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We sit down with Dr. Amanda Lee as she tells us her story of empowerment through strength. We also go over the updated powerlifting calendar and where you can find us over the next couple of months. Interested in becoming a client? email katt@vikingstrengthsports.comSupport the show
Today we discuss what's stopping you from getting the results you want from the gym. We also touch on eating disorders and other medical conditions that can effect your performance mentally and physically. Support the show
Today we interview another fellow teammate, Isabella. She tells us about her journey of empowerment and how strength training has helped her grow physically and mentally. Support the show
The Desire Over Doubt Show is proud to start a series of interviews with athletes and health enthusiasts about empowerment through strength.Support the show
We discuss more about mindset, what to do to stop from stopping. Why you need more than 2 weeks to see a change and we answer your questions. Support the show
"The Grass Is Always Greener"- We're back! Join us this week as we talk about many different aspects of this phrase as it relates to the strength community. Everything from program/coach hopping to paying your dues in your chosen sport. If you enjoy, subscribe, like, share!Support the show (
What the f**k

What the f**k


When to care and not This week Katt and I discuss the trend of passion being viewed as lame. It seems as though the new societal normal is not to care about anything at all, and just go through the motions of life.Well, we believe it's important in life to know when to give a fuck and when not to give.We will dive into this topic and as it pertains to strength training, career choice, relationships and life in general. Subscribe to our channel today for new episodes weekly.Support the show (
We dive into the world of masters as it pertains to powerlifting. We also go over weight classes and weight cuts and how it may be good or bad for you.Follow us for new podcasts every week. Support the show (
In this weeks episode of "The Desire Over Doubt Show" we explore what we call, Sticktuitivness. There is discussion about the different types of lifters from the new and inexperienced lifter to advanced lifetime pro lifters. Topics Covered*Coaching and what kind of coach is right for you*The casual lifter*The more serious lifter*Frustrations of a coach when lifters leave and come back over and over again.Stick to it || Powerlifting advice || Learn the secrets to being a championOur videos strive to bring you powerlifting motivation, weight loss motivation, and coaching motivation. We will do this through education and comedy to give you, the lifter and viewer, the most information in the easiest format. Covering topics from bench press form to olympic weightlifting, make sure to check back often for new videos.Support the show (
This week's episode may take the faint of heart by surprise. Join us as we discuss gym etiquette, a hot topic going into the New Year. We may or may not have some strong feelings about this one...As always, if you enjoy please like, subscribe and share!Support the show (
On this week's episode we talk about what motivation really is, creating lasting habits that will help with the times we LACK motivation, and how important consistency is with habit implementation.The "Habit Stacking" method discussed in this episode comes from James Clear in his book, "Atomic Habits". Highly recommend.Support the show (
On today's episode of The Desire Over Doubt Show we discuss the current climate around the recent USAPowerlifting and IPF split. Politics, drug testing, how this impacts lifters, coaches, referees and the leagues as a whole.Support the show (
Today we discuss motivation and different techniques to get you motivated. We also discuss the differences between different types of motivation. Finally we also answer some of our viewers questions. Support the show (
The latest fad?

The latest fad?


This week we discuss the latest fads as they apply to strength and fitness culture. Rather than discuss fads as they pertain to general weight loss. We also discuss how this can effect one's mindset. Support the show
We finish off our series on recovery and injury rehab. We answer your questions and announce the Viking casting call to be in one of our awesome videos. Support the show (
In this episode koaches nate and katt dive into the world of rest and recovery. We answer your questions and cover a lot of ground on the science  behind the necessary time off for your muscles. And more!Support the show (
Listen to us ramble through technical difficulties and our own awkwardness. Support the show (
In this episode we are discussing the challenges of coaching. We are also here to celebrate the amazing times as well as discuss some of the taboo subjects that come our way. Support the show
Untitled Episode

Untitled Episode


Our take on mental health and how strength training has helped us overcome some of our demons. Support the show (
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