UCLA Anderson talks with some of the most interesting people in and around top MBA programs as well as his colleagues and mentors in entertainment and tech.
6 Episodes
Ronald is at a crossroads. Having just graduated from Wharton and taking a start-up through YC, he doesn’t have a job, nor does he know what he will do next. His flaws, how to find happiness while unemployed and a look into his process. New podcast:
Jon tell us how he built a media company that has paid out $10 million to content creators over the past 3 years for videos like Pizza Rat and Chewbacca Mom. We discuss why the future of storytelling is user generated content and how technology mixes with methodology to find the best videos online.
Alex Angelov, my friend from investment banking who went on to work at Canada’s largest private equity fund discusses going to school at the “Wharton of Canada”, What investment banking recruiting out of undergrad is like and how just a few months into the job, private equity funds make you $400K offers. We talk about what private equity investors looks for and the traditional path to business school. Alex tells us why he left the world of finance to pursue his passion to run a business and how he intends to accomplish that through starting a search fund, and why he doesn’t need an MBA to do so. Alex talks about the logistics of starting a search fund, his pros and cons of business school and his favorite places to eat at in LA.
Eric Wilker, my boss from my internship and USC Marshall grad, sits-down to discuss his transition from a creative background to a business role, the changing economics of the studio business and the evolving entertainment landscape, advice for future MBA’s and how to navigate working for a large corporation.
Andres Engel, Business development executive and HBS grad chats about his passion to work with people and empower teams, growing up in Chile and why LA reminds him of South America. His background in investment banking both before and after business school and why he didn’t see himself as a banker long-term. His work now building a growth equity fund and how business school opened his mind, as well as future travel plans.
Jordan Toplitzky, the CFO of the multi-channel network Studio 71 and recent MBA grad from Michigan’s executive program talks with us about the future of content distribution, what a CFO does, balancing work and life while getting an MBA, his background at a hedge-fund, the worst job he’s had, differences between executive and full-time MBA’s and what what’s it’s like being part of a capital raising process.
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