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Author: Dalton, Rick, & Brendan

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Dalton Ross, Rick Devens, & Brendan Shapiro talk both football and reality TV with former Survivor players while also sharing in our misery of being Washington Football Team fans with the worst owner in professional sports, Dan Snyder.
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We begin the episode with predictions for Sunday's game against the Chiefs. Dalton, Rick, and Brendan weigh in on how many points Heinicke and the offense will need to score to bail out the struggling defense. Then, Ben Standig, who covers WFT for The Athletic, is back to give an insider's take on all things scandalous - the Gruden emails, the DEA raid, the botched Sean Taylor tribute, and the smoke machine from hell. Ben shows his Survivor chops as he sticks around to do a deep dive into this week's episode. 00:00 - Start of the show, Heinicke's long term prospects, Rivera's thin skin, and Chief game predictions 16:15 - Ben Standig breaks down the growing list of WFT scandals44:51 - Ben and the boys take a deep dive into the latest Survivor developments
So much badness on the part of the Washington Football Team as they fall to the New Orleans Saints 33-22. Taylor Heinicke shows his limitations and the secondary and linebackers are missing in action, especially on a horrific Hail Mary play. Special guest Sebastian Noel from Survivor: Ghost Island joins Dalton and Brendan to comb through the wreckage. Oh, and has anyone seen Jamin Davis?
A lot to get to in our latest episode, including DEA agents raiding the WFT facility, Brendan’s fantasy football struggles, injuries galore, and our predictions for the Washington vs. New Orleans game. Then, Survivor legend Eliza Orlins joins us to talk about the big issues with this season of the reality show. Eliza also shares some old Survivor war stories (including how appearing on Micronesia ruined her fantasy football season), reveals some juicy behind the scenes details of her time competing on the Amazing Race, and explains why she is a NY Giants fan even though she went to Sidwell Friends school in D.C.  Amazing stuff all-around. Time codes below! 00:00 – Start of show, Brendan’s fantasy football struggles05:08 – DEA agents raid the WFT facility08:12 – Injures and predictions for this weekend20:59 – Eliza Orlins talks NY Giants & fantasy football27:25 – Eliza and the fellas deep dive on the latest Survivor 41 episode as well as all things Survivor and Amazing Race
Taylor Heinicke , Terry McLaurin, and the offense shines, while the defense embarrasses yet again. Meanwhile, special teams is kinda in between. We break down the good, the bad, and the ugly of the Washington Football Team’s 34-30 victory over the Atlanta Falcons, handing out fixins and snuffing torches along the way.
Oh, boy do we have a show for you this week with a heaping helping of both football and reality TV. Rick, Dalton, and Brendan start by locking in their predictions for the upcoming Washington Football Team game against the Atlanta Falcons. Then, we welcome in NFL analyst Mark Bullock, who breaks down the game tape to answer the biggest mystery in the NFL: What the hell is wrong with the WFT defense?!?? Mark also gives his take on all the WFT rookies as well as QB Taylor Heinicke. It's a must-listen for any fan of the team. But we're just getting started because also joining us is the human spark plug known as Teresa "T-Bird" Cooper from Survivor: Africa. Teresa takes her clothes off not once but TWICE as she reps her hometown Falcons and takes part on an in-depth debate and discussion about Survivor 41 while also sharing behind the scenes stories from her time on season 3.  Trust us: You do not want to miss this one as T-Bird turns the tables and interviews the fellas! Time codes below:00:00 – Start of show, game prediction13:40 – Mark Bullock breaks down WFT game tape54:00 – A huge Survivor download with T-Bird from Survivor: Africa
The WFT got absolutely obliterated by the Buffalo Bills and the boys are not happy about it. A lot of blame to go around, so let’s start blaming people for the loss! Grab a handful of M&Ms and join us in our communal pit of despair as we sift through the wreckage of yet another underwhelming performance and snuff a lot of torches.
A BIG week for the podcast as Rick, Brendan, and Dalton break down the first new Survivor episode in 16 months, sharing their thoughts on the new cast, the new twists, and the new production choices on the show. Then the trio turn their attention to this Sunday’s Washington Football Team game against the Buffalo Bills and lock in their (less-than-optimistic) predictions. Finally, former NFL GM and VP Michael Lombardi joins the show to give his brutally honest assessment of the Washington franchise. He also talks about what working with Bruce Allen was like (Hint: NOT GOOD!), shares his thoughts on the league, and weighs in on the great Justin Herbert vs. Chase Young debate. It’s a must listen interview for any NFL fan.00:00 – Start of show3:15 – Survivor premiere react28:39 – Previewing WFT vs. Bills matchup35:16 – Former NFL GM & VP Michael Lombardi
The Washington Football Team defense remained missing in action, but the offense twice came from behind in the 4th quarter in thrilling fashion and Dustin Hopkins (with help from THE CHEESEMAN!) made the most of his second chance to carry the WFT to victory over the snake-bitten New York Giants. It wasn't pretty, and there was a good amount of luck involved, but we will definitely take it. Brendan, Rick, and Dalton talk through the good, the bad, and the ugly of the huge week 2 win.
Rick, Brendan, and Dalton ponder life without Ryan Fitzpatrick as our quarterback and what it means for the team moving forward. They also once again talk about what went wrong in week number 1 and reignite their fierce Justin Herbert vs. Chase Young debate. Then, it’s time to look forward to Thursday night’s matchup against the New York Giants as the fellas lock in their prediction for week 2. After that, Survivor champion and Winner at War Ben Driebergen joins the show to discuss his controversial fantasy football trade with Sarah Lacina, explain his love of the Cleveland Browns, and announce why he wants to return for a third go round on Survivor. Finally, Rick and Brendan explain their terrible week 1 fantasy football defeats. Time codes below!00:00 – Start of Show; life without Fitz13:04 – More debate on Justin Herbert vs. Chase Young25:00 – WFT vs. Giants game preview34:46 –Ben Driebergen talks Brows, fantasy football, and Survivor1:12:45 – Rick and Brendan on what went wrong in fantasy 
Fitz goes down, the defense disappoints, and an ill-timed fumble seals the deal. The Washington Football Team started their season in an inauspicious fashion with a 20-16 loss to the San Diego Chargers. Dalton, Rick, and Brendan go through the highs and lows of the game. We pass out All the Fixins to those who played well and snuff the torches of those who did not. It’s the full game recap you need to cleanse your soul. Plus, we weigh in on the Tanya Snyder podcast interview, and why it was such a brutal disappointment. All your WFT misery in a single podcast! Time codes below 00:00 – Game recap begins19:23 – All the Fixins for those who played well27:20 – We snuff torches for those who didn’t38:10 – Deciphering the Tanya Snyder interview
The regular season is almost here, so Dalton, Rick, and Brendan officially lock in their WFT 2021 season predictions. Who will be the breakout rookie and who will be the biggest letdown on the team? The fellas also disagree on who will lead the team in receptions and sacks while also sharing their MVP and season record predictions. Then, Survivor: David vs. Goliath fourth place finisher Kara Kay joins us to share all the secrets of being a Chargers cheerleader. Kara also looks back at her time on Survivor and tells an incredible Philip Rivers story. It’s a super insightful and entertaining chat you do not want to miss. Finally, week 1 Washington vs. Chargers predictions are made. See how we are feeling about the matchup and the season as a whole. Time codes below!00:00 – Start of show6:00 – Season predictions49:20 – Kara Kay talks Survivor & NFL cheerleading1:24:25 – Week 1 predictions 
We have a double dose of awesome this week with two amazing interviews. First, Dalton, Rick, and Brendan react to the WFT getting annihilated in their final preseason game against the Ravens, and also share their biggest concerns heading into the regular season. Then, we welcome in Michael Phillips of the Richmond Times-Dispatch to talk about covering the WFT. Michael shares his pick for worst Dan Snyder move ever, his favorite players to interview, and weighs in on if the franchise has truly turned a corner. He also looks ahead and shares his thoughts on the 2021 season. Then, Survivor legend Sarah Lacina joins us to chat about some past controversy in the Rotten Coconutz fantasy football league while also talking about her love of the Kansas City Chiefs and taking us back to her time on Winners at War. Time codes below!00:00 – Start of show03:15 – Preseason takeaways21:04 - Michael Phillips on covering the WFT and the 2021 season53:30 – Sarah Lacina talks Survivor, Chiefs, & fantasy football
Dalton, Rick, and Brendan share the biggest takeaways from the Washington Football Team’s second preseason game against the Bengals. Can Jaret Patterson do blitz pickup? Is the WFT defense for real? Where did Torry McTyer come from? Should we be concerned about Jamin Davis yet? And is it possible that Chase Young is even better on the sideline than he is on the field? We ask and attempt to answer all that and more. Then, after announcing our big contest winner, we welcome in massive Washington Football fan Sebastian Noel from Survivor: Ghost Island, who shares his thoughts on the team, his favorite player ever, and why he expects great things this season. He also tells us all about getting absolutely hammered before the final Survivor Tribal Council. Times codes below!0:00 – Start of show2:54 – Preseason game 2 takeaways25:48 – Contest winner announced27:33 – Sebastian Noel talks Survivor and his love of the WFT
Oh, we got a good one for you this week. Dalton, Rick, and Brendan start by handing out all the fixins to the Washington Football Team players that impressed them in the first preseason game against the New England Patriots. Then, NBC Sports Washington/Washington Football Talk podcast/B Mitch & Finlay host JP Finlay shares the highs and lows of covering the team. It’s an amazing chat as JP weighs in on Dan Snyder’s worst football-related move, the (lack of a) team name, and if the organization has truly turned a corner. Finally, Survivor: Ghost Island runner-up Domenick Abbate chats about missing out on Winners at War by a single (tiebreaker) vote, and reveals the latest news on the Survivor fantasy football league and a way fans can win a spot in the league. Fantastic stuff all around. Time codes below! 0:00 Start of show & we hand out awards for the best pre-season game #1 performances 12:45: JP Finlay shares his stories from covering the WFT up close 56:00: Domenick Abbate talks about his past and future (?) Survivor career and current job as fantasy football commissioner
We start off with a Survivor fantasy football update and chat about why WFT gear will soon become collectors’ items. Then it’s time for our preseason preview and the players we’re most excited to learn more about. Finally, we welcome in Bret LaBelle from Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X and The Amazing Race to chat about coming out on TV, his New England Patriots super-fandom, and the one game that still haunts him to his core. Time codes below!00:01 – Start of show, fantasy football update11:08 – WFT preseason preview28:41 – Bret LaBelle talks Survivor, The Amazing Race and New England Patriots
We start with our biggest takeaways from Washington Football Team training camp. Then, things get heated as Brendan makes his (crazy?) case why Aaron Rodgers is better all-time than Tom Brady. Finally, we are joined by Tyler Fredrickson, who suited up in the burgundy and gold in the 2007 training camp and later went on to play on Survivor: Worlds Apart. He shares incredible stories of working for and with Joe Gibbs, DeAngelo Hall, Bill Parcells, Jerry Jones, Terrell Owens, Aaron Rodgers and more. Time codes below!0:00 – Start of show, free giveaway announcement6:27 – WFT training camp takeaways28:00 – Brady vs. Rodgers debate45:57 – Tyler Fredrickson shares stories from his time on the WFT and around the league
DANNY VS. DANNI! Huge episode this week as we announce a free Survivor puzzle giveaway and the latest Survivor fantasy football news. We also weigh in on the big WFT contract extensions. Then, Grant & Danny radio host Danny Rouhier joins the show to talk about his fondest memories and deepest disappointments of being a WFT fan, while Survivor: Guatemala champ Danni Boatwright chats all things Chiefs (she married one!) while reliving her experience on Winners at War… in a Chiefs jersey, no less. Also, a Shane Powers appearance! Time codes below:2:50 - Free Survivor puzzle giveaway info!9:40 – Survivor fantasy football league (with a special guest appearance by Shane Powers!)15:40 - Jonathan Allen and Logan Thomas contract extensions 25:00 – Danny Rouhier of Grant & Danny talks all things WFT1:07:43 – Danni Boatwright on how her football fandom impacted her Survivor journey
Dalton starts off with news for Rick and Brendan about a big WFT related event in his household. We then move on to our Washington Football Team training camp preview as the guys each pick the one thing they are most looking forward to seeing and learning about at training camp. Then (at 33:00) we bring in guest Alan Ball, who not only played both in the NFL and on Survivor, but suited up for our arch nemesis, the Dallas Cowboys. Alan will weigh in with his thoughts on the Washington–Dallas rivalry, his memories of playing in DC, moving from the locker room to the island, and his HUGE miscalculation when it came to selecting clothes to play Survivor in. It's a must-listen-to chat for any fan of either football or Survivor !
We begin episode 2 with a discussion of breaking news from WFT team President Jason Wright and a big Survivor announcement from Jeff Probst. Plus, early reaction to Big Brother 23. And then we welcome the following guests…19:18—Ben Standig, who covers WFT for The Athletic, takes us inside the locker room with insight into media access, Ron Rivera,  and the team's biggest personalities. 1:09:48—Survivor All-Star Rob Cesternino weighs in on season 41 & beyond of the show, and discusses the past, present, and future of the Jets and their long suffering fans. 
We kick off our first episode by explaining what the hell this show is and naming Dan Snyder’s worst football-related transgressions for the Washington Football Team. What is the Worst Dan Snyder move ever? We debate and discuss. Then, at the 44-minute mark, Survivor legend Boston Rob Mariano stops by to talk about his beloved New England Patriots and drop some Survivor secrets about stuff that went down out on the island, like the circumstances surrounding the Winners at War family visit, why he and Amber were flown back separately from the All-Stars jury, the real origin of his nickname, and if he is really retired for good. The cookbook author also shares some tailgating tips!
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