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Partnerships Director, Graeme Lawrie MBE joined the final episode of this series of What Comes Next? The ACS Podcast to tell us about the incredible efforts behind our Partnerships team at ACS International Schools, and fantastic community outreach programmes. Achievements include hundreds of boxes of donations for Ukraine, the use of our facilities for local young carers, and the upcoming STEAM event at Thorpe Park Resort for 10,000 students across the UK. 
Deputy Head of School at ACS Doha, Vanessa Robitaille joins us this episode to talk about the vibrant, welcoming community at the school, our ability to tailor academic pathways to the strength of the child, and the exceptional learning environment that we have in our campus at ACS Doha. In a post-covid world, our ACS Doha campus has so much potential to further enhance our students learning, academic and co-curricular opportunities; we explore what that looks like with Vanessa, and what is coming next for our academic curriculum offering. 
Gideon Sutcliffe is Head of Sports at ACS Cobham, looking after our Cougars sports programme, PE and recreational sports activity for all of our student's aged 2-18. In this episode, Gideon joins us to talk about the exceptional sports provision we have at ACS Cobham and what new sports opportunities are coming to the Cougars. He shares how his coaching team are driving excellence in our core sports programmes, and the importance of instilling a love for sports and physical activities in all of our students for physical health and wellbeing.
Dom Dalais, DEI Council lead joins us to talk about the efforts to date in DEI at ACS International Schools. In 2020 the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Council was established, working together across our UK schools to inform, unite and progress our DEI efforts. This led to an organisational Charter to be developed to sit across our schools, with four networks covering Racial Equity, Gender Equality (ACS Equals), the Omnist Society and an LGBTQIA+ Network. Listen to our full episode to find out what we have done so far, and what comes next for DEI. 
Andy Groark, Head of Creative Arts at ACS Hillingdon joined the ACS Podcast to talk about exciting developments in our IB Careers-related programme with VFX and Game Design courses added this academic year for our Grade 11 and 12 students. Industry partnerships with Pinewood Studios give our students real-life experience with individuals from the industry. Find out more in this episode, and the exciting plans for the future including the re-development of Harmony House on campus. 
In this special episode celebrating 10 years of ACS International Schools Doha, we speak to Trevor and Catherine Furness who are two of our original teachers who have been with us in Doha since our doors opened. We talk about their first memories of the school, how the community grew and evolved over the years, and what they think comes next for the school. 
Holly Fairbrother, Middle Years Programme Coordinator at ACS Doha joined us for this episode to talk about her passion for the MYP and why it's such a strong programme for students. It's an important time in students lives in both learning and choosing their future academic pathways, with the eAssessments playing a significant part of their end results. Holly talks us through the programme of support she has put into place to enable our Middle Years students in ACS Doha to be their best selves and achieve their optimal results during their online assessments, and how the new campus has the power to further transform the Middle Years Programme. 
"What is right for one person, is not right for the next person". Dr Ryan Hinchey, Coordinator for College Counselling at ACS Cobham talks us through the philosophy of 'best fit' that they abide by, working with our students from Grade 9 to guide and steer them to think about their future choices after their time with us at school. We're incredibly proud of our robust careers counselling programme, and the services that we offer our students. Find out current trends we see in our students, and how we go about helping them plan for their future in this latest episode. 
"Sports breaks down barriers..." We spoke with Jamie Johnston, Director of Co-curriculum and Athletics at ACS Egham to find out sports unifies our international student community; immediately giving them something in common. More importantly, as highlighted even further during the pandemic, it gives students an opportunity to simply 'play' with their friends. Find out in this episode how ACS Egham is reimagining its sports and co-curricular programme for academic year 2021/22/ 
Listen to our latest episode where we talk to Robert Vilkelis, ACS Hillingdon Class of 2016 who tells us about his international school experience, and what came next for him after graduating with the International Baccalaureate. Robert shares his advice for graduating students and families on how to approach the ever-changing world of work and the importance of seizing opportunities that come their way, using examples from his own journey and expertise in Professional Development and Life Coaching. 
"Every time you need a new way to work,  it's an example of innovation". Brianna Gray, Professional Learning and Growth Lead for ACS International Schools is a life-long learner, passionate about the future of education for our teachers and students. In this episode we discuss how the pandemic forced a new era of innovation at ACS and how the schools responded; how innovation is so much more than 3D-printers and technology, and what comes next for ACS International Schools. 
Elliot Rose joins this episode to talk to us about exciting partnerships he is nurturing in ACS Doha to benefit students from Early Childhood through to High School in his role as Partnerships and Business Development Manager. Each partnership seeks to enhance our students' education, introducing external expertise and real-world experiences, including through our successful Externships programme. 
We met with Alexandra Read, Co-ordinator for Digital Teaching and Learning to find out how ACS Hillingdon has embraced new methods to encourage and support creative learning throughout the school, from Early Childhood right the way through to High School. Creativity is just as important, if not more so than literacy. Why? It is reported that by 2030, the UK will need 1 million new creative careers to ensure our economy gets the sufficient workforce needed to grow. 
Robert Cody, Head of School at ACS Doha has travelled the world throughout his career and brings his learnings from each country and culture he has experienced to the school community. In this episode we talk about the new 60,000 square metre campus the school moved to in August 2020, and how they have adapted as a community to COVID-19 in their new surroundings. 
Barny Sandow, Head of School at ACS Cobham talks to us about his international career to date and how that has inspired a new wave of outdoor learning at the campus since his arrival. ACS Cobham is on a journey to better integrate sustainability messaging and learnings into the everyday international curriculum, and embrace the outdoors for the mental health and wellbeing of students; enhancing their ability to apply their learnings to the real world. 
Jeremy Lewis, Head of School at ACS Egham has taught the International Baccalaureate for several years in countries around the world. We spoke to him about his journey, what makes the IB so different and unique compared to in-country curriculums, and how the school has evolved to ensure the best learning environment for our IB students. 
Martin Hall, Head of School at ACS Hillingdon is passionate about global citizenship, and what it truly means to be a global citizen. In this episode, he talks about ways the international community at Hillingdon come together in unexpected ways, and the positive impact the recently introduced Global Citizen Diploma is already having on our students. 
Hello, and welcome to What Comes Next? The ACS Podcast. ACS International Schools educate over 3,700 students, aged 2 to 18, day and boarding, from more than 100 countries. We have four schools – 3 in Greater London and 1 in Doha, Qatar.You can find out more information about ACS schools at any time by visiting our website, or visiting any of our social media channels. We hope that you enjoy the podcast, thank you for listening.  
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