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After training, Imago and I decided to record an off-the-cuff episode about spirituality and the nature of reality.
I recorded this episode on September 24th (9.24 Dream and Flow Time).I just wanted to provide a little backstory about how Flowism, Flow to Your Dream, and Way of the 108 were formed.I mention the Flowism subreddit at the end of the show:
Some things pops mentioned.Black Panther's Speak: Davis: Lumumba:
002: 108.108.108

002: 108.108.108


See the detailed show notes at: almost decided to re-record this episode but then I noticed that it was  1:08:01 (108 forward and backwards!) and I finished saying “One hour and eight minutes” right at 1:08! The universe approved!00:00 - Introduction01:30 - The new calendar I created for myselfFlow and Dream time post “1.1.1 – Flow and Dream Time (FDT)” 04:46 - Why 108 days? 108 evolved from quarterly planning. I got the idea for doing 90-day cycles from a post from Taylor Pearson titled “Antifragile Planning: Optimizing for Optionality (Without Chasing Shiny Objects)”. It’s a very detailed system and worth reading if you want to get ideas for your own system. Here’s the handwritten journal entry and photo post that accidentally started the 108-day cycles “Day 1: Flow to Your Dream''. The final post, “Day 108 – Being Bipolar is a NeverEnding Startup”, is a cringey application to a mobile only startup accelerator. At the time I didn’t know the difference between an accelerator and an incubator. I should have been looking for an incubator. 07:15 - Why the number 108?I have no idea what post I saw on Quora, but here’s a bunch of answers to the question “What is so special about the number "108"?” 11:36 - Taiwan’s calendar.....aka The Republic of China calendar (Chinese: 中華民國曆) or Minguo calendar (Chinese: 民國紀年) from WikipediaThe 1911/Xinhai Revolution (the fall of the Qing Dynasty) on Wikipedia13:22 - Time and Calendars Rant... lol Side story about Laurel Hubbard (Wikipedia), first trans women selected to compete in the Olympics and how it led to hearing the term “colonial (linguistic) violence”, what appears to be a branch of “linguistic imperialism” (Wikipedia). I found one paper titled “Linguistic Imperialism: Colonial Violence through Language” (PDF) if you’re REALLY interested. Workweek and weekend on Wikipedia. It has its history and how it’s practiced around the world. 19:32 - Going in deeper into the number 108 Live Action Role-Playing game (LARP) on Wikipedia. I’m LARPing in the 108 Universe. The Sexagenary cycle (Wikipedia) aka Stems-and-Branches. It’s where the Xinhai in Xinhai Revolution comes from. Casey’s bootleg history of 108: Yellow River Shamanism Yu the Great Wuism Daoism The blending of religious ideas (Shamanism, Taoism, Buddhism, and Confucianism) until the fall of the Qing dynasty Those ideas evolving into the Republic of China Those ideas fleeing to Taiwan as the Cultural Revolution destroyed “The Four Olds” (Old Ideas, Old Culture, Old Habits, and Old Customs) 108 and Flowism 28: 35 - 108 Zip Code Wanhua District (Wikipedia) I’m going to have to do a blog post about Wanhua graffiti, but here’s a blog post with some visuals for now. Google Street view of Building #108 in the 108 32:01 - Pan-African Flag Emoji, Flags, and Symbols Pan-African Flag (Wikipedia) 道 from Taoism in Red, Black, and Green (Instagram) Instagram accounts of photographer and models are at the bottom of the post YouTube video of photo Blog post about this history of the colors for Kenya “BLACK, RED AND GREEN: The story behind the Kenyan flag” History of Flags (Wikipedia) Donald Trump Rambo Flag The Eight Banners (Wikipedia) were administrative and military divisions under the Later Jin and the Qing dynasty of China into which all Manchu households were placed. Shamanism in the Qing Dynasty (Wikipedia) | Manchu Shamanism (Wikipedia) Flag of the Qing Dynasty (Wikipedia) 43:40 - Shamanism, Taoism and 108 108 on Wikipedia Correction: 108 degrees is the inside angle of a pentagon, not a pentagram 6 (touch, taste, hearing, seeing, smelling, consciousness) * 3 (pleasant, painful, neutral) * 2 (internal or external) * (past, present, future) = 108 52:55 - About Flow to Your Dream and this podcast“The Five Percenters: Islam, Hip-hop and the Gods of New York” (Amazon)Thanks for listening! ❤️
Here are the links to the stuff I talked about during the episode.Tarot Store on Roosevelt Rd佛化人生有限公司 Tarot Deck Shaman Oracle Deck Paths Card from Mystical Shaman Oracle Deck Dream“If one does not know to which port one is sailing, no wind is favorable.” - Lucius Annaeus SenecaWrite Useful Books - Mom Test - Cleo Call Me Now!“Cosmic Trigger I: The Final Secret of the Illuminati” -  Robert Anton Wilson (Wikipedia) Changes of Pentacles
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