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Unsung Heroes of the Faith
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Unsung Heroes of the Faith

Author: Neil Ruda

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Presented by International Ministries of Assemblies of God World Missions, Neil Ruda interviews missionaries and leaders who have impacted the Kingdom of God and global missions through their lives and careers in missions.
22 Episodes
Thomas and Angelia Carpenter have served people with special needs for many years and head up the Disabilities ministry of CompassionLink, one of the AGWM International Ministries. Their testimony of God's faithfulness, even in difficult and heartbreaking situations, is a blessing to all who hear their story.
Mark and Renee Barclift began their missionary career in the Canary Islands and then transferred to the AGWM International Ministries' Global University where they serve as vice-president and are involved in multiple media projects. Mark's story of their salvation in the Jesus People days will be a fantastic walk down memory lane for many!
Dwight and Heather McConnell served as AGWM world missionaries to Namibia and South Africa for many years and then transferred to the AGWM International Ministries' CompassionLink ministry where they serve as directors. Their heartwarming testimonies of God's faithfulness and goodness through their years in missions to-date will bless you richly as you listen.
Wade and Debby Clark have faithfully served at Jacob's Hope for several years. As they share their life story, they also interject helpful ways to reach out to Jewish people with the love of Jesus. It's also a testimony that we're never too old to get started in missions!
Jim began his ministry in missions serving in Africa and then transitioned to an assignment with ICI University, now Global University, that has stretched to several decades in length! You'll enjoying listening to Jim's testimony and his experiences as a "PK" (preacher's kid) growing up in Oregon, as well as how God led him into missions.
Dr JoAnn Butrin began her missionary career in 1972 in the country now known as Democratic Republic of the Congo working with mobile clinics, rural hospitals and community health projects. She served as the Director of the Assemblies of God International Ministries and a member of the Assemblies of God World Missions executive team, a position she held for seventeen years. Dr Butrin now serves as the COO and Team Lead for Health Initiatives with CompassionLink, an AGWM ministry offering "Sust...
For over 26 years, Jim and Linda have worked to involve students, adults, and leaders in the Master's harvest. By coordinating and facilitating hundreds of teams through Ambassadors in Missions (AIM), their mission has been multiplied again and again. Involving people in hands-on missions experiences is a vital part of the future of missions. Now their focus is upon "Building for Life" with one of the nine AGWM International Ministries, Builders International. You'll enjoy this episode immens...
Chuck and Janet Wilson served much of their career in missions in the African countries of Nigeria and Botswana, culminating as the president and academic dean of Assembly Bible College in Botswana. Chuck also served for several years at International Correspondence Institute (ICI) and Global University in several strategic roles. Both hold earned doctorates and are still active in higher education in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.
This podcast interview with Keith Heermann will expose you to his and Diane's salvation experiences plus the 33-year delay after Keith committed his life to being a missionary at the age of 16. God had a special place for Diane in accounting which she enjoyed, and God had lots of interesting projects and roles for Keith during their 29 years of service with ICI and then Global University. There are no dull moments in this interview—have a listen!
The Watts began their missionary career serving in Latin America. They then transitioned to serving at AGWM International Ministries' Global University and then Life Publishers. Their years of ministry touched countless lives, both personally and through their efforts at GU and Life. Their story will bless you!
The Mayes served for a number of years in Africa, specifically in Equitorial Guinea, Namibia, Swaziland, and Convoy of Hope, having very fruitful ministry. A family crisis brought them back to the USA and they now serve at AGWM International Ministries' CompassionLink ministry. Their story of years of ministry and God's faithfulness through hardship will greatly bless and encourage you!
An interview with Gary and Avaneil Carlson, retired AGWM missionaries. The Carlsons served in South Africa, Jamaica, Bahamas, and Global University. They share their life story and how God blessed their ministry through the years, highlighting God's faithfulness and goodness.
An interview with John and Ruth Merrell, retired AGWM missionaries. The Merrells served in several global ministries, including Global/ICI University, International Media Ministries, and Oral Learners Initiative, that utilize media to share the gospel. John and Ruth relate the story of how God use their lives and talents to impact lives around the world through media and technology. You will enjoy their story and ministry!
An interview with Jerry and Faith Mccollough, retired AGWM missionaries. The Mccolloughs served in Bulgaria and at Global University. Jerry and Faith share how God used their backgrounds and training in business and creative arts such as illustration to impact Bulgaria and a multitude of countries served by Global University. You will enjoy their story and ministry!
An interview with Melvin and Louise Ho, retired AGWM missionaries. The Hos served for many years in the Asia Pacific Region of AGWM, followed by a tenure at Global University. Melvin and Louise share how the Lord brought their lives together and used them in a multitude of ways in missions. You'll be blessed by their story and ministry!
An interview with John Knutti and Peggy Johnson-Knutti, retired AGWM missionaries. Peggy began her missionary career in the Congo, followed by a transition to the then-new HealthCare Ministries, where she first met John. Peggy shares her experiences helping to form and build the ministry of HCM, which later became CompassionLink. John and Peggy share how the Lord brought their lives together, and how He is continuing to greatly use them in ministry in retirement. You'll be blessed by their st...
An interview with Ron and Terri Pitts, retired AGWM missionaries. The Pitts began their missionary service in Argentina and then Honduras. They transitioned to serving the ministry of Global University, assisting with the Spanish translation of many of their educational materials and then served Life Publishers, helping to broaden the language availability of the exciting FireBible. Ron and Terri provide some great insights and tips on missionary family life, especially helpful for new o...
An interview with Dale Fagerland, retired AGWM missionary. The Fagerlands began their missionary career in Burkina Faso, helping strengthen and build the indigenous national church, then transferred to Center for Ministry to Muslims, now known as Global Initiative: Reaching Muslim Peoples, where they helped build and expand the ministry through the remaining years of their ministry, helping to make the GI ministry what it is today.
An interview with Alver and Linda Rance, retired AGWM missionaries. The Rances served for many years in several Latin America countries and then Global University. Alver and Linda share their life story and the challenges they overcame through the years, reflecting God's love and faithfulness.
Duane and Cari share their life story serving the ministry of Teen Challenge, both in the United States and around the world, having spent many years in Portugal and across Latin America. Teen Challenge, now Adult & Teen Challenge, has helped thousands with life-controlling problems achieve a victorious life in Christ. You will be encouraged and motivated by this precious couple!