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Covering educators, instructors, creators, and lifelong learners, the mission of our Tech In EdTech podcast is to improve the dialogue between education and technology, through storytelling, information flow, updates, and intel for better innovation and impact.
5 Episodes
In the 5th episode of Tech In EdTech, Emilie Berglund, McGraw Hill talks about “Using Technology To Improve Equity And Access In Education" with Dan Gizzi, Magic EdTech. 
In the 4th episode of Tech In EdTech, Craig Alexander, Pearson talks about “What Going Digital-First Really Means" with Eric Stano, Magic EdTech. 
In the 3rd episode of Tech In EdTech, Kristopher Snover, BrightBytes talks about “Using Data To Identify Learning Gaps" with Dan Gizzi, Magic EdTech.
In the 2nd episode of Tech In EdTech Mike Rodbell, ExploreLearning talks about “Using Technology To Create An Engaging Learning Experience” with Dan Gizzi, Magic EdTech.
In the Inaugural episode of Tech In EdTech, Dan Gizzi, Magic EdTech discusses the impact of Investing in Technology with Kalyan Nathan, Encyclopedia Britannica. Listen Now!
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