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Psychic Tapestry's Ken Kessler talks to his wife, Paranormal Romance Author and Tarot/Oracle card reader Lisa Kessler, about her Year Ahead Readings - how they work, why you might want one and how to book yours!
Psychic Medium and Music Intuitive Ken Kessler revisits a segment from the original Psychic Tapestry podcast for a conversation with Psychic Medium and Author Toni DeMaio about some of the best ways to find a psychic without getting scammed
Self Care

Self Care


Psychic Tapestry's Ken Kessler talks about self care (restorative and preventative) - what it is, why it's important and how to do it!
The Four I's

The Four I's


Psychic Tapestry's Ken Kessler talks about the Four I's - Intention, Intuition, Interpretation and Influence. He talks about what they are, and how (and why) you should be using them!
Psychic Medium and Music Intuitive Ken Kessler talks about getting messages from music, and his 11:11 Songs and Psychic Jukeboxes (and how to find and use them)!
Psychic Tapestry's Ken Kessler gives a follow-up to the previous episode, sharing what happened after the reading with Psychic and Author Toni DeMaio, when spirit came through to give him a message!
Psychic Tapestry's Ken Kessler talks to Psychic and Author Toni DeMaio to get an update on her books, as well as past lives, mediumship and readings. Ken also gets a complete reading from Toni, as an example of what you can expect when you book your own!
Psychic Tapestry's Ken Kessler shares a segment from Psychic and Author Toni DeMaio's first appearance on Psychic Tapestry from November of 2014. Toni talked about her experience, her books and her connections to spirit. She also talks about past lives and life after death!
Story Of A Skeptic

Story Of A Skeptic


Ken Kessler from Psychic Tapestry launches a new podcast. He talks about the beginning of Psychic Tapestry in 2013, which he began as a skeptic.
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