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Circling the Drain

Author: Ellie Dvorkin Dunn & Julia Granacki

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A podcast about the period BEFORE you stop getting your period. The concept of a woman "circling the drain" conjures up negative imagery for some, but the origin of this as the name of the podcast has a story. A friend, in her 30's at the time, was listing her ailments to a male physician who clearly had a terrible bedside manner, because he responded to her complaints by shrugging his shoulders in a dismissive fashion and saying something like, "I don't know what to tell you. From now on, you're basically just circling the drain!" Co-hosts Ellie and Julia have been laughing at the audacity of this tone-deaf interaction ever since, and when they decided to start this podcast about the plight of the aging woman, they chose to reclaim and repurpose the phrase in the spirit of humor. Every human on the planet is circling the drain from the moment we are born. The question is, how slowly and gracefully can we spiral? And can we minimize the discomfort while we whirl? Perimenopausal co-hosts Ellie and Julia take a deep dive into the sometimes embarrassing, often hilarious, and always bewildering issues of the hormonal changes that take place in midlife. Through honest accounts, thoughtful interviews, and group panel discussions, their mission is to make you chuckle, make you nod your head in recognition, and hopefully make some scientific progress.
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Dr. Maria Uloko is fired up, and we are right there with her. As the first ever Black female Urology student at her university, she has been trailblazing for the entirety of her career. Dr. Uloko specializes in comprehensive sexual health which includes the medical and surgical management of ALL genders. She is considered a world leader in chronic pelvic pain and vulvar conditions, she believes in empowering her patients to take ownership of their sexual health by providing a shame-free space to ask questions and share their stories, and she seeks to close gaps in disparities of care and implement systems that promote diversity and inclusivity. She is also an international award winning researcher with a focus in vulvar health, most notably her research in defining how many nerves are in the human clitoris. (Can you believe that this number was not known until recently, when she and her colleagues embarked on a study?) She told us that the anatomy of the vulva is not taught in medical school, even to gynecologists, and that this lack of knowledge and adequate care is equivalent to malpractice against those with female anatomy. She wants to start a revolution to correct all of this nonsense, and we have pledged to be her soldiers. We will march to the beat of Beyonce, and we will eat a cake in the shape of Queen Bey while we do so. Topics and timestamps13:25 - Becoming a female urologist after being told she couldn't do it18:35 - Providing gender-affirming care to people with every type of genitalia20:58 - Taking charge of your own sexual health26:17 - Pain is not acceptable. Women do not have to live with pain.36:45 - Libido and orgasm: the two most complex portions of the sexual response cycle42:54 - Discovering the number of nerves in the clitorisHandles and sitesDr. Uloko's WebsiteDr. Uloko's InstaMeet the Trailblazing Urologists on a Mission to Help Women Have Better SexList of Resources MentionedIs Menopause Changing My Hair?Prevalence of female pattern hair loss in postmenopausal women: a cross-sectional studyHow many nerve fibers innervate the human glans clitoris: a histomorphometric evaluation of the dorsal nerve of the clitorisOther LinksErin's Faces Affiliate LinkJulia G Wellness the showBe one of the helpers! SUBSCRIBE to this podcast on APPLE PODCASTS or SPOTIFY and leave us a review on APPLE PODCASTS.
Rachel E. Gross is an award-winning science journalist who wrote an incredible book called Vagina Obscura which was a finalist for the 2023 Andrew Carnegie Medal for Excellence in Nonfiction. Go ahead and be impressed, but do not be intimidated. Rachel will enthrall you with stories of outlandish treatments for ailments that plague people with female reproductive systems, including a personal tale involving rat poison and her own vagina. She takes us back through history to when the fallopian tubes were named after an Italian Catholic priest and when Freud decided that all "women's issues" were psychological. She discusses how medical terminology can be harmful, placing blame on the woman or the body part itself. If that's not enough to draw you in, listen as we realize that both Ellie and Julia know a ton about bacterial vaginosis, and in a delightful epiphany, Ellie gives the perfect name to the wall of vagina-inspired art in Rachel's home. Bonus points if you count the number of times "vagina" is said in this episode. Topics and timestamps10:40 - How Rachel got into writing about science, specifically the science of vaginas18:02 - The Vagina Poison Story24:37 - The microbiome of the vagina30:57 - How medical language puts the blame on the body part (#incompetentcervix)38:50 - Ancient ideas that have been carried through to modern medicine43:46 - Thoughts on implanting bits of ovarian tissue to stave off menopauseHandles and sitesRachel's websiteRachel's writingRachel's InstaBuy Vagina ObscuraList of Resources MentionedPooping only every 3 or more days linked with cognitive decline, research findsRachel telling her vagina rat poison story on Story ColliderDoing Harm by Maya DusenberyOther LinksErin's Faces Affiliate LinkJulia G WellnessLeave us a review!Support the showBe one of the helpers! SUBSCRIBE to this podcast on APPLE PODCASTS or SPOTIFY and leave us a review on APPLE PODCASTS.
Leoh Blooms is a queer, fluid, and nonbinary-trans trauma-informed mentor and Pro Dom. Everything they do in their practice focuses on intimacy, mental health, gender, sex, and practical self-care. They help clients aged 21 and up to create lives they don't need to hide from by offering various levels of support in a power dynamic format, using kink for fun and as a healing modality. Listen to Leoh talk about coming out at the age of 45, jumping through medical hoops when a gender fluid person needs medical care, and explain what a Pro Dom actually IS and DOES. In response, Ellie talks about working in an office located upstairs from an old-school dominatrix, and Julia explores the idea of using a rope-tying technique for self-soothing. This was not our usual rodeo, and we liked it. We think you will, too. Topics and timestamps11:30 - Instant menopause after a radical hysterectomy13:57 - Justifying the medical need for Testosterone as a non-transitioning person19:25 - Coming out at the age of 45 to a family that includes a husband and five children27:47 - What it means to work as a Pro-Dom40:27 - Steps the medical community should take to help gender fluid people43:33 - Celebrating a non-monogamous marriage commitmentHandles and sitesLeoh's websiteLeoh's InstaList of Resources MentionedFDA Approves First Nonprescription Daily Oral Contraceptive - OpillAdenomyosisDiscovering Gender Fluidity: A Late Bloomer’s Journey to Self-Acceptance Chrononormativity by Leoh BloomsOther LinksFor 10% off Erin's Faces in the month of August, enter CTD at checkoutSchedule a FREE Zoom with Julia at Julia G WellnessSupport the showBe one of the helpers! SUBSCRIBE to this podcast on APPLE PODCASTS or SPOTIFY and leave us a review on APPLE PODCASTS.
Dr. Wendy Suzuki is a professor of Neural Science and Psychology and author of two incredible books, Good Anxiety and Healthy Brain, Happy Life. Her TED talk, The Brain-Changing Benefits of Exercise, has more than 60 million views, making it the 2nd most viewed TED talk of 2018. In spite of our awe, we managed to pick her fancy brain about many things, like how hormonal changes can lead to increased anxiety, tips for building resilience and staying motivated to exercise, and what to do about "choking" (AKA brain farts or derping). She told us all about her concept of "micro flow", causing us to envision a tiny Flo from the Progressive commercials sitting on our shoulders. This is why she is the Dean of the College of Arts and Science at NYU and we are not! We also talk about Ellie going braless for the summer and Julia rubbing emu oil on her skin. If you think the latter is problematic, remember Julia's words: "The emu is already dead at this point." Topics and timestamps14:00 - The transformative effects that exercise has on the brain21:56 - How hormonal changes can lead to increased anxiety27:46 - Building resilience34:26 - Tips for staying motivated to exercise40:10 - What to do about "choking" AKA brain farts49:09 - Flow vs. MicroflowHandles and sitesDr. Suzuki's WebsiteGood Anxiety by Dr. SuzukiHealthy Brain, Happy Life by Dr. SuzukiDr. Suzuki's InstaDr. Suzuki's facebookList of Resources MentionedThree Vaccines for Fall: What You Need to KnowDr. Suzuki's TED Talk: The brain-changing benefits of exerciseMihaly Csikszentmihalyi's TED Talk: Flow, the secret to happinessThe Other 50% PodcastFor 10% off Erin's Faces in the month of August, enter CTD at checkoutOther LinksJulia G Wellness - book a free Zoom with Julia today! the showBe one of the helpers! SUBSCRIBE to this podcast on APPLE PODCASTS or SPOTIFY and leave us a review on APPLE PODCASTS.
Dr. Aiesha Turman does so many things and she does them with JOY. She is the kind of teacher that students keep in touch with for the rest of their lives, which is a rare and special thing. We totally get the appeal, because we had the best time talking to her about Reiki, Afrofuturism, literature, her work on the incredible award-winning documentary Crip Camp, and the differences AND similarities between the hormonal transitions of her mother, her daughter, and herself. You'll also get to hear about Ellie graduating from her therapist, the time Julia sharted the bed, and how strangers need to mind their own business and not offer random opinions to people they know nothing about. So much good stuff, PLUS a discount code for listeners who want to try Reiki with Dr. Turman. (You want to try it. Trust us.)Topics and timestamps16:35 - What is Reiki and how can it help?23:00 - How Dr. Turman hazed her mom during HER menopause28:20 - The importance of intergenerational conversation about menopause36:19 - What is Afrofuturism? Dr. Turman explains.44:35 - Discussing with puberty with her mother and her daughter52:44 - Dr. Turman's work on the documentary Crip CampHandles and sitesDr. Turman's WebsiteFor 15% off Reiki with Dr. Turman, enter code CIRCLING at checkoutElectric Relaxation SubstackDr. Turman's InstaDr. Turman's facebookList of Resources MentionedParable of the Sower by Octavia E. ButlerMy Awesome Black Queer Mom by Aiesha TurmanCrip CampThe Crip Camp Educational CurriculumThe Other 50% PodcastFor 10% off Erin's Faces in the month of August, enter CTD at checkoutOther LinksErin's Faces Affiliate LinkJulia G WellnessWe were ranked in the "60 Best Menopause Podcasts"! us a review!Support the showBe one of the helpers! SUBSCRIBE to this podcast on APPLE PODCASTS or SPOTIFY and leave us a review on APPLE PODCASTS.
Singlehood is not a broken state that requires fixing. This is the core message of our guest, Shani Silver, who deleted her dating apps in 2019 and has been infinitely happier ever since. Shani reminds us that dating apps are a for-profit industry that stand to benefit from keeping you single rather than helping you find love, and they often deplete your self worth and mental health. Author of the fantastic book A Single Revolution: Don't Look for a Match. Light One. and host of A Single Serving Podcast, Shani firmly believes that you can enjoy your life as a single human while still hoping for a partnership. But this episode is not just for the singles out there! Shani helps people in couples reframe how they view their single friends and family members, and as a result of reading her book, we have personally stopped asking questions like "How's dating life?" or "Can I please fix you up with someone?" Shani offers zero apologies for living her life exactly as she wants to, and we offer zero apologies for Ellie's graphic colonoscopy story and Julia's description of her nuclear meltdown. Love us as we are or don't love us at all, but do listen to the episode and share it with your people. Topics and timestamps15:05 - Shani tells us the wildest thing a doctor ever said to her 15:05 - Shani tells us the wildest thing a doctor ever said to her.17:49 - Dating apps are a for-profit industry. Here's why you should delete them.22:30 - How to maintain your self-worth and dignity in a society that shames singles.28:44 - How to reframe your mindset about the hell-scape that is dating.34:00 - Dispelling the notion that your life isn't real until you have a partner.47:45 - A person can embrace their single-hood while hoping for a partner. Handles and sitesShani's websiteShani's show: A Single Serving PodcastBuy Shani's book: A Single Revolution: Don't look for a match. Light one. Shani's InstaShani's TikTokList of Resources MentionedTubal Ligation No Better Than IUD at Preventing PregnancyThe Mob Should Run Planned ParenthoodWhy Many Single Women Without Children Are So HappyThe Other 50% PodcastOther LinksErin's Faces Affiliate LinkSupport the showBe one of the helpers! SUBSCRIBE to this podcast on APPLE PODCASTS or SPOTIFY and leave us a review on APPLE PODCASTS.
Have you ever heard of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) also known as "Tapping"? Sarah Louise Lilley became an EFT Practitioner after her husband's stroke, and she is here to tell us more about that life-changing day, to explain EFT, and dispel any misconceptions you might have about it. If you're looking for a simple tool that can help reframe negative mindsets, help you calm yourself in a moment of distress, and help you cope with frustration over your newfound peri-menopausal symptoms, this episode is for you. We also touch on the unusual theatrical experience where Sarah and Ellie met, Sarah and Julia's love of horses, and a beloved British condiment that you may not have heard of, but which would make a great name for a stallion. Topics and timestamps11:36 - Sarah tells the story of the life-altering day when her husband had a stroke on Christmas19:55 - What exactly IS EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) or "Tapping"?25:00 - How EFT can help release mental blocks31:51 - How to combat frustration using EFT43:32 - EFT is not a "woowoo" trend and here's whyHandles and sitesSarah's websiteSarah's InstaList of Resources MentionedThe Other 50% PodcastEFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)Dawson ChurchDr. Peta StapletonForbes article on EFTOther LinksErin's Faces Affiliate LinkJulia G WellnessSupport the showBe one of the helpers! SUBSCRIBE to this podcast on APPLE PODCASTS or SPOTIFY and leave us a review on APPLE PODCASTS.
Jamie Phillips is a mensch. A seasoned nonprofit professional, she is grateful to have had the opportunity to provide services to uplift immigrants, refugees, isolated older adults, returning citizens, people who are unhoused, those experiencing mental health challenges, and those recovering from addiction. She was diagnosed with early stage breast cancer five months into the pandemic, and has since become passionate about amplifying the experiences of queer and gender expansive folks who experience breast/chest cancer and sudden menopause. We had such a good conversation with her, covering everything from the lack of ritual around the menopause transition, to the sometimes bizarre rituals when a child gets their first menstrual period, to what menopause care might look like by the time Gen Z is going through it, to the lack of a menopause section in the sex shop to - perhaps most importantly - the lack of inclusivity in menopause conversations, care, and even marketing. We also cover an unfortunate event involving a zipper and Ellie's belly, and we learn about how both hosts' moms responded when they got their first periods. Good times. Topics and timestamps8:48 - New FDA-approved drug for the treatment of hot flashes13:44 - Going through sudden menopause as a result of estrogen-psitive cancer treatment24:40 - What steps should be taken to include queer and gender-expansive folx in menopause care?31:38 - Menopause in the workplace38:22 - Finding cancer support as a member of the queer community List of Resources MentionedFDA Approves VeozahVeozah brand websiteWhat Fresh Hell is This? by Heather CorinnaOther LinksErin's Faces Affiliate LinkJulia G WellnessSupport the showBe one of the helpers! SUBSCRIBE to this podcast on APPLE PODCASTS or SPOTIFY and leave us a review on APPLE PODCASTS.
When we met Dr. Stacia Alexander at a menopause symposium, we were instantly drawn to her energy, magnetism, and hot-pink-suit-wearing confidence. A seasoned psychotherapist, she has worked with professional women helping them understand that the journey to success does not make them immune to emotional and cognitive changes. Her most recent work focuses on the importance of accessing mental health care early, and she has even written a book that we wish we had read almost 30 (!!!) years ago: 10 + Things I Wish I Knew About Mental Health in College. We loved talking to Dr. Alexander about her use of testosterone as part of her menopause hormone therapy, her decision to become "sugar sober", and when it's time to press the Emergency Stop Button and take stock of your life. Get ready for lots of inspirational phrases that won't make you roll your eyes, but WILL make you want to get up and go dancing. What's the opposite of an energy vampire? Dr. Stacia Alexander, that's what. Topics and timestamps12:08 - Responsible use of testosterone as part of a hormone therapy regimen20:06 - The benefits of becoming "sugar sober"30:20 - The Emotionality of Success33:25 - Pushing the "emergency stop button" and assessing what your really want for your life40:13 - Tips for access to mental health care46:25 - The importance of goal-settingHandles and sitesDr. Alexander's websiteDr. Alexander's InstaDr. Alexander's facebookDr. Alexander's book 10+ Things I Wish I Knew About Mental Health in CollegeList of Resources MentionedWhy Annual Pap Smears Are History – But Routine Ob-Gyn Visits Are NotFirst testosterone patch for menopausal women to begin clinical trials this yearYour To Do List of FUNLeave us a review!Other LinksErin's Faces Affiliate LinkJulia G Wellness the showBe one of the helpers! SUBSCRIBE to this podcast on APPLE PODCASTS or SPOTIFY and leave us a review on APPLE PODCASTS.
It's our 50th episode and we are celebrating in style! Lizz Winstead is a name that we have had on our "dream guest" list since we first brainstormed this podcast, and wonder of wonders, our dream came true. Co-creator of The Daily Show and co-founder of Air America Radio, Lizz is a legendary comedian and writer who is a badass in every sense of the word. She is currently devoting her energy to activism, having founded Abortion Access Front, co-hosting their podcast Feminist Buzzkills, and spearheading Operation Save Abortion, an ongoing campaign beginning with a daylong virtual training session for thousands of new abortion rights activists nationwide. Lizz energized us, lit a fire under our asses, laughed with us about Ron DeSantis's weird white boots, and told us a great story about Ted Cruz and dildos. As if that weren't enough, we got to hear from some of YOU who left us lovely voicemails in honor of our 50th. Have a listen and see if your voice is featured, and if you want to get us a present, share this episode with your friends. You'll be doing our podcast AND women's rights a huge service. Topics and Timestamps16:04 How abortion care affects medical providers in hostile communuties21:05 All about how YOU can help via "Operation Save Abortion"26:43 Why abortion care is healthcare and how its opposition relates to false morality32:16 A story about Ted Cruz and vibrators40:44 Combatting racism in reproductive access care44:30 Lizz's advice for aging women in comedy and entertainmentHandles and Sites and Resources Abortion Access FrontOperation Save AbortionFeminist Buzzkills PodcastLizz's InstaAbortion Access Front InstaIt's Our 50th Episode!Leave us a review!Share this link with all your people: LinksErin's Faces Affiliate LinkJulia G WellnessSupport the showBe one of the helpers! SUBSCRIBE to this podcast on APPLE PODCASTS or SPOTIFY and leave us a review on APPLE PODCASTS.
Our loyal listeners know that Ellie has been fretting about her low libido ever since the first episode of this show. She continues to search for answers because she knows she's not alone, and that many of YOU are also grappling with this issue for various reasons. Well... we finally got you a SEX therapist! This episode features Dr. Elisabeth Gordon, an Integrative Sexual Health Psychiatrist​ and Sex Therapist who talks to us about the different kinds of desire, how to tackle low libido that is a side effect of prescription medication, strategies for getting out of our busy brains so we can get busy with our bodies, and so much more. Want to learn about clitoral pumps? Sensate focus? What kind of lube is the safest for your delicate V? This is the episode for you. Topics and timestamps10:58 - The difference between spontaneous desire and responsive desire17:47 - Strategies for overcoming low libido that is a side effect of medication29:43 - What is a clitoral pump?35:02 - What you can do to get out of your head and into your body43:07 - How to communicate with a partner about symptoms that affect sex51:00 - Everything you need to know about lubeHandles and sitesDr. Gordon's WebsiteDr. Gordon's InstaDr. Gordon's TwitterList of Resources MentionedIs Cannabis Good or Bad for Sleep?EROS Device - The FDA-approved clitoral pumpDr. Gordon's Instagram post about lube - check the comments, too!NAMS (North American Menopause Society)ISSWSH (International Society for the Study of Women's Sexual Health)SSTAR (Society for Sex Therapists and Researchers)AASECT (American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists)Other LinksErin's Faces Affiliate LinkJulia G WellnessLeave us a 5-star rating and review HERE!Support the showBe one of the helpers! SUBSCRIBE to this podcast on APPLE PODCASTS or SPOTIFY and leave us a review on APPLE PODCASTS.
When we saw Dr. Vonda Wright's medical specialty - orthopedic sports medicine surgeon specializing in shoulder, hip and knee arthroscopy for athletes and active people of all ages - we knew that she would have a lot to contribute to our ongoing conversation about the effects of perimenopause on all of our different body parts. However, we had no idea that we would be having a chat with one of the most upbeat, inspiring women we have ever had the pleasure of interviewing, and that we would gain new perspectives and attitudes about what it means to age well. It's no surprise that Dr. Vonda is therefore a public speaker in high demand, as well as the author of 5 books with titles like Guide to THRIVE: 4 Steps to Body, Brains and Bliss and Fitness After 40: How to Stay Strong at Any Age. She is a powerhouse of energy with great tips on optimizing many important aspects of your life, and she isn't afraid to use curse words! Listen and learn why aging is NOT an inevitable decline from vitality to frailty, and let us know if you identify with Ellie's definition of "keeping track fatigue" and "incompetence fatigue" or Julia's rapidly darkening moustache. Or all of the above!Topics and Timestamps15:15 Dr. Vonda addresses how hormonal shifts can affect things like a torn ACL22:13 Dr. Vonda defines "aging well"25:00 Dr. Vonda discusses making a strategic plan for your health36:48 Dr. Vonda explains the concept of "precision medicine"Websites and Social Media HandlesDr. Vonda Wright's websiteDr. Vonda's BooksDr. Vonda's InstaDr. Vonda's FacebookNovaMD supplements by Dr. Vonda Other Resources MentionedLet's Talk Menopause's MenoposiumSay She She - Julia's music reccoNicolle Galyon - boy crazy video - Dr. Vonda's song reccoOur Favorite LinksErin's Faces Affiliate LinkJulia G WellnessWhat You Can DoShare a link to this episode Join our email list HEREFollow us on InstaFollow us on FacebookFollow us on InstaFollow us on Tik Tok Support the showBe one of the helpers! SUBSCRIBE to this podcast on APPLE PODCASTS or SPOTIFY and leave us a review on APPLE PODCASTS.
Sometimes we bring you medical experts or health and wellness specialists, and other times we interview women with fascinating backgrounds and unique experiences in hopes that you might relate, feel seen, and if something funny comes up, laugh. This is one of those episodes. Sabina Vajrača is a Bosnian-American director/writer/producer who immigrated to the U.S. as a war refugee, and her dear friend Flora Natalia Diaz is a Jewish-Uruguayan actor, and one of those moms whose pregnancy was so ridiculously referred to as "geriatric". We talk about the trauma that comes from being affected by war, the life-changing mental health benefits of therapy, meditation, and mindfulness, and how you can have a midlife crisis even if you've followed your dreams. You will be touched by friendship, inspired by resilience, and possibly ruined for life when you hear a hemorrhoid story for the ages. Seriously... we thought we'd heard it all until this one. We hope this episode makes your balls sing. (You'll learn what that means when you listen!)Handles and sitesSabina's websiteInstagram for her new film Sevap/MitzvahFacebook for Sevap/MitzvahFlora's websiteFlora's InstaFlora's facebook Show NotesPerimenopause by Baroness von Sketch ShowThe Lipstick Butthole TestBack to Bosnia - Full Movie by Sabina VajračaThe "Flotilla" inflatable pregnancy/sex pillow that Flora mentionedPerifit Trainer - Kegel Exerciser with appNatural Cycles Birth Control Tracking AppOther LinksErin's Faces Affiliate LinkJulia G Wellness the showBe one of the helpers! SUBSCRIBE to this podcast on APPLE PODCASTS or SPOTIFY and leave us a review on APPLE PODCASTS.
You've heard of CBD, but what about CBG? CBN? PHA? Katelynn Nguyen, founder of Willow Kay, is here to teach us about all of it. Willow Kay is a green and clean wellness and skincare company offering a variety of formulations to help improve sleep, care for problematic skin, and induce calm. Not only are Katelynn's products devoid of chemicals and endocrine disruptors, her packaging is entirely eco-conscious, having created the world’s first backyard compostable cosmetic jar that can break down into organic matter at any stage during its existence whether it’s on land or water. Katelynn started this business in part to help her niece Willow, who suffered from chronic atopic dermatitis as an infant and had sensitivities to traditional medications. If that sounds like the sweetest thing you've ever heard, you will love listening to Katelynn talk about her genuine passion for making good, earth-friendly products, even when it's hard. We also talk about other things, like Ellie's increased sense of smell, Hyaluronic Acid for your vagina, and yeast infection zombies. We always find a way to keep it weird. Handles and sitesWillow Kay websiteWillow Kay InstaWillow Kay facebook Willow Kay's Compassion Program - Discounted products for active and retired military, people living with chronic illness, persons with long-term disabilities, and low income qualifying individualsShow NotesEnter code CTD25 at checkout for a discount on all Willow Kay products!Willow Kay Rescue BalmWillow Kay 5:1 CBD+CBN+CBG Broad Spectrum DropsWillow Kay CBG+CBD Balancing SerumTell Me About Vaginal Hyaluronic Acid by Dr. Jen GunterStudy on CBG and MRSABoox reusable packagingLeave us a review! Please? We haven't asked in a while.Other LinksErin's Faces Affiliate LinkJulia G Wellness the showBe one of the helpers! SUBSCRIBE to this podcast on APPLE PODCASTS or SPOTIFY and leave us a review on APPLE PODCASTS.
Margit Detweiler is the epitome of cool. A survivor of ovarian cancer, she embraced her post-chemo white hair, styled it into a punk pixie, and sealed it with a bold lip. But her coolness goes far deeper than her outward style. Margit is the founder of TueNight, a platform dedicated to amplifying the stories of Gen-X women, and president of Gyrate Media, an award-winning content strategy and editorial development firm. This three-time Webby honoree gave us her honest opinion on the term "Grandfluencers", offered reccomendations for what music we should be listening to right now, and helped us debate the true meaning of "wet leg". Most importantly, she inspired us with a term she learned from Gina Pell: we will heretofore be known as Perennials, because we are always blooming. Handles and sitesTueNight websiteTueNight social and TueDo ListTueNight Insta TueNight facebook TueNight twitterMargit Insta Margit facebook Gyrate MediaShow Notes6 doctors swallowed Lego heads for science. Here's what came outDeborah DarlingWhat Went Wrong with Iris Apfel?The WhatBetter Things on FXSomebody Somewhere on HBOYolaWet LegShonen KnifeOther LinksErin's Faces Affiliate LinkJulia G Wellness the showBe one of the helpers! SUBSCRIBE to this podcast on APPLE PODCASTS or SPOTIFY and leave us a review on APPLE PODCASTS.
March is Sleep Awareness Month. Who knew? Our new favorite sleep expert knew! Morgan Adams is a holistic sleep coach for women, whose clients refer to her as their "sleep soulmate". Poor sleep is one of the major complaints we hear from women in midlife, and Morgan offers us potential solutions that are easy to implement and won't cost you a dime. If you're like us, you have tried everything to get the kind of sleep you got in your youth, so it's well worth listening to Morgan talk about the difference between natural sleep and the kind you get when you take a sleeping pill, how what you eat and when you eat it can affect your sleep, and how that glass of wine that makes you feel tired is actually detrimental to your sleep quality. We also discuss our most recurring anxiety dreams, confusing a bottle of vitamins for a glass of water, and our brand new Tik Tok account. (Do not take an Ambien before listening to this episode.)Handles and sitesMorgan Adams websiteMorgan Adams facebook Morgan Adams Insta Morgan Adams LinkedInNew! Follow us on Tik Tok DISCOUNT CODE FOR LISTENERS!Go to and enter coupon code CTD10 for 10% off your sleep coaching package! Expires 12/31/23Show NotesMenopause is More Than Just a Punchline by Sue CarterSleep Hygiene Tips from the CDC Worry Exercise WorksheetQuit Like a Woman by Holly WhitakerWhy We Sleep by Matthew Walker, PhD4-7-8 Breathing TechniqueOura Ring Sleep TrackerThe four Tendencies by Gretchen RubinOther Fun ThingsErin's Faces Affiliate LinkJulia G WellnessSupport the showBe one of the helpers! SUBSCRIBE to this podcast on APPLE PODCASTS or SPOTIFY and leave us a review on APPLE PODCASTS.
Ricki Lake (yes, THAT Ricki Lake) and Abby Epstein have worked together on some groundbreaking documentaries which you should watch immediately if you haven't yet done so. The Business of Being Born changed the way we looked at birthing options and medical interventions, and their most recent collaboration, The Business of Birth Control, examines the complex relationship between hormonal birth control and women’s health and liberation. Both women are brilliant and down-to-earth, and we loved talking to them about their films, their friendship, and their aging journey. We hope we didn't humiliate ourselves when we asked them to "lick each other's buttholes", which is our weird way of saying "give each other complements". We tried our best to maintain our composure in the presence of artistic geniuses, but you should listen to the episode and let us know how we did. Handles and sitesThe Business of Birth Control websiteThe Business of Birth Control FacebookThe Business of Birth Control InstagramBody Literacy SummitRicki facebook - @rickilakeAbby facebook - @abbyepsteinRicki Insta - @rickilakeAbby Insta - @abbyepsteinxoxoShow NotesDr. Lara BridenMenopause Bootcamp Suzanne Gilberg-LenzHarklinikkenEpisode SponsorThe Furious Trail by Paddy G, Illustrated by Kajsa Hallstrom Other LinksPurely Elizabeth Affiliate LinkErin's Faces Affiliate LinkJulia G WellnessSupport the showBe one of the helpers! SUBSCRIBE to this podcast on APPLE PODCASTS or SPOTIFY and leave us a review on APPLE PODCASTS.
When Emily Barclay learned that the word "perimenopause" applied to her, she went online to seek out help and support and found that it simply didn’t exist. Instead of dissolving into a pool of her own hormonal tears and sweat, she set up Perimenopause Hub, bringing together experts across different disciplines from around the world and creating a community where women could feel less alone. As if that and her pink and turquoise hair weren't cool enough, she prides herself on having shunned the stereotypical forms of adulting and lives in the UK with her partner, five dogs, and 14 hives of bees. We talk about the importance of tracking your cycle and symptoms, the power of setting boundaries, and how a hug can help when you've run out of cope. They don't call her The Peri-godmother for nothing. Handles and sitesPerimenopause HubPerimenopause Hub facebook groupPerimenopause Hub InstaPerimenopause Hub twitterYour Tracking Journal Show NotesPerry app IntrarosaBurnout by Emily and Amelia NagaskiPurely Elizabeth Affiliate LinkErin's Faces Affiliate LinkJulia G Wellness the showBe one of the helpers! SUBSCRIBE to this podcast on APPLE PODCASTS or SPOTIFY and leave us a review on APPLE PODCASTS.
We like to think that if we had written a book, it would be Heather Corinna's What Fresh Hell is This?: Perimenopause, Menopause, Other Indignities, and You. Heather writes about "the pause" with all of the humor and realness you would expect from a title like that, but what makes the book so unique is its inclusivity. And if that word makes you think this episode is going to spew preachy wokeness all over you, think again. Heather schools us on things like "ableism" and "othering" without placing preciousness on any of it. In fact, we laugh more than we don't, and a cackle-filled interview is what we consider podcast gold. We also discuss Ellie's latest symptom of itchy skin, and Julia's misdiagnosis of Herpes Simplex 1. So grab your creams and salves and cozy up for a good time. Handles and sitesHeather's websiteHeather's insta@heather.corinnaHeather's twitter@heathercorinnaWhat Fresh Hell Is This?ReferencesFresh Hell's Delirium Home CompanionThe Madwoman in the Volvo by Sandra Tsing LohFriendsJulia G WellnessErin's Faces Affiliate LinkPurely Elizabeth Affiliate LinkSupport the showBe one of the helpers! SUBSCRIBE to this podcast on APPLE PODCASTS or SPOTIFY and leave us a review on APPLE PODCASTS.
There are so many different issues that can affect us in midlife, and it can be frustrating to try and find medical professionals who can address more than one of these at a time. Modern Age is a New York City-based longevity clinic offering expert, proactive care for how you look and how you feel. Here to tell us more about what they offer is Dr. Shoma-Datta-Thomas, whose experience treating complex gynecological conditions has informed her philosophy around providing highly personalized care that combines cosmetic appearance with health optimization. We take a deep dive into many issues, including peeing when you laugh or cough, using Intravaginal Radio Frequency to help alleviate vaginal discomfort , and how, according to Julia, the layered complexities of midlife sex can resemble a stinky onion. We laugh a lot and therefore we pee a lot, so prepare to wet some pants as you listen to this one. Don't say we didn't warn you. IMPORTANT LINKSModern AgeDr. Shoma Datta-Thomas, MD FACOGAging Wellness AssessmentModern Age Instagram Modern Age FacebookModern Age Tik Tok SHOW NOTESWhy Doctors Are Studying New Drugs to Treat Women’s Midlife Mood SwingsPRODUCTS AND SERVICESErin's Faces Affiliate LinkPurely Elizabeth Affiliate LinkJulia G WellnessSupport the showBe one of the helpers! SUBSCRIBE to this podcast on APPLE PODCASTS or SPOTIFY and leave us a review on APPLE PODCASTS.
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