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Accent Wall

Author: Ricardo Henriquez

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A comedy podcast where I interview my friends on random everyday topics. We will talk about parties, heterosexuality, butt sex, and zodiac signs, among many other captivating subjects.
4 Episodes
Ghostbuster Dropout

Ghostbuster Dropout


Resident ghostbuster Mandy shares the truth about ghost, demons, witches and other supernatural beings living under your bed. 
Are you vain? Or just an Aries? Are you a couch potato? Or just a Taurus? Should you take responsibility for your actions or blame your rising moon? Find out the answers to these questions and more, in this very special episode of Accent Wall. 
The Life of The Party

The Life of The Party


The best club in the podcast world is called Accent Wall. This party has it all: bathroom sex, dick pics from Santa, boring people, Britney and a kitchen bonfire, which is that thing when the oven is on fire but everybody is too drunk to care.
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Accent Wall promo


Join journalist extraordinaire, Ricardo Henriquez, as he interviews experts - and by experts we mean his friends - in the most captivating everyday subjects.  Should boring people host parties? Is he an idiot, or you are just a bad astrological match? Are balls misunderstood? Find out the answers to these questions and many more, in Accent Wall.
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