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Rick Ferrie, VP of Accessibility, Savvas Learning, joins Erin Evans to discuss the current market conditions driving the adoption of Universal Design for Learning (UDL) and accessibility in products. They talk about how integrating these will change the course of learning in the coming years.
Hear from Serena Sacks-Mandel, Global Chief Technology Officer of Education at Microsoft, as she predicts 5 major focus areas for Education Technology going into 2023, and how we can deliver edtech that is people-first. 
Phil Hill from PhilOnEdTech joins us to discuss how the shifting trends in college enrollments will impact institutions that don't adapt. We discuss how the next generation of learners will meet their learning needs and what this means for the workforce to come. 
Dan Gizzi, speaks with Andrew Lippert, CTO of McGraw Hill, and Acky Kamdar, CEO of Magic EdTech, to get their perspective on the effects of the pandemic on the edtech industry, how to stay ahead of EdTech trends, and how to ensure a positive learning experience for students and teachers. 
John Jorgenson, Chief Marketing Officer at Cambium Learning, discusses what it takes to unite multiple learning brands and portfolios under a single umbrella and balance true brand value with investor expectations.
In this episode, David Bain, Senior Vice President, Academic Innovation & Analytics, at Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, helps us explore how edtech tools can serve as a means to drive effective learning interventions.
In conversation with Paul Grudnitski, CEO of Amp Up IO as he shares what the future of assessments holds, and how assessments are being refined for personalized instruction and learning at scale.
Delve into what makes edtech procurement so complex for most buyers of learning products. Siya Raj Purohit, Amazon Web Services Marketplace, speaks to Dipesh about a simpler solution to addressing these, in our 20th episode.
Don’t miss this episode with Matthew Tower as he elaborates on what the current gaps in workforce learning are right now, and how to plug these using technology.What you will learn:The emerging role of technology in lifelong learningThe downside of micro-credentialing for reskilling and upskillingWhat's missing in today’s technology for workforce learning and how we can fill the gaps.
We speak to Andrew Roberts, Chief Operating Officer, Barbara Bush Foundation about how scaling adult programming through technology can be a game-changer for the economy and help tackle social problems.
In this GAAD special podcast, we invite Shell Little, and Magic EdTech's Eric Stano and Erin Evans to talk about where accessibility meets DE&I in the scope of education and learning. What are the ways in which organizations can come together to truly enable "Digital Learning for Everyone"? It also touches upon the little things that each of us as individuals can do starting today to ensure that we're promoting accessibility and DE&I in our day-to-day routines.
Matt Bateman, Vice President of Pedagogy, Higher Ground Education, speaks to Dipesh about the psychology that drives early learning and what ultimately motivates a student to learn. They delve into ways to better utilize screen times and how to structure content so that it appeals to young minds.
In this episode, Melissa Ragan, Chief Learning Officer at Navigate 360 talks to Annu Singh about using technology to enable social-emotional learning. 
In this episode, Michael Lombardo, the Founder and CEO of BookNook talks to Dan Gizzi about ways in which collaborative learning can be improved upon through the use of technology.
In this episode, Ewoud de Kok, CEO of FeedbackFruits talks to Dipesh Jain about enabling student autonomy by reshaping pedagogies to deliver better student engagement.
Episode 12 of Tech In EdTech sees David Morales, CIO & SVP of Technology, WGU speak to Dipesh Jain about how democratizing educational technology can bring immense benefit to learning and the community as a whole.
In this episode, Karthik Gunasekaran of Udemy speaks to Dipesh Jain from Magic EdTech about the latest in learning delivery formats and cutting-edge education technology.
Catch Amanda McGee of Accelerate Learning in conversation with Dan Gizzi from Magic EdTech as they discuss the best ways to reach a happy medium between in-person and digital learning experiences.
In this episode of Tech In EdTech, Annu Singh, Magic EdTech talks to Jeff Imrich, Rock by Rock about how leveraging technology can ensure kids and educators gain an all-settings access to project-based learning.
In this episode of Tech In EdTech, Dipesh Jain, Magic EdTech talks to Brita Nordin, BellXcel about how organizations are working towards "right-sizing" technology to improve youth programs and community-based learning. 
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