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Developer Experience is a podcast brought to you by Algolia. We chat with guests who build products for developers about their developer experience strategy, what it means for them and why it’s important.
2 Episodes
In this episode, we chat with Ben Hong from Netlify about the challenges of providing amazing developer experience for a wide variety of technical stacks. How do you consistently provide incredible DX to everyone when what you build isn't tied to a single platform? How do you properly think of such systems? Ben gives us insights on how the DX team works at Netlify, and how a culture of curiosity and experimentation allows them to stay in touch with the JAMstack community.Ben Hong is a Staff Developer Experience Engineer at Netlify, one of the most popular serverless platform to build and deploy web apps. He's also very present in the Vue.js community, as a member of the core team and as a Vue Mastery instructor.Ben Hong: @bencodezen / bencodezen.ioSarah Dayan: @frontstuff_io / sarahdayan.devAlgolia: @algolia / algolia.comNetlify: @netlify /
In this first episode, we dive deeper into what is developer experience with Adam Wathan from Tailwind Labs and Lee Robinson from Vercel. Why did developer experience become so important? Concretely, what does it mean and how do you achieve it? Sarah Dayan chats with our 2 guests to uncover what makes awesome DX, what are the best examples out there, and how they imagine the future.- Adam Wathan is the creator of Tailwind CSS, one of the most popular and the fastest growing CSS framework, which popularized utility-first CSS. He has since then founded his own company, Tailwind Labs, where he builds the best tools for CSS developers.- Lee Robinson is the Head of Developer Relations at Vercel, the company behind Next.js, which is rapidly becoming the most popular React-based framework out there. He’s built tons of learning material, including blog posts and courses, and you can always count on his video tutorials to learn how to build anything with Next.
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