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Native Circles

Author: Dr. Farina King & Sarah Newcomb

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This podcast features "Native History Nerds" who emphasize that Native American and Indigenous histories and stories need to be taught and learned by everyone, not only in North America but also throughout the world. The primary hosts and founders of Native Circles are Dr. Farina King (Bilagáanaa Diné) and Sarah Newcomb (Tsimshian), who were inspired to start this podcast to educate wider publics about the interconnections and significance of Native American, Native Alaskan, and Indigenous experiences and matters. Dr. King is an associate professor of Native American History and the founding director of the Center for Indigenous Community Engagement (CICE) at Northeastern State University (NSU) in Tahlequah, Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma. Based in Dallas, Texas, Newcomb works as a freelance editor, writer, and blogger with degrees in English with a Focus in non-Fiction Creative Writing.
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Join us for our conversation with Oral Historian and Ethnographer Ryan Morini as we discuss the importance of oral history and what drew him to it. Morini received his BA and MA in Comparative Literature from Penn State University, and his PhD in Cultural Anthropology from the University of Florida. His main research focus is on heritage politics and social memory among Newene (Western Shoshones) of central and eastern Nevada. Links related to episode: ·  Noowuh Knowledge Center - a Newe-run cultural center based out of Elko that is doing great work and that people should support. (·  Great Basin Indian Archives was assembled by Newe oral historian Norm Cavanaugh, and it includes scans of archival documents as well as a fairly extensive collection of oral histories with Western Shoshone, Goshute, and Paiute elders. (·  Brief YouTube previews of Broken Treaty at Battle Mountain ( ·  To Protect Mother Earth ( ·  Was She Murdered?: "Jailed Girl Driver, 13 Hangs Self" by Marion Miles ( 
Join us for our conversation with guest Marsha Small, Tsististas (Northern Cheyenne), as she speaks to us about the unmarked graves of children at boarding schools across the nation. She discusses her work in identifying the graves with ground-penetrating radar, current projects, and answers questions about how to help Indigenous communities heal.  Links mentioned in this episode:
Indigenous Boarding Schools

Indigenous Boarding Schools


Dr. Farina King (Bilagáanaa Diné) and Sarah Newcomb (Tsimshian) introduce their new podcast and discuss the topic of Native American and First Nations Boarding schools. 
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