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How can you build an API that has a good developer experience? On solving problems for who's trying to use your api Documentation acting as an API's UI/UX What Greg and I remember about being rejected from Y Combinator How we learned how to program Favorite APIs Slack's API A short story about the hockey API that I glued together to flash lights when my team scored on TV. ReadMe YCombinator Wat Slack's API Special thanks to Lance's son, Alex, for creating the new intro entirely on his own from scratch.
Show Notes: ReadMe YCombinator Lyft's API RESTful APIs - or check out REST ELI5 Shawn Fanning Guy Kawasaki National Youth Leadership Forum on Technology -- it looks like they've changed the name of the programs slightly. Special thanks to Lance's son, Alex for creating the new intro entirely on his own from scratch.
Kubernetes is a PlaygroundDiscussed: Kubernetes - The main topic and the container orchestration system originally built and open sourced at Google. Lens - a visual kubernetes tool Visual Studio Code - A Code Editor helm - The package manager for Kubernetes kind - Kubernetes in Docker Micro k8s - Simple lightweight production grade kubernetes by Canonical, the maintainers of Ubuntu. k3s - Lightweight Kubernetes Reinvent - Amazon Web Services conference EKS - Amazon's managed kubernetes service GKE - Google's managed kubernetes service Preemptible Nodes - Short lived nodes on Google that are a fraction of the normal cost. DKS - Digital Ocean's managed kubernetes service  Kustomize - Kubernetes native config management P.S. I have a newsletter! Check it out!
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