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Author: Michael Sabat

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The Chat Bubble is a show about Messaging. We discuss messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, iMessage and WhatsApp - especially as a way for brands to communication with customers.

A secondary focus is brand messaging, the psychology of the pitch and best practices around sales and marketing.

The show combines interviews with shows discussing news and announcements about messaging channels and other companies in the space.
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Using SMS is an opportunity for podcasts to greatly improve their advertising response rates and become a much more strategic space for brands to spend their ad dollars.  This episode introduces the idea and dives into how podcasts might implement the strategy. Read more about this idea here.
Facebook has built conversation and data collection into Facebook Ad Manager. It's a great capability, but no one is talking about it yet.  This episode talks about why this tool is important and how to add Facebook conversations into your Facebook Ads. 
Text messaging works really well in the public health space. In this episode we discuss why text messaging + public health are a match and details some successful, past campaigns that focus on flu shot finder via SMS, text message smoking cessation and query services during the Sandy Hurricane in NYC. 
This episode is an overview of the different options for messaging campaigns and high level strengths and weaknesses for each. Opt-in SMS Peer to peer SMS Text to donate Automated reminders/2FA Facebook Messenger WhatsApp  
Messaging is part of the digital marketing space. Like every other discipline in digital marketing (Search, Social, Ads, Email, etc) messaging has unique aspects. Matching strategies to the unique advantages of the channel make it more likely that the strategy will be successful.  In this episode we review the unique aspects of messaging channels and how to think about strategies to match. This might be the most important episode in the Messaging 101. All of the tips and best practice episodes that follow, build on the core ideas discussed here. 
It seems like the Facebook Messenger platform is coasting to a stop with their latest change ending the Discovery tab. In this episode we discuss what's really going on. If this means Facebook is slowing the Messenger platform we review what caused the problems and lessons to take away from the demise. 
Messaging 101 helps any digital marketer understand messaging channels for marketing. We start with the easiest question of all, "What is Messaging? It's pretty simple, but important to understand what channels & technologies are in and out in. For more materials on the topic, and to signup for the newsletter please visit  
Two Announcements

Two Announcements


Just two quick announcements on the podcast this week. 
Following last week's conversation with Jed Alpert, and channeling by best Ben Thompson (or Scott Galloway) in this week's episode I pull apart different approaches for how messaging platforms might grow.  Most episodes are focused on tactics, news or different campaigns, but this week I put on my analysts hat to talk about business strategy for some of the companies in the space. I hope you like it. 
Jed founded Mobile Commons, which was one of the earliest mobile messaging platforms. Mobile Commons brought thousands of messaging campaigns to hundreds of non-profits, government agencies and healthcare companies. Mobile Commons was acquired by Upland Software in 2014 and Jed has continued to drive much of what's happening in the messaging space. Upland software has acquired several messaging platforms and is one of the largest messaging companies in the world.  As Jed discusses in the episode, Upland software is currently focused on helping their customers take an omnichannel approach and understand the actionable insights in their messaging and digital data.
I found another excellent podcast about messaging. It's the Messenger Mastermind podcast and on the web.  This week I chatted with Jeremy Horowitz, the founder and host of Messenger Mastermind. Half the conversation is on their podcast and then we finish the conversation on The Chat Bubble.  Listen to find out how eCommerce companies are using Facebook Messenger and how Jeremy expects the upcoming changes to affect the space. 
The new Facebook Messenger pricing model, might hurt the channel and all of the developers that have built on Messenger. There is a different approach that might work better for everyone involved. 
Predictions and wished for messaging channels in 2020.  The biggest takeaways are: 1. Messaging is a digital marketing channel 2. The one most important thing an organization can do is build their mobile opt-in list.  3. There are special incentives behind RCS where if any vendor has success with the features, other incumbent vendors will be forced to release RCS offerings. So I think we will see significant adoption of RCS in messaging platforms and organizations. 
Let's review the year 2019 in the messaging space. The one word that summarizes what's going on is "uncertainty". The biggest messaging platforms, Facebook Messenger and SMS/RCS, are undergoing big changes and nobody knows what's going to happen. Peer to peer SMS, the previous trend in the space from 2016 - 2018, seems to be slowing down.  The one thing that's been true from 2010 - 2019 and will continue for the foreseeable future is that building an opt-in SMS list is the best thing to focus on.  Visit for more information on messaging channels and be sure to tell friends and coworkers about The Chat Bubble podcast.
Sangeeth Peruri joins the podcast to talk about OutreachCircle and the recent launch of P2P texting into the product. OutreachCircle is a tool that helps businesses or organizations like political campaigns or local unions communicate and drive collective action. OutreachCircle is an existing business & product that added fairly sophisticated messaging functionality. It's exciting to messaging integrated into products, rather than simply standalone applications. This instance is more interesting because the messaging is more than just a simple reminder or 2FA. Sangeeth talks about why they built P2P SMS, how it differs from the other options out there and where the functionality might head in the future.  If you're a campaign, organization or small business looking to communicate and activate more people, check out OutreachCircle at 
Certain types of organizations are predisposed to be more successful with messaging. Let's list those industries and talk through why certain verticals are better than others with messaging as a marketing and communication channel.
Anyone that's worked on SMS marketing campaigns has seen incredible response rates and conversion rates. It's extremely common for the SMS list to convert at 3x, 5x or even 10x the rate of the email list.  We've all wondered, why is there so much more attention and resources paid to email campaigns, when the SMS campaigns are doing so much better. That's the question we pull apart in this episode of The Chat Bubble. After all this success, why isn't SMS the dominant & default digital marketing communications channel?
This podcast is a review of a case study published Chatfuel's website. A written review has been posted on This is a great example of how Facebook Messenger can work with an existing sales and marketing process to make customers happier and make the whole process more efficient.
The “welcome message” is part of the Facebook ad, and the most critical piece taking users from the ad click to the Messenger conversation. In this episode we talk about best practices for the welcome message and how to build tests for welcome message options.
Sierra Club is well known for their environmental protection efforts. In the non-profit tech world they are also known for being an innovative and data driven organization. They were an early adopter of Facebook Messenger and over the past few years have built a robust and engaging Messenger campaign. Andre Sternberg joins the show today to talk about how the organization launched on Messenger, how Sierra Club approaches that channel and their goals for Messenger campaigns. This is my favorite episode of the year and anyone interested in messaging channels will find this success story interesting.
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