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Master Your Healthcare Career

Author: Anthony Stanowski

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It can be hard to decide the next step to advance your career in healthcare. Join Dr. Anthony Stanowski, President & CEO, Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Management Education, otherwise known as CAHME, and long-time mentor in the field, as he interviews guests about the challenges and successes that shaped them into the leaders they are today. Whether you want to continue your education, make a change in your career, or learn what it takes to lead, this is the podcast for you.
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Joining Anthony on this episode is Fred Hobby, former President and CEO of the Institute for Diversity in Health Management. Fred has more than 25 years of experience in senior leadership in hospital operations and administration. Fred’s career includes service across three states and six hospital systems. Fred led the Institute into its second decade of service, developing tools and resources to promote, enhance and implement diversity efforts in our nation’s hospitals. Currently Fred serves as the Chief Diversity Strategist at CulturaLink.  In this session Fred discusses his history in civil rights, including marching with Dr. Martin Luther King, being a healthcare executive at Humana and with Greenville Hospital System (SC) and his passion to make a difference in healthcare.  Fred goes on to discuss the importance for young people from underrepresented populations to be in healthcare management and how our hospital systems can better support them.
Joining Anthony on today’s podcast is Jenni Gudapati, MBA, RN, the Program Director for Value-Based Healthcare at Boise State University's College of Health Sciences. Jenni brings a wealth of experience and expertise in healthcare leadership, with a particular focus on creating innovative and efficient healthcare delivery to enhance patient outcomes. In this session, Jenni shares her inspiring healthcare journey and how her passion for improving patient outcomes led her to a career in population health management. She highlights her impetus to collaborate with the Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA) to design a population health management program, recognized this year as a recipient of the CAHME/George and Regi Herzlinger Innovation Education award.Jenni goes on to explain the similarities and differences between healthcare, quality and safety, and population health management programs, offering valuable insights. Moreover, she provides real-life examples of the diverse career paths pursued by students who have successfully completed the program. 
In this session we welcome Katherine A. Meese, Ph.D, Assistant Professor in the Department of Health Services Administration at the University of Alabama at Birmingham and the Director of Wellness Research in the UAB Medicine Office of Wellness and Director for the Center for Healthcare Management and Leadership.  Dr. Meese has several years of industry experience spanning in positions across the globe,, including management within a large academic medical center. She has co-authored two textbooks for organizational behavior in healthcare that are used in healthcare management programs across the country, as well as numerous book chapters and peer-reviewed articles.  In this episode Katherine discusses the concept of job crafting - a process of adjusting your position, whether it is micro, or macro adjustments, to align your personal values and goals with the needs of an organization. She shares her personal experience with self-reflection, work life integration, and how to select the right organization – from the time of researching goals and missions to analyzing the interview process to ensure you are selecting the best position for YOU. If you are apprehensive in your current field, or position, Katherine provides insight on how you can find meaning working in healthcare and truly love what you are doing. 
On this episode of Master Your Healthcare career joining Anthony Stanowski  is Dr. David Nash, Founding Dean Emeritus and Professor of Health Policy at the Jefferson College of Population Health. Dr. Nash, a board-certified internist, repeatedly named to Modern Healthcare’s list of Most Influential People in Healthcare, is internationally recognized for his work in public accountability for outcomes, physician leadership development, and quality of care improvements. In this  session, Dr. Nash discusses his book, “How Covid Crashed the System: A Guide to Fixing American Health Care”, and his personal experiences that motivated him to write it. Dr. Nash discusses how he, and his co-author, Charles Wolforth, aimed to create a written record of their experiences during the pandemic and stimulate conversation about the future of the healthcare system.  
On this episode of Master Your Healthcare Career, joining Anthony is Stephanie Mercado, Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director of the National Association for Healthcare Quality.  NAHQ not only advances student careers, but they help advance entire organizations. Stephanie brings more than 20 years of healthcare industry experience and  is committed to educating leaders on the impact that a coordinated, competent workforce can make in advancing healthcare. In this  session, Stephanie  breaks down findings from NAHQ’s Healthcare Quality and Safety Workforce Report which focuses on the right competencies to invest in and she will talk to us about opportunities for early careerists who are interested in the growing field of healthcare quality and safety.  
On today’s episode of Master Your Healthcare Career, we welcome Ethan Kannel, Director of Operations of the Perelman Center for Advanced Medicine at Penn Medicine. We welcome back Ethan, who completed an internship at CAHME in 2020.   After completing his MBA, Ethan was selected for a two-year Administrative Fellowship at Penn Medicine. He was hired on at Penn Medicine, as the Director of Operations for the Perelman Center for Advanced Medicine, a 900,000 square foot, $302 million dollar facility that sees approximately 820,000 patients per year.  On today’s session, Dr. Stanowski and Ethan discuss the importance of fellowships and the valuable experiences they provide to students heading into the healthcare field.  Ethan discusses what helped him find a fellowship, what to do during the fellowship to secure a post-fellow role, and the qualities that he and Penn Medicine look for when interviewing potential candidates for a fellowship.  To read more about Healthcare Management Fellowships click here .
On today’s episode of Master Your Healthcare Career, we welcome Dr. Ashley Parks, Assistant Professor at Appalachian State University.  Prior to her time teaching, Dr. Parks served in community hospitals, large health systems, county departments of public health, health policy, and in health plans.   She has a doctorate in public health from the UCLA Fielding School, and masters degrees from Cal State, Georgetown, and Quantic School of Business and Technology. At Harvard Business School, she completed CORe, focusing on the credentials of readiness, business administration, and management. Dr. Parks channels her passion for professional education and mentorship to help students craft career strategies. Her goal is simple: to enable students to be competitive in the employment market upon graduation. This perspective has guided Dr. Parks in her research, where she seeks to understand the core competencies and skills for students. On Today’s session, Dr. Stanowski and Dr. Parks explore the key competencies and skills for graduates entering the healthcare workforce.  What do you need to know? What are the skills you need  to be successful in landing a job in healthcare?  What skills are necessary to be successful in that job? Listen in to find out.  
Today’s episode features two successful senior level executive women in healthcare. We have Gayle Capozzalo, MSPH, Executive Director of The Equity Collaborative, which is part of the Carol Emmott Foundation - a national nonprofit dedicated to achieving fully inclusive gender equity in healthcare leadership and governance and retired Executive Vice President/Chief Strategy Officer of Yale New Haven Health System. Also joining us is Morgan Jones, MSPH, Vice President of Strategic Planning and Business Development for Duke Health and Board Member of the Carol Emmott Foundation. Morgan was previously interim assistant director (Assistant Chief Operating Officer) and strategic planner at the Durham VA Medical Center.  Gayle and Morgan will discuss how to position yourself as a woman in the industry – how to acquire the necessary skills to be a successful leader and offer personal insight as senior level executives in the field.
This episode features a discussion among: Yazmyne Melgoza, MHA Candidate from California  State University Long Beach, and her supervisor, Jeremiah Hargrave, MBA,  the Director of Quality and Organizational Improvement at Torrance Memorial Medical Center;  Adam  Kahn,  MHA Candidate from George Washington University,  and Leonard Friedman, PhD,  the director of the Executive Master of Health Administration program at George Washington University.   In this session you will hear each student’s journey into healthcare, how they chose their graduate programs, how their programs helped prepare them for their futures in healthcare, and what qualities are  important for students  to be successful healthcare leaders. 
This session features Curt Hohman the Senior Vice President of Managed Facilities at Avera Health. Curt earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of South Dakota and a Masters in Health Administration from CAHME-accredited University of Missouri. Avera Health is a 37 hospital system headquartered in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.  Avera’s footprint covers 5 states and its flagship hospital is Avera McKennan. Curt has the responsibility of providing system resources for many of the 30 rural hospitals in Avera’s network. As a part of his duties, Curt has hired 28 CEOs to these organizations during his tenure with Avera. On today’s episode Curt discusses how your school choice and educational foundation can influence your career,  what skills and experiences he looks for when hiring CEO’s and the significant impact you can make working in rural healthcare.   
On this episode of the Master Your Healthcare Career Podcast - Dr. Stanowski welcomes special guest Joseph Topinka to discuss how to land top graduate residencies and internships – how to transition from a student to a practitioner – how to be involved health policy – the importance of advocacy – and how to apply for a CAHME/Judy Baar Topinka scholarship award. Joseph Topinka, son of Judy Baar Topinka, a history-making legislator from Illinois - is a retired military attorney and now Assistant Professor of Practice at Texas State University where he oversees the School of Health Administrations residency and internship programs and teaches employment law and health law for healthcare administrators.   He is the former Deputy Staff Judge Advocate for the U.S Army Medical Command and the former Command Judge Advocate and Center Judge Advocate for the Army’s Western Regional Medical Command and Madigan Army Medical Center.  He holds multiple master’s degrees in business, law, and healthcare - a Juris Doctor and is a bar member in Illinois, Washington, and Texas - published or co-published many works over the last ten years - and is a fellow of the American College of Healthcare Executives and the Healthcare Management Association.      
On this episode of the Master Your Healthcare Podcast, Marcus Whitney, self-taught software developer, entrepreneur, amazon #1 bestselling book author, and venture capitalist, joins Dr. Anthony Stanowski, CAHME President and CEO. Marcus is a Founding Partner of Jumpstart Health Investors, the most active venture capital firm in America,focused on innovative healthcare, and founder and General Partner at Jumpstart Nova, the first black healthcare venture fund in America. By investing exclusively in black-led healthcare businesses, Marcus is empowering black entrepreneurs to create opportunities to address disparities and work toward achieving equity in healthcare.Marcus shares how he created his foundation for success, the challenges he overcame, and what keeps him motivated. 
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