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Author: Sean and Lee

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There's so much available for all of us to stream. Some might say TOO MUCH. Sean and Lee have streamed most of it, and now they're doing the intrepid work of talking about what they've witnessed.
23 Episodes
Sean is currently experiencing the driest, coldest Southern California weather he’s felt in a long time. His sinuses don’t know how to keep up. Lee gets a sensible head back on his shoulders by informing him that he’d better not move anywhere else. He wouldn’t be able to take the extreme weather.Lee wants us all to have our cake and eat it, too. What else is cake good for anyway? What, if someone presents you with an entire cake, you’re just supposed to… not eat it? What kind of madness is that? What a dumb saying that one is. Sheesh!Sean and Lee are finished with their cheese religion. Onward to the better religion. We are now followers of dog. Little, tiny, adorable dogs. Never fear, though! This does not mean that we’ll be passing up fondue. Indeed, Sean has been compelled to try some vegan fondue mixtures forthwith!Sean wonders how well he’d do in the apocalypse. Again. Generating enough food and drinkable water is on his mind. Lee suggests that living in California may not be the best place to make it through a superfluous of Stephen King proportions. Will we ever know who is correct? Well, hopefully not. The implications here are not great.In what was streamed this time, we get a further peek into the unpleasant and pitiable world that is Dazzle Novak’s past. Everything this man is becomes completely obvious once you meet dear old Razzle Novak, a legendary daredevil. This is a weird dive into a mess of daddy issues, folks. Luckily, we’ve got Rad’s epic battle with a parking garage ticket validation machine to wash the Dazzle out of our mouths.(Recorded on October 13, 2021)Links to Things We Talked About:Moonbeam City (2015) - IMDbCinnamon Chocolate Disc – Taza ChocolateJungle Cruise (2021) - IMDbThe Good Place (TV Series 2016–2020) - IMDbJohn Roderick - WikipediaStephen King - WikipediaThe Stand - WikipediaAgriculture in California - WikipediaScrooge McDuck - WikipediaEvel Knievel - WikipediaYou Should Follow Us:Our Instagram profile!Our Twitter profile!Our YouTube channel!
Sean only just recently put on the pop filter, but Lee was born in the pop filter. She’s had no P’s popped in her entire life! We’re both Tom Hardy fans. We were born into the Tom Hardy fandom.While on the topic of that glorious man, the pair discuss the intricate and important details about the two Spider-Man universe Symbiotes, Venom and Carnage. Lee didn’t know much about them, but Sean is more than happy to display his nerdy bona fides.It must be Girl Scouts cookies time, because that’s on the brain. Sean wants all the delicious Thin Mint cookies he can get his hands on and Lee wants something with gross-to-Sean peanut butter. Yuck!Lee tasks Sean with answering an impossible question. Not only is it the toughest thing he’s ever had to decide, but it’s also a sadistic experiment in streaming-related madness. Sean turns the tables on her, though. His impossible question is just as impossible!In what was streamed this time, it’s the 32nd Annual Cop Con! The most wonderful time of the year, both for the police and for Moonbeam City. The cops get to spend a weekend looking at cool new gadgets, solving murders, and getting all naughty with each other. The city finally gets a chance to heal without all the cops around. If only it could be that way forever…(Recorded on October 06, 2021)Links to Things We Talked About:Moonbeam City (2015) - IMDbBane (DC Comics) - WikipediaTom Hardy - IMDbThe Dark Knight Rises (2012) - IMDbVenom (2018) - IMDbDunkirk (2017) - IMDbLegend (2015) - IMDbRyan Reynolds - IMDbGreen Lantern (2011) - IMDbDeadpool (2016) - IMDbVenom (character) - WikipediaStar Trek: The Next Generation (TV Series 1987–1994) - IMDbTobey Maguire - IMDbSpider-Man 3 (2007) - IMDbGargoyles (TV Series 1994–1996) - IMDbMighty Morphin Power Rangers (TV Series 1993–1996) - IMDbTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TV Series 1987–1996) - IMDbDexter’s Laboratory (TV Series 1996–2003) - IMDbJohnny Bravo (TV Series 1997–2004) - IMDbThe Powerpuff Girls (TV Series 1998–2005) - IMDbSpider-Man: The Animated Series (TV Series 1994–1998) - IMDbCarnage (character) - WikipediaVenom: Let There Be Carnage (2021) - IMDbWoody Harrelson - IMDbMeet the Cookies - Girl Scout CookiesBorg - WikipediaZack Snyder’s Justice League (2021) - IMDbRoboCop (1987) - IMDbCyborg (DC Comics) - WikipediaSex Education (TV Series 2019– ) - IMDbSquid Game (TV Series 2021) - IMDbTed Lasso (TV Series 2020– ) - IMDbTom Hanks - IMDbThe Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (TV Series 2017– ) - IMDbSanta Clarita Diet (TV Series 2017–2019) - IMDbHouse of Cards (TV Series 2013–2018) - IMDbWalker, Texas Ranger (TV Series 1993–2001) - IMDbJAG (TV Series 1995–2005) - IMDbCSI: Crime Scene Investigation (TV Series 2000–2015) - IMDbNCIS (TV Series 2003– ) - IMDbYou Should Follow Us:Our Instagram profile!Our Twitter profile!Our YouTube channel!
Sean is way out of whack thanks to his FAILURE of an alarm clock! It’s 2021, so why don’t we have robot butlers to soothe us awake? Why are we still subject to the whims and desires of our sketchy phones and their alarms that just decide to be punks? Answer us that, Tim Cook!As it always does, in between alarm clock talks, Lee tells us all about the various Star Treks, how successful they are relative to each other, and which series is her favorite. Nerds of the world, unite! Speak about the unique history of the greatest television star of all time: Scott Bakula!Sean got the nerdy half of his dad’s personality and his brother got the sports half. Friends, we will never not become our parents as we grow older. The real mystery here is did Lee sabotage Sean’s relationship with his brother? Tune in today to find out!Lee’s got the beefiest shoulders around from all the train and house lifting she’s been doing these days. Don’t mess with her. She’ll knock you out cold!In what was streamed this week, we learn a whole lot about the captain we all know, leave, and fear, Pizzaz! Her backstory is much more intricate, mind-blowing, and full of evil sisters than anyone could have guessed. She’s rich as all hell. Not just a little wealthy, but family owns a city wealthy. Why is she slumming it with the inept group of dinguses at the Moonbeam City Police Department? We may never know. What we do know is Dazzle will surely mess everything up and Rad is the most ridiculous person on the planet.(Recorded on September 29, 2021)Links to Things We Talked About:Moonbeam City (2015) - IMDbSleep CycleThe Jetsons (TV Series 1962–1963) - IMDbStar Trek: The Original Series (TV Series 1966–1969) - IMDbFuturama (TV Series 1999–2013) - IMDbStar Trek: Deep Space Nine (TV Series 1993–1999) - IMDbStar Trek: Enterprise (TV Series 2001–2005) - IMDbScott Bakula - IMDbQuantum Leap (TV Series 1989–1993) - IMDbStar Trek: Generations (1994) - IMDbStar Trek (2009) - IMDbGilmore Girls (TV Series 2000–2007) - IMDbDesperate Housewives (TV Series 2004–2012) - IMDbEverwood (TV Series 2002–2006) - IMDbThe Incredibles (2004) - IMDbTed Lasso (TV Series 2020– ) - IMDbJason Sudeikis - IMDbMoana (2016) - IMDbDwayne Johnson - IMDbGuy Pearce - IMDbMemento (2000) - IMDbJ. R. R. Tolkien - WikipediaBilbo Baggins - WikipediaIndiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (2008) - IMDbV (TV Series 2009–2011) - IMDbSteven Spielberg - IMDbElectric violin - WikipediaStradivarius - WikipediaDomino (character) - WikipediaWill Forte - IMDb
Sean refuses to bow down to time fascists and acknowledge what they say is the “one true time.” He’s just not having any of it, but Lee’s not so sure. Is it worth the probable creation of vampires to test out this “one time zone” theory? Surely not.Sean’s taking bets on when Lee can’t take his procrastination anymore and breaks out the punishment whips. His money is on November 14. Get in touch with us and place your bets! (Note: all bets are not real bets. If you send us money, we will keep it and use it to fund our massive cheese addictions.)The pair discuss what are purported to be popular baby names for the upcoming year, 2022. Will these be good names to give a child, or are people going to saddle their future offspring with names that will inspire mockery and ridicule in school?As all things do, the discussion turns to men and their vanity muscles. Hey, we started with baby names, so what’s the logical segue after that? Obviously, it’s pecs!In what was streamed this week, poor Rad… He only wants to be loved and appreciated, but instead, he gets addicted to not just one, but two of Moonbeam City’s hottest new drugs. This didn’t need to happen. This poor man shouldn’t have to suffer. However, when the creepy as hell mayor comes a-calling and demanding results from the police, what better course of action is there than to create a drug epidemic? There’s no better course of action, as we’re sure Dazzle would tell you.(Recorded on September 22, 2021)Links to Things We Talked About:Moonbeam City (2015) - IMDbGreenwich Mean Time - WikipediaTwilight (novel series) - WikipediaFifty Shades of Grey - Wikipedia2022 baby names thread from Metro - TwitterThe Golden Girls (TV Series 1985–1992) - IMDbManic Pixie Dream Girl - WikipediaIggy Pop - WikipediaLois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman (TV Series 1993–1997) - IMDbTeri Hatcher - IMDbDesperate Housewives (TV Series 2004–2012) - IMDbTomorrow Never Dies (1997) - IMDbDean Cain - IMDbThe Internet Is Once Again Mocking Dean Cain for Being a Jerk - The Mary SueFight Club (1999) - IMDbBrad Pitt - IMDb300 (2006) - IMDbGerard Butler - IMDbBrendan Fraser - IMDbGeorge of the Jungle (1997) - IMDbYou Should Follow Us:Our Instagram profile!Our Twitter profile!Our YouTube channel!
This time, we’re coming to you from the inside of a tunnel!Sean’s working on cutting out refined sugar from his life and is having a hell of a time doing it. Luckily, Lee is here to come to the rescue! She suggested getting some vegan, sugar-free butterscotch hard candies. Within this episode is the only review of them you’ll ever need to hear.Sean regales everyone with a lengthy tale of one of the more compassionate things he’s done. It also turns out to be one of the most potentially dangerous things he’s done. It’s quite the story of travel, mysterious strangers, and of course, Tenacious D.In what was streamed this week, Dazzle has to take a CPR training course, but how can a person be forced to do such a thing when there’s a whole ocean world outside the window? Hot on the trail of an apparent suicide, our intrepid detective crafts an impressive robotic dolphin suit, takes to the sea, and falls head over heels for a charming dolphin named Splasha. Yes, you read that right. Dazzle wants to spend his life with Splasha. It’s the only thing he’s loved as much as himself.(Recorded on September 15, 2021)Links to Things We Talked About:Moonbeam City (2015) - IMDbButterscotch Bliss Hard Candies - Dr. John’s Healthy SweetsMisophonia - Wikipedia(Sean got the name of this disorder wrong. It’s not “synesthesia,” as he guessed. That word refers to the phenomenon of seeing colors or shapes when you hear a sound of music. Misophonia is the hatred of certain sounds. In this case, mouth sounds.)Why Sugar-Free Gummy Bears Hurt Your Bowels - HealthlineMad Max: Fury Road (2015) - IMDbMel Gibson - IMDbTom Hardy - IMDbCharlize Theron - IMDbGeorge Miller - IMDbBabe: Pig in the City (1998) - IMDbHappy Feet (2006) - IMDbHugh Jackman - IMDbReminiscence (2021) - IMDbStephen King - IMDbHostel (2005) - IMDbThe Mist (novella) - WikipediaTenacious D - WikipediaGotham City - WikipediaPatrick Warburton - IMDbViolet Evergarden (TV Mini Series 2018) - IMDbYou Should Follow Us:Our Instagram profile!Our Twitter profile!Our YouTube channel!
Sean’s on a Stephen King kick right now, because why wouldn’t you be? Lee can totally get behind that, because why wouldn’t you? Meanwhile, Lee watched Freaky and Sean watched Reminiscence. They’re both good at doing their homework and no one can ever say otherwise.They both thought the movie Freaky was okay. They both thought that Reminiscence was also okay. What a week for movies! They both looked pretty dang good-looking, so they’ve got that going for them. Which is nice.Sean thinks that maybe it’s high time for him to become a bread maker. What better occupation is there than one that puts smiles on the lips and heft on the hips? The job of stapling bread to trees? Of course that’s a thing.In what was streamed this week, Dazzle meets one of his true heroes, Dr. Nocturne Von Groff. A man whose name is synonymous with the strike visualizations that play whenever anyone throws a strike at a bowling alley. He’s certainly a weird person, but is he also… a murderer? Listen to find out if Dazzle meets the person of his childhood dreams, or if you should never meet your heroes.(Recorded on September 09, 2021)Links to Things We Talked About:Moonbeam City (2015) - IMDbThe Outsider (TV Series 2020) - IMDbBen Mendelsohn - IMDbJason Bateman - IMDbMr. Mercedes - WikipediaMare Winningham - IMDbFreaky (2020) - IMDbThe Matrix (1999) - IMDbClickbait (TV Mini Series 2021) - IMDbAlan Ruck - IMDbFerris Bueller’s Day Off (1986) - IMDbHugh Jackman - IMDbRyan Reynolds - IMDbX-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009) - IMDbr/BreadStapledToTrees - redditWrecking Ball | Miley Cyrus - YouTubePeter Serafinowicz - IMDbYou Should Follow Us:Our Instagram profile!Our Twitter profile!Our YouTube channel!
Lee and Sean are silly yanks who insist on calling football “soccer.” Don’t blame us. Blame our upbringing (and England, apparently)! If there are two better people than them to comment on sports, then the world hasn’t found them yet.Lee spent her week watching dinosaurs eat people. Sean spent his week watching a high schooler switch bodies with a serial killer and then go on a murdering spree. They both spent their time wisely and have no regrets about anything in life.Sean also watched Total Recall and he’s not entirely sure that all of it worked for him. Lee understands and also wishes there was more to this particular Philip K. Dick adaptation. What are you gonna do? Make a modern version or something? Maybe cast Colin Farrell in it? That’s crazy talk!We watched a whole lot of movies this last week. A whole lot of them. Is this a movie podcast instead of a podcast of the wide world of streaming? It’s both!In what was streamed this week, Dazzle Novak has had it with all these backseat film producers and insists on making his own! After stopping a daring, drug-related crime in a Moonbeam City back alley (is the entire city made up of back alleys?), he’s allowed to direct a dramatic reenactment of his bust for the hit show, CrimeZappers. Ever the insane person, the production goes over budget and kills a lot of people. But hey, at least it’s got tons of graphic nudity. Oh yeah…(Recorded on September 02, 2021)Links to Things We Talked About:Moonbeam City - IMDbWhy do some people call it soccer? - HISTORYHaikyuu!! - IMDbKuroko’s Basketball - IMDbTed Lasso - IMDbJurassic Park (1993) - IMDb(Sean got the release year on this one wrong yet again. When will he ever learn that Jurassic Park came out in 1993 and not 1994?)The Lost World: Jurassic Park - IMDbJurassic Park III - IMDbThe Movies That Made Us - IMDbSteven Spielberg - IMDbJurassic World - IMDbJeff Goldblum - IMDbSam Neill - IMDbLaura Dern - IMDbThe Mummy - IMDbGrace and Frankie - IMDbJumanji: Welcome to the Jungle - IMDbJumanji: The Next Level - IMDbTotal Recall (1990) - IMDbArnold Schwarzenegger - IMDbPhilip K. Dick - WikipediaWe Can Remember It for You Wholesale - WikipediaMinority Report - IMDbBlade Runner - IMDbA Scanner Darkly - IMDbThe Man in the High Castle - IMDbElectric Dreams - IMDbThe Hood Maker | “Electric Dreams" - IMDbRichard Madden - IMDbHolliday Grainger - IMDbBodyguard - IMDbGame of Thrones - IMDbSteve Buscemi - IMDbBryan Cranston - IMDbBreaking Bad - IMDbGeraldine Chaplin - IMDbTerrence Howard - IMDbUnpacking Terrence Howard’s Bizarre 2019 Emmys Interview - The RootTimothy Spall - IMDbReminiscence - IMDbFreaky - IMDbKathryn Newton - IMDbVince Vaughn - IMDbFreaky Friday - IMDbArrested Development - IMDbJohn O’Hurley - IMDbThis Is Spinal Tap - IMDbStar Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope - IMDbGeorge Lucas - IMDb
Sean has a noodle brain and it’s caused by a throbbing headache. Lee, however, suggests that it’s probably got something to do with that terrible brain-sucking alien from Starship Troopers. Either way, Sean’s More Movies Please! co-host, Steven, needs to come on the show and explain what the deal is with his name. For the sake of the world.Lee is gobsmacked over the fact that Sean hasn’t seen Total Recall yet, and that’s fair. That’s more than fair. He calls himself some sort of movie lover and he hasn’t seen this seminal Schwarzenegger film? Oh, but he’s seen the Colin Farrell remake? Do you ever wonder if some people should have their movie-watching privileges taken away? Yeah…What these two have seen is their fair share of your Jurassic movies, both Parks and Worlds. Did they see them at too young of an impressionable age? Maybe, but let’s just understand that those experiences are what’s made the pair into the weirdos they are today. Thanks, Lee and Sean’s parents!What is a person to do during the zombie apocalypse? That’s the burning question on hand today. Do you strap up and become a badass in the after times, or do you get bitten and become a zombie like everyone else? Either way, we demand some more romantic zombie fare. Give us zombies in love!Sean wants to win the lottery (real bad), but he’s unsure of the consequences. Lee wonders if their cons outweigh the pros. What would it be like to have everyone you’ve ever known come knocking at your door demanding you give them money? That’s a bad scene, man. Just leave us to our riches!Lee loves chewy cookies and all is right with the world.In what was streamed this week, welcome to Moonbeam City—one of the worst and most pastel-covered cities in the world. Old ladies get shot over nothing, drug dealers are weirdly industrious business people, and the police are a group of bumbling, incompetent fools. Dazzle Novak, the city’s #1 Cop (most of the time), is tasked with taking down El Diablo Malo and his sprawling drug business that’s sprung up literally overnight. Can this sexpot save the day, or will his wandering eyes and love for music production doom everyone in the city?(Recorded on August 25, 2021)Links to Things We Talked About:Moonbeam City - IMDbFuturama - IMDbStarship Troopers - IMDbStarship Troopers | More Movies Please! - LibsynViolet Evergarden - IMDbTotal Recall - IMDbArnold Schwarzenegger - IMDbTotal Recall - IMDbColin Farrell - IMDbJessica Biel - IMDbJunior - IMDbDanny DeVito - IMDbTwins - IMDbJurassic Park - IMDbPulp Fiction - IMDbSchindler’s List - IMDb(Sean was off by a year on the release dates for Jurassic Park and Schindler’s List. Hey, what are you gonna do?)The Lost World: Jurassic Park - IMDbJurassic Park III - IMDbJurassic World - IMDbJurassic World: Fallen Kingdom - IMDbChris Pratt - IMDbParks and Recreation - IMDbGuardians of the Galaxy - IMDbThe Walking Dead - IMDbRobert Kirkman - IMDbSpace Zombies: Terror from the Sky - IMDbSpace Zombies - IMDbArctic Blast - IMDbMichael Shanks - IMDbStargate SG-1 - IMDbChristmas Icetastrophe - IMDbiZombie - IMDbWarm Bodies - IMDbJesse Eisenberg - IMDbZombieland - IMDbI Am Legend - WikipediaGeorge Orwell - WikipediaZanzibar Chocolate Shoppe Ice CreamArcher - IMDbMiami Vice - IMDbPatrick Nagel - WikipediaRio (Duran Duran album) - WikipediaH. Jon Benjamin - IMDbRob Lowe - IMDbElizabeth Banks - IMDbWill Forte - IMDbKate Mara - IMDbPure Moods - IMDbFree Guy - IMDbJungle Cruise - IMDbRyan Reynolds - IMDbYou Should Follow Us:Our Instagram profile!Our Twitter profile!Our YouTube channel!
Sean definitely did do his homework this time. Cue the parade! Sound off the city bells! Start the fireworks show because this is a momentous event that deserves to be celebrated. He made a list of nice movies for Lee to watch. Has she seen most of them already? Who cares? It’s still a nice list. There’s a link down below for you to check it out.While going through Sean’s homework, it becomes apparent that Lee is the most Greek person you can find this side of, well, Greece. Is it her love of falafels? The fact that she’s seen at least one Nia Vardalos film? The world may never know…Trigger warning: Sean came up with some talking topics—on Lee’s insistence—and one of those is an extended chat about the bones we’ve snapped, fractured, and otherwise broken. Will Sean’s toes ever be safe again?He does want a tattoo maybe, but he’s not going to get one without trying out some designs on a temporary broken bone cast. If anyone knows a doctor who is willing to put an unnecessary cast on Sean, then contact the show!In what was streamed this week, Violet Evergarden is going supersized! We’ve all got a 90-minute episode of the show on our plates here. Yep, a running time equal to about four separate episodes of the main show is what we’re given. Violet is tasked with teaching a young woman how to become cultured. A debutante, if you will. Their friendship grows and we learn of a young girl that this woman was looking after. In the second half of the film, we join this young girl as she tries to find her dear “sister.” Violet touches the lives of two people this time, and we get to wonder if this story needed to be film length.(Recorded on August 18, 2021)Links to Things We Talked About:Violet Evergarden: Eternity and the Auto Memory Doll - IMDbViolet Evergarden: Eternity and the Auto Memory Doll - NetflixNice Movies for Lee to Watch - Letterboxd(This list isn’t just for Lee. You can get in on it, too! And while you’re at it, be sure to follow us on Letterboxd. It’s a fun place for movie lovers.)Merlin Mann‎Ratatouille - Letterboxd‎School of Rock - Letterboxd‎The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (2013) - Letterboxd‎Soul - Letterboxd‎Pride & Prejudice (2005) - Letterboxd‎Pokémon Detective Pikachu - Letterboxd‎My Big Fat Greek Wedding - Letterboxd‎The Lego Movie - Letterboxd‎The Lego Batman Movie - Letterboxd‎DodgeBall: A True Underdog Story - Letterboxd‎The Birdcage - Letterboxd‎Clueless - Letterboxd‎Fantastic Mr. Fox - LetterboxdTickled - LetterboxdTom Cruise - IMDb‎Risky Business - LetterboxdSee - IMDbJohnny Knoxville - IMDb‎Violet Evergarden: The Movie - LetterboxdYou Should Follow Us:Our Instagram profile!Our Twitter profile!Our YouTube channel!
Lee and Sean didn’t get enough sleep last night, and they’re both starting to feel the terrible consequences of this occurrence. Surely, this will have far-reaching effects on the quality of this podcast, but not nearly in the way you’re thinking. Oh, mysterious…Lee is probably into Korean War documentaries, but she’s definitely into Tattoo Redo. And who wouldn’t be? Also, there are some U.K. freemasons thrown into the mix. And why wouldn’t there be? Look, Lee is streaming at an extremely high level and that’s why she’s hosting this show. Her bona fides have been bona fide.Sean watched a documentary about competitive endurance tickling, called Tickled. Yes, it’s as crazy as it sounds. Yes, there was intrigue, legal threats, and of course, tickling. Yes, Lee was horrified at the thought of this sort of thing existing. Who can blame her? Watch it… if you dare.Lee went to see three whole movies at the theater recently and Sean is jealous. He’s happy for Lee, of course, but he’s also completely blind with envy. He can’t blame Lee, though. What, you’re going to not take advantage of $5 ticket days? What kind of monster would say no to that?Lee needs to work more on slapping that thing. And by “that thing,” we mean the call bell on her desk. What did you think it was? Look, this is a respectable show that’s being put on here. Keep your naughty business out of this.In what was streamed this week, we’re all going BACK! IN! TIME! This episode is an OVA, or original video animation, episode. In the case of Violet Evergarden, this one fits in between episodes four and five of the main narrative. Violet is tasked with helping an opera star write a love letter to someone who means a lot to her. Throughout the episode, Violet is shown learning more about what it means to be a talented Memory Doll. This episode is out of series, chronologically, but it’s still worth watching in whichever order you wish. More Violet is always good, right?(Recorded on August 11, 2021)Links to Things We Talked About:Violet Evergarden - IMDbViolet Evergarden - NetflixMerlin MannJethro Tull - WikipediaNight and Fog - IMDbUSC Shoah Foundation - WikipediaCat People - IMDbTattoo Redo - IMDbInside the Freemasons - IMDbThe Crown - IMDbTickled - IMDbLeah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath - IMDbLeah Remini - IMDbThe Suicide Squad - IMDbJungle Cruise - IMDbIndiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark - IMDbDwayne Johnson - IMDbJumanji: Welcome to the Jungle - IMDbJumanji - IMDbRobin Williams - IMDbThe Haunted Mansion - IMDbPirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl - IMDbKaren Gillan - IMDbJack Black - IMDbKevin Hart - IMDbThe Green Knight - IMDbTwin Peaks - IMDbFLCL - IMDbDavid Lowery - IMDbDev Patel - IMDbGal Gadot - IMDbChris Pine - IMDbJames Gunn - IMDbEsperanto - WikipediaEminem - WikipediaFuturama - IMDbAlienese | Futurama Wiki - FandomZorro - WikipediaYou Should Follow Us:Our Instagram profile!Our Twitter profile!Our YouTube channel!
The day has finally come. Sean and Lee are talking about Palm Springs and their drive-in movie-going experiences. Never thought it would happen, didn’t you? The Stream Dream Team will never let you down.There was a tragedy out where Sean lives and now he’s thinking that he’ll be seeing The Suicide Squad at home instead of a movie theater. That’s a major bummer, but on the plus side, he can make his own popcorn and go to the bathroom without missing any of the movie he’s watching!Speaking of popcorn, Sean appreciates his when it’s been genetically modified. Lee wants organic popcorn. They both want their popped kernels to be doused with a good amount of nutritional yeast. There’s no better treat.The pair talk about how they would fare if they found themselves in a Groundhog Day/Palm Springs kind of situation. It’s a fascinating question. What would you do if you lived the same day over and over again? How would you live your life (or rather, lives)?But also, screw that. There’s cheese talk to be had! Lee went on some cheese adventures and cleaned up! Everyone should be jealous of her.In what was streamed this week, the day has finally come. Again! The grand conclusion of the main series of Violet Evergarden is here, and it’s been watched with gusto. The great and terrible war has been ceased. Peace is returning to the land (suck it, anti-peace factions!). Violet is finally understanding what love means to her. Usually, the end of an episode makes for a sad time, but much like what took place, we should all party! We all went on quite the ride. Luckily, there’s still some more Violet Evergarden to be had, but for now… Now is the time to be happy.(Recorded on August 04, 2021)Links to Things We Talked About:Violet Evergarden - IMDbViolet Evergarden - NetflixPalm Springs - IMDbGroundhog Day - IMDbJurassic World - IMDbJurassic World: Fallen Kingdom - IMDbCruella - IMDbSmokey and the Bandit - IMDb(That was the movie Lee was trying to recall. Now the mystery has been solved. Good on you, podcast show notes readers!)Serpico - IMDbThe French Connection - IMDbBullitt - IMDbSteve McQueen - IMDbThe Suicide Squad - IMDbClassic Popcorn & Gourmet Popping Corn - Orville Redenbacher’sGlass Microwave Popcorn Popper | Sur La TableBarb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar - IMDbAndy Samberg - IMDbCristin Milioti - IMDbJ.K. Simmons - IMDbBill Murray - IMDbThe Most Dangerous Game - WikipediaBrooklyn Nine-Nine - IMDbFilms - The Lonely IslandPopstar: Never Stop Never Stopping - IMDbTed Lasso - IMDbYou Should Follow Us:Our Instagram profile!Our Twitter profile!Our YouTube channel!
Sean and Lee WERE going to talk about candy. All sorts of candy, from the newest advances in candy technology to the old grandparent candy that we should all know and love. Bring on the Brach’s strawberry bonbons, please!Halloween was never Sean’s favorite holiday. How could it be when Christmas is right around the corner? Candy’s nice, but presents are better, right? Lee has some great and simple Halloween costume ideas. And as always, watch out for sneaky poison in your seasonal candies.Both Lee and Sean are watching and loving the second season of Ted Lasso. Sean just finished the second season of For All Mankind. Lee has watched nearly all of Lisey’s Story, and she’s insistent that everyone watch See. It’s safe to say that whatever Apple’s got on the menu, they’ll be enjoying it with much gusto. But what is one to watch after finishing a beloved show?It doesn’t go unnoticed that Stephen King likes sticking his fingers in all the pies. He’s not content with just being a novelist. Nooo, he’s got to be a screenwriter, too. What’s next? An artisanal honey maker? We’d both like to live in that future.In what was streamed this week, Violet… doesn’t do what she does best? She has ample opportunity to kill loads of people who are threatening her life and the lives of those she cares for, and yet she holds back. This is all much to the extreme frustration of our dear, annoying Diethard Bougainvillea. Has there ever been someone with more of a stick all up in them? He lost his brother, sure, but this spat he’s got going on with Violet needs to find a resolution. Turns out an anti-peace faction from Gardarik might just provide that answer.(Recorded on July 29, 2021)Links to Things We Talked About:Violet Evergarden - IMDbViolet Evergarden - NetflixButtermints.comStrawberry Filled Bon Bons - Candy NationTerry’s Dark Chocolate Orange Ball Gift Box - Candy WarehouseIt’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown - IMDbHalloween (1978) - IMDbA Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) - IMDbLinus and Lucy | Vince Guaraldi Trio - YouTubeA Quiet Place - IMDbAnna and the Apocalypse - IMDbThe Cabin in the Woods - IMDbDon’t Breathe - IMDbIt - IMDbLet the Right One In - IMDbDoctor Sleep - IMDbThe Shining - IMDbStephen King - WikipediaMr. Mercedes - WikipediaLisey’s Story - IMDbTed Lasso - IMDbPalm Springs - IMDbFor All Mankind - IMDbJoel Kinnaman - IMDbRoboCop (2014) - IMDbThe Killing - IMDbAltered Carbon - IMDbSuicide Squad - IMDbThe Suicide Squad - IMDbThe Expanse - IMDbReconcilable Differences - Relay FMAccidental Tech PodcastPatriot - IMDbMare Winningham - WikipediaHowl’s Moving Castle - WikipediaA Clockwork Orange (novel) - WikipediaPhysical - IMDbMythic Quest - IMDbSee - IMDbFrasier - IMDbDave Bautista - IMDbDwayne Johnson - IMDbGuardians of the Galaxy - IMDbBlade Runner 2049 - IMDbDune - IMDbSpectre - IMDbArmy of the Dead - IMDbDemon Slayer: Mugen TrainMobile Suit Gundam - IMDbYou Should Follow Us:Our Instagram profile!Our Twitter profile!Our YouTube channel!
All right, all right, all right! Lee and Sean take a deep dive into the world of Matthew McConaughey. The question isn’t, “Why would you do that?” The real question is, “Why did it take them so long to finally get to the subject matter that everyone has been clamoring for all this time?”The pair fall down a language rabbit hole. A stereotypical Italian rabbit hole. There doesn’t seem to be a way out, but dang it, they’re going to try their best. Worried about them? Fuhgeddaboutit! If they do get out, they’re surely going to fall down another rabbit hole—this next time will be about ‘90s fashion. Whattayagonnado?!Turns out that Green Bay, Wisconsin isn’t really a big city and that is blowing Sean’s mind. It’s the place everyone talks about, right? That’s where all the football and cheese comes from, yeah? How many midwesterners are ticked off by this here paragraph? If this doesn’t do it for you, make sure to listen on to when Sean completely disrespects the fine naming heritage of Allouez. Also, the entire French language. He’s making a lot of enemies this week.Lee has the best Spanish pick-up lines. This is news to Sean, but he is delighted by her linguistic prowess. Who out there says you don’t learn anything in high school language classes? In this episode, there is hard proof that that is a lie!The two get back on the right track with more McConaughey. Stay tuned for their sure-to-be upcoming new podcast, “McConaugheeey Girl!” The only McConaughey appreciation podcast should listen to. The first topic: his autobiography and its peculiar title. (Seriously, what does it even mean?)Lee wants to be a Michigander and Sean wants to be a Winsconsigoose. They both enjoy some good demonyms. You could be an Arkansawyer. A Californio. A Wolverine. Maybe even a Knickerbocker!In what was streamed this week, Violet doesn’t want anyone else to die. Unfortunately, she comes to that realization, nay, that promise by helping a poor wounded soldier write out his final letters to the people he loves the most: his parents and Maria, the woman he loves. This show keeps giving us all some heavy moments. This was a tough episode, but still a meaningful one. Violet continues to grow and understand, through the lives of those she helps, what love truly means.(Recorded on July 21, 2021)Links to Things We Talked About:Violet Evergarden - IMDbViolet Evergarden - NetflixMatthew McConaughey - IMDbThe Origin Story of “Alright, Alright, Alright” - MediumDazed and Confused - IMDb‘Dazed and Confused’ gave early glimpse of Matthew McConaughey, Ben Affleck - USA TodayPhysical - IMDbAtypical - IMDbSee - IMDbThe Fifth Element - IMDbThe Sopranos - IMDbLuc Besson - IMDbBada Bing Bada Boom - Allouez, Wisconsin - WikipediaGreenlights - Matthew McConaugheyJohn Grisham - WikipediaList of demonyms for US states and territories - WikipediaWolverine - WikipediaWolverine (character) - WikipediaWill Arnett - IMDbCGP Grey - YouTubeJohn Steinbeck - Wikipedia7 Key Takeaways from Matthew McConaughey’s book, Greenlights - MXTrue Detective - IMDbWoody Harrelson - IMDbPalm Springs - IMDbThe amazing map of Telsis - RedditInspector Gadget (TV Series 1983–1986) - IMDbYou Should Follow Us:Our Instagram profile!Our Twitter profile!Our YouTube channel!
You can pretty much call Canada “The Land of Gravy” at this point, and it’ll no doubt stick. They love their gravy up there, don’t they? Canadian listeners, write in and express your love for the savory goo that makes life worth living. In the meantime, Sean’s probably going to make some poutine and Lee should really get on that train, too.Sean has no experience with cheese curds (bless his heart) and Lee has the low-down on all the cheese curd knowledge. Apparently, they’re just squeaky cheese. Are those squeaks a sign of the cheese’s sentience and unwillingness to be eaten? The world may never know.Sean prefers Double Stuf Oreos (why is it missing the second “f”?) and Lee has mixed feelings about Oreo Thins. Opinions this contentious can usually end up with a ruined friendship, but they make it through by the skin of their teeth.Is this now a food podcast instead of a streaming podcast? Well… always has been.In other news, Lee has fallen down a Dirty John rabbit hole. Sean’s beginning to wonder if she’ll ever be able to make it out of there in one piece. Okay, she assuredly will, but with a newfound appreciation for the true crime genre of things. Through the subject, the pair wax on about the public’s growing appreciation for this sort of media and what that all means.In what was streamed this week, Violet is dispatched to a lovely mansion house in the beautiful countryside to help a terminally ill mother write a series of letters. While working there, Violet confuses, frustrates, and even delights the woman’s young daughter. She’s not been told of the severity of her mother’s illness and is confused and afraid of what seems to be coming for the person she loves the most. It’s an emotional and meaningful episode that strikes a chord deep in our dear Violet.(Recorded on July 15, 2021)Links to Things We Talked About:Violet Evergarden - IMDbViolet Evergarden - NetflixPoutine - WikipediaOREOOREO Thins - OREO CookiesREESE’S THiNS Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter CupsYour Almond Habit Is Sucking California Dry - Mother JonesNut Butter Cups - JUSTIN’S BrandUNREAL CupsCups & Bites Archives - ChocoloveSun Cups - free2b FoodsAlmond Butter Cups - DownshiftologyHigh Performance Blenders - VitamixChernobyl - IMDbReconcilable Differences - Relay FMDirty John - NetflixDirty John Part 1: The Real Thing - Los Angeles TimesChristian Slater - IMDbAmanda Peet - IMDbMindhunter - IMDbBrooklyn Nine-Nine - IMDbAndy Samberg - IMDbPalm Springs - IMDbRoderick on the Line - Merlin MannMary Poppins - IMDbBlack Widow - IMDbYou Should Follow Us:Our Instagram profile!Our Twitter profile!Our YouTube channel!
Sean’s always having to sync up the audio, but that’s okay because Lee is always amazing with her podcasting technique. In fact, one might go so far as to say that this show is faultless, and that’s undeniable. Take that, Ira Glass!What begins as floundering through our complete brain, how would say, evacuations, turns into a rousing conversation about sneezes. What else would it be about? You’ve heard it here first, folks! The Stream Dream Team is breaking down the important topics of the day.This writer jokes around, though. It’s not just a conversation about sneezing. Rather, it’s a discussion and dissection of social norms and expectations. Is it impolite to not say “bless you” after you hear a sneeze? Should we all pipe up with a wish for good health or should we all keep our traps shut?Sean imagines a terrible dystopian future where a good portion of the world sadly dies from a sneezing flu. A band of sneezing survivors has to find a way to survive in this strange new world. They, of course, take to Las Vegas because what better place to be after the world ends than smack dab in the middle of the Nevada desert? Answer: no better place!The pair fall into a pretty serious Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles rabbit hole and struggle to get out of it. They’re weighed down by the glut of turtle options that are currently available for all human beings to enjoy and ponder over. Somebody save them!In what was streamed this week, stuff… went… down! Following the world-shaking revelation about major Gilbert at the end of the last episode, Violet is unmoored. She’s barely afloat in the tempestuous waters of unbridled grief. The person who taught her all she knows, indeed, her very humanity, has quite possibly been taken from her. How does one not spiral downward from that moment? How does a person go on? If you’re anything like Violet, then you’ll know that a visit from the friendly Santa of Letters is enough to bring your head up above water again.(Recorded on July 08, 2021)Links to Things We Talked About:Violet Evergarden - IMDbViolet Evergarden - NetflixBatman v Superman: Dawn of Justice - IMDbZack Snyder - IMDbDu Hast | Rammstein - YouTubeResponse to sneezing - WikipediaGod bless you - WikipediaThe Stand - WikipediaArmy of the Dead - IMDbTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1987) - IMDbTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1990) - IMDbTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze - IMDbTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III - IMDbTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Theme Song - YouTubeTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014) - IMDbTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2023) - IMDbDragon Ball Z - IMDbNaruto - IMDbPalm Springs - IMDbAD Revisits Frank Sinatra’s Palm Springs Compound - Architectural DigestThe Last Man on Earth - IMDbWill Forte - IMDbKristen Schaal - IMDbYou Should Follow Us:Our Instagram profile!Our Twitter profile!Our YouTube channel!
Sean is becoming very concerned about his blood’s anger level, as well as his overall health. He’s not getting any younger, you know. Lee says to embrace the age, indeed, embrace the gray! Age gracefully and enjoy the process.However, that’s an easy thing for her to say when she is, in fact, a vampire. A real, legitimate vampire. She’s averse to the sun, drinks “tea,” and has the most convincing vampire laugh you’ve ever heard. Keep an eye on her, folks, and everybody who lives in Wisconsin, for that matter.Lee is breaking the big news today: Florida is Atlantis. You heard it here first! The Wang of America is the long-lost underwater kingdom first mentioned in the work of Plato. Is this any surprise? If it is, then you haven’t been paying attention.To Sean’s great excitement, Lee watched the clearly seminal superhero film, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. She was delighted to see dudes punching other dudes’ faces, poorly explained Lex Luthor motivations, and kinda lazy name coincidences.Lee and Sean discuss über long movies, including a shared experience they have with Kate Winslet’s chest. If you’re of a similar age, you probably also had your eyes covered when Rose was drawn like one of Jack’s French girls. What is the longest movie they can recall? Can you put a four-hour movie into theaters these days? How would Gone with the Wind fare now?In what was streamed this week, we’re all going back in time to learn more about Violet’s past and how she came to be the feared and respected person she is now. Given as a gift to the dear Major Gilbert, Violet soon becomes a serious weapon of war. She singlehandedly turns the tide of some major battles. We also see that, underneath her deadly exterior, is a person who cares deeply for the man who showed her respect and love. Violet’s relationship with Gilbert makes her current grief over his probable death all the more tragic. It’s a tough episode, this one, but it’s also illuminating and engaging.(Recorded on July 01, 2021)Links to Things We Talked About:Violet Evergarden - IMDbViolet Evergarden - NetflixTwilight - IMDbMore Movies Please!Merlin MannJason Momoa - IMDbAquaman - IMDbSee - IMDbAtlantis - WikipediaThe Twilight Saga: New Moon - IMDbBatman v Superman: Dawn of Justice - IMDbMan of Steel - IMDbZack Snyder’s Justice League - IMDbAvengers: Infinity War - IMDbAvengers: Endgame - IMDbWonder Woman - IMDbWonder Woman 1984 - IMDbThe Flash - IMDbEzra Miller - IMDbFantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them - IMDbThe Perks of Being a Wallflower - IMDbFlashpoint (comics) - WikipediaJustice League 2: Zack Snyder Confirms Knightmare Premise of Planned Sequel - The DirectThe first in a continuing series of Ray Fisher-Warner Bros. issues - Dandy CatThe Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King - IMDbTitanic - IMDbGone with the Wind - IMDbList of highest-grossing films - WikipediaStar Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace - IMDbLex Luthor - WikipediaDoomsday (DC Comics) - WikipediaJesse Eisenberg - IMDbSmallville - IMDbGeneral Zod - WikipediaBen Affleck - IMDbJeremy Irons - IMDbHenry Cavill - IMDbGal Gadot - IMDbThe amazing map of Telsis - RedditYou Should Follow Us:Our Instagram profile!Our Twitter profile!Our YouTube channel!
Lee has apparently got some issues with her mic, and she’s solving those issues with her fists. Sean wonders what that’s all about, but he doesn’t interrogate the matter too deeply. He doesn’t want to find himself on the receiving end of those knuckle sandwiches.The early topic the pair try to suss out is whether it’s necessary to start a new and unique audio experience in podcast form. Or perhaps they can just start yet another murder-themed podcast like all the other creepy monsters out there? [Quick editorialization: what the hell is up with all those podcasts? What makes thousands or maybe even millions of people want to hear about the gruesome ways their fellow human beings have met their untimely demise? How is that gruesome garbage palatable? Editorialization COMPLETE!]Sean and Lee must be on a roll because they both finished their self-prescribed homework by watching the new Zack Snyder film, Army of the Dead. If you thought the first one was gory, thrilling, and one-dimensional, boy do we have a film for you!To complete part two of their list of topics, they give a rundown of all the fabulous upcoming films they’re looking forward to seeing in theaters? Is it mostly superhero movies? Yeah, sure, but why not? Those are fun, and there’s just enough unique stuff tossed into the list to appease even the most cynical of hipsters out there. You’re welcome!In what we streamed this week, Violet Evergarden takes on the heavy task of transcribing the latest story from playwright, Oscar Webster. The man has lost all that he’s held dear in his life. His wife and his daughter are gone and he has to find a way to soldier on and continue living his life. With the help of Violet, not only does he start writing a new and wonderful story, but he starts the long road toward being okay. The episode caps itself off with a dramatic, devastating revelation.(Recorded on June 24, 2021. Quick note: it started raining in Lee’s part of the world toward the end of the recording, so her audio will sound a bit different toward the end. Damn you, clouds!)Links to Things We Talked About:Violet Evergarden - IMDbViolet Evergarden - NetflixArmy of the Dead - IMDbZack Snyder - IMDbWatchmen - IMDbWatchmen - WikipediaWatchmen opening titles - YouTubeVan Helsing (2016–2021) - IMDbVan Helsing (2004) - IMDbBatman v Superman: Dawn of Justice - IMDbZack Snyder’s Justice League - IMDbJustice League - IMDbTig Notaro - IMDbChris D’Elia - IMDbStar Trek: Discovery - IMDbBlack Widow - IMDbScarlett Johansson - IMDbMulan - IMDbRaya and the Last Dragon - IMDbOld - IMDbJumanji: Welcome to the Jungle - IMDbJumanji: The Next Level - IMDbJungle Cruise - IMDbEmily Blunt - IMDbThe Green Knight - IMDbDev Patel - IMDbDavid Lowery - IMDbPete’s Dragon - IMDbA Ghost Story - IMDbThe Suicide Squad - IMDbJames Gunn - IMDbGuardians of the Galaxy - IMDbSuicide Squad - IMDbFree Guy - IMDbReminiscence - IMDbHugh Jackman - IMDbRebecca Ferguson - IMDbShang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings - IMDbSimu Liu - IMDbKim’s Convenience - IMDbVenom: Let There Be Carnage - IMDbDune (2021) - IMDbDune (1984) - IMDbDavid Lynch - IMDbDenis Villeneuve - IMDbArrival - IMDbJóhann Jóhannsson - IMDbHans Zimmer - IMDbNo Time to Die - IMDbDaniel Craig - IMDbThe French Dispatch - IMDbWes Anderson - IMDbLast Night in Soho - IMDbEdgar Wright - IMDbShaun of the Dead - IMDbScott Pilgrim vs. the World - IMDbEternals - IMDbGhostbusters: Afterlife - IMDbJason Reitman - IMDbUp in the Air - IMDbJuno - IMDbThank You for Smoking - IMDbHouse of Gucci - IMDbSpider-Man: No Way Home - IMDbThe Matrix 4 - IMDbThe King’s Man - IMDbJohn Wick: Chapter 4 - IMDbKeanu Reeves - IMDbThe Night House - IMDbWrath of Man - IMDbGuy Ritchie - IMDbJason Statham - IMDbCruella - IMDbA Quiet Place Part II - IMDbWolverine (2011) - IMDbCrouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon - IMDbYou Should Follow Us:Our Instagram profile!Our Twitter profile!Our YouTube channel!
Sean was lost and all alone in the wilderness without Lee. She was off living life like a damn hero and, while waiting for her swift return, he was riding wolves without a shirt on. As you do…Sean was unaware of the extent of Smokey Bear’s travels and played his egotistical Californian hand a little too fast and loose. It doesn’t bother Lee, though, because being a Wisconsonianite she’s been wrestling bears, much like Smokey, for all of her life.The pair dream up the next Studio Ghibli film sensation: Princess Seanonoke. Mr. Miyazaki, you’ve heard the cry of the people. Make this dream happen! Rest assured, there will be much Fabio hair. The film totally sells itself!Are Italian and Spanish the exact same language? Who’s to say? The Italians? The Spaniards? Surely not. Leave it to two English-speaking people from the U.S. to weigh in on which language is which. (Hint: they’re pretty much all the same…)Apparently, people in Wisconsin are desecrating the great name of chili by placing pasta into their beany slop. Lee’s not having any of that nonsense, but Sean is intrigued. Intrigued in a way that may encourage him to broaden his food horizons.Lee can’t take the melting heat and Sean can’t take the chilling cold. Who are we kidding? Sean can’t take any sort of even slightly extreme temperature. In fairness, anything that isn’t the ideal of comfort is the absolute worst. Much like with hair, we always want what we don’t have.Wouldn’t you know it, Sean finally finished some homework that Lee tasked him with. It involves watching a movie by Zack Snyder called Dawn of the Dead. They both have complex feelings about this gore-fest. This discussion is sure to upset some fans of the film.In what we streamed this week, Violet Evergarden is summoned to a mountaintop observatory where she has to help a brooding young man transcribe a bunch of old text. Not exciting enough for you? Well, how about we get into the emotional depths that are plumbed between this young man and Violet. We learn a lot about who our main character is, and there are some doozy moments.(Recorded on June 17, 2021)Links to Things We Talked About:Violet Evergarden - IMDbViolet Evergarden - NetflixThe Revenant - IMDbSmokey Bear - WikipediaPrincess Mononoke - IMDbThe Rocketeer - IMDbFabio Lanzoni - WikipediaEvaporative cooler - WikipediaThe climate of northern Italy: when to go to northern Italy - Travel GuideBetter Pasta - HypercriticalDandy Cat(Hey, it’s Sean’s fabulous website! Check it out!)Raised by Wolves - IMDbClimate of California - WikipediaDawn of the Dead - IMDbZack Snyder - IMDbJames Gunn - IMDbGuardians of the Galaxy - IMDbThe Suicide Squad - IMDbTwilight - IMDbWarm Bodies - IMDbShaun of the Dead - IMDbSee - IMDbFor All Mankind - IMDbReconcilable Differences - Relay FMJason Momoa - IMDbArmy of the Dead - IMDbYou Should Follow Us:Our Instagram profile!Our Twitter profile!Our YouTube channel!
Seems that Sean is a pretentious audio snob, Lee’s pretty snobby about coffee, and they both have no qualms about that.They’re both huge fans of the Summer Olympics. The Winter Olympics, though? What even are the Winter Olympics?Sean’s beyond thrilled that he’s going to have the opportunity to see a movie in a movie theater. What a novel concept! Lee’s beaten him to the punch on that one.Sean’s not an intro skipper on these Violet Evergarden episodes and Lee is. He’ll probably not go out looking for a new co-host, but it’s going to take a whole lot of intro watching to make up for this transgression.Violet’s uniting nations and basically saving lives at this point. We all get to witness the courtship and marriage of a pair of admittedly problematic people. There’s no doubt that someone so old should not be marrying someone so young, but that’s what the show’s giving us all. There’s also no doubt Violet’s going to understand what love truly means before we know it. She’s just so clever!(Recorded on May 25, 2021)Links to Things We Talked About:Violet Evergarden - IMDbViolet Evergarden - NetflixGreen Bay Packers - WikipediaApollo Anton Ohno - WikipediaBiathlon - Wikipedia(Ah ha! According to this article, an exercise for Norwegian people developed into this sport. Sean called it! Of course this is a Norwegian thing!)List of Winter Olympics Games - WikipediaThe Matrix - IMDbThe Matrix 4 - IMDbNeil Patrick Harris - IMDbA Quiet Place Part II - IMDbThe Mitchells vs the Machines - IMDbTwilight - IMDbRaya and the Last Dragon - IMDbBlack Sails - IMDbBlack Sails opening titles - YouTubeRaised by Wolves - IMDbRaised by Wolves opening titles - YouTubeYou Should Follow Us:Our Instagram profile!Our Twitter profile!Our YouTube channel!
You know that ASMR venture we were talking about in the last episode? Well, toss it out the window! We’re 100% diving headfirst into the world of singing for cash. Not busking or anything. Actual arena shows are our goal. Lee will provide the talent and Sean will manage the whole business.Turns out that Sean’s got some serious flaws, but Lee forgives him for not being perfect. It’s very magnanimous of her. Will he ever get over himself and become the superhero this world wants and needs? Tune in next time to find out. Same stream time, same stream channel. Safe to assume that he’ll never get there if he can’t start taking any personal responsibility. That’s called growing up.After this terrifying bout of revelation, we get the meat of the conversation: Lee watched Zack Snyder’s perennial gore-fest of a zombie film, Dawn of the Dead. At Sean’s urging, she ventured into the terrifying world of trying to stay alive during an apocalyptic undead event and made it out alive. She did it, everyone! If the world ever becomes overrun by brain-eating zombies, you know who Sean’s going to first. Lee will know exactly which shopping malls to hole up in while the world crumbles to pieces around them. It better have a Sbarro!As is the way of all things, the conversation turns into what kind of sexy vampires would we like to be? Armand from Interview with the Vampire? Edward from Twilight? Vladislav from What We Do in the Shadows? There’s a whole world of sexy vamps to choose from! The pair give the subject quite a lot more scientific discussion than you would expect of a podcast that has mostly been about an anime featuring a girl with robot arms. Suffice it to say that you wouldn’t want to be trapped in the body of an immortal young child. Eternity would feel a hell of a lot longer if you had to deal with puberty for all time. Ugh.After the productive conversation about creatures that eat people, Sean and Lee turn their attention to the fourth episode of Violet Evergarden, in which Violet makes a surprising friend. Iris, the person you all love to go “what’s her problem?” at, does indeed have a lot more depth than anyone might have thought. Even the sassiest amongst us have many layers.What could have been a truly uncomfortable situation for our dear Violet and Iris, the person who had resented her presence, turns out to be a revelatory outing for the pair of them. In typical Violet fashion, she does faux pas things up with Iris during a party that Iris’s family throws for the town. What starts as an embarrassing encounter with a past flame turns into a blossoming friendship between our two Memory Dolls.In what could have been a minor, inconsequential episode, we’re given a heartfelt story about the history of an important character. Dang, this show is good at that.(Recorded on May 20, 2021)Links to Things We Talked About:Violet Evergarden - IMDbViolet Evergarden - NetflixZack Snyder - IMDbDawn of the Dead - IMDbArmy of the Dead - IMDbI Am Legend - IMDbInterview with the Vampire - IMDbTwilight - IMDbMore Movies Please! - LibsynYou Should Follow Us:Our Instagram profile!Our Twitter profile!Our YouTube channel!
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