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Ariana and Cassie are back together with this bite-size episode on intermittent fasting to wrap up season three of Nourishing Thoughts.  Follow us on instagram: Follow us on TikTok: Subscribe to our Newsletter: Learn more about working with us:  
Dimitra Theodoraki, BSc (Hons), is a Specialist HCPC Registered Dietitian who is led by the idea that health can only be holistic when there is harmony between physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. Her passion is to help people find their unique balance and reach their full potential  by blending her expertise in nutrition and psychology.   Before her role as a full-time Specialist Dietitian at Embody Health London, Dimitra worked as a Band 7 Specialist Eating Disorders Dietitian at a Children and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS) inpatient unit, where she helped young people and their families recover from a range of eating disorders.    Dimitra is also a weight-inclusive Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor, supporting her clients to achieve a healthy relationship with movement, rebuild trust with their body and fuel lasting change.    In this episode Cassie and Dimitra explore the following: What is fullness? How does your body actually know that it’s full? Navigating fullness in eating disorder recovery Barriers in experiencing fullness When can someone expect to trust their fullness in recovery or after years of chronic dieting?    SHOW LINKS - Website  - Instagram - TikTok - Are you an Intuitive Eater? Take the Quiz!  
Founder and creator of the deeply personal and transformative 'Awaken Programme', Angus Ford-Robertson is a global leader in the field of human evolution and spiritual development. He is profoundly driven by the belief that everyone has the capacity to live a life free from mental and emotional suffering; that we can all awaken through awareness and shift from pain to joy and from suffering to peace.   For over 20 years, Angus has practiced in the field of Mindfulness, or the Awakened Self, teaching spiritual truths in a very engaging and accessible way.   Although he draws on his multi therapeutic disciplines - as a therapist and counsellor - he is at heart, a gatekeeper of humanity’s greatest open secret; that we can all learn how to become the witness to our thinking minds and step into a greater consciousness.   In 1999, he began teaching yoga and meditation in UK prisons and went on to found Battersea Yoga, one of London’s most beautiful studios - with a thriving community of thousands.   Angus has dedicated the last 20 years of his life to teaching the art of awakening through awareness.   Alongside his popular podcast, 'Awaken with Angus', he is a globally recognised speaker, visionary and healer - and author of two upcoming books; Nothing Will Satisfy You and The Book of Mirrors.   You find more from Angus and the Awaken Programme below:  Website  Podcast Battersea Yoga Studio   Episode Highlights: Overcoming fear and anxiety How to let go of all thinking Becoming resourceful in a state of fear  Nostalgic depression: what is it & how to cope Moving from identification to non-identification How to separate our thoughts from awareness How to increase our window of tolerance Shaking off stress and trauma   Are we friends yet? Instagram  TikTok Website  Let's THRIVE Together!   Got a question or episode request? Send us an email!
“Hating your body will move you forward somewhat. But eventually, that's not enough for it to be a long-term sustainable change.”   In today's episode of Nourishing Thoughts, Ariana and Cassie explore what it take to make lasting change on the food and body image healing journey.    They discuss body privilege, letting go of dieting and give you practical takeaways to propel you forward to achieve fulfillment, happiness, health, and vitality.   If you enjoyed today's episode we would be so grateful if you left a rating and review as it helps the podcast reach more people <3   Are we friends yet? Instagram: Registered Dietitians (@embodyhealthlondon_) • Instagram photos and videos  Tiktok: Embody Health London (@embodyhealthldn) TikTok Email:
“I just got tired of my body dictating how much I enjoyed my life.”   In today's episode of Nourishing Thoughts, Cassie is joined by Lucy Neville, a Senior Content Producer for a women's media company, and best known for being the Agony Aunt on instagram where she provides unfiltered, raw and relatable advice to her thousands of followers on body image, eating disorder recovery, sex and beauty.    Lucy shares her personal recovery story and what keeps her fully recovered today. There are so many practical takeaways from today's chat, that no matter where you are in your recovery journey, we urge you to give this conversation a listen.   Highlights: Lucy’s relationship with food and her body and how her eating disorder interfered with her life The rise of veganism and the vegan movement How did Lucy know that she was ready to recover? How to let go of the thin ideal and accept your body How to have a conversation with your parents regarding your eating disorder Lucy’s words of wisdom for her younger self You can connect with Lucy on instagram   Are we friends yet? Instagram  TikTok  THRIVE Programme  Book your FREE Discovery Call
How to Become Embodied

How to Become Embodied


Welcome back to Nourishing Thoughts!   In today's episode, Cassie interviews Ari to pick her brain on all things embodiment. If you are wondering what embodiment is and why it's sooooo important in your healing journey, you don't want to miss this conversation.    Highlights: What is embodiment? What does being ‘disembodied’ mean? Top five tips to become embodied today    Links: THRIVE: Instagram: Registered Dietitians (@embodyhealthlondon_) • Instagram photos and videos  Tiktok: Embody Health London (@embodyhealthldn) TikTok Pinterest:  Email:    Mentions: Embodiment - Moving beyond mindfulness by Mark Walsh  Amy Cuddy Short TED Video - Empowering with Body Language - & supercharge with Havening Techniques The EHL Blog: Embodiment Exercises for Recovery How to use your breath to heal trauma and empower behavior change with James Dowler
“With mindfulness, you can become aware of when your mind is playing tricks on you. So, you can become aware when you are making the reality different. You don't see the world as it is, but you see the world as you are.” - Dr Moltke     Episode Highlights: What led Dr. Moltke to become a holistic medical doctor Why a holistic approach to medicine and health is important Stress: its impact and symptoms How to prevent burnout + tools that can help How to practice mindfulness meditation  CBD Oil: How its works on the brain, side effects and safe dosages     Links: Website: Dr Julie Moltke LinkedIn: Dr Julie Moltke, MD Facebook: Julie Moltke-Huitfeldt Twitter: Dr Julie Moltke (@DrJulieMoltke) Instagram: @julie.moltke     Mentioned: Mindfulness - Headspace Calm - The #1 App for Meditation and Sleep   Want more from us?  Website: Freebies: Book Free Discovery Call Instagram:    
Hello friends! In today's episode of Nourishing Thoughts, Cassie and Ariana explain how Embody Health London came to be and they set the record straight on intuitive eating: Can we really eat intuitively and lose weight?   Highlights: How did Embody Health London come to be? Diet: Beyond the physical state How to strengthen your sense of autonomy What is Intuitive Eating and why anyone can learn this skill Where to get started on your journey: The first principle in the Intuitive Eating Framework What we explore in the early stages of THRIVE   Connect with us! Website: Home | Embody Health London Instagram: Registered Dietitians (@embodyhealthlondon_) • Instagram photos and videos  Tiktok: Embody Health London (@embodyhealthldn) TikTok Pinterest:  Email:      Are you ready to feel supported? Book your FREE discovery call 
“As long as you're engaging in healthy habits for your body, fueling your body in a good way, doing any movement that you love, we know that you're healthy; and that can look different in lots of different sizes.”   Are we obssessing over the speed of our metabolism more than we should? Does our metabolism really slow as we age?   In today's conversation, Cassie is joined by Elaina Efird RDN, CD, CEDRD, CSSD, an eating disorders specialist dietitian who practices in Burlington, Vermont as the Lead Dietitian at the Kahm Clinic. Elaina's mission is to help people attain optimal health using effective and technologically sophisticated treatment methods. She has expertise and long term experience in treating eating disorders and disordered eating patterns using metabolic testing and body composition analysis.   Elaina prides herself on helping people understand their own bodies while motivating them to reach healthy goals. Elaina explains how metabolic testing is used to measure how many calories someone is burning to see if they are burning more or less than they should.   Elaina goes on to explain how eating disorders and disordered eating can impact your metabolism and reminds us that when a person is underfed, they are more likely to use their lean mass  (muscles, brain, organ tissue, etc.) to fuel the body.    Whether you're curious to learn more about how your body works or you want to learn how to optimise your metabolism, we urge you to give this conversation a listen.   You can find more from Elaina on Tiktok and Instagram    Episode Highlights: Dietitian’s definition of metabolism The impact of calorie restriction on our metabolism Debunking common diets How to increase your metabolism if it's slowed down The relationship between weight and health The long term consequences of dieting How to measure your metabolism   Are we friends yet? Come and say hi! Instagram  Tiktok      Book your FREE Discovery Call and let's reclaim your power around food, together!  
“We can only really achieve intuitive eating when we are embodied. ”   If you're stuck in an endless cycle of dieting and food obsession, you are not alone.    In today's episode, Cassie and Ariana talk about why diets are so seductive and steps you can take to achieve food freedom and body confidence   Episode Highlights: How does Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) work and why do you need it  What is THRIVE and who will benefit from it What to do if you are unsure about joining a group programme Sneak Peek of THRIVE from Weeks 1 to 12 Your questions answered Doors close soon. Once you're thrivin', you're thrivin' for life!   Claim your seat in THRIVE  BOOK YOUR FREE DISCOVERY CALL with Cassie or Ariana
“Your resistance to the thing you're most afraid of is actually causing you MORE pain than experiencing fear itself"   Today's guest, Meg McCabe, founder of the Recovery Collective, sits down with Ariana to discuss the power of community and why support groups are a constructive coping mechanism on your healing journey.    Episode Highlights: The key turning points during recovery The Power of Community and how The Recovery Collective was created The Benefits of Social Connectedness   Are you ready to besupported by like-minded people who understand your food and body struggles?    Join THRIVE today   Book your free discovery call  with Cassie or Ariana   Sign up to our exclusive weekly newsletter
Are you ready to see a change in your life, to feel free and move away from food controlling your life?   In today's episode of Nourishing Thoughts, Ariana and Cassie will help you reframe how you invest in yourself, and how moving away from dieting will save you money and time.   Episode Highlights: - The average woman diets for 14 years. Don't be one of them! - The concept of fear and how to use fear as your resource - Limiting beliefs holding you back from food freedom, body confidende and self love  - Get your hands on a copy of Brianna Wiest's book here    For more support, head to our website to book your free discovery call and learn more about:   - Private 1:1 coaching programme - THRIVE group coaching programme   It's time to thrive in a life of food freedom and body confidence!  
“You're not broken. You're beautiful and lovable just as you are.”   In today’s episode of Nourishing Thoughts, we are joined by Dr. Natalie Chua, a Clinical Psychologist, Meditation and Yoga Teacher, and Certified Mindfulness and Self-Compassion Teacher.   Dr Chua’s approach to eating disorder recovery is embodied, relational, collaborative and holistic. She works sensitively with her client's cultural and social backgrounds, with careful consideration of the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual factors that contribute to who they are and how they experience the world.   She combines evidence-based treatments with the expressive arts, and contemplative and somatic practices such as self-compassion, mindfulness, and yoga.   In today's episode, Dr Chua will share her experience with an eating disorder as well as her journey to recovery. She will also explain the importance of self-compassion and it’s fundamental role in healing.    Episode Highlights: Anorexia Nervosa and its effects at a young age Understanding the ‘Metaphor of the Log’ by Dr. Anita Johnston How trauma gets stored in the body and how to release it   What is Self Compassion? Examples of Self Compassion Practices   Mind, Body, and Spirit Connection +  Significance in Recovery To connect with Dr Chua please go to her website or follow her on instagram: Website:  Instagram: @drnataliechua Are we friend yet? Connect with us on Instagram  Download our freebies at Join the THRIVE waitlist  
Imagine if... You felt confident and empowered around food without the fear of losing control You felt supported by like-minded people that understand how you feel in your food and body struggles You no longer felt guilt or shame for eating your favourite foods You loved and connected deeply to your higher self with an unwavering sense of self worth In today's episode of Nourishing Thoughts, Ariana and Cassie guide you through a visualisation and the three key cornerstones you need for body confidence, food freedom and self love.  Highlights: Guided visualisation: Relish, reflect and begin to visualise your dreams! Body confidence and food freedom: Is it possible for me? Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT): What is it and how does it work? Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT): Cultivating well-being and vitality Explore Nutrition Science: What does the science actually say? Are you ready to finally THRIVE in a life of food freedom and body confidence?  Get On The Waitlist   
In today's episode of Nourishing Thoughts, Ariana is joined Jhaynane Sung who is a holistic nutritionist, reiki practitioner and third generation healer. Make your self a cup of tea and get snuggly on the couch as we explore heart-healing practices in today's chat. Episode Highlights: The role of breathwork, meditation and energy work to heal your relationship with food The role of a mindfulness-centered approach in Jhaynane's life as she began her own binge eating healing journey Inner child work and shadow work  Are we friends yet?  Instagram  TikTok Get started on your food and body healing journey with our free resources You can learn more about Jhaynane on her website:
Most of us experience loneliness at some point or another in our life and it can feel hard to take steps to combat loneliness.  In today’s episode of Nourishing Thoughts, Ariana and Cassie discuss Mental Health Awareness Week 2022 and this years theme of loneliness. They share personal stories of feeling isolated and lonely and leave you with their top tips to take action today.  Highlights: Weekly catch up with Cassie and Ariana The distinction between loneliness and being alone How connecting with nature benefits our mental health Tips to manage loneliness Why community matters so much — and how to find your tribe “There's no shame in needing additional support, mental health is fluid it's ever changing, and at some points in our lives, we may need support just like we would need a physio if we had a physical injury, we sometimes need additional support” - Ariana Tune-in now and remember this podcast is your safe space to grow, heal and stay curious.  Are we friend yet?  Connect with us on: Instagram  Tiktok Website Freebies Do you have an episode request? Email us
Dr Nicky Keay, BA, MA, MB, BChir (Cantab), MRCP is a sports and dance endocrinologist with extensive clinical and research experience. In today's episode, Cassie and Dr Keay discuss everything you need to know about your hormones and how to optimise and maintain your hormone health. “Respect your hormones, your hormones are there for you. They're personal to you. So treat them nicely, and they will serve you well" Highlights: What is hormonal health? Female hormone mapping What is hypothalamic amenorrhea (HA)? What is relative energy deficiency in sport (RED-S)? Is it advisable to exercise when recovering from HA and RED-S? All you need to know about fasted exercise, cortisol, and more! To learn more about Dr Keay, please visit her website or clinic for more  Are we friends yet? Instagram Tiktok Have a question or episode request? Please email us  
“Homesickness is real and we do need connection.” - Ariana Have you ever felt isolated, vulnerable or trapped? In today’s episode, Cassie and Ariana talk about The Power of Connection –  and how important our support system is when healing our relationship with food. Are you enjoying the show? Share it with a friend who might need to hear this too!  Highlights: Living the Authentic Life The Importance of Human Interaction A Challenge for YOU, YES YOU! What power does connection hold? Thrive Tribe Experience +  Support Group: Coming this May! COMPASSION: How it contributes to your WINS in life Interpersonal Connection and The Power of Community Are we friends yet? Connect with us! Instagram TikTok Question, feedback or episode request? Please email  
Is our breath the most underrated tool to increase energy, alleviate anxiety, calm our nervous system, boost immunity and improve focus? We think it might be! In today’s episode, Ariana speaks with James Dowler about the physiology of breathwork and how to use your breath to heal trauma and empower meaningful behaviour change. They explore what happens in the mind, brain and body when you bring conscious awareness to the breath. Inhale fully and exhale completely because this episode is going to blow you away! Have a question or episode request? Let us know at Connect with us on instagram Tiktok Pinterest You can learn more about James via his Instagram breathewithjames
Do you ever find your self trying to suppress those uncomfortable and icky feelings that come up for you?    In today's episode, Cassie and Ariana talk about emotional resilience, the benefits of feeling all emotions and how to make friends with them. They then end off this bite size episode with a short and sweet guided meditation for you to come back to at any time! Be sure to save this episode and share with a friend you think may benefit from it too.   Connect with us on instagram Tiktok Pinterest
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