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WE’RE BACK BABY! This week we’re finishing our conversation with Hiyab and oh baby did things take a turn for the better. Picking up from last week, we’re discussing forgiving ourselves for the ways we’ve handled past situations. Alex prompts a conversation around forgiving our friends, family, and loved ones who have hurt us due to mental illness- we all know people who struggle with mental health. How do we work through our pain when it’s not easy to blame the person who hurt us? Hiyab helps us to navigate the waters when it comes to creating boundaries, giving empathy to ourselves, and communicating our needs. A tangent is made, and we end up discussing our internalized misogyny and boy is it ever real. Lastly, Hiyab shares how she keeps healthy and fulfilling intimate relationships even when times get really tough. Roll one up homies and let’s become the 2.0 versions of ourselves. We got you. For more resources visit SOCIALS:Follow us on Instagram: our Facebook Group:



Welcome back to another week with The Energy Exchange. Join Alex and Lexi for a raw and super informative conversation with soon to be social worker and mental health worker Hiyab. This week’s episode gets deep as these 3 women discuss forgiveness. While Alex and Lexi though the conversation would be about forgiving others, it quickly turned into how to forgive ourselves. We often want to forgive others immediately, but Hiyab explains the importance of kindness and compassion for ourselves first. A concept so many of us struggle with. Hiyab provides the homies with so many tangible steps on how to lean into forgiveness, self compassion, and how to radically accept ourselves and others. This conversation brought tears to our eyes, laughs to our bellies, and so many beautiful teachings that we will now put into practice. Roll one up and let’s learn how to be kind, compassion, and accepting human beings. For more resources visit SOCIALS:Follow us on Instagram: our Facebook Group:



We all know that getting rejected hurts. Whether it’s not getting the job, not having your crush want you back, being abandoned by a parent, or anything else that leaves you questioning your worth, we’ve all faced rejection at some point in our lives. Join Alex and Lexi this week for a solo episode where they dive balls deep into their experiences with getting rejected and being the one to reject another. Both can be hurtful and equally complicated, but the girls’ unique perspective on rejection allows us to recognize that rejection is no longer the end but the beginning. With tequila in their bellies and high energy Alex and Lexi will laugh through the pain with you as we change the narrative around what it means to be rejected and judged. This episode provides you with tangible tips and food for thought on facing rejection, overcoming the judgment of others, and exploring how our experiences shape us into who we are. Alex and Lexi share some “AHA” moments with the homies to go balls to the wall in healing ourselves. Roll one up and prepare to level up.
Get ready for some laughs this week as Alex and Lexi hop on the mic for a solo episode. The energy is high and the vibes are immaculate as the girls discuss life’s stressors, escapism, and healthy stress management. Sounds serious? Well, it is. But as always, we’re laughing our way through the pain to come out happier on the other side. This episode invites you to look at where stress is coming from in your life and how to physically, mentally, and energetically work through whatever is causing you discomfort. We also explore the idea of escapism, which means: “the tendency to seek distraction and relief from unpleasant realities, especially by seeking entertainment or engaging in fantasy”. Escapism stops us from dealing with the present moment and working through our problems.Alex’s holistic medicine studies come in handy this week as she guides us through understanding the different kinds of stress and how ignoring stress impacts us not only mentally, but also physically.  After all, we learn that stress is the leading cause of inflammation, and inflammation is the leading cause of disease. So, if you don’t deal with your stress, your stress is going to deal with you. To keep it light, Alex and Lexi recall stories from their past and current lives where stress was significantly impacting their day-to-day, and share some of the old bad habits they used to cope with stress (AKA get ready to laugh with us). As always, we leave you with tangible steps and tips on how to manage your stress in a healthy manner. Roll on up homies, let’s get comfortable to talk about some uncomfortable things. For more resources visit SOCIALS: Follow us on Instagram: our Facebook Group:
Are you guilty of getting in your own way when it comes to moving forward with your life? We know we are. But as always homies, we’re helping you build the foundation to become your own biggest support. Alex and Lexi welcome Em Wills, The Breakup Coach, onto the podcast this week for an invigorating and introspective discussion around breaking our toxic habits. This episode invites us to take the necessary few steps backward in order to move forward. We often think of the past as somewhere we don’t ever want to explore again, but The Breakup Coach is here to show us that we need to know where we’ve come from and what we’ve been through in order to reach our highest potential.  Em helps us to understand how our brains are constructed and conditioned to think, act, and behave a certain way, and it might not be what you thought. Have you ever considered the balance of masculine and feminine energy? How living in a dominantly masculine energetic world is stopping us from achieving our personal goals? We hadn’t either, but damn did it shake our ways of thinking. Em is here to shine a light on stepping out of the logical, masculine brain, and stepping into feminine and intuitive thinking. This shift helps us to break our toxic habits and start creating a healthy foundation. If you’re ready to break up with your past self this episode is for you. Roll one up homies and let’s get uncomfortable. For more resources visit SOCIALS: Instagram: Group:
Happy Tuesday homies. We’re back for another week of life-changing guidance and inspiration from our guest expert Kady- A Shame and Empowerment Coach. Kady is here to rock our worlds as she teaches us about overcoming shame. Have you ever felt that you won’t be accepted by others if they knew a dark or secret part about your life? Have you regretted a one-night stand for years or hated yourself for what you ate last night? Haven’t we all? Kady helps us break through shame by getting vulnerable AF on this week’s episode. Kady shares deep and intimate stories about her experiences with an eating disorder and sexual shame. Kady shares her story of battling shame after being diagnosed with the highly stigmatized STI, herpes. Lexi and Alex get deep about their own shame around past sexual partners and having a high body count. Kady helps us to realize that our experiences don’t make us bad or unworthy people and that we all share feelings of shame, fear, unworthiness, and disconnection (AKA- YOU ARE NOT ALONE). And of course, Kady leaves us with a variety of tangible steps to put teachings around overcoming shame and stepping into vulnerability into practice. You don’t want to miss it. This episode is a game-changer. For more resources visit SOCIALS: Instagram: www.instagramcom/the.energyexchangeFacebook Group:
It’s Tuesday, homies. Are you ready for another week of building a foundation? We know we are. Join Alex and Lexi this week as they welcome Mental Health With Meaghan onto the podcast. Have you ever felt jealous, insecure, manipulative, possessive, or undeserving? You can thank fear for that.Meaghan helps us to understand we’re all driving on the highway of life, with fear as our passenger. This often subconscious experience drives our thoughts, emotions, and actions. Despite our best efforts to ignore fear, Meaghan explains that fear will always manifest as other emotions whether we notice it or not. This week we’re exploring the ideas of our body images and how many of us are afraid of being seen as not worthy by society. We also discuss relationships and how fear can drive so many unhealthy ways of communicating, not committing, or self-sabotaging. But don’t worry homies, Meaghan leaves us with tangible steps on how to overcome our fears and live joyous, empowered, and loving lives. Check out Meaghan's InstagramFor more resources visit us hereFollow us on Instagram 
Put a Ring On It

Put a Ring On It


Imagine how amazing you would feel if you committed to everything that feels good for you. Whether it’s starting your own business, working out 3 times a week, or making your bed each day, we all have goals that we want to accomplish at some point in time. Homies, don’t run away yet. We know commitment can be scary. So many of us have been hurt when we commit to relationships, family, friends, or experiences (example: jobs, travelling). In today’s world, the fear of commitment is growing stronger by the day. Alex and Lexi are here this week solo, so get ready to laugh and maybe cry. On this week’s podcast episode we’re going to show you the freedom and confidence that transpires when you commit to yourself. While this can take on many forms, committing to ourselves looks like consistency and introspection. When building a foundation, we first need to commit to ourselves, and go from there. 
Do you know that voice in your head? The one that’s always telling you why you aren’t worthy of having what you want? Yes, homies, that one. We all have it, and it’s often tough to get the voice to STFU. Sometimes our entire persona can be driven by this voice that ultimately stops us from living authentic, aligned, and powerful lives. With great pleasure, Lexi & Alex welcome their first guest expert, Sophia Dimuccio, also known as  This week we explore tangible ways to change our self-narrative and become aware of our self-limiting thoughts and what they are rooted in. We often have this idea of “how things should be” and place expectations on how we “should” think, act, and feel. This internalization ends up creating beliefs that prevent us from seeking out more from life. Sophia gives us insight into how our mind is a muscle that needs to work out to lead a peaceful and happy life. You’ll leave this episode with the awareness of how to identify your subconscious beliefs, how to explore and transform your beliefs, and exercises to learn more about who you are and what you want. So if you find yourself wondering why you think the way you do or getting disturbed by your own thoughts, this episode is for you.Sh*t’s about to get really uncomfortable (in a good way!). Let’s go. For more resources, visit 
Embracing Change

Embracing Change


Welcome to the very first episode of The Energy Exchange’s first season: Building a Foundation. We’re exploring the ways to build our mind, body, and spiritual toolbox to help us live happier and healthier lives. We asked, you answered. 89% of our instagram followers fear change. Why do we fear change? Why is change so hard to make? Usually because it’s forced upon us and wildly uncomfortable. Well homie, it’s time to move away from our comfort zone and start seeking better for ourselves. In this episode, Alex and Lexi explore the idea of intentionally making everyday choices that improve our lives. Most of us are going day to day without the intention of inviting healthy change into our lives which ultimately leaves us stuck in our undesirable ways. These 20 minutes also dissect how to tell it’s time for change- and let us warn you, we’re all in need of some new energy. This episode leaves you with tangible steps on how to identify it’s time for change and gives you a fresh reminder that if you want to live a peaceful life, you have to consciously expand your thinking, choose the environment that fits in with your ideal self, and actively seek ways to live as the person you want to be. For more resources visit our instagram 
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