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See also:Kahana, Michael Jacob. Foundations of Human Memory. New York: Oxford University Press, 2014. See page 12.
For those interested in dataism, zettelkasten, yuval noah harari, philosophy, dialectical monism, and thinking.References:Lyth, David. “How Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity Killed off Common-Sense Physics.” The Conversation. Accessed September 13, 2021.
The Human Memory Concept of Internal Context
When You Read a Book, You’re Not Just Reading a Book
Special Episode: What This Podcast Is Really About...
The Concept of Incommunicable Truth
Why the Zettelkasten Is NOT a Memory Tool
The Secret Component of Human Memory Only Those with Specialized Knowledge Know About
One Aspect of Human Memory That Even Luhmann Himself Got Wrong
Why Note-taking Is NOT a Hot, Sexy Topic... and How the Antinet Zettelkasten Changes This
Do You Know What Q-Learning Is? Plus, a Fantastic New Word of the Day!
Disclaimer: I'm not a Financial Advisor, and the crypto talk at the very end of this episode... well, it is not financial advice. Do your own research. I eat crayons and hate money. I like lighting it on fire, with the purchase of stupid things, actually (but only if the color is green). Don't listen to me for financial advice. Me ape, me stoopid.
The Thing PKM People, and Sönke Ahrens, and Roam Research, and Obsidian Get Wrong About Niklas Luhmann's Antinet Zettelkasten
Do You Actually Know What a Thought Is?
The True Structure of Luhmann's Antinet Zettelkasten
IMPORTANT: Why Should You Even Bother to Listen to Me?
Why You're Probably Wrong About CLUSTER F*CKS
The Best Episode I’ve Ever Recorded: Antinet Zettelkasten and Your Tree of Knowledge
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