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Author: Laura Scappaticci

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In the spaces between the daily commute, dirty laundry, & moments of overwhelm, there is a great mystery happening. A spiritual spot in the ordinary. Get to know this side of life (and yourself) with Laura Scappaticci, spiritual explorer, mom, blogger, and anthroposopher. Each episode includes fun, insightful conversations where we reveal the esoteric and hidden world that’s right here in front of us--so That Good May Become.
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Sacred forms are everywhere. Think of spirals & Celtic knots.  But how do they connect to healing? Laura Embrey, author of eight books of healing forms and international workshop presenter, started experiencing the power of forms and their physical and emotional healing qualities over 30 years ago. We explore the origins of forms and their healing applications in today's world.  Have an ailment? There is a form for it! Check out for forms to help with the Corona virus, all of her books,  and how to book a private consultation. 
Ashley Andrews, integrative nutrition & holistic health coach, yoga instructor and reiki practitioner, brings a youthful and wise perspective to healing body image issues through freedom in thinking, connecting with the physical plane, and tuning into find oneself, one's teachers, and oneness. Follow Ashley @wakeupwithashley on Instagram. 
Marlies Schade, somatic trauma healing practitioner and rhythmical massage therapist, explores how each of us can create a space inside and around ourselves to allow healing to come in. Her work with trauma guides us into an exploration of mirror neurons, the relationship of opposites in healing, nature processes and their echo in our body, personal rhythms, and creating a field of healing full of attention, warmth, hope, and possibilities. Email or message Laura for information on our new course, A Healing Impulse: Antidotes to Trauma and the Stressors of Our Time that will  begin to be offered at the end of January 2022. 
What if our medical system viewed the human being as having innate healing capacities? Explore this perspective and practice with author, teacher, and physician, Adam Blanning, MD. In addition to the framework around healing and illness, our topics include addiction, self-harm, ADHD and more. Go to to see Adam's recent workshop and check out to find out more about trainings for healthcare professionals and workshops for everyone. 
The darkness of this time of year is potent.  Can we tap into  it and create sacred and healing moments amidst our hectic schedules or holiday blues?  Kim Marie, creator of the Sacred Nights of Winter Journal, offers us five steps to cultivate healing and deep reflection during the holiday season despite holiday pressures. To get Kim's Sacred Nights of Winter journal go to  
A Healing Connection

A Healing Connection


We all have healing stories. Mine includes an asthma attack, watercress, and self-created time-outs. This quick solo episode introduces Season 3 and invites you into a healing journey with me. Check out my new free worksheet, A Healing Connection, at to explore your spiritual autobiography of healing. And hey--email me your questions and thoughts about healing at 
Conner Habib brilliantly outlines the ways in which we  are all connecting with the dead every day.  We discuss his experience of a "crisis apparition" and talk about connecting to the people we've lost and how that creates deeper and healthier relationships with the living,  We chat about the concept of reincarnation, and the cultural narrative about death that collectively we refuse to accept. To hear more from Conner on this topic, check out AEWCH 150 here. Register for my free Befriending Death Workshop Nov. 10 here. 
Heidi Boucher, producer, writer, & director of the documentary In The Parlor: The Final Goodbye, illuminates the beauty of home funerals, how to help children understand death, and the most important thing we can do for those who have died. Check out the movie In The Parlor here. Go to or contact me directly for a free worksheet on Befriending Death. PS- The sounds gets a little funky when Heidi shares a story of a spiritual encounter. Coincidence?? You tell me. 
In this enlightening conversation, Jolie Hanna Luba talks about the simplicity of staying connected to those who have died using intention and warmth, as well as the "death care community" she created in Atlanta, GA. Connect with Jolie and her work here! 
Befriending Death

Befriending Death


In this short but sweet solo episode, I introduce the topic of Season 2, Befriending Death. I share stories about my own spiritual and emotional history with death and connecting with the dead, plus the transformation of death as hidden and shameful topic to something  full of love and humor. (Trigger Warning: Death stories plus a death joke.) Transcripts of all That Good May Become episodes are coming soon! Thanks for tuning in. More on Linda Bergh and Marianne Dietzel here. 
Chris Burke, Ph.D shares the story of a spiritual voice that once saved his life. Together we explore the power of creating a "community of listening and sharing" and why now more than ever everyday people, not just experts, are truly healers. Find out more about Chris and biography work at
Claire Sicherman, author of the book Imprint: A Memoir of Trauma in the Third Generation, explores her first, haunting spiritual experiences with her ancestors affected by the holocaust and her journey through to a loving  relationship with them, herself, and her family.  Stay tuned through to the end for an exercise to connect with your ancestors and yourself as you unpack your spiritual and ancestral history and any trauma that may have come along with it. Find out more about Claire's book, visual art, and writing classes at 
This podcast begins with a powerful story of a spiritual experience from Chinyelu’s childhood in Nigeria, a place where the roots of her devotion to early childhood education began. We discuss how to support children when they come to us with spiritual experiences and why that's important in today's world.  Stay tuned through to the end of the episode for a beautiful verse she gave to her son when he was going through a difficult period in 7th grade.LINKS: We Nurture Collective website with stories for children, recipes, & holistic parenting advice. The We Nurture podcast
Rev. Bonnie Rambob's spiritual story includes a connection with a spirit being, losing her religion, and finding herself again after a dark night of the soul. Her story is profound and relatable at once. Hearing stories of self-doubt & spiritual awakening help us all trust our own spiritual experiences and allow for depth, meaning, and connection in today's world. Find  Bonnie's  podcast IrenaCast here and her work at the Parkside Community Church here. 
How do we transform grief into an experience of growth? Author and speaker Michele Mariscal explores her journey through loss to a spiritual understanding of the alchemical transformation that grief can create. Check out Michele's work  at 
In the last episode of this season, Conner Habib, author, podcaster and my kid brother, shares his first spiritual experience, why looking for spiritual signs can get tricky, some tips (and non- tips) on cultivating a spiritual path, and why all stories are spiritual stories. Listen to Conner's podcast, Against Everyone with Conner Habib on all podcast apps. Check out his website at and his Patreon site here. 
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