DiscoverAnchored hosted by Pastor Reginald W. Sharpe Jr.
Anchored hosted by Pastor Reginald W. Sharpe Jr.
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Anchored hosted by Pastor Reginald W. Sharpe Jr.

Author: Pastor Reginald W. Sharpe Jr.

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Fellowship Chicago is committed to sharing and showing the gospel of Jesus Christ through acts of love and generosity. Join Pastor Reginald W Sharpe Jr. as he leads us on our journey accompanied by the word of GOD. If you are a seasoned saint or just beginning your relationship with GOD this message is for you.
18 Episodes
Pastor Sharpe delivers a message directly from his heart.  He preaches from 2 Corinthians 12:7-10 and gives a recipe for how to survive a heavy heart.
Our Anniversary month celebration continues with Pastor Sharpe! He preaches from Psalms 139:5 to remind us that God is omnipresent and can bring good out of any situation.
We celebrate the installation of Pastor Sharpe with special guest Dr. E. Dewey Smith.  Dr. Smith delivers a word to the congregation as we officially welcome our new Pastor.
Our anniversary month celebration continues with Pastor James T. Meeks. He encourages us not to lose faith as the devil tries to take it away from us.
Happy Aniversary month, Fellowship Chicago!!! Pastor Sharpe returns with a powerful message to remind us that you are not the first and won't be the last person to be in a season and be absolutely over it.
The Summertime Chi Vibes continue with Rev. Dr. Frederick Douglas Haynes III. He preaches from 1 Kings 17:1-10 NLT to proclaim I am sick of this shift. God uses tension to stretch you, but it will propel and shift you forward beyond what your mind can imagine. Just keep the faith and prepare for the shift.
The Summertime Chi Worship Vibes continue with Elder Marissa Farrow. She preaches from 2 Corinthians 12:1-9 to show the power of GOD in us all. The story of Paul illustrates how GOD uses our experiences to display his power. Our weaknesses allow for GOD to be glorified. He gave us a thorn so that we would remain humble and depend on the presence of the limitless power of GOD.
The Summertime Chi Worship Vibes continue with Reverend Robert Ty Jones. He uses John 11:5-6 to teach us about spiritual tension. GOD uses tension to bend us but not break us. Trust GOD when you experience tension and trust in his word to see you through.
The Summertime Chi Worship Vibes continue with Dr. Danielle L Browns. This phenomenal woman of GOD uses the story of Paul to encourage us to trust GOD. The path we choose to walk on may not be the one GOD has ordained for us. Situations happen that may be blinding or devastating, but these are the moments GOD uses to push us onto the right path. When you reach the destination, make sure you tell your testimony to help those still going in the wrong direction.
Welcome to our new series, Summertime Chi Worship Vibes. Dr. Charles Goodman uses 1 Samuel 16:1 to teach us to look beyond what God has done and embrace what God is trying to do. He teaches us to release what God has rejected, resist what God has refused, and remain until God has revealed.
We have reached the end of the summer playlist series. Pastor Sharpe uses Matthew 7:24-25 and New Edition's song entitled Can You Stand The Rain to teach us about the rainy days in life. We all enjoy God's grace and blessings, but how will you react when things are not going your way?  Pastor Sharpe teaches us that you can t control nature's location, duration, and saturation. However, you can control your architecture.  We all need a solid foundation built on scripture, so when, not if, the storms come, we can be covered.
The Summer Playlist series continues! Pastor Sharpe uses Daniel 4:27-33 and J. Cole's song "Pride is the Devil" to teach about the pitfalls of PRIDE. He cites 14 Evidences of PRIDE from Pastor Charles Stanley and encourages us to take notes on them. Pastor Sharpe also reminds us to check our glance and to check our stance, so God will help us advance. 
Pastor Sharpe continues his summer playlist series. He uses 2 Kings 4:26 and India Arie's song "There's Hope" to encourage you through your tribulations to have Hope. He emphasizes how Hope transforms your vocabulary, creates velocity (movement), and changes how you view victory.
The summer playlist series continues on the fourth of July!!!  Pastor Sharpe honors those who sacrificed for our freedom by preaching in the Rev. Clay Evans Chapel located in the Rainbow Push Coalition headquarters.  He uses Esther 2:7 & The Throne ft. Frank Ocean's song "Made in America" to teach us how to make it in America.  We learn from those who came before us, and made it, despite being in various regimes with systems designed against them making it.  They taught us that we have to know our identities, embrace our communities and remember there is always divinity.
Pastor Sharpe continues his summer playlist series.  He uses Maze/Frankie Beverly's "Joy and Pain" along with John 16:20-22 to display how we dance through the connection between life's joys and pains.  He teaches us to face life's undesirable situations because our frustrations are endurable, and GOD is fixing whatever is unbearable.
The summer playlist series continues with Elder Justin Hammier. He uses Beyonce's song "Daddy Lessons" and Proverbs 4:1-6 to highlight the importance of the lessons learned from our father figures. He reminds us to always remain rooted in the knowledge and wisdom that we get, and never forget or run away from that wisdom.
Pastor Sharpe continues his summer playlist series using Saucy Santana's "Walk" and Luke 17:11-14. He persuades us to put our best foot/faith forward and walk in our purpose. On this journey, you will experience disquietude in your solitude, but you must keep the right attitude and have gratitude because GOD is walking with you.
Pastor Sharpe introduces his summer playlist series.  He uses Lil Baby's song  "Hell of a Year" and Isaiah 6:1 to reflect on the events of the past year.  He discusses the tragedies, discoveries, surgeries, and possibilities we have experienced during this pandemic.
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