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Author: Heidi Hardy

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Y Advancing Racial Equity Podcast -- a weekly podcast that will focus on Equity, Anti-racism, Unity and Community Engagement in the DFW community and across the world.
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Oh my gosh! This episode is amazing! Dr. Jason Shelton, chair of the Unity Council in Arlington, TX is our guest. He brings his knowledge and perspective about race, religion and community. What we know is that as a community we needed to unify. Through Dr. Shelton's leadership the City of Arlington, created an unprecedented council. This episode we talk about finding that middle ground in conversations and how the Unity Council is creating change.
Empowering Diversity

Empowering Diversity


A real life story of a young professional, a vivacious and proud Asian American and her journey to empower diversity in her career and her circle of influence. As she walks us through a journey of love for her work, love for her family and her appreciation for those that has supported and mentored her, you can hear her passion for her community and her bright future. 
One out of six Tarrant County adults have been diagnosed with a depressive disorder (Tarrant County Public Health, September 2019). Women are more likely to report ever having a depressive disorder. We know the pandemic has been difficult in our community. Mental Health-Mental Well-being is an important topic. Join us as we speak to former Tarrant County Commissioner, Andy Nguyen about his passion for more education and ending the stigma around mental health. 
When it comes to cancer there is no discrimination.  However, there are disparities. Did you know collectively, blacks have the highest death rate and shortest survival of any racial/ethnic group?  Did you know that Hispanic women are 30% less likely to be diagnosed with breast cancer than non-Hispanic white women. Cancer Care Services is an organization that helps cancer patients, care-takers, and survivors. Their support has become even more intentional and focused on closing the gap. Listen to our guests talk about Cancer Care Services. This is such a great episode for those of us who have been affected in some way by cancer. 
She has a story that describes her experience as a young girl. Her story describes the difficulties that can come with immigrating to the US. Her story also describes how she created the Veronica Garza Law Firm to create a better experience for those who come to the US for a better life. Veronica tells us what she feels is the biggest misconception about immigrants. This episode helps educate us about the experience of immigration. 
Join us while we get to know Kenneth Rose, CEO at Texas Health Mansfield. He talks about opening a hospital, the challenges of COVID-19 and how they respond to the overwhelming task of health care during a pandemic. We get to know Kenneth and the Advent Health Care philosophy on caring for people. This is a great perspective from one of our community leaders. 
Why is there a Fund to Advance Racial Equity in Fort Worth? Why is funding this conversation so important to our community? These questions and the conversation about advancing racial equity are in this episode. Donna James Harvey is the liaison for the FARE Fund. We couldn't be more grateful to the fund and to her for the support of this podcast. As their only Arlington recipient of the fund we are proud and hold ourselves to the commitment to continue to create valuable conversations about advancing equity in our community, while highlighting the importance. 
He is a high school dropout who overcame barriers to obtain his higher education. Dr. Jonathan Perez has an amazing personal story. His journey and the work he does today is inspirational. Join us to learn more from Dr.Perez about how to raise our own racial consciousness. This is part of our Education Series. We bring local thought leaders and experts to discuss advancing equity in our community. 
Its story time at the YMCA. We love this story. A great story about a girl who is considering changing her name because her name is too hard for others to pronounce. Being the new kid in school is hard enough, but what happens when nobody can pronounce your name? Having just moved from Korea, Unhei is anxious about fitting in. So instead of introducing herself on the first day of school, she decides to choose an American name from a glass jar. But while Unhei thinks of being a Suzy, Laura, or Amanda, nothing feels right. With the help of a new friend, Unhei will learn that the best name is her own.Listen on your way home with your kids. You'll love it! 
BELONGING BEGINS WITH US! Welcoming Week is a chance for neighbors—both immigrants and U.S.-born residents—to get to know one another and celebrate what unites us as a community.At the Y, we believe that our communities are stronger and more vibrant when everyone feels welcome and can fully contribute their unique talents for the greater good. For more than 176 years, the Y has helped immigrants access the integration support needed to thrive, which contributes to the economic, civic and cultural strength of a community.Join us for this short podcast, while we discuss what Welcoming Week is to the Y and to the community. We celebrate our diversity and cultural here in our community! 
Mansfield, Texas is a growing city often recognized as one of the best places to live, work and play. In this episode we have the privilege to talk with Mansfield Mayor Michael Evans. He shares with us his vision for the future of Mansfield, what he loves about his city and his views on Community Unity and DEI. A fun and light conversation that we enjoyed. 
DEI through the eyes of a community leader speaks volumes as to where we are in our community. Together we champion and advocate for others. Tarrant County Commissioner Devan Allen is a true leader for the DEI movement. She shares her story and her views about where we are and where we can be as a unified community. We appreciated this episode and feel confident that because of leaders like Devan we are on the right path to provide the support our community needs. Let us know your thoughts on Unity in our Community. What more can we all do to ensure we help our friends, neighbors and family thrive. 
In this episode we talk about civic engagement and how that can bridge the equity gap. How when we, everyday citizens engage in our community we create a catalyst for change. No need to be rich or have a ton of time to volunteer. Small gestures can make a huge impact. We discuss voting and how important that is locally. We talk about how we all have the power to influence change to create a more inclusive and loving community for ALL. Alexa Aragonez is a passionate leader whose dream as a child was to be a part of her community and create a better life for everyone. Please tune into this podcast and rate and review. We believe you will be inspired to do a little more to contribute to a community we all want to live in. 
Bringing you the story of one of the community's most important nonprofits, Transform US Movement. We sit down with CEO/Founder, Brockne Jones to discuss this amazing nonprofit. They focus on the young adults in our community. They provide fellowship, mentorship and support to people 18-35. Whether they find themselves out of college and seeking a new social network, newly married or going through a transition in their life, the Transform US Movement nonprofit provides mentorship and support. Visiting with Brockne we understand the importance of service in his life and in the life of his young family. You will enjoy hearing about him and his nonprofit. Pass along this episode to someone in need of a social network that truly cares and creates a plan of action for their lives. 
Our real life stories series is about people in our community who have made it their goal to create change. Felicia Williams in her own words "I AM A PROUD MOTHER, Fierce Courageous, Faithful WOG Cosmetologists AdvocateA Survivor & Overcomer " and is one of the most passionate people we have met. She is the founder of Bridging the Gap, an organization that works with the Arlington Police Department to create change through community connections and awareness. She has also founded an organization called Journey 2 Healing Hearts, a nonprofit that provides grief counseling and brings awareness to the impacts of gun violence. This is an episode that gets to the heart of social responsibility and will touch you soul. 
Join us as we visit with Shirley Cox and Shari Hicks of Amegy Bank. We discuss what the wealth gap is and the importance of having a relationship with your bank and bankers. A great conversation about how the bank is creating programs to help people where they are today. Whether it is owning a home or saving for a rainy day. These ladies help us with an education on how to find resources when they are needed. Special thanks to Amegy Bank for supporting this episode. Thank you for supporting the Y!
What is the 21-Day Racial Equity challenge? Why is it important to our community? Join us as we talk with Deputy Chief Jeff Petty about his vision for a more unified community. How he works each day to provide opportunities for our community to learn and grow together. Racial Equity is not always a welcome topic. Listen to his response when asked how he handles the comments that are not so positive. Also, listen for a special drop in guest. Our own new Mayor Jim Ross drops in to be a part of this awesome discussion. 
We are honored and excited to feature Mayor Jim Ross for episode 2 of the Y Advancing Equity Podcast. We are committed to inviting our community leaders to talk about what unity in our community looks like to them. Don't miss this conversation with Mayor Ross as we talk about inclusion, the importance of diversity and unity.  
As we started to build the Y Brave Space Studios, people would ask me "Why the Y Advancing Equity Podcast?". As the Vice President of Community Engagement, I responded by saying because it is just as much a part of the Y as child care, swim lessons and exercise. We are for Youth Development, Healthy Living and Social Responsibility.  This is a part of our social responsibility to unite and encourage unity.  So, telling the stories in our community, inviting thought leaders in our community and hearing our educators in our community discuss and share their thoughts and experiences is a journey we will take in this podcast. Listen while you drive home, this is not something you need to stop and do. It is a way for you to become connected to our community and the journey to advance the discussions around Diversity, Inclusion and Global Equity. The Y Advancing Equity Podcast is supported by the North Texas Communities Foundation. 
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