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On today's episode, we are talking to 88 Graines Co-Founder Jolanta "Jola" Czerminska. Prior to founding 88 Graines, Jola began her career in the Melbourne coffee scene working for the likes of Market Lane and  Axil Coffee Roasters and now with 88 Graines, she manages her time working with small coffee producers in Central and South America and this episode is coming out as a celebration for our first release- a H1 Variety from Guatemala. H1 CentroAmericano is the first release of a newer generation of F1 hybrid varieties That began to be distributed to growers about a decade ago. This variety is a cross of Rume Sudan, a disease resistant plant from the Bomb Plateau of South Sudan and Sarchimor T.5296. Itself a hybrid of the dwarf Villa Sarchi bourbon mutant and HDT (Hybrid de Timor) - A hybrid of Arabica and Robusta species that is the source of disease resistance for most modern coffee varieties.  
On our last episode of the season, we talk to Cat & Cloud's Co-Owner Jared Truby and as a bonus, our mutual friend from Beneficio San Vicente in Santa Barbra Honduras Benjamin Paz. Because of our buying relationship with Benjamin Paz, we asked Benjamin who among all of his clients would make a great guest for our program and without hesitation Benjamin said Jared Truby which then resulted in an introduction and subsequent invitation to our program. During our talk, we learned more about Jared's approach to relationships at Origin along with his fervent mission to sustainability, hospitality and culture- definitely an inspiring individual doing amazing things in coffee. 
Mike is the Director of Coffee, leading sourcing, roasting, quality control, and education for Junior’s Roasted- A micro-roaster based in Portland, OR. Mike and his wife Caryn (Co-Founder of Junior's) authored a six page comic book titled "Ask Me About Cost of Production" which helps explain the the C market, how it concerns the coffee consumer, and a quick look at the implications of low coffee prices for coffee production. On this episode, Colin and Mike discuss the importance of transparency and why it's important to know where our coffee comes from. 
On today's Source Code Podcast, we interview two incredibly notable humans in the Specialty Coffee world- Azahar Coffee's Founder & CEO Tyler Youngblood and Ryan Knapp, former founder of Madcap out of Grand Rapids and is now Azahar's Relationship Manager for North America. Having both Ryan and Tyler on the show gave us the opportunity to learn about how they got started in their respective paths and what has led them to work together Also, we would be remised if we didn't mention that Azahar has been working on an industry buyers guide titled "A Sustainable Coffee Buyers Guide" which was instrumental in the data we presented in Source Code Magazine. Enjoy. 
On this weeks episode, Colin and Xavier interview Intelligentsia Coffee's Director of Coffee- Sam Sabori. Prior to launching Metric, Xavier worked with Sam at Intelligentsia from 2011 until Xavier's departure in 2013 and since then has kept in-touch with Sam over the years and watching his career bloom from Roaster & QC Specialist to Director of Coffee- a well deserved role for this talented young man and self admitted Jean-Claude Van Damme fan. Enjoy. 
Previously working for Chicago's Halfwit Coffee Roasters, spent years working for the local roaster and their head roaster and buyer before making the jump across the pond to attend school in London. While there, she found an opportunity working as a trader for a coffee importer which then lead her to her current post as Director of Coffee for Caravan Coffee Roasters in UK. We are beyond proud of Andrea's accomplishments in the green coffee trade and were really encouraged by her perspective on quality, sustainability and her own perspective on ways that the coffee industry can be more inclusive. To watch the interview, head on over to YouTube, search Metric & Subscribe to our Channel. 
Steven Lee began his coffee career in 1996 as a barista at Peet’s Coffee in the San Francisco Bay Area. After spending a number of years in the Training & Education Department of Peet’s, he moved on to help open the Roasting and QC Department at Intelligentsia Coffee’s Los Angeles Roasting Works, where he developed his love for the craft of roasting. Since then he has worked on a number of consultancy projects, and has served as a judge for international coffee competitions. Steve’s most recent role brought him to South Korea where he was the Director of Coffee for the SPC Group. In this position, he oversaw all coffee movement for each of the companies in the group and focused on strategic purchase planning, and creating Direct Relationships with the coffee supply chain.
On this weeks Source Code Coffee Podcast we talk to Remedy Supply Co's Green Buyer & Co-Owner Laney Drury. Laney gives us her own perspective on quality, sustainability and walks us through the beginning of her career along with expressing her own views on the green coffee trade. 
In episode 05, we sit down with Director of Coffee & 2011 Canadian Barista Champ Josh Hockin from Alberta, Canadas Transcend Coffee. I first met Josh back in 2016 on a sourcing trip to Colombia and really enjoyed his approach to developing meaningful relationships with their producing partners and prioritizing higher prices which makes them a stellar example of a business that seeks to promote true equity and sustainability with our industry. 
In this weeks episode, Host Colin Frew talks to 2017 US Barista Champion and Black and White Coffee Roasters Co-Owner Kyle Ramage. Kyle gives us an inside perspective into Black and White along with offering a profound insight into being a business owner and the challenges they have faced throughout the pandemic, approach to selecting coffees for B & W and relationship management.  
Tim has been in the coffee industry since 2002, starting as a barista and then doing pretty much every job possible on the roasting side of the business. The last decade Tim has been focused on purchasing green coffee and setting up supply chains, particularly in East Africa. Tim Co-authored the book, A Reference Guide to Ethiopian Coffee Varieties, a book that shed great insight on one of the most complex coffee origins in the world. Tim came to Atlantic Specialty Coffee in 2018 and is our first remote employee working on the East Coast. Tim‘s role is part trader, part buyer, and part quality developer- focused on developing our East Coast presence and offerings.
Barista, trainer, green coffee buyer, shop owner, and founder are just a few of the titles Gabe has held in his 20ish years in specialty coffee. The art of roasting coffee is Gabe’s favorite form of expressing his creativity—it allows for some meditative, solo time with the process and gives him the freedom to create something delicious to share. Having his own coffee brand and roasting the highest quality coffee from importers, producers, and friends he knows and trusts has been a dream of Gabe’s for over 15 years. Every coffee we choose to place on our menu is meaningful to us through taste, story, connection, and relationship. We hope you can taste the intention in every cup and join us as we use Máquina to create good in the world.
In our first episode of Source Code Coffee Podcast, host Colin Frew talks to Metric's Co-Founder Xavier Alexander on what inspired the publishing of Source Code along with highlighting the importance of educating consumers on the importance of paying more for coffee and why transparency matters. Each week, Colin and Xavier will be inviting guests on to our program to discuss their own perspective of the coffee trade along with offering their view points on transparency in the supply chain, certifications, farm gate prices and  much more. 
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