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Author: Nikki Stasiuk

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A podcast of stories, strategies, and inspiration from personal brand entrepreneurs who are disrupting their industries and doing business their own way. If your branding feels blah and you’re sick of blending in, Square Peg Entrepreneur may be just what you need to finally celebrate your one-of-a-kind style and attitude. Nikki Stasiuk is a brand designer and strategist who has helped over 300 entrepreneurs embrace and amplify what makes them unique. Since 2009, her agency Fetching Finn Inc. has been getting clients noticed in person, online, and in print by highlighting their magnetic and unforgettable qualities. With a gentle nudge of permission from Nikki and her guests, you’ll be eager to put your unexpressed self aside and finally show the world what makes you - and doing business with you - completely different. Hit subscribe and get ready to feel incredibly confident and excited about “brand you”.

30 Episodes
"Everyone wins when you get better." That's the mantra of coach, speaker, podcast host, and author Danny Bauer.Danny helps school leaders fight isolation and frustration in order to gain clarity and find solutions to their greatest challenges.The Better Leaders Better Schools Podcast launched in 2015 and is in the TOP 0.5% of most downloaded shows across the world. Danny's popular weekly Masterminds can be described as leadership incubators for world-class educators seeking a hybrid of group coaching and community. (You'll have to apply to be on the waitlist in order to participate!)Listen in as Danny shares his motivation and inspiration to serve this neglected niche of ruckus makers in a very unique way.Highlights:01:16 Meet Danny03:54 Why Leaders in Schools?06:26 Trade-offs07:54 Podcast Promotion09:19 How to overcome Impostor Syndrome11:12 EPS 17:01 A Space to Connect23:11 Mastermind: Unlocking Talent within every School Leader26:21 Personal Branding and Success30:47 Ruckus Maker vs Play Safe Principles39.19 Connect with DannyCall or text Danny: 312-788-7595
Duane Zingale is a Marketing Connection Consultant and founder of the digital marketing group Legacy Catalyst. What you may not know is that Duane and his daughter Ariasha share a rare craniofacial disorder called Treacher Collins Syndrome, which affects the development of facial bones and tissue. For the Zingales, this condition results in hearing loss and the need for aids and prosthetics.Together with his wife Becky, Duane has made a side pivot to initiating meaningful conversations with kids about inclusion, acceptance, and friendship. They do this through the Zingales' Our Wonder Family social media presence, viral YouTube videos, and their children's book Wonderfully Different, Wonderfully Me - a story that belongs in every household, classroom, and clinic.Highlights:1:41 Our Wonder Family05:19 Different is a Good Thing08:30 Bullies13:31 Confidence and Personality21:20 Stories to Move Forward26:04 Treacher Collins Syndrome31:05 Join the Community 33:43 Embracing Individuality37:16 Amplifying Difference39:39 Risk and Passionhttps://www.duanezingale.comhttps://wonderfullymebooks.com
Mike Brennan is a New Jersey-based designer and illustrator.  He studied in New York City and graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology and The School of Visual Arts. Mike has worked with a range of clients in the past, from major brands including Mobile, Heineken, and Chase Bank, to independent agencies serving boutique businesses like Tuscan/Lehigh Valley Dairies and Sportcraft. He spent years in editorial design as an art director/designer for magazines like CollegeBound, Succeed, and Link Magazine. Today, Mike helps fellow creatives and content creators leverage simple, practical steps for establishing a daily creative habit. He does this via international public speaking, the Daily Creative Habit community and newsletter, and his course “Your Artist Journey”. Mike recently released the Daily Creative Habit journal to take your creativity to a new level.Highlights:01:13 Meet Mike03:28 Debunking the Artist Type Theory04:58 People Don’t Understand What You Do08:21 What to Learn and What to Delegate12:26 Years in Business14:12 Delegation is Challenging16:22 Scaling your Business17:59 Silver Sage19:16 Daily Creative Habit27:38 Commitment to a Daily Habit33:58 Event Sketch39:39 Check out Mike43:31 Everybody is Creative50:29 Connect with Mikehttps://www.mikebrennan.me
Lianne Kim founded Mamas & Co. in November 2014 with the aim of bringing mama entrepreneurs together to support each other in their efforts to grow their businesses. Her current role is to continue to grow the mission of the community by working on strategic partnerships and curating the educational content such as our conferences and online courses.In addition to leading this community, she is also a Business Coach and she helps business owners at all different stages through her online courses and coaching programs. She also runs an annual retreat for female entrepreneurs every January.While she loves her work, Lianne’s #1 passion in life is spending time with her family. She is a wife a mama to two adorable kids and she loves going on family adventures, whether it’s traveling to a new destination as a family, or going on long bike rides. She believes that it is possible to have the life and business of our dreams.Highlights:‌01:30 Business and Wine04:12 Fast Action04:55 A Rebel05:19 Square Peg in Business06:09 The Struggle07:29 MOM community13:46 Mamas & Co. and MamaCon18:31 Courage to do the First Thing20:44 Bringing Great People Together23:21 Attracting the Right Client25:10 Being Decisive26:20 Learn more about Lianne
Dana Goldstein might be the master of pivot. Her business, Digital Shoebox, evolved from a photo, video and slide digitization company into a video production company she named ChicFlicks. As the business grew, ChicFlicks was absorbed into the Digital Shoebox banner and continued to thrive. And then, pandemic. When a full calendar of video shoots was wiped out, Dana was forced to find another source of income. She pivoted to writing, something she hadn't done since her days as a journalist more than 20 years ago.Dana believes in the power of pivoting and transforming. She says, "Accept that your true skill may not fill the bank account, but it sure does fill the heart (and keeps you well-stocked with chips for those shitty days)."Highlights:‌00:51 Here’s Dana04:26 Challenges in Writing05:04 Journalism: After University08:01 The Pivot12:41 Digital Shoe Box22:54 ChicFlicks28:42 The Pandemic40:25 Ghostwriting43:12 Books Published44:40 Advice
Caroline Ceniza-Levine is a career expert, founder of the Dream Career Club, and a media personality sharing career advice and hiring trends for the US job market.Caroline is a Senior Contributor to Forbes Leadership, author of Jump Ship: 10 Steps To Starting A New Career and executive coach for Columbia Business School’s Executive Program in Management. She has been a repeat guest on CBS, CNN, CNBC, and Fox Business and is regularly quoted in major media outlets. Caroline speaks on all aspects of landing your dream career, including how to change careers into something new, how to build a strong personal brand, how to cultivate a supportive network and how to negotiate what you’re worth.A longtime recruiter, Caroline shares the inside knowledge of how companies decide who to hire, promote or let go. She has coached executives from Amazon, Goldman Sachs, Google, McKinsey, Tesla, and other leading firms on how to make a great living doing work they love. Clients work with Caroline to advance their careers from middle management to the executive level, to make more money (including landing significant raises) or to make a big career pivot and do something new.A classically trained pianist at Juilliard and Manhattan School of Music, Caroline stays active in the arts, writing and producing with FBC Films. Caroline divides her time among Florida, New York, and Costa Rica.Highlights:‌01:06 Meet Caroline01:37 Fear03:42 Career Transition05:22 What Brings you Joy?07:54  An Inkling12:15 The Stand-up Comedy17:41 Unique Things in Us24:01 Bucket List25:33 The Dream Career Club29:17 What’s My Next Thing?31:03 Connect with Caroline
Sarah Kirkpatrick owned a successful digital marketing business for 9 years. She closed it down last year at its peak – making 6 figures – to completely change her career and start a new business from scratch in order to find her joy again. Instead of finding a new path, she created one. She open a new consignment decor store in August – something new in Calgary. She is also a home stager and interior decorator.When Sarah lost her mom 5 years ago, life changed. Her mom was her best friend, biggest supporter, and business coach. When she passed away, Sarah found it nearly impossible to replace her – until she looked inside.Sarah wants to inspire women to not let fear stop them from making a drastic career change. She encourages women to find new niches and new ways to create a career that feeds their soul's purpose and brings them joy.Highlights:‌01:10 Here’s Sarah02:21 Burnout 03:57 Good for the Soul Transition05:7 Interior Design Experience07:25 AirBnB Design08:19 Retail Locations12:26 Good Consignment Item13:50 Design Lab15:40 Planning Things17:09 Looking for a Change?21:26 Check out Sarah’s Shop and Services
Denise Summers helps business owners to solve the mystery of how to tell a compelling story that captures the hearts and minds of their audience. She's like a story detective; she keeps digging to uncover the clues of why your customers should hire you and not your competition.Denise brings an innate and tenacious curiosity along with her gift for writing to help others to uncover and articulate their true stories and to share them with the world. Her background includes working with a range of clients from start-ups to multi-national companies and her focus today is on working with small to medium sized businesses to help them get better results through better stories.Previously, she held a number of communications advisory positions in the energy, financial and nonprofit fields. Since 2007, Denise has consulted, helping to tell the stories of and create meaningful change for many organizations in a range of sectors. She is able to adapt her storytelling and writing skills to projects as diverse as a multi-national oil company needing help during a takeover to bring new employees into the future, to ghostwriting the first business book for a successful local HR consultancy (which created significant awareness and attention for the company and resulted in new clients), to media pitching for a First Nations colouring book and journal (several years later, this once bootstrap start-up produces several other products and has expanded into a nonprofit).World Report for her expertise.Highlights:‌00:52 Business and Storytelling01:58 The Story to Tell03:50 Painting the Picture08:08 Career in Communications12:12 The Value of Stories15:00 Being A Ghost Writer20:33 Leveraging your Book24:04 Where to Find Denise
Sahara Rose De Vore is a Wellness Travel Coach and the founder of The Travel Coach Network. She spent a decade traveling the globe to over 84 countries by the age of 31. After believing that there was more to a travel career than blogging and bookings, Sahara became a pioneer in the travel coaching industry. She educates and empowers ambitious travel professionals to think outside of the industry's box and build a travel business that aligns with their passion and expertise in travel.Sahara is the creator and owner of the world’s first and only ICF accredited certification program for travel coaches. Realizing the scaling burnout epidemic in business travel and the workplace, she now empowers and educates companies on the wellness and work performance benefits of travel. Her mission is to reshape the wellness tourism industry and incorporate travel into every company’s wellness initiative.She is a member of the Global Business Travel Association's Risk Committee, a published author, and a global speaker. Sahara Rose has been seen in various media outlets including Thrive Global, Forbes, Skift, Yahoo! Finance, USA Today, Corporate Wellness Magazine, Business Insider, Ticker News, and U.S News & World Report for her expertise.Highlights:‌00:44 Here’s Sahara01:15 What is Travel Coaching03:21 Travel Career06:54 The Creative Way of Travel Coaching11:44 The Travel Coach Network19:48 What to Expect in Joining the Travel Network22:41 Exchange of Ideas and Experiences28:00 Applications of Travel Coaching29:24 Start your Idea34:14 Get more of Sahara Rose
Samantha Bove is the founder of ZenBoss Academy, an award-winning business school, where she passionately teaches healers, coaches and creatives to launch a profitable, purposeful business.Samantha’s clients have been able to generate six figures in their businesses, sell out high ticket retreats, quit their 9-5s and turn their expertise into a profitable digital course.Samantha is also a spiritual teacher and reiki practitioner, specializing in helping people strengthen their intuition and move from fear and indecision to confidence and deep self love. By helping them tune into the wisdom of their body and highest self, her clients have been able to manifest new careers, revenue streams, relationships and relocate to their dream destinations.Samantha’s expertise has been featured in Forbes, Medium and Thrive Global. She enjoys speaking on the topics of using intuition in business, entrepreneurship and how to sell with integrity.Highlights:‌00:57  Doing Business that Didn’t Feel Right03:20 Coaching and Connection05:23 Women Struggle with Sales08:52 Being Brave and Daring12:44 Coaching Journey16:13 Reiki 19:38 Early Stages of Business23:37 Reiki and Leaders28:16 ZenBoss Academy31:20 Connect with Samantha
Jonathan Hafichuk’s first introduction to video was when a family friend gave him a camcorder. He started making videos with LEGO people while John Williams played in the background (anything is cinematic with John Williams).Later, Jon dove into parkour and began making videos to get the notice of sponsors, which lead to traveling around North America for competitions. After graduating from post-secondary school in Lethbridge, he started online marketing for his parents’ store, where he realized the power of video production in the digital marketing space. When other local businesses saw Jon’s work, they hired him to do the same for them. This was the birth of Symbol Syndication.In 2017, Jon expanded Symbol Syndication from Lethbridge to Calgary, serving some of the top companies in Canada and even several Global 500 companies.In 2019, Jonathan was able to take a step back from Symbol Syndication and started running Flagship Business Brokers. With the guidance of a senior corporate lawyer, he helped entrepreneurs buy and sell businesses. In 2020, Jonathan partnered with two others to launch BioStrong, a unique solution to naturally improve bone density and reverse the effects of osteoporosis.Highlights:‌01:11 Meet Jon02:45 Family Business05:07 Symbol Syndication07:53 Parkour and Video Making11:18 Getting a Degree and Entrepreneurship16:03 Flagship Business Brokers20:09 BioStrong28.44 Business Expansion30:35 Patience32:00 Buy and Sell Business36:25 Sign Up for a  Free Session
After 6 years working as a Navy nuclear engineer, Sabrina Bosserman decided to pursue her true passion for tiny living by building skoolies.What's a skoolie? It's a converted school bus!As a certified NOAH builder and tiny house expert, she now works with her husband to build safe and reliable homes for those wanting to navigate the road less traveled - as long as their bus will fit!Highlights:‌01:33 Here’s Sabrina08:18 Living Cost on Skoolie10:36 How many People can Live in a Skoolie14:00 The Big Jump18:51 Fulfillment20:02 How do Clients Find you?21:11 How will you Grow your Business?23:57 Failure and Backup Plans25:15 Identifying the Gap in the Market28:40 Where to Find Sabrina
Starting from an engineering background, Ben Chan has worked for over 10 years in the Management Consulting space delivering value in various industries and departments, developing a niche in project management and strategy delivery.Ben is a collaborative project leader specializing in enabling teams and organizations to execute their projects more effectively. He is driven by a passion to deliver better through project leadership, not only management.Ben was being consistently asked to help rescue projects. Although coming in as the hero project manager was flattering, his passion was helping project managers, scrum masters, and aspiring PMs to deliver better. He is currently focused on overlaying authentic project leadership to proven project management frameworks.Highlights:‌00:33 Here’s Ben03:31 Learning New Industries04:31 Getting into Project Management08:19 Challenges09:30 Who do you Think Needs a Project Manager?12:10 Creativity and Project Management14:36 Leadership16:20 Internal team, Mentality, Motivation20:40 Big Wins22:51 Team Size29:05 Find the Low Hanging Fruit38:12 Hire Ben
Deepshikha Sairam is a Spiritual Mentor for High Achieving Entrepreneurs helping them move from chaotic to centered by quieting their internal self-critic and connecting to their highest self-expression.She uses a delicious mix of Spiritual Tools, Energy work and Coaching Practices to help them match their inner state to their outer reality while guiding them back to their true nature. She has been featured in Entrepreneur, Tiny Buddha, Elephant Journal, Self Magazine and the award winning Marie TV.When not couped up in her New Jersey suburban home, you can find this mama of two boys with her nose in a psychological thriller or watching reruns of Game of Thrones like her life depended on it.Highlights:‌01:21 Meet Deepshikha07:34 The Calling11:56 New Path14:56 Growth and Success16:40 Spiritual Journey19:12 Who am I?24:50 Spirituality25:56 Intuition27:56 People Answering the Call34:23 The Second Mountain37:09 Find Deepshikha38:50 Energy Activation
Cathlyn Melvin is a copywriter and editor whose expertise has been featured via TEDx, Thrive Global, Much More Media, Captivate + Convert, Think Courageously, and other outlets.With a degree in theatre performance, a minor in writing, and over a decade as an educator, professional actor, and entrepreneur, Cathlyn draws on her diverse experiences to lift the voices of mission-driven coaches and platform leaders, growing their reach, revenue, and impact. As a speaker and writer, Cathlyn seeks to shape our collective understanding of what it means to be mission-driven — and why values and impact are the ultimate personal and business compass. ​Through her Purpose Pyramid framework, Cathlyn teaches her clients to integrate their values, vision, and mission into their sales and marketing copy as well as conversations with all those different kinds of prospects. This not only increases their satisfaction and impact as business owners, but also improves their bottom line.Highlights:‌01:15 Meet Cathlyn02:50 Law School & Writing Business06:21 Theater Career08:07 Being an Introvert09:04 Practicing Conversations09:52 Stepping Out your Comfort Zone13:50 Law School17:05 The Purpose Pyramid23:33 Should you Announce your Mission?25:54 Secret Sauce in Copywriting30:49 Connect with Cathlyn
Shannon Villalba, JD LLM, is a serial entrepreneur attorney and intuitive business design coach who helps her clients by changing the narrative around legal and business strategies. Shannon guides her clients through business and law holistically, drawing upon her personal experiences, intuition, and her signature HeartSong Chakra Framework.A cancer survivor, she used a variety of holistic mindset methods to go from stage 4 to cancer free in five months. She utilizes these same tactics in entrepreneurship along with her legal expertise. Shannon has been helping clients with their business and trademarks for over a decade and established her own virtual law firm nine years ago.Shannon has been a guest on American Dreamers and Beyond Six Seconds, and her cancer story was featured on WKRC in Cincinnati Ohio. She received Cancer Family Care’s Unsung Hero award for her leadership and work in teaching holistic health.Shannon is also a certified holistic practitioner, practices crystal therapy, and teaches meditation. She lives in Cincinnati, Ohio.Highlights:‌01:31 Shannon & Law school05:18 Copyright vs Trademark08:34 Register your Mark14:30 Lawyer’s Advice17:51 Client Agreements22:05 Cancer Journey30:44 HeartSong Chakra Framework38:40 Contact Shannon
Melissa Houston is a Financial Strategist for CEOs, a columnist at, and the host of The Business Society podcast. A licensed Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA), she helps successful business owners increase their profit margins without having to increase revenue so that they keep more money in their pocket while increasing their personal wealth. Melissa's seen the bottom and climbed her way back up, she personally and financially bounced back from concealing $100k in personal debt from her husband. She shares her story to remind people that your mistakes don't define you, and as humans, we all make mistakes and can recover from them. Now she uses that to teach entrepreneurs to become financially literate in order to create profit in their businesses. She has over 20 years of business experience with large and small corporations, government, and not-for-profit industries while specializing in Internal Controls, corporate accounting, budgets, financial reporting, corporate & personal tax, audit, and SR&ED. Melissa enjoys helping business owners build their businesses by increasing their financial management skills. Your numbers are telling you a story – make sure you are listening to it.Melissa’s passion is helping business owners go from 6-figure to 7-figure businesses and achieving their personal financial dreams.When Melissa isn’t helping entrepreneurs become better CEO’s of their business, she can be found at the cottage with her husband Jamie, two teen children, and three dogs.Highlights:‌01:11 Meet Melissa: Loving and Understanding Numbers04:22 Sales and Profits06:45 DIY Accounting11:23 Finding the Right Person in Accounting14:24 Accounting and Strategy16:54 How to Recover your Business19:04 Parallels between Personal and Business Finances21:50 Informed Decisions25:45 Ready to Make a Change26:13 Fractional CFO  30:41 Business  Society Podcast34:12 Five Steps Road Map
Shaunda Necole is a food and lifestyle blogger, content creator, and Pinterest marketing expert. Her vibrant commentary and wild free spirit make her a favorite of audiences worldwide!Shaunda kicked off her career building a 7-figure cheerleading company and later transformed those cheers into an influencer brand – building an Instagram following of over one-hundred thousand and earning four million monthly Pinterest views. She has been featured on television, on top-rated podcasts, and in Forbes, Cosmopolitan, Fast Company, and Refinery29.Passionate about teaching entrepreneurs how to get paid for their personality, Shaunda can’t stop crushing on Pinterest – and knows every last detail about the platform. She also shares her wisdom and unique perspective on social justice and Black Lives Matter, along with helpful tips for women on their hysterectomy journey.Highlights:‌01:18 Meet Shaunda09:33 Being an Influencer 13:22 Creating Instagram14:49 Setting up my Website12:01 Getting in Touch with the Brands24:11 Creative Vision28:48 Teach People How to Get Paid with their Personality31:00 Knowing the Potential34:23 My Store36:18 The Blogs37:06 Loving Analytics38:30 Pinterest Magic50:42 Join the Program
Theresa Lambert is a business coach, best-selling author of Achieve with Grace, speaker, and podcast co-host of Dissecting Success. She also has an impressive hotelier background in luxury hospitality. Theresa uses her experiences to support female entrepreneurs, coaches, and leaders in redefining success with elegance. She helps them create the impact, income, and freedom they desire without the hustle. There is no one-size-fits-all in business. To create a long term sustainable business, we must be able to show up consistently and clearly with our message. Theresa believes in building a business foundation that's rooted in your personal strengths and allows you to build your business in a way that feels fun, natural, and expansive. She understands that by creating a unique personal brand vocabulary, we are able to attract more ideal clients.Highlights:‌02:17 Get to Know Theresa09:00 Hurdle to Overcome11:23 Experience and Realization14:55 Theresa in the Hotel Industry18:52 Highlighting Differences22:08 The Book26:31 Achieving with Grace28:29 The Flow: Curate the Right Pieces33:53 The Living Room35:57 Being Brave with your Brand37:20 Hang out with Theresa
As an international Success Coach + Intuitive Artist, Haley Hoover helps coaches and entrepreneurs break through their next level of success with ease. Through her Intuitive Business™ framework, she has helped dozens of women grow their online businesses and self-publish their first books with fun and flow.An Amazon #1 New Release Author, Haley is the go-to expert for business owners who wish to deepen their innovation and expression. Haley’s expertise has been featured in PositivelyPositive, Thrive Global, Thought Catalogue, and Hypnozine among others. She has also spoken alongside Deepak Chopra and is the host of the Top 5% Globally ranked podcast, The Sparkling Hippie Podcast.When she’s not sitting behind her psychedelic-colored laptop, she can be found watching 60’s hippie documentaries in Sonora, California, where she resides with her partner.Highlights:‌01:22 Meet Haley03:34 60’s Influence04:44 Business and Intuition09:07 How to Follow your Intuition12:41  How to Keep Creativity Alive15:44 Trusting your Ideas21:42 Tips for Aspiring Authors27:50 Following your Creative Cycle31:59 Intuitive Painting35:35 What can you Expect?37:24 Artworks by Haley39:13 Haley’s Books40:24 Sparkling Hippie Podcast41:33 Free Gift from HaleyAfter the show...Head over to to see the painting Haley created in our Intuitive Art Experience and learn about the mind-blowing results!
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