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Tales from the Reading Room

Author: Reverend G. Edwards

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A series featuring intimate conversations with practising Mediums from around the world who – through compelling personal stories – provide a glimpse into their reading rooms, demystify their work and explain why visiting a Medium could change your life.
12 Episodes
In the last episode of the season, we are joined by Danielle Smith. The Happy Medium offers us a refreshing look into the ethics, tools, and future of mediumship, as well as her unique & personal journey of becoming a medium and learning to love and trust herself.**Danielle's Website has changed since recording this episode: you can connect with Danielle, The Happy Medium, at**
Rev. Marilyn Mazzotta is a multi-faceted Medium who was originally introduced to the spirit world through Astrology - soon after, she delved into the world of spirituality and mediumship... and never looked back.You can connect with Marilyn at
This week, we're joined by the wonderful Rhys Wynn Davies: Medium, Environmental Scientist, and author of the book "How to Talk to the Dead in 10 Easy Steps".You can connect with Rhys through his website,
"Its about healing, it's about integrating all that we are. So many religions talk about us being children of light... we haven't stepped up the wattage and the amperage."We had such a great conversation last week that we couldn't fit everything into one episode. In this bonus material, Rev. Elaine Thomas and Rev. Gillian speak about the multi-dimensional levels that we can all work on, whether it's intentional or not.
Seasoned Medium Rev. Elaine Thomas joins us on this week’s episode. Elaine sits down with Rev. Gillian to share her thoughts and wide variety of experiences on the healing power of mediumship. She encourages people to trust and explore their inner lives and follow the calling of one’s own heart. You can learn more about Rev. Elaine Thomas here:
If you can get past your fears and anxieties, the doors will open wide — Andrew Lindsay is a perfect example. This week, Andrew joins us from his home in Scotland to share some beautiful insights on his life and work as a Medium.You can learn more about Andrew here:
Angels, Spirit Guides, and Ghosts! This week, we're pleased to be joined by The Quirky Medium, Alison Wynne-Ryder. Best known for her work on the international TV series, Rescue Mediums, Alison shares journey and the challenges she's overcome as a Clairvoyant Medium. You can learn more about Alison at
Martie Hughes is a registered Medium and Spiritual Intuitive from Lily Dale, NY, whose strength and sense of humour shine through in her work. Martie sits down with Gillian to discuss the power of healing that can take place in a single reading. You can find out more about Martie here:
Rev. Gillian Edwards sits down with Medium James Hyndman, DSNU, to share his journey from a once hesitant skeptic to an evidential Medium and the importance of using evidence to help others heal and grow. You can learn more about James here:
Clairvoyant Medium Jackie Dennison joins us on this week's episode. Best known for her work on the international TV show, Rescue Mediums, Jackie shares her experiences from Rescue Work to Past Life Regressions and all things in between.You can find out more about Jackie here:
Reverend Celeste Elliott, the youngest registered Medium in Lily Dale, NY, shares her stories about her life as a Medium and gives us the ABC's of Mediumship.You can learn more about Rev. Celeste Elliott here:
Welcome to Tales from the Reading Room. This short episode introduces you to our host, Reverend Edwards, and the journey this podcast will take you on. We invite you to listen to this wide variety of voices from around the world. Sit back and enjoy!