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Author: Jon Stoddard

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Every week, we talk to the "Top M&A Entrepreneurs" today to ask them about their Acquisition Journey. When and why they started and what was the call to adventure. We talk about where and how they source their deals, how they analyze deals, how they do valuation, and how they negotiate a deal. We talk about how they finance a deal and how they raised capital to acquire the deal. We talk about their successes, failures and what keeps them inspired.
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Do  you Feel like you would make a good acquisition partner with Robert?   Click here: this video we delve into the world of private equity investment with Robert, the CEO of an investment group actively acquiring small businesses. Robert's first acquisition was a Mexican Meat Distributor bundled with a real estate purchase. Learn how and why Robert created his unique Floors & Ceilings Contract, which was designed to address hidden liabilities, and his strategies for mitigating such risks.Learn about the importance of the balance sheet, Robert's criteria for selecting businesses over a decade old, and his core competencies in B2B Wholesale Companies.  Robert talks about what he looks for in sellers, his approach to asset valuation, and the dynamics of PE funds. Robert talks about on-market versus off-market deals, his rational approach to creating offers, and the intricacies of LOIs and partnership dynamics. SHOW NOTES:00:45  His 1st Acquisition Mexican Meat Distributor came with a Real Estate Buy05:29  Targeting Specific Industries - with low multiples07:01  What is he doing now07:22   Process of learning,  creating the contract, and never using SBA08:27   Hidden liabilities - Why he created the Floors & Ceilings Contract13:00  The LOI and Due Diligence time line14:58   Click close clarification15:38   How he mitigated the hidden liabilities:  R&W and Owner Financing18:30  The cap stack & skeletons are in the building19:35   Seller Financing Tax benefits & Stock Purchase vs Asset22:44  Why the Balance Sheet is more important28:03   B2B Wholesale Companies - Core Competencies29:38   The 1st thing he looks for in a seller...32:11   What about mfg. - what about FF&E - why he does not pay twice33:57   Why he only buys 10+ year old companies37:25   The PE Fund - High Net Worth Individuals40:40   ON market or OFF market deals?41:30   Robert's Deal Criteria Financial Numbers?42:29  Creating the "offer" from the "padded SDE"  we win because its Rational48:21   The LOI and What happens next & How to Subtract Inventory from Price52:44   What to expect as 60/40 partner 54:20   What is the "Absenteeism Scale"55:20   What he really needs: people that can manage people56:27   Buy and Hold or turn it in 5 years?LINKS to Robert
What are the characteristics of an irresistible acquisition?   Learn the essential strategies on how to sell your business for millions from Randy Woods, who not only sold his company, Nonlinear Creations, to Valtech but also currently spearheads acquisitions for his acquirer.   Discover the key characteristics that make your business an irresistible acquisition target. Whether you're a seasoned entrepreneur or just starting out, understanding these traits can greatly enhance your chances of attracting high-value buyers. Watch now to gain valuable insights and expert tips that can help you maximize the value of your business and secure a lucrative deal. Don't miss out on this must-watch guide to achieving a successful business sale! Subscribe for more valuable content on entrepreneurship and business growth.👉 Learn the No B.S. 7 Proven Steps on How to Buy a Million Dollar Business
SUMMARYMeet Brian Slipka, a seasoned entrepreneur celebrated for his prowess in business acquisitions. Discover the mind behind the success.**Mentorship Motivation - Defining Your Goals**Uncover the pivotal role mentorship plays and the driving forces that fuel individuals to fervently pursue the art of business acquisitions.**The First Acquisition - Learning from Experience**Brian Slipka unveils his riveting narrative of navigating his inaugural business acquisition, offering invaluable lessons drawn from the trenches.**Financing Strategies - Navigating the Financial Landscape**Delve into the intricacies of financing as Brian divulges the strategies he employs, shedding light on the often complex financial facets of acquisitions.**Learning from Challenges and Embracing Independence**Navigate through Brian's approach to conquering challenges and embracing autonomy, defying external judgments and opinions.**True North Management Company - A Strategic Approach**Discover the True North Management Company and its pivotal role in shaping Brian Slipka's overarching business acquisition strategy.**True North Portfolio Companies - Pursuit of Agility**Unearth Brian's strategy for maintaining an agile portfolio of companies under the True North umbrella, adapting to changing tides.**Cross-Pollinating Business Practices - Navigating Niches**Explore the untapped potential and inherent challenges of transplanting successful business practices across different niches.**Legacy and Personal Fulfillment**Brian reflects on his enduring motivations, sharing his aspirations for a resounding impact and the fulfillment of his familial legacy.SHOW NOTES:00:00  This episode is sponsored by the Magnolia Firm Co. 00:54  Intro to Brian Slipka 08:32  Mentorship Motivation - what are you chasing22:42  The story of his first acquisition  34:57  How he finances his acquisitions39:46  Painful lessons & not giving a crap what other people think 41:42 True North Mgmt. Company46:46  True North Portfolio Companies - Goal: Stay Nimble54:30  Can you Cross Pollinate business practices in different niches1:04:14  Are you making your dad proud?LINKS to Brian Slipka
This episode was brought to you by The Magnolia Firm.  Helping business owners sell their company. into a high-value podcast featuring Kevin Petersen, an accomplished authority in the SaaS acquisition sphere. The interview offers a succinct yet enlightening introduction to Petersen's background and his expertise in procuring SaaS companies.At the core of the interview is Petersen's strategic approach to SaaS acquisitions, highlighted through his creation of the Growth Stack - a purposeful endeavor aimed at acquiring SaaS companies. He shares actionable insights from his journey, starting from his initial foray into the SaaS acquisition landscape.A significant aspect of Petersen's trajectory is his decision to pursue a de facto MBA, lessons learned from micro acquisitions. This underscores the practical value of education in shaping real-world business ventures.The interview navigates key aspects of SaaS acquisitions, encompassing competition analysis, effective negotiation strategies for off-market deals, and the driving forces compelling SaaS founders to sell their ventures.Petersen emphasizes the significance of cultivating personal relationships with sellers and his preference for bootstrapped SaaS companies. He also distinguishes between negotiating with bootstrapped versus venture capital-backed sellers, shedding light on distinct negotiation dynamics.The interview concludes with insights into financing strategies for acquisitions and a glimpse into the SaaS mastermind community.For practical insights into the world of SaaS acquisitions, negotiation tactics, and the evolving entrepreneurial landscape, tune in to this podcast featuring Kevin Petersen. Gain actionable takeaways that deepen your understanding of SaaS business acquisitions and strategic growth.SHOW NOTES:00:00 This episode is sponsored by the Magnolia Firm Co. 00:42  Intro to Kevin Petersen18:45  Launching Growth Stack - acquiring SaaS companies24:43  Where he started buying SaaS 25:45  Getting his MBA with micro acquisitions29:43  Rapid Acquisition Club: Let the Magnolia Firm Sell your business31:05  When someone offers you 2X your money in 90 days...34:49  Tell me about the competition38:50 How long it take to Negotiate off market deals40:50  The #1 Reason why SaaS founders sell41:45  Why you develop personal relationships with sellers43:52  Why he only buys bootstrapped SaaS companies48:03  Difference between negotiating bootstrapped sellers and VC backed sellers51:19  Developing the skill of patience54:01  Deal Sourcing today and negotiating with Brokers56:05  How he finances his deals1:05:05  SaaS mastermind
This episode was brought to you by The Magnolia Firm.  Helping business owners sell their company. In this episode focused on ecommerce mergers and acquisitions (M&A), Josh Marsden takes center stage as an expert in the field. The episode, sponsored by The Magnolia Firm's Deal of the Week, delves into various aspects of ecommerce M&A.The discussion kicks off with an introduction to Josh Marsden and his expertise in the world of ecommerce acquisitions. It further explores the origins of his journey and how he ventured into the realm of ecommerce M&A.Throughout the conversation, Josh shares insights into his specialization within ecommerce acquisitions and offers perspectives on what type of ecommerce customers are more likely to ensure success. He also delves into the practical execution of ecommerce acquisition plans, recounting his experiences in turning strategies into tangible actions.Josh's insights extend to the challenges and triumphs of going solo in the ecommerce space and the futileness of attempting to revitalize stagnant businesses. He articulates the characteristics that define a prosperous ecommerce acquisition and introduces the ARM5 methodology for scaling ecommerce companies effectively.The episode also sheds light on the financial aspects of these transactions, discussing how deals in ecommerce M&A are financed and the significance of capitalization structures. The role of mentors and mastermind groups is explored, emphasizing the influence of guidance and collaborative learning.As the episode concludes, the spotlight turns to how Josh Marsden's net worth has evolved, and how he has matured,  as a result of his immersion in the world of ecommerce acquisitions. Overall, this episode provides an insightful journey through the intricacies and opportunities of ecommerce mergers and acquisitions, guided by Josh Marsden's expertise and experiences.SHOW NOTES:00:00  Episode brought to you by The Magnolia Firm's Deal of the Week! 00:46  Intro to Josh Marsden01:21  How the plan started03:38  Domain of Expertise 04:57  Best type of Ecomm Customer - to guarantee success06:25  Executing on the plan08:12  Going alone & reviving the dead13:26  Characteristics of good ecomm acquisition29:00  Methodology to Scale an Ecomm Company34:44  Cap Stack - Financing the Deal46:28  Mentors & Masterminds53:32 How Net worth changed
This episode was brought to you by The Magnolia Firm.  Specialty M&A Business Brokerage firm helping business owners sell their company. this video interview, Jon Stoddard talks with Mike Finger, an entrepreneur who has been involved in four successful business exits and now runs a company called Exit Oasis. Mike shares his journey, starting with a startup he and his wife founded in the mid-90s, providing back-office and support services to schools, nonprofits, and associations. He grew the business to 50 employees over a decade but eventually felt burnt out and decided to sell. However, when he approached brokers, they turned him down due to various issues in the business.Over the next five years, Mike educated himself about what makes a business attractive to potential buyers. He shifted his perspective and made the necessary changes to transform his business into a sellable entity. Eventually, after a year of working with a broker, he successfully sold the business. The experience was a significant turning point in his life, leading him to further explore the world of acquisitions and exits. Mike continued his entrepreneurial journey, becoming a broker, running an incubator, and buying and selling other businesses, gaining valuable insights along the way.In this video interview, Jon Stoddard talks with Mike Finger, an entrepreneur who has been involved in four successful business exits and now runs a company called Exit Oasis. Mike shares his journey, starting with a startup he and his wife founded in the mid-90s, providing back-office and support services to schools, nonprofits, and associations. He grew the business to 50 employees over a decade but eventually felt burnt out and decided to sell. However, when he approached brokers, they turned him down due to various issues in the business.Over the next five years, Mike educated himself about what makes a business attractive to potential buyers. He shifted his perspective and made the necessary changes to transform his business into a sellable entity. Eventually, after a year of working with a broker, he successfully sold the business. The experience was a significant turning point in his life, leading him to further explore the world of acquisitions and exits. Mike continued his entrepreneurial journey, becoming a broker, running an incubator, and buying and selling other businesses, gaining valuable insights along the way.Mike Finger also discusses four common problems he has observed among acquisition entrepreneursSHOW NOTES:00:00  Episode brought to you by The Magnolia Firm's Deal of the Week! 00:34  Intro to Mike Finger and his 4 exits14:38  Launching ExitOasis31:35  Sponsor:  Let the Magnolia Firm sell your company32:17  The 4 Problems with Acquisition Entrepreneurs32:40  Problem #1 M&A Porn39:50  Problem #2 Regurgitating Guru Junk45:05  Problem #3  no one has ever made money by just buying a business. 48:25  Problem #4  Business Gigolo vs Business Owner LINKS to Mike Finger
This episode was brought to you by The Magnolia Firm.  Specialty M&A Business Brokerage firm helping business owners sell their company. Tater shares his acquisitions and investment journey, including growth strategies, revenue verification, and a focus on content sites and affiliates. He discusses raising capital, cap table structuring, and launching Blackbook investments. Mohit explores deal sourcing, negotiation tactics, and lessons learned from failed deals. He addresses investor characteristics, the Multi Member LLC Investment Vehicle setup, and managing investments. He touches on mentors, Webstreet platform, and plans for diversification.SHOW NOTES:00:00  Episode brought to you by The Magnolia Firm00:34  Intro to Mohit Tater - how it all started03:09  What did you do to grow your first acquisition?05:21  Do you still use Flippa?05:36  2nd Acquisition - getting scammed 06:55 What did you learn from getting scammed07:38  How do you verify revenue 09:29  His focus: Content sites and affiliates09:55  When he started buying larger revenue site and his first investor12:01  Formal Pitch or Friends and Family13:02  Investors ROI over 3 years14:11  Where he found the deal and revenue numbers14:50  Conversation with investor to sell15:19  Deciding to reduce risks16:20  A deal that did not work out  - why it did not work out. 17:34  How he first structured the cap table with investors 18:40  Launching Blackbook investments20:40  Minimum investment date of deployment22:11  How many investors he has on his email list22:47  Types, Size of Deals and On or Off Market & where he sells them24:22  What he likes to do 25:22   How he negotiates overpriced deals26:58   Rolling equity28:05  Proof28:23  Partners?28:45  Sell your business Magnolia Firm29:09  How long did it take to build a list of investors30:27  What do these investors look like?31:36  How he sets up the Multi Member LLC Investment Vehicle 33:56  Do investors get dividends?34:47  How many investments do you current manage?36:00  Where do you want this to go - what he needs in resources?38:06  Who is your mentor?39:38  Why not raise fund - and Webstreet42:01  Webstreet Fees & value 44:58  How the Webstreet rolling fund decides on deals46:46  What Webstreet investors expect to see48:22  Do investors push back on forecasts48:57  How do you qualify to be on Webstreet49:57  What about working capital investment?51:00  How many acquisitions have you made from Webstreet money?52:43  Plans to buy bigger websites?53:57  What he needs & diversifyingLINKS to Mohit
SHOW NOTES:00:00  Episode brought to you by The Magnolia Firm00:51  intro to Malcolm Peace and his first look at acquisitions04:10  Acquisitions are about "Buying Time"05:56  Getting Inspiration08:30  How his mentors guided him11:10  Was the ERP project a skill test or real customer?13:45  The Pieces start coming together when you are intentional15:18  How Andre Agassi figured out Bjorn Borgs serve15:59  Launching a PE firm as minority partner - and the blowup22:26  Sourcing a deal and what happens when you get emotionally attached to a deal26:56  What his PE experience taught him about Quality of Earnings28:00   looking at deals closer to home29:02   Episode brought to you by The Magnolia Firm30:35  Broker or no broker - change the outcome?31:00  Building an outreach system - before and after results33:28  The search criteria thesis - The 3 D's35:58  How long did it take to find your first acquisition39:17  Helping owners to work above the business - to scale and exit40:22  Malcom's 2nd Acquisition42:37  How he financed the deal - Her Price My Terms44:45  $900,000 in free cash flow - shrimp47:43  How much he raised in capital - Why you need to stay in touch with investors49:17   All cash Friends & Family round?52:26  What is he doing with the excess free cash flow...bigger deals?53:20  HoldCo dreams53:49  Did company have GM in place?54:17  How do you feel about this deal compared to losing first deal56:25  Owner Second Guessing the Deal57:43  What Malcom does settle himself
This episode was brought to you by The Magnolia Firm.  Specialty M&A Business Brokerage firm helping business owners sell their company. Snow shares his journey in the world of mergers and acquisitions (M&A) and provides valuable insights into the industry. He introduces himself and talks about his background, giving viewers an overview of his origin story. Bill discusses his first deal, a spin-out deal that unfortunately did not reach fruition. He then touches on the concept of valuation, emphasizing how some individuals can have overly optimistic expectations.Bill goes on to recount his first successful deal, where he worked with a $20 million marketing company. He highlights the importance of not providing a disservice to clients or offering bad advice. The quality of earnings reports is strongly recommended by Bill, and he notes the increasing prevalence of Reps & Warranty Insurance in the industry.Towards the end, Bill mentions "10 Reasons Acquisitions Fail" and "10 Lurking Problems for Sellers," which are discussed in his book. These sections cover common challenges and pitfalls encountered in M&A transactions, providing valuable insights for anyone involved in the process.Overall, Bill Snow's video provides a comprehensive overview of his experiences in the M&A industry, offering valuable advice and insights for professionals and enthusiasts alike.SHOW NOTES:00:00  Episode brought to you by The Magnolia Firm00:51  Intro to Bill Snow origin story03:43  first deal Bill worked on - spin-out deal - did not get deal done04:34  Valuation - stars in their eyes05:28  First successful deal working on a $20 million marketing company06:54  disservice to client or bad advice08:05  Quality of Earnings reports - strongly recommend08:40  Reps & Warranty Insurance - seeing it more and more...09:20  How an investment banker gets paid11:39  The Best part of the M&A job & How Negotiating & playing cards are similar16:29  How to win at poker and M&A19:42  How many deals did Bill work on before book20:25  Why he wrote the book, M&A for Dummies26:11  Don't give my company ideas about wanting royalties29:15  Did the "For Dummies" brand help you?30:43  Did the M&A for Dummies book open new doors or backfire?35:41  What is difference between first edition book and 2nd?36:57   What's my Valuation?   A. "It depends"38:58   how to create Sell Side Valuations for buyers43:30   When 80% of your revenue is from one customer46:15   If the Quality of Earnings Report is done right...47:58   I am the Tax man.   page 185 of Mergers & Acquisitions for Dummies49:44   10 Reasons Acquisitions Fail:  Bureaucracy,  Zombie,  No Authority,  pg. 331 55:37   10 Lurking Problems for Sellers: Accruals,  Parallel Activities & The End Run pg. 335LINKS to Bill & Acquisitions for Dummies by Bill Snow  on
This episode was brought to you by The Magnolia Firm.  Specialty M&A Business Brokerage firm helping business owners sell their company. this YouTube video, Craig Dickens from JD Merit Group is interviewed about his experiences in the world of mergers and acquisitions (M&A). Craig begins by sharing his background, including his success in building a mail-order company for tri-athletes, which he eventually sold. He then discusses how he used the proceeds from that sale to pursue his next ventures.SHOW NOTES:00:00  Episode brought to you by The Magnolia Firm00:51  Intro to Craig Dickens from JD Merit Group01:23  Building mail order company for Tri-Athletes - 26k mail list - and sold that05:59  What was next?  Parlayed the proceeds 07:11  How much did you parlay to the next opportunity08:53  Finding his niche size11:18  Buying & Selling a QuickBooks company12:23  Looking for another acquisition - How you make decisions to invest15:20  Bending will to reality - the endowment effect  16:23  Elon Outlier 18:25  Any of those acquisitions not work out and why?21:45  Why Craig sold one at a time23:18  What usually happens when you over pay for acquisitions25:08  Did you use partners?27:18  How Craig structures deals - Finding the deal,  Sponsoring the Deal29:22  How much money does Craig bring to deal30:52  Example of $20 million deal - law of large numbers Capital Providers33:30  PE or FO or HNWI 35:24  Why he moved from owning the companies to M&A Advisor37:30  Personal Guarantees - learning from our failures40:04  Should I sell now?42:24  How do you know - John Warrillow - Built to sell 44:24  How do you find clients - Guess what?  LinkedIn45:45  Why do they pick your firm over others?49:12  First time sellers - first time buyers51:24  What do you do if seller wants more than company is worth?54:57  Fastest deal done - and average56:45  How much of your tri-athlete mindset helped you in M&A - learn to accept suffering58:24   When you deal has hair on it - the M&A Axiom - price the risk59:54  How Craig's M&A firm charges1:02:01  How many deals do you work on per month1:02:30  How do feel about your work today LINKS to Craig Dickens
This episode was brought to you by The Magnolia Firm.  Specialty M&A Business Brokerage firm helping business owners sell their company. Pinto is CEO of Georgia Scapes.   Georgia Scapes is a licensed and insured provider of landscape services, including: commercial maintenance and installation, irrigation, anti-erosion, and residential design and installationSHOW NOTES:00:00  Episode brought to you by The Magnolia Firm00:48  Intro to Adrian Pinto 01:35  Learning Experience - and his background at PE firms03:36  What did you Adrian do at the PE firms?06:25  When & Why he made the decision to buy a company10:04  Did you want to do it by yourself or with partner?10:50  How did you find the acquisition?12:34  What was your criteria 13:26  Why did seller want to sell?14:11  Who did the audit?14:43  Was business reasonably priced / valuation?17:10  Working Capital in the PE world - and the SMB seller wants it19:50  Why is SBA loan a double edge sword to future growth?24:25  Talking about Mark Leonard at Constellation Software & Operational Excellence 28:10  Creating Havoc with more acquisitions28:38   How he grew the acquisition by 42%30:15   How the SBA views history when you are a 25 year old company32:33  Why he chose landscaping business34:09  What was experience like with employees when you don't know anything36:25  Any employee leave?37:05  Any surprise red flags or seller disingenuous? 39:04  Did you create a risk that was not real - being reasonable?42:43  Recurring Revenue & what he liked about the businessLINKS to Adrian Pinto
This episode was brought to you buy  Specialty M&A Business Brokerage firm helping business owners sell their company.Eric Hsu (on Twitter at Lawyer4SMBs)  2nd degree connection2ndBusiness Acquisition Lawyer | M&A, SBA Deals, SMB | I help self-funded entrepreneurs negotiate/structure/close SMB acquisition dealsSHOW NOTES:00:00  LINKS to Eric Hsu
🆓 FREE LinkedIn Deal Flow Course - 👉Learn More about How to Buy a Million Dollar Business Ron Holt  Former CEO & Founder of Two Maids & A Mop. Current Founder of Pink Zebra Moving.SHOW NOTES:00:00  Intro to Ron Holt01:20  Where did he get the inspiration?03:48  How he launched Two Maids and a Mop04:47 How much did you save up?06:33  Why go after a fragmented industry?08:02  Did you create a formal business plan?12:45  How long did you go without paycheck?15:12  Who was your Darth Vader?  16:10  How did you turn it around - figure out product market fit?19:24  How did you pay your people?20:40 Did you terminate the bottom 10%?21:19  What were the economics of your franchise?22:24  You got it figured out,  what did that do your revenue?23:34  Where did the franchise idea come from?26:04  You met a Subway billionaire on accident?28:13   What was the conversation like?30:43  Did you keep in touch with him?32:43  How did you go from 11 to 93 locations?33:15  How much did you sell a franchise for?37:29  Why were people attracted to the opportunity?39:12   Fast forward,  93 locations,  why did you sell to PE?40:58  The new idea...when did that start?43:22  There is not repeat revenue in moving business - or is there?44:54  Pink Zebra,  is that from Purple Cow,  #sethgodin 45:39  Did you hire an investment banker to help you sell?49:02  What kind of multiples did you get on a 93 location franchise?50:16  You have a boat load of money now,  did you apply same boot strap ideas?53:02  How many franchises do you have now?53:50  What was a big mistake you made in that first business?55:50  Do you feel like you are following in Fred DeLucas shoes?56:35  What is a win for you?58:48 Revenue for the moving company now?59:22 How many are you going to add per year?LINKS to Ron Holt
The deal Camilo negotiated was:-$8.95M at close-$2.5M in equity in the PE firm that was acquiring him-$1M holdback to be released after 12 month (standard when dealing with PE, it's usually 10% but I capped it at $1M)-$500k to be paid out as a salary for 12 months for the owner to stay running the company during the first year doing only the things he loved doingI charged 10% as a commission on the deal so it ended up being a happy happy story for everyone involved.SHOW NOTES:00:00  Intro to Camilo Andrews Parra00:26  The day you became a millionaire02:11  What do you do for work now?04:22  What makes a good digital marketing client to you?05:54  How much do you clients spend on ads per month?07:11  How long have you been doing digital marketing?07:16  Did you ever take a percentage of revenue?08:59  What was your WHY,  why start looking for acquisitions?09:49  This company you tried to buy on MicroAcquire - details?11:01  What is worth $6 million?16:16  So you tried to raise capital,  what was your experience?17:48  You tried SBA - but what happened?18:33  You hit brick wall with this MicroAcquire acquisition - what did you decide to do?19:32  What type of products did your client sell?20:10  He did $700k in sales his first year?20:30  How much did you spend to get it to $3 Million in sales?21:16  Did this client do this before?23:09  How did you approach your client- to help him sell?27:48  You thought his business was worth $8m to $13M?28:10  Was this course business dependent on his celebrity status?28:41   How many courses did he created?30:56  When you were ready to sell it,  where did you start - where did you list it?33:20 Are you getting qualified buyers?36:00  What types of questions did you ask to determine if they had $4 Million to put down?40:22  So you started reaching out to PE firms...42:19  How much commission did you ask as M&A Advisor?44:47  So your client crushed it in December,  how did that affect the valuation?45:24  How fast did you close?46:32  Did you client accept "second bite of the apple?"48:16  How long did it take to get your cut?48:44  Were your partners involved?48:55  What did you feel when you saw the money deposited?49:54  Are you changing your business plan due to this success?50:28  Are you going to ask for equity now?53:09  What is your plan now - what type of clients are you looking for?
In this insightful podcast interview, join us as we dive into the world of private equity with Chris Younger, the founder and managing partner of Class VI Partners. Discover the secrets behind Class VI Partners' success as Chris shares his extensive expertise and experience overseeing 27 acquisitions during his tenure at Expanets. Explore the strategic approach employed by Class VI Partners in identifying and nurturing promising investments, and gain valuable insights into the role of private equity in driving innovation and fostering entrepreneurial success. Don't miss out on this captivating conversation that will leave you with a deeper understanding of the dynamic nature of private equity and its profound influence on the business landscape. Tune in now!SHOW NOTES:00:00 Intro to Chris Younger 01:15  Acquiring 27 companies at Expanets02:33  Silver Cloud Companies PE03:11 Why do you believe in Vistage Worldwide?03:36  Who do you go to for advice?06:28 Back to Expanets,  how did you buy those companies?09:14  What about management to run these companies?11:19  Why did you start Class IV Partners?13:27  Core Values - how do you measure that?15:26  How do you reward employees?16:37  Why did you write a book?20:23  The more you tell the truth the stronger you get - where did you get that teaching from?23:22 FINRA asks you to change your name...why?24:18  Your first client did you work out and you refunded them - why?25:41  Deciding when to harvest  - how do you know?28:56  What if seller is not getting price he/she wants?30:42  Working backwards - and do you help grow through acquisitions?32:37  What if they don't have more gas in the tank?34:45  Is this a DIY roadmap or do you Done for You?35:39  What if the client has a high concentration of customers?38:39  What stories do the financial reports cards tell you?40:46  And the debt on the balance sheet?41:01  What if debt is used to turn assets to cash flow?41:53  What do you mean entrepreneurs are not using debt as much as they should?43:41  If entrepreneur has grown his business for 15 years,  done everything he can think of marketing do you improve on that?45:14  What are your suggestion when it comes to Cap structure for selling?47:15  How do you make the decision when all offers are 10% of each other?49:06  What is your "Go to Market" strategy?51:42  Communication: Don't Make this Mistake - what is that?55:18  Sending people to wealth managers...56:51  The Entrepreneur Thesis  - what is that? LINKS to Chris Younger
SHOW NOTES:00:00 Intro to Jason01:00 How he started 02:40 Raising $406M Capital to Acquire05:27 Tell us the story of the Trillium Healthcare acquisition06:36  Types of companies you acquire and why08:58  Why did you buy a company where 88% of revenue came from one customer?12:40  Do you replace management?15:09  How long do you give yourself to improve measurables?16:10  what do offers look like - cap stack?12:58  How fast do you move on acquisitions?19:16  Are you competing with other buyers?20:06  How long do you keep the companies in your portfolio?21:14  Do you employ and investment banker to help you sell the companies?22:13  How do you choose an investment banker?24:09  Do you care where/who its sold to?25:43   What is a ReTrade?27:56  What is volume of communication you have with Investors?29:56   Any companies, you try to fix/improve,  that did not work out? 32:09  What attracts you to Food companies?34:39  What life stage was the Food acquisition in?38:01  What do you do with a product line that is not making money?38:25  That company that is over 120 years old sounds like buy and hold,  how does that fit in a PE?39:48  Who do you go to for advice, mentorship?42:08  Skip level interviews - what are they?43:49  Customer is always right to...take care of your people44:20  what is some of the best advice you received45:44  What would you can a "Win"?47:08  If you find a great operator do you hire him away for other companies?48:14   What is next for you,  working until you are 99 years old?49:29  How many acquisitions do you have planned for the year?49:39  What does deal flow look like for you?
📢  Get How to Buy a Million Dollar Business for 60% Off  Use Coupon Code APRIL60 Eddie Wilson is a husband, father, avid real estate investor, CEO, national speaker, and has a passion for business growth. Over the course of his career, he has built or run more than 100 different businesses, managed 4,000 employees, and traveled around the world speaking about business and leadership. It is his pedigree and experience that has led him to develop a business operating system that worked for him in systemizing and scaling his companies. Now he has released it for you.SHOW NOTES:00:00  Intro to Eddie Wilson00:36  His entrepreneurial start02:37  How he sold his "show"03:42  How did Fox pay for your show?04:21  How much did you own of that show?04:27  What did you think - after you sold it?04:47  Then you built a TV ad agency?05:23  And you sold that too?05:28  Why did you sell that?10:50  The three things to focus on12:16  Manage IP - Explain that...14:30  The "Operating System"  what is that?17:49   What do you do if mgmt. or individual does not fit in to the "system"20:34  You create this "Operating System" what is next test it on acquisitions?24:48  How did you acquire 32 companies at one time?26:36  What do you mean "operate at scale"?29:12  What was the legal structure of all these companies?29:48  Did you have to shut any of the companies down?30:16  Did you bring in your mgmt team to run these companies?31:50  Who initiated the sale of the 76 companies?33:15  How many bidders did you entertain?33:24 The chairman,  where was he? 34:37  How much did you own percentage and how much control?34;52  You sell all your assets,  what are you working on now?37:19  What charitable work are you doing & why?41:49  Have you always done charitable work?42:25  How has charitable work changed you as CEO?43:41 How much of excess cash flow do you give to your charities?44:55  Do you buy 100% or keep seller in game?46:29  What industries are you looking at?48:41  The "Event Space"  why do you like that?51:37  How do you work with "Influencers"?52:52  Buy and Hold or grow and sell?54:24  What is the lifetime goal?55:16  Do you work with an Investment Banker - to sell your companies - who?LINKS to Eddie Wilson  The Titan Doctrine: 8 principles to achieve Titan Leadership
Learn from the expertise of John McNabb, CEO of CanaDent Corporation and Managing Partner at Integra Dental Group, in M&A, structured finance, risk management, and multi-site healthcare. With over four decades of experience as an executive in corporate restructurings, venture capital, investment banking, and M&A, he has been involved in more than 60 transactions with a total value exceeding $2 billion across all major industries.For the past 13 years, Mr. McNabb has been a reputable owner and consultant in the multi-site healthcare sector, where he excels in acquisition strategy, funding sourcing, business valuation, and complex negotiations. His involvement in 15 healthcare acquisitions during this period generated total revenue over $31 million and total enterprise value exceeding $52 million.Mr. McNabb is an honors graduate in economics from the University of Toronto and a diplomate of the Executive Development Program at Queen's University. He is also an accredited Arbitrator with expertise in commercial law and contracts, a former Director of the Toronto Better Business Bureau, and a former volunteer Treasurer of a large charitable organization.Tap into the wealth of knowledge and experience of John McNabb in the healthcare industry by watching his informative videos on our channel.SHOW NOTES:00:00  Intro to John McNabb00:28  John's origin story - thrown into saving a gold mine loan04:02  How he saved it - "The Deal that would not Die"06:36  Finding his affinity for negotiating08:31  What else was in the portfolio to fix10:52  What does "restructuring" mean?12:46  How he insulates mgmt. to focus on operations - EX: deferred coupons16:08  Why lenders like Dentist businesses18:44 How he discovered the Dentist opportunity 21:00  9 Dental Acquisitions21:50  How to do you solve the Expert - Doctor supply demand23:10  How do did you buy/finance the acquisitions?24:51  Capital & Mgmt. Earn in's26:29  Holding company structure - 27:54  What is John's role in running the holding company29:06  Delegate acquisitions to Business Dev?34:03  What was most difficult during 9 dental acquisitions - blind spot35:40  Dentists don't come with business expertise37:00 do you see increase in revenue when you outsource admin tasks37:50 Is it possible to Cross pollinate best practices 40:17  Dentist Acquisition Thesis  - buying strategy 41:15  Sunk time in a distressed acquisition43:22 Mentors - Lawyers?45:36  End of Dentist Acquisition Opportunity?48:20  What would it take to be on a board of Directors50:34  Set up a fund or syndicate after LOI - Timing53:00 Opportunity to work with John McNabb
Discover the secrets of success in the world of mergers and acquisitions with Pardis Nasseri, an industry-leading M&A advisor who has been involved in over $30 billion in transactions. In this exclusive video interview, Pardis shares valuable insights and behind-the-scenes stories from his illustrious career. Learn about the strategies, challenges, and nuances of high-stakes deals as we delve into the mind of a top M&A professional. Don't miss this rare opportunity to gain knowledge and understanding from an expert who has shaped the M&A landscape. Watch now and elevate your understanding of the complex world of mergers and acquisitions. #MergersAndAcquisitions #PardisNasseri #BusinessInsights"SHOW NOTES:00:00  Intro to Pardis Nasseri 00:20  Started as Independent Sponsor, Accounting at PwC, Jefferies & Platinum03:58   Immigrated from Iran - got stuck during the Revolution05:40  Working at Private Equity firm Platinum08:34   Keeping management on - asking them to do is twice as hard09:17  What Palm Tree LLC does  - 3 things10:19   Debt higher interest rates for SMB:  hurdle rates & cheaper money11:42   Quality of Earnings and A.I.   -  the challenge of GIGO datasets16:25  Size of deals he works on17:00  War with China - Warren Buffett unloads stock on Taiwan company18:07  Betting on stronger horse19:14  ESG scores  how is that changing Investment banking20:54  Anheuser Busch loses $4-$6 billion in value from DEI 21:50  Expanding to Texas22:22  M&A Transaction is like Brain Surgery & #1 Business Development tool24:30  QoE - Scoring a business that lowers forecasts -Trend is your Friend27:50  QoE  projection ranges - ultimately comes down to justification of forecasts29:40  The great wall of China 33:04   Investment Banker / Broker Dealer - raising capital for others 35:00   What makes a successful acquisition?   (the soft stuff)36:30  When you don't have a cultural fit - sharp elbows38:34  What do you say to CEOs with big acquisition egos?40:21  Strategic or Financial - when you hit 17 and bust -staying disciplinedLINKS to  Pardis Nasseri
In this podcast, Krystof Bartos,  guides you through his story of buying a small (SMB) in the USA while still living in the Czech Republic.   With his extensive experience in finance, Krystof makes the complex process of acquiring an SMB, with a US partner,  in the USA more approachable and manageable for international buyers, setting them on the path to more acquisitions.SHOW NOTES:00:00 Intro to Krystof from and still living in the Czech Republic02:00 Krystof's Call to Adventure 04:27 Coaches he worked with Jeremy Harbour and Carl Allen05:04  His financial experience06:01  Why did he focus on the financial part08:00  Consulting for Equity story 10:53  How to realize gains in a Consulting for Equity Gig16:42  Finding his partner & doing deals23:20  Distressed or profitable company24:45  What was Motive for selling?27:26  How to trust a brand new business partner30:13  How much does each partner own of acquisition33:21  Talking to SBA banks to get real yes/no - getting deals not done fast35:55   Seller stayed on & part of the family37:17  Did you make any big changes to company after close?40:25  Copy writing and AI44:21  Andrew Longcore,  Attorney saved the deal45:21  Why he likes Tony Robbins46:53  Keith Cunningham tooLINKS to Krystof Bartos
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