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Brought to you by  "If you don't have good deal flow,  bad deals look good"John Warrillow is the founder of The Value Builder System™ - through his organization, he has helped create over 8000 LOIsHost of Built To Sell RadioAuthor of the bestselling books; 1. Built to Sell: Creating a Business That Can Thrive Without You, 2. The Automatic Customer: Creating a Subscription Business in Any Industry, and 3. The Art of Selling Your Business: Winning Strategies & Secret Hacks for Exiting on Top.🔔 Subscribe:
Brought to you by  "If you don't have good deal flow,  bad deals look good"Maximize Your Multiple - Jon Taylor M&A Investment Advisor - Top M&A Entrepreneur 🔔 Subscribe:
Brought to you by  "If you don't have good deal flow,  bad deals look good"How it started for Gary:  In 1998,  No Money,  No Job, wife,  two kids,  mortgage. How its going: Over 75 Acquisitions  CEO of  674 employees  $100M to $500M in revenueGary A. Pudles is a “serial entrepreneur” who focuses on helping business people and organizations have more fun in business by executing better and being more profitable. He is actively realizing this goal by teaching and supporting entrepreneurship at many levels and by owning and operating multiple technology and service businesses that help other companies run better. He is the Founder and CEO of AnswerNet, and the President of SA Hosted, Splendtastic,, and He is a winner of the SmartCEO Best Run Companies award and the prestigious Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year for business service providers. Pudles has also led AnswerNet to the 21st spot on the Inc. 500.🔔 Subscribe:
This episode is brought to you by the LinkedIn Deal Flow System at www.dealflowsystem.netIntentional Growth, Focusing on Long Term Value with the End Goal in Mind - through 5 Principles to Clarify Your Vision:1.   Your Drivers2.   Financial Targets3.   Exit Options 4.   Increase Value 5.  Team of AdvisorsRyan Tansom🔔 Subscribe:
This episode is brought to you by the LinkedIn Deal Flow System at www.dealflowsystem.netMarcus Skeen,   Creative Financing & 7 month bumpy ride on first deal  -  Top M&A Entrepreneurs:    What made it even more difficult - trying to buy a US based security company as Australian citizen🔔 Subscribe:
Want More Deal Flow from LinkedIn?  Get the LinkedIn Deal Flow System at www.dealflowsystem.netMark Borkowski put 194 Acquisitions Deals together - Learn why you must have a "Seller In Control Mandate"  Top M&A Entrepreneur: Mark BorkowskiLearn How did he created his Deal Flow System.  Planting seeds.   Laws of Attraction.  Doing ethical business.   PE firms awash with cash.  Founder of Cimtek Automation - went public.  🔔 Subscribe:🔔 Subscribe and hit the bell to get notified of new interviews!🙌 Want to collaborate or sponsor? Reach out to me at
Want More Deal Flow from LinkedIn?  Get the LinkedIn Deal Flow System at www.dealflowsystem.net20 Acquisitions: Started with One Employee - Him,  E:51 Top M&A Entrepreneurs Marshall Doyle🔔 Subscribe:
4 Acquisitions: 1st was 88% Seller Finance E:50 Top M&A Entrepreneurs Jason Paul RogersWant More Deal Flow from LinkedIn?  Get the LinkedIn Deal Flow System at🔔 Subscribe:
🔔 Subscribe: in 7 Acquisitions (9 Figures)  Integration, DD and the technical  risk assessment role
9 Acquisitions, $0 to $25 Million in One year - headed to Inc. 5000  E:48 Scott Shannon Top M&A EntrepreneurAlso avail on
2 Acquisitions and marching towards $25 Million in Revenue  E:47 Peter Oykhman Top M&A Entrepreneur00:04  Intro to Peter Oykhman,  originally from Russia02:01  How big is Core Partners - story of 1st acquisition05:22  Buying a similar product line08:50  Why didn't seller go to auction10:01  What was capital stack for 1st acquisition12:55 what was ROI on acquisition13:37  How clean was code16:08  Why did they sell / motivation?18:10  Integration issues?19:18  How did acquisition change his thinking about M&A?21:48  2nd Acquisition Story36:20   Legal structure of acquisitions39:20  Working on 3rd for diversification42:00  Russia Russia Russia 49:20  Working on 3rd is it easier?
1st Acquisition, 100% No Money Down Earn In  E:46 Gia Cilento & Eric Gesinski  Top M&A Entrepreneurs00:20  Intro to Gia and Eric  - why they joined forces08:20  How they decided on Acquisition Niche12:15  getting into Jay Abraham15:00  Breadth of optionality in M&A 18:00 Failing at business - why the goldfish have 10 second memory22:45  How?  (versus envy)25:59  How much deal source did they do?29:00 What M&A skills / deal stack did they apply to this acquisition41:34   Did earn out,  change / hurt cash flow - 2X growth?43:48   Pulling out salary or percentage of profits?47:42  Was first acquisition hub or spoke?50:12   Offers out
E: 45 Top M&A Entrepreneur - Sebastian Amieva 45 Acquisitions Global CitizenInvestor | Mentor | M&A Expert00:05 Sponsor DueDilio00:36  Intro to Sebastian Amieva calling in from Uruguay 09:46  Can we seller trust financial statements - only with hard assets16:02  How he start acquiring companies (at 24 years old)22:35  Number of deals,  How he helps them23:22  How he helps clients with 1st acquisition - is it all about the money?26:25  How he partners with clients28:30  His best break out student33:14  Helping clients without experience in industry they are acquiring36:39  What is exit plan for students?38:32  Picking superstar students - characteristics for best chance to succeed 43:42  What questions does he ask seller?47:13  How much time does he spend on valuation with asset heavy business?49:00  What industries he avoids?53:00  What types of deals is Sebastian working on now - in India?54:00   Working with Deliotte and Attorney - his deal teamSebastian Amieva
00:07  Sponsor - DueDilio00:34  Intro to Nick Bradley he has worked on 117 Acquisitions over career03:37  How do you EXIT a business06:47  Breaking CEO's mind by pitching idea to grow by 50% to 100% per year11:10  Stories to tell to help CEO's grow.   Creating A Life-Changing Number Exit17:01  Numbers on businesses sold -what is your highest value?23:30  What you want to reach out to your buyer 12 month before selling26:10  As soon as you start to this...27:13  PE firms are notorious for shadow valuation LOIs - How to flip with script34:30  Buying a company from PE and VCs37:55  Not cheap if you are walking away with $10 to $20 million - how you get there39:59  Who he goes to for inspiration - 90 day cadence42:41  67 marathons45:02  Why worry twice 52:00 Goals for 2022
Joseph B Anderson.  WestPoint graduate,  Vietnam Veteran Served 13 years in Army,  Featured in the movie “The Anderson Platoon”.  After Vietnam,  became plant manager for GM - responsible for $1 billion in revenue.   Left GM to buy his first acquisition, Chivas Products Limited.  Inherited a lot of debt, leveraged everything,  sought bankruptcy protection.   From that experience, Developed a signature turn around strategy.  Chairman and CEO of Tag Holdings.  Started in 2001.  Holding company for Wolverine Industries & Baron Industries.   Profiled on CNBC's "Blue Collar Millionaires".  13 Acquisitions with Revenues over $1.3 billion 00:00 Sponsor - DueDilio00:31  Intro to Joseph B.  Anderson01:44  His first acquisition in 1994 of Chivas Products Limited03:19  Balance sheets,  what did too much debt teach him04:32  Hard lessons learned - Making same mistake says something about you05:05  2nd Acquisition  Acquires Vibration Control Technologies, LLC, majority owner – divested in Mar 2010.        06:27   What life lessons - what is worse could happen - learned from Battlefield07:29   How transparent are you with all your employees - what is leader responsible for?09:04   What did he do with - Chivas Products Limited?09:44   In 2003 acquires a unit of Dongsuh, in Korea - lessons learned from a distance11:59   Who was his mentor at West Point?12:28  Acquired In 2003 North American Assemblies, Sold to long time General Manager - Value of your business is only nice on paper only real when you sell it.   Mentoring / Creating Opportunities15:55  Acquired Wolverine Assemblies - Joint Ventures in the Auto Industry 18:40  Helping others,   can't spend it till you sell it.  Owning it nice.   Having owned it is better19:35  Identifying superstars - the right people.   Some people do not work out. 20:34  Acquired Shared Vision LLC.   Customer caught cold he caught pneumonia  Lesson Customer Concentration21:20  Acquired Baron Industries  - one of his best success story - did so well not going to tell you. 22:32  Divest from Aircasters - not doing so well sold without exciting returns23:13   Learning from failures - what was his biggest one - avoid these characteristics - hard decisions about people. 25:24  Turning down opportunities - reality checks27:24   Do you like being CEO of a holding company?28:02   How does he improve his skills?28:55   What is his future plan for Tag Holdings?29:50  Did he ever step in and take over as CEO of one of his companies?30:32   What Advice would he give to someone entering M&A world31:22   What about his favorite phrase,  "It is what it is"
Great conversation with Tom Shipley.  Tom sold $2billion through Atlantic Coast Brands and raised $100 million for ecommerce acquisitions - Why you need to Add a ZERO to your opportunity. 00:09  Sponsor DueDilio com00:43  Introduction to Tom Shipley Launched Foundry, Atlantic Coast Brands01:43  Major shift in life - moved to Israel and joined Israel Special Forces03:01  Learning the "Power of the Impossible"    Focus and Clarity: same in Special Forces as in Business04:41  Started with $100 in pocket.   What is worse that can happen.  05:54  How do you create or transfer the "Special Forces" life experience - if you don't join military 07:09  Why Ego kills the culture - taking calculating risks  (adding a Zero)  Why playing small is soul crushing11:20  How they bought a $15mm with $1mm in Ebidta business when theirs was only doing $300k and in one year took both to $35 million14:10  Getting into Amazon Aggregation,  Thrasio,  The World has changed - the start of Foundry15:49  Taking Roland Frasier's EPIC course  - everyone should crafting their skill sets  - sharpen sword17:14  Launching his next Billion dollar business with Peter Lang18:10  Why the number one job is "Recruiting"19:42   Speed and Culture  - Hiring Stars / Superstars  - Trust - How you do Extraordinary things24:09  Raising $100 million acquisition fund,  how he picked the capital sources - what was important in a funding partner  - what are people like when things go bad  - asking "and then what?"34:23  Integrating Digital Agencies through M&A - rolling up 10 at time38:22  Solving the Cultural issue with the new Digital Agency Acquisitions - setting up SOPs/Culture Bibles40:51  What are skills & tools to "add a zeros"   Having a bigger vision  - 1. What would have to be true for this to happen?   2. If we solve this, so what?45:40   The Book will come when I have time. 47:40  Impact investment project - NFTs, crypto raising $30billion  - no clowns49:25  Who he seeks out for inspiration  - listening to our gut50:49  Its a game but how many lives have you impacted.
00:11  Our First Podcast Sponsor  DueDilio00:53  Intro to Trish Higgins01:23  What Chenmark Capital Mgmt. does...and how05:38  Clarifying the Ebidta requirement07:09  Are Investors throwing money at Chenmark?09:48  Who / what idea or company are you modelling - 20 year horizon?12:59  How many companies have you acquired,  who was first? 15:44  1st Acquisition - Seabreeze Properties - How did you find it, where, how was process, offer, broker deal, financing stack?26:01  Seller financing - how was that structured?27:14  How did you make up for a lack of "Operations" expertise? 29:16  Did sellers exit early?29:55  Learning / Finding / Growing the C-Suite to run their companies - How Chenmark does it36:53  Graduates of your leadership training,  what are they seeing - who enrolls?40:20  How often do your portfolio CEOs communicate with HQ?42:45  Is the financial software & reporting standardized throughout your portfolio?44:59   What about capital allocation decisions? 46:35   What happens if sales / profits are down 5% or costs up 5%?49:52   What does Chenmark have in place for the CEO to grow their skills?53:45   Chenmark Core Values 54:26   Chasing your better self54:46   What do you know now that you did not know then? 56:14   How is decision made on CEOs?
Roman Beylin is the founder of DueDilio, an M&A due diligence marketplace as well as publisher of The Business Inquirer newsletter.  He began his career in investment management and moved to investment banking.  In 2013 he caught the entrepreneurial bug and co-founded one of the first alternative data consulting firms counting some of the most well-known hedge funds as clients.  After a few years, he sold that business and since then has been active in the Entrepreneurs through Acquisition space working full-time on DueDilio, The Business Inquirer as well as some smaller projects.  He resides in Boston, MA. Questions to Roman / Chapters Time Stamps00:00  Intro to Top M&A Entrepreneurs 00:37  Intro to our guest: Roman Beylin founder of DueDilio  - No Deal Better than Bad Deal02:00  How he started DueDilio  & The Business Inquirer05:00  His first acquisition - a resume business - due diligence on acquisition06:18  Marketplace's - Airbnb, LinkedIn, eBay - how is it going with DueDilio07:30  The process of finding a DD service provider on DueDilio09:40  What will we spend on Due Diligence...and timing?11:11  Does buyer have blanket NDA with service provider or do they sign one with seller too - who handles the DD requests with seller?13:40   Does service provider provide opinion (go/no go) on business?14:50   What type of analysis / research does DD service provider offer - most requested?16:15   How long does due diligence take - high end / low end?17:25   How detailed does Due Diligence Service Provider get with financials?19:28   When is a full Quality of Earnings required - what revenue level?22:17   Can you circumvent DueDilio after first order - second sale?25:44   Repeat customers? 27:35   Is DueDilio Ideal for Searchfunder backed by PE or Independent Sponsor? 28:16   What size of business, revenue, is most common due diligence requests?29:25   What is market forces are driving the due diligence requests?30:12   Are Family Offices or Private Equity firms good source of DD requests?31:35   What are "Subject Matter Experts" on DueDilio?33:45   Does DueDilio collect post DD information?34:49   How long does it take to hire, data transfer, due diligence completed?36:11   When sellers start sending pieces of the financials37:11   Can DueDilio offer Service providers to do DD on International companies?40:53   How do I "use" or "grade" the due diligence from the Service Provider?42:15   My experience not doing reputation DD on an ecommerce business - doing DD on buyer43:42   What are KPIs and Drivers / Levers for DueDilio?45:26  What is long term goal for DueDilio?47:16   Do Service Providers get "scored /rated" on DueDilio?48:43   What industry do you see most DD requests on DueDilio - demand from offline or online?52:10   Where do you think DueDilio could grow to?  53:50   What does DueDilio need to grow? 55:32   When does buyer pay on DueDilio?   Who Pays? 57:02   Does DueDilio help buyers get smarter with acquisitions ?58:03   Has the "Why" question already been answered by buyer? 59:30   What is a "Deal Sherpa"? Get in touch with Roman at to The Business Acquirer at https://thebusinessinquirer.substack.comGet in touch with Jon Stoddard at:Subscribe to my YouTube
Callum is founder and CEO of MBH Corporation PLC, an agglomeration of 27 acquisitions, small, profitable companies from around the world.  By leveraging the Agglomeration strategy, MBH Corporation plc is able to create substantial shareholder value through the consistent and accretive acquisition of excellent companies   MBH Corporation plc is listed on the Frankfurt and Dusseldorf Stock Exchanges and the OTCQX in New York (MBHCF). 00:00 Intro to Callum Laing00:28 What a agglomeration is and what MBH does  - partner to Jeremy Harbour - benefits of agglomeration05:46  Comparison to Berkshire Hathaway. 07:12  How is controlling interest / stock and equity structured with agglomeration acquisitions - ultimate mastermind group09:03   Where do the profits flow up to - all acquisitions pay a management fee plus dividend to shareholders  - buying a boring 60 year old Caravan company14:48  What is assets / leverage to you bring to an acquisition proposal - difficulty for SMBs to break through glass ceiling - the balance sheet unfair advantage of an agglomeration - 1000 applications a year now19:27  How he started with the idea - starting / partnering with Jeremy Harbour - solving SMB exit issues25:00   How the agglomeration gets contracts - SMBs are great problem solvers27:47   How did the first acquisition happen - what where the challenges - how did the early "pitches" go?33:18   What are the characteristics of the motivated seller - what are needs of seller37:14  Arbitrage Multiples - the Master Minded Effect and Covid - working through challenges39:52  Adjacent "tactical" Acquisitions - teaching his acquisitions to grow through acquisitions43:12   Landscaping like a SaaS business - recurring revenue 44:57   Working on the strategy for 6 years - biggest obstacle - internal biggest hurdle to Callum -financial markets - huge learning curve - how they communicate / transparency with everyone50:08  Challenges with OTC markets - 15C-211 purge /  International trade volume issues. 54:26   What is best investment he made to change his life.
John co-founded Wolverine Energy Services Inc. with Jesse Douglas in 2012 with an initial acquisition of a $5 million revenue oilfield services company. From his first acquisition to 2020, they acquired 16 more businesses, grew revenue to $240 million and took the company public (TSX:WEII)   Also President to Divestopedia - which helps sell businesses. 00:00 Intro to John Carvalho   - hat  tip to Williams English01:14  His call to adventure and decision to leave the ordinary world of Deloitte 03:08  17 Acquisitions later $240mm in rev and taking public  - not an org chart guy04:43   State of the O&G many products so many uses 05:10   How he rolled his fees in and structure the partnership - and scrambling together the capital06:48   How his deal stack looked for the first acquisition,  seller motivations,  how he leveraged assets09:22  Did seller keep any portion of business,  for 2nd bite or sell 100%  - age big factor in risky ride10:20  How it felt to get the first deal  - advising is different than signing and owning it. 11:16  How has it changed him - assessing risk.   How he looks at it today  How to Mitigate the risk. 12:35  Annie Duke book,  playing poker12:50  When did momentum happen - or was it still grinding away...   started with 3 separate businesses,  and strategy changed.   2nd acquisition - and 3rd acquisition changed deal structure - now seeking partners  - selling the 2nd bite of apple vision15:15   Types of companies he was buying, indirect, direct competitors or adjacency businesses - expansion strategy - geographic sectors - and some distressed deals17:30   How did he find the distressed opportunities?18:27   What did he learn about doing all these deals  - risk mitigation - in hindsight...wish we would made process more systematic - deal sourcing, offers,  deal stack, DD process,  capital sourcing  - always fun...always needs to be capital partner ready...blowing through credit limit...21:37  Did he accomplish what he set out to do,  helping CEO with journey - wanting to do deals - built wealth helping someone else23:43   Did he have any internal struggles being the #2 guy...  25:45   Having 5 deals in pipeline and assessing probability assessments on closing each deal 27:35  Parents - not sure they know what he does - generational creating better opportunity - proud - work ethic they instilled 29:40  Types of businesses he works with now.   Where his expertise is - best use33:17 Working backwards to get the highest EBITDA  how many acquisitions you need to do.  HVAC example34:10  HVAC example,  if $20mm HVAC CEO has never made an acquisition,  mind set change - risk appetite - triple the business or saying you are not ready because you would choke37:15   Does he assist in adjacent businesses  - why are you doing acquisitions - diversify risk38:40  Thoughts on purchasing an unprofitable business40:00  His Acquisition Playbook training - teaching others how to acquire businesses 42:10  Does he just teach people how to do it DIY or Do it with me...44:45  Bringing his expertise to parts they are missing - bringing leadership to C-Suite46:30  Working with Jesse, first meeting,  being young,  different,  assets behind him,  start of the relationship. 47:40  How this acquisition journey has changed him - breaking away from that paycheck.   Find out what you love to do,  you will never work a day in your life - tap dancing to work
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