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The Empowered Pregnancy & Birth Course is here! In celebration of the launch of this course, we’re offering $100 off for the first week (deal available through October 9, 2022.) Just enter the code LAUNCHPARTY at checkout: I sit down with Emma Armstrong, a mother, certified doula, Birth Influencer and Founder of The Naked Doula. She’s a speaker worldwide who helps women transform their birth experiences with practical and emotional tools, and helps inspire women to make the best informed decisions that are right for them. Her translation and explanation of birth has impacted thousands in their search for a positive, informed and empowered birth experience. Birth can actually be ecstatic, pleasurable, and sensational! You can smile and laugh and dance through the surges. Birth doesn’t have to be agonizing, long, and scary and in this conversation we get to the heart of birthing in your power no matter your birth setting or situation, and how to encourage an easier and quicker labor. Thank you to our partner for sponsoring today's episode Bite: go to or use the code ELLEN at checkout for 20% off your first order We cover: Emma’s story and what has made her so passionate about helping women have an empowering birth experience The unlearning of what we all learned birth “has to be” Red flags during birth and induction lies Her ecstatic c section Cesarean hacks Giving brith where you feel safest and creating a safe environment How to influence your birth setting Emma’s top birth tips as a doula for an easier and more pleasurable labor Reasons why you should or shouldn’t have an epidural Reclaiming your power over your birth experience Knowing and understanding right rights as a birthing woman Speaking life over each other’s birth stories Oxytocin and its role in sex and birth My personal transformational birth stories So much more WHERE TO FIND THE NAKED DOULA Website Instagram WHERE TO FIND ME Get my birth course Get my ebooks Instagram Watch the podcast
Loni Jane has been in the online space for years, always sharing openly and authentically on her life and inspiring others to connect to their own inner vibrancy. She’s a mother, creative artist, photographer, and online content creator living in Australia who’s been a close friend of mind since our eldest children were toddlers. When health challenges came to a head and forced her to reflect honestly on her life, Loni transformed her health from a dedication to get to the root cause and heal from the inside out. She lives her passions with a focus on vibrant, simple healthy living. From her plant-based journey to staying grounded in family, getting her explant surgery and following her intuition, to selfceare, skincare, motherhood, individuality and creative flow, there’s something for everyone in this conversation that is sure to light a fire within you. Thank you to our sponsor Anima Mundi Herbals Use code ELLEN15 for 15% off organic plant medicines at In this episode we cover Her health journey from sick to thriving: from not taking care of herself to valuing her health and wellness Her breast implant illness story What grounds her and balancing work life and motherhood The problems on social media and pressures that come with it Overcoming anxiety Routines that help her take care of mental health Her philosophy on partnership and love, and how to keep the love alive within relationships Following your heart and intuition How she connects to something greater, and making life habits a spiritual practice What fuels her creativity What matters most to her right now Her self care advice and more WHERE TO FIND LONI Instagram Website WHERE TO FIND ME Get my ebooks Instagram Watch the podcast
Relationships can be the catalyst to deeper self love and personal growth. And it often opens the door to uncovering our own traumas and triggers to heal and deepen into love with another. Nimai Delgado and Bianca taylor, a couple well known in the vegan nutrition and fitness world, share some of the vulnerable relationship experiences they’ve had, which led them to working through childhood traumas, healing from infidelity and showing up for both themselves and their partner. In this episode we cover: Their relationship story, why they broke up, and healing from infidelity The story behind their YouTube video “We are not your couples goals” How personal growth is imperative for long term relationship success What a conscious relationship is The misconception that you have to be “healed” in order to find love Their advice for healing both personally and within relationships Opening up to more intimate and vulnerable conversations How to have healthy communication and resolve conflict in a productive loving way How deeply rooted personal trauma plays a significant mirroring role in relationships How to deepen self love  The importance of integrity and openness to explore triggers to grow and heal Turning the gaze inwards instead of projecting outwards when facing challenges in relationship Breaking generational trauma and how the way we parent creates a ripple effect for our children as they face the world Creating safe containers for each other during triggering and vulnerable times WHERE TO FIND NIMAI DELGADO Instagram YouTube Podcast Website WHERE TO FIND BIANCA TAYLOR Instagram  YouTube Podcast Website WHERE TO FIND ME Get my ebooks Instagram Watch the podcast
What helps you feel loved, seen, heard, and encouraged? I sit down with BC Serna who is on a mission to lean into each other’s stories so we can find more compassion in each other through the way they view the world. We open up a heart centered conversation and touch on delicate subjects including healing from trauma, spirituality and beliefs, and transforming your pain into purpose to start a revival both individually and collectively. BC is an online creator who inspires many in growth mindset and life development. He’s the founder of Pursuing Purpose, a collection of retreats and online programs helping to heal your heart, reveal your purpose, and discover your tribe. **As a thank you for all your support, get any of my recipe ebooks for 15% off using the code PODCAST at checkout at ** In this episode we cover: How jealousy, egos and divisiveness threads into our trauma and reactions The difference between a growth mindset vs fix mindset Unresolved hurts or trauma that reflects our pain & emotions Where our triggers come from community and spirituality leaning into curiosity and challenging yourself How divisiveness and labels limit our understanding of each other and creates unnecessary black and whites embracing the gray and nuance Identifying why you’re anxious and hurting and turning that into helping others healing your heart to transform your trauma from pain into purpose and helping others tuning into quietness and truly listening to others Where real confidence comes from and what it looks like to build trust with people WHERE TO FIND BC Instagram Website Retreats and masterminds WHERE TO FIND ME Get my ebooks Instagram Watch the podcast
Rich Roll and I discuss practicing patience and presence in life and the journey towards creativity and joy, finding purpose, and running with it. He shares how to step into the person you’ve always wanted and deserve to be, what he does to stay motivated daily, his spiritual beliefs and parenting philosophy, advice he would give his younger self as a lawyer and struggling with addiction, and more. Rich is a globally known vegan ultra endurance athlete, best selling author, and host of one of the biggest podcasts on the planet, The Rich Roll Podcast. He’s a graduate of Stanford University and Cornell Law School, that got sober after a decade of drug and alcohol addiction. At 40 years old he walked away from a career in law, to transform and reinvent himself once he learned the value of a healthy plant-based lifestyle. Named one of the 25 fittest men in the world by Men’s Fitness, and the world’s fittest vegan by men’s health, he’s a wellness advocate, father of 4, and globally known for his athletic accomplishments. His story has inspired millions on addiction, redemption, and optimal health. I’m humbled to have gotten the chance to sit down with and learn from someone I admire, not just as a successful podcaster who is incredible at cultivating meaningful conversations, but also as someone who’s so driven by learning and growth. Sponsor: go to or use the code ELLEN at checkout for 20% off your first order of Bite *** As a thank you for all your support, get any of my ebooks for 15% off using the code PODCAST at checkout! *** In this episode we cover: Practicing patience and presence in life the journey towards creativity, joy and finding purpose Stepping into the person you’ve always wanted and deserve to be What he does to stay motivated daily His spiritual beliefs How his parenting philosophies have evolved over the years What it’s like raising teenagers with his wife Julie Life lessons that have integrated into his fatherhood role The advice he would give his younger self The best advice he’s been given Pain as his best motivator for change What he does to unlock the best version of himself Advice for those who feel they are at the bottom And so much more WHERE TO FIND RICH: Podcast Instagram Website WHERE TO FIND ME Get my ebooks Instagram Watch the podcast
I sit down with Alicia Silverstone, an actress best known for her iconic role in the hit film Clueless. She’s also a New York Times best selling author, health advocate, co-creator of MyKind Organic Supplements, and host of The Real Heal Podcast. Alicia is a dedicated mother who has boldly and unapologetically shared her passions for natural living and natural parenting since the time she’s been in the spotlight - even if it was met with ridicule or laughter. As a long time vegan, she published two incredible books that were some of the first vegan books of their kind: The Kind diet and The Kind Mama. In this episode we cover: Alicia’s vegan story What it was like being vegan in Hollywood before it was cool Different kinds of activism and what the world needs more of Her tips for raising healthy kids How she responds to push back against her “alternative” parenting styles What respectful parenting looks like for her family The relationship between her and her son Bear Staying true to yourself and your beliefs Having confidence in not caring what people think about you Her podcast and what she’s excited about now Co-sleeping, elimination communication, raising her son Bear vegan, and more Sponsor: Anima Mundi: use my code ELLEN15 for 15% off organic *** As a thank you for all your support, get any of my ebooks for 15% off using the code PODCAST at checkout! *** WHERE TO FIND ALICIA Instagram Real Heal Podcast Website WHERE TO FIND ME Get my ebooks Instagram Watch the podcast
I sit down with Destiny Bennett, an author, speaker, parenting coach, educator, and wife & mother to three boys. Her life’s work and purpose revolves around her journey through and connection to motherhood and relationships and she’s passionate about helping others restore their marriages and foster authentic connection with their children. Both your relationship with your partner and your relationship with your children are intertwined, because how we model our relationship with our partner teaches our children how to be in relation with others. Respecting one another extends not only to your partner but your kids as well. This conversation is packed with practical tips and life experiences to implement in your own life. In this episode we cover The connection between a strong marriage relationship and a strong bond with your children Destiny’s relationship journey with her partner Marriage secrets that helped them restore their relationship that once was suffering greatly Key principles in fostering an intentional love filled marriage How to make time for intimacy when life is so busy Healthy communication tips when navigating disagreements with your partner How porn was destroying their marriage Changing toxic generational patterns in parenting Respecting your child’s individuality Fostering authentic connection over punishment Apologizing to our children: In order to raise children who are accountable for themselves, we must be accountable for ourselves Appropriately respond to our children when they are struggling with big feelings and learning to regulate their emotions and more Sponsors: Anima Mundi: use my code ELLEN15 for 15% off organic Buffy: Use my code ELLEN for $20 off orders over $80 WHERE TO FIND DESTINY BENNETT Instagram Website Book WHERE TO FIND ME Get my ebooks Instagram Watch the podcast
Not many issues are more polarizing and heated than the topic of abortion. Pro life advocates believe in the inherent value and human rights of the unborn. Pro choice advocates believe in the the rights of women to choose whether to continue a pregnancy or not and to have bodily autonomy. Brenda Davies and Lila Rose have very opposing views on the topic of abortion. Brenda is a writer, podcaster, and left-leaning pro-choice Christian with the YouTube channel called God is Grey. Brenda believes that forced birth is immoral and that abortion can be better prevented by making this nation a more hospitable place for new & existing life with left leaning policies. Lila is a writer, speaker and pro life activist. She’s the founder and president of Live Action, a human rights nonprofit with the largest digital footprint on the globe for the pro-life movement. Live Action exists to defend the rights of the unborn and make abortion unthinkable. In this episode we cover: Is it always wrong to commit intentional violence on an innocent human person? Is it immoral to force teens and women to give birth against their will? What about bodily autonomy? What is the moment of distinction when a person deserves basic human rights? Gestational age? A heartbeat? Viability? When a person takes their first breath after birth? Both mother and child have rights - are those rights in conflict? The viewpoint: “I wouldn’t personally get an abortion but I wouldn’t want to restrict someone else from getting one.” Is the way we talk about this debate “pro life” and “pro choice” accurate to how people who hold those views truly think and act? There was over 600,000 abortions last year, if all abortions were banned, that would be 600,000 more kids, many of them in poverty or tough situations, what would be the plan to deal with that? Horrific instances of rape or incest, or when there is an extreme health risk to the mother?  Sex elective abortion, when one aborts their baby girl because they are specifically wanting a boy, or vice versa. would making abortion illegal actually reduce abortions? How the foster care system vs adoption shapes this conversation Do women need to rely on abortion to succeed in society? What about overpopulation? Roe v. Wade - will the Supreme Court overturn Roe? What will that mean for our national conversation about abortion? Sponsors: Buffy: Use my code ELLEN for $20 off orders over $80 Anima Mundi: use my code ELLEN15 for 15% off organic WERE TO FIND BRENDA DAVIES: Instagram Book YouTube WHERE TO FIND LILA ROSE Instagram Website Book WHERE TO FIND ME Get my ebooks Instagram Watch the podcast
Millions of people are choosing veganism all over the world. They value their health, have compassion for animals, and are concerned about the environment, and yet despite the personal benefits they experience, a lot of people revert back to eating meat dairy and eggs. Why is that? I have been looking forward to this episode since the creation of my podcast. One of my most passionate topics is this conversation surrounding why people stop being vegan, how vegans respond to people who stop being vegan, how non vegans use the stories of ex-vegans as proof of justification for this or that, the complexities of our own experiences that shape our decisions, and so on. To break down this topic, I shared a conversation with Colleen Patrick-Goudreau who is not only a decades long OG vegan, but also a thought leader on the social, ethical, and practical aspects of living compassionately and healthfully. She’s a speaker, cultural commentator, podcaster, and author of many books, including “The Joyful Vegan: how to stay vegan in a world that wants you to eat meat, dairy, and eggs” and her perspective on the many common reasons why people stop being vegan are compelling. In this episode we cover What the data shows is the main reason people stop being vegan - is it health reasons or more social and cultural? The social and cultural pressures that impact our lifestyle choices feeling the pressure (often self inflicted) to be perfect What being realistic about food and health looks like The double standard that our society holds plant-based eaters and their health to compared to any other way of eating Breaching values and sabotaging goals in the process The problems with ex-vegan stories - both how they are presented and how people respond to them Anecdotes & social media influencers who quit being vegan if I ever consider stopping being vegan when plant-based diets don’t work our biological design to thrive Why you’ll never see videos called “why I quit the ancestral diet” or “why I quit the paleo diet” Health is so much more than just food Division & hatred on both sides the hidden complexities of our modern day agriculture system if vegans’ righteous anger when people fail to meet their expectations is justified or helpful Loving everyone through their own journeys, stories, and no matter how they choose to eat. Thank you to our partner's for sponsoring today's episode Manscaped: Get 20% OFF @manscaped + Free Shipping with promo code ELLEN at Buffy: Use my code ELLEN for $20 off orders over $80. WHERE TO FIND COLLEEN PATRICK-GOUDREAU Instagram Website Her book WHERE TO FIND ME Get my ebooks Instagram Watch the podcast
An exciting follow up conversation with Dr. Will Bulsiewicz on the power of plant diversity to optimize our gut microbiome and overall health. In this episode we go even deeper and get into the layered complexities of the gut and our individuality, how to heal from food intolerances and live in abundance without restriction, and other lifestyle factors that directly impacts our gut health. Dr. B is board certified in internal medicine and gastroenterology and is an authority on cutting edge medical research on microbiome science. He’s a graduate of Georgetown University School of Medicine and received his Master of Science in Clinical Investigation (MSCI) from Northwestern University and a certificate in nutrition from Cornell University. He is a New York Times best selling author of his book “Fiber Fueled,” and has recently come out with his second book, the “The Fiber Fueled Cookbook,” which is an empowering and research-based book full of recipes and information on healing and training the gut for long term health. With an emphasizes towards a holistic approach to healing, Dr. B looks at the person as a whole when understanding what is causing gut problems and intolerances. This episode is packed with details on how to take charge of your health and heal your gut. I hope you find this episode empowering on your journey towards optimal health and feeling your best. In this episode we cover: Why eating a wide variety of whole plant foods is so important How to heal your gut through this principle The uniqueness of our gut microbiome with strengths and weakness What causes a gut to become damaged How to get to the root cause of symptoms and problems with our current food system Long term elimination diets and how they don’t actually heal your gut, instead it suppresses symptoms and make things worse overtime How to strengthen your gut to live abundantly, not restrictively The approach of the G.R.O.W.T.H strategy to heal your food intolerances The negative effects of the overuse of antibiotics The emergence of home testing for food intolerances Gluten and whole grains, good for your gut or not? Carnivore diets and if excluding more plants from you diet, which may cause temporary lessening of symptoms, is better for your gut and health long term Recognizing your gut health is more than just food: the power of the mind Food poisoning, stress, lack of sleep, and more Animals products as a detriment for long term health An inclusive plant based emphasis for everyone, and staying away from perfection Thank you to our partner's for sponsoring today's episode Bite: go to or use the code ELLEN at checkout for 20% off your first order Buffy: Use my code ELLEN for $20 off orders over $80. WHERE TO FIND DR. WILL BULSIEWICZ Website Instagram The Fiber Fueled Cookbook                            WHERE TO FIND ME Get my ebooks Instagram Watch the podcast
CALL TO ACTION: Andrew and I are doing a special call to action. Right now your donation can have double the impact. For every donation to O.U.R. Rescue made through HERE, we will match it up to $10,000. Which means together we can raise $20,000 for OUR Rescue. We will be making our match donation in August 2022, so if you are listening to this sometime between now and august, you have time for your contribution to make two times the impact. CLICK HERE TO DONATE. Also, join the Abolitionist Club which is their exclusive community of monthly donors ranging from $5 a month on up. The recurring monthly revenue is so helpful because it allows them to budget effectively from an organizational perspective The selling of people, human trafficking, is the fastest growing criminal enterprise in the world, with 27 million enslaved, 6 million of them children. So many of us aren’t aware of how wide spread this issue is, because it’s not at the forefront of the media, and we think it doesn’t happen where we live. But this is the closet crime that is exploding and rising all around us at astronomical rates. Tim Ballard, a former special agent and undercover operator for the Department of Homeland Security and also former CIA, shares what we need to know about child trafficking. He’s an abolitionist, NGO specialist, activist and philanthropist, and is the founder and president of O.U.R. Rescue that rescues children from child sex trafficking and sexual exploitation and has assisted in the arrested of thousands of predators. This episode is heavy, sobering, and challenging, but important to hear. Be aware when starting this episode that we discuss some very heavy topics, but that there is a reason and goal in mind: how to protect our children and support those who are rescuing children from slavery and exploitation. In this episode we cover: What human trafficking is and what it looks like both in the US and internationally. Tim’s background and what lead him to this line of work as a life long mission Why human trafficking isn’t on the forefront of media attention Online explicit material and how O.U.R. Rescue helps facilitate tracking down predators and finding the abused children The process of rescuing children currently enslaved in different parts of the world Tim’s recent trip to Ukraine and how when a country is in crisis it puts children at risk of being trafficked The rise in normalizing pedophilia and sex with minors The dangers of social media and smart phones for children The new documentary coming out soon around what O.U.R. Rescue is doing in Ukraine called “Good Friday” The best way for us to support and help O.U.R. Rescue’s efforts to rescue children from exploitation and slavery WHERE TO FIND TIM BALLARD Website Instagram DONATE to O.U.R. Rescue HERE Join the Abolitionist Club WHERE TO FIND ME Get my ebooks Instagram Watch the podcast Family YouTube channel
Many people want to become more financially stable, but are struggling or feel like they won’t be able to change their circumstances. Rachel Cruze, a two-time #1 national bestselling author and financial expert, empowers people to turn around their finances, get out of debt, and build a wealth mindset. Rachel and her Father, Dave Ramsey, teach families and individuals at all levels of income how to start saving to create long term wealth, and finally get out of debt. I personally have learned so much from this incredible principle they teach: “Live like no on else, so that later you can live and give like no one else.” Short term sacrifice can lead to reaching your long term goals, financial freedom, and being in control of your money. And I’ve seen drastic shifts take place, not only in my own life, but also in my friends lives, by following the advice Rachel teaches. I am so excited to get my hands on Rachel’s book “Know Yourself Know Your Money” which is out now and available to read. I loved this conversation with Rachel, she’s energetic, thought-provoking, compassionate, and insightful. Personal finance is an important topic for all people, at all levels of income and I hope you will find what she shares inspiring for your financial freedom journey. In this episode we cover: How to build a wealth mindset Common myths people believe about millionaires (The National Study of Millionaires) Common characteristics that people live by who are good with their money The biggest mistakes people make when it comes to finances & managing their money How to win with money in 7 baby steps Things people waste their money on that they think they need Tips, resources, and tools for making a budget and sticking to it Is becoming financially independent something that is only for the privileged? What about those who are really struggling financially (either from debt, can barely pay their rent, are a single parent, or are on a fixed/low income?) The fastest way to pay off your debt Saving and how few people are prepared to pay for an emergency Ways people can make extra money aside from their job Taking life into your own hands vs. waiting for the government to dismiss student loans How to best protect our money from inflation Why giving generously is such an integral part of this discussion Teaching kids healthy finances and money habits Thank you to our partner's for sponsoring today's episode Bite: go to or use the code ELLEN at checkout for 20% off your first order Buffy: Use my code ELLEN for $20 off orders over $80. WHERE TO FIND DR. RACHEL CRUZE Website Instagram Facebook Twitter Her book WHERE TO FIND ME Get my ebooks Instagram Watch the podcast Family YouTube channel
As parents, we are all striving to raise and nourish our children with love and intention, and to set them up with a healthy foundation of emotional and physical wellbeing for the rest of their lives. Dr. Gemma Newman, a general practitioner who’s been practicing for 18+ years, shares her wealth of knowledge and experience on optimizing your family’s health and wellbeing. She is a senior partner at a family medical practice in the UK, has OBGYN, family planning, and pediatric credentials, as well as her own experience transitioning her family to a plant-based dietary pattern many years ago. Her approach is inclusive towards all types of lifestyles in how to adapt a healthy plant-based diet and she provides a compassionate lens through her years of experiencing different types of patients and circumstances. Her book “The Plant Power Doctor: A Simple Prescription for a Healthier You” is a complete how-to go-to that has the necessary science for people to feel empowered to thrive on their plant-baed diet. It’s the perfect combination of recipe book and information to help you navigate your journey towards optimal health and preventing disease. I loved this conversation and we got to cover so many topics together in this packed two hour episode. I hope you feel empowered with the information Dr. Gemma shares and enjoy hearing our own different & personal experiences from two plant-based mothers raising healthy families. In this episode we cover: Dr. Gemma’s experience and expertise in pregnancy and child nourishment What the science says on the benefits of raising children plant-based and how it stacks up against dietary patterns rich in animal foods How to best adopt a diet rich in whole plant foods How to best set up our children for a healthy pattern as they get older, reducing risk of heart disease and obesity and cancer Nutrients of focus & supplementation Different options to meet your family’s nutritional needs, depending on your life situation and preference Child teeth health and using both natural and western practices Picky eater tips & party gatherings Transitioning your family to plant-based What really are “ancestral diets” Breastfeeding, donated breastmilk, and formula Starting baby on solid foods Allergies and eczema Should parents get their child’s blood levels checked? Being the example & how to help children incorporate new foods in a healthy environment Thank you to our partner's for sponsoring today's episode Bite: go to or use the code ELLEN at checkout for 20% off your first order Buffy: Use my code ELLEN for $20 off orders over $80. WHERE TO FIND DR. GEMMA NEWMAN website Instagram Her book “The Plant Power Doctor: A Simple Prescription for a Healthier You” WHERE TO FIND ME Get my ebooks Instagram Watch the podcast Family YouTube channel Sources in description box of YouTube version
Having an empowering birth experience is one of my favorite topics of conversation. Birth is a transformative experience and we can cry and laugh and love up on each other’s stories, whether there is heartache, trauma, euphoria, or peace. All birth stories matter and there is strength to gain from listening to each other’s experiences. I sit down with my friend Jordan, who recently gave brith to her fourth baby in the comfort of her own home in Tanzania with her family. She shares the story of her most recent birth and we also revel in the evolution she’s had from her other births as well. Her birth stories are both hilarious and beautiful, chaotic yet calming, and also empowering. We found many similarities in our own lives, not just from the beautiful mess of motherhood and homeschooling and raising a big family, but also from the insights we’ve gained over the course of our different births. In this episode we cover what has helped us have the most empowering birth experiences, what hasn’t helped, and everything in between. You can find Jordan on instagram at @pheonix.wild so you can keep up with her life journey with her family travels, homeschooling and motherhood. She is coming out with a homeschooling course soon so stay tuned for that and she also just launched an online market place to be able to find natural mother and baby products all in one beautiful place at So buckle up for some wild birth stories, I laughed a lot in this episode, probably because I find so much joy in talking about birth. I hope you enjoy our stories. Thank you to Buffy for sponsoring today’s episode. Use my code ELLEN for $20 off orders over $80. In this episode we cover: Jordan’s story and what led her family to uproot and move to Tanzania What she’s learned from living in Tanzania and what the culture is like Jordan’s birth story of her most recent birth, her fourth baby who was born just 7 weeks ago The rest of our birth stories and what we have learned from each one What has helped us have the most empowering birth experiences, what hasn’t helped, and everything in between. The power of the mind in creating a positive birthing experience How to decide where you should give birth (the hospital, birth center, home birth, etc) How we have found pleasure through brith Orgasmic Birth, the book Running towards the places you are most afraid to go, and relaxing in those places Embracing the journey of labor instead of trying to hide from it for a quicker and more enjoyable labor progression Rewriting the story that birth has to be painful and scary Homeschooling and motherhood with 4 children And so much more. WHERE TO FIND JORDAN Instagram Organic Baby Me WHERE TO FIND ME Get my ebooks Instagram Watch the podcast Family YouTube channel
The topic of gut health is integral to optimizing our physical and mental wellbeing. Our microbiome has a direct relationship to our immune system, digestion, metabolism, hormones, mood, and more. Dr. Will Bulsiewicz is board certified in internal medicine and gastroenterology and is an authority on cutting edge medical research on microbiome science. He’s here to arm you with empowering information to achieve optimal health without restrictive dieting like elimination diets, but rather with abundance. We dive into the complexity of the gut, why eating a diverse plant-based diet is key to optimizing our gut function, and why a plant-predominant to plant-exclusive diet is the most scientifically proven way to support the microbiome. Dr. B has incredible credentials. He’s a graduate of Georgetown University School of Medicine and received his Master of Science in Clinical Investigation (MSCI) from Northwestern University and a certificate in nutrition from Cornell University. He received the highest clinical award at UNC and was Chief Gastroenterology Fellow. He conducted research for and contributed to more than 20 scientific articles and has given more than 40 presentations at national meetings. Dr. B’s book “Fiber Fueled” is a a must read and a personal favorite of mine for understanding the significant role that a diverse plant-based diet plays in creating a healthy gut. He is also soon to be releasing a second book, the “Fiber Fueled Cookbook,” which is an empowering guide filled with delicious recipes and information on how to heal the your gut with evidence-based research for long term health. Thank you to Buffy for sponsoring today’s episode. Use my code ELLEN for $20 off orders over $80. In the episode we cover: Dr. Bulsiewicz’s personal story to discovering plant-based eating and his transformation from sick to thriving The connection between the gut microbiome and our food choices The overwhelming body of evidence supporting the importance of plant diversity for optimal gut health The difference between cherry picking studies vs looking at the whole body of evidence, taking into account the hierarchy of evidence Why some people struggle with digesting plants and why these are the people who need this information the most, so they can heal their gut Why fiber is a crucial element to creating a healthy gut Stress and mood disorders related to gut health The direct relationship of our gut health to our immune system, digestion, metabolism, hormones, mood, etc How ancestral diets stack up against gut health Animal foods vs plants for gut health WHERE TO FIND DR. WILL BULSIEWICZ Website Instagram  Fiber Fueled book  WHERE TO FIND ME Get my ebooks Instagram Watch the podcast Family YouTube channel
My sister Hannah and I are inseparable and in this intimate conversation we discuss not only our personal relationship and upbringing as well as our motherhood journeys, but also some of the controversial things we experience online being content creators. One thing we both share, value, and love to work on, is our desire to cultivate a healthy mindset. We love reminding ourselves of this focus and how it impacts our lives. Living with a growth mindset, not taking things personally, judging less and having more compassion can only bring in more light and love and peace into your life. Hannah has recently come out with an incredible digital course called Vegan for Good. The course is for people who are looking to transition to vegansim and thrive This step-by-step guide will empower you to thrive on plants, eating wholesome every day, and making sustainable lifestyle shifts by building vegan meals that sustain you. This course will help you transition for long term success and live with food freedom while choosing vegan. Get in depth guidance on minimal meal prepping to save maximum time and money, understanding your cravings once and for all, living vegan and still being social, and so much more. Click here to check out her course. Thank you to our partners for sponsors today's episode Blueland: get 20% off your first order when you go to Buffy: Use my code ELLEN for $20 off orders over $80. In this episode we cover: Our relationship as sisters and how it has transformed over the years Growing up with parents practicing gentle parenting before it was a more wide popular concept How to stop taking things personally Receiving criticism and what it’s like to reflect inward to not judge others Our vegan lifestyle, our parent’s backgrounds, and their transition to eating plant-based Our “opposing views” of showing our kids online Life lessons regarding friendships and healthy communication Hannah’s journey to becoming a new mom Finding security and self acceptance in who you are How other peoples judgements are a reflection of themselves, and not of you The challenges of new motherhood and the intensity it brings The importance of sacred community and passing down the wisdom of birth WHERE TO FIND HANNAH Vegan for Good Course Website Instagram YouTube WHERE TO FIND ME Get my ebooks Instagram Watch the podcast Family YouTube channel
The insecurities of our own physical uniqueness holds us back to our full potential as human beings. Some spend hours a day trying to fix what they consider to be flaws, or frequently examine their appearance in a mirror and constantly compare their appearance with that of others. But your beauty is already within you. Our mind’s perception is a building block to our outlook in life. Body dysmorphia is often exacerbated through today’s societal norms of cosmetic and plastic surgery and even face filters that we now see all over social media. Sophia Esperanza and I unpack this topic while she shares her own body dysmorphia story and her decision to remove her implants, and leaving the modeling industry to pursue a different direction in life - using her large social media platform to inspire an ethical vegan lifestyle, slow fashion, and loving your body. Sophia is an inspiration to so many online, who lives true to her convictions and speaks to a deeper level of consciousness, pondering and reflecting how the human species can evolve and grow, even in the age of social media pressures, illusions, and body dysmorphia. Thank you to Buffy for sponsoring today’s episode. Use my code ELLEN for $20 off orders over $80. In this episode we cover: Sophia’s body dysmorphia story What lead Sophia to leave the modeling industry and decide to remove her implants How body dysmorphia is exasperated with the rise in cosmetic/plastic surgery and face filters The importance of being yourself and not conforming to society’s unattainable and often singular ideal version of beauty that is all the same The argument to both sides of aisle with cosmetic/plastic surgery When someone has a prominent or strong feature How face filters online can be affecting our society today Sophia’s ethical vegan story How being a steward of the earth ties in to being a steward of your own body Using your dollars to support more ethical choices from organic plant foods and vegan clothing to ethical slow fashion Sophia’s new ventures with Elbows on the Table, a vegan recipe website how veganism has changed her life in the most positive way. WHERE TO FIND SOPHIA Instagram YouTube Website WHERE TO FIND ME Get my ebooks Instagram Watch the podcast Family YouTube channel
Dominick Thompson has a unique life experience that has shaped numerous injustices he’s passionate about and speaks up for today. He’s a former drug dealer who grew up with humble beginnings and unfortunate circumstances, including witnessing his first murder at 5 years old. After incarceration and becoming vegetarian in prison, he took his second chance and become a healthcare executive turned activist and social impact entrepreneur. Dominick has become a successful vegan multi sport athlete who’s done triathlons, is an incredible example in the vegan community, and cares about many issues spanning from animal rights to human rights. We covered so many important topics in this 2 hour episode yet it felt like we barely scratched the surface. This authentic and open hearted conversation had so many layers with loads of curiosity and exploration of different ideas and perspectives on how we can show up for positive change in our individual lives. In this episode we cover: Dominick’s life journey from dealing drugs and being incarcerated to transforming his life The prison system, being in “the hole” (complete isolation), and issues within the system The reforms that have been made and what still needs to be done Women in prison for killing their abusers Food insecurity in marginalized communities Compassion and masculinity and how it relates to veganism and human issues Corruption within powerful lobbying industries and how it poorly manipulates the free market system Shifting food subsidies towards healthful foods Health care vs sick care Exploring what universal health care might look like in the US Dominick’s perspective on self partnering His book deal called “Eat what Elephants Eat” How we can show up for positive change in our individual lives. Thank you to Buffy for sponsoring today’s episode. Use my code ELLEN for $20 off orders over $80. WHERE TO FIND DOMINICK THOMPSON: Instagram website WHERE TO FIND ME Get my ebooks Instagram Watch the podcast Family YouTube channel
Are you missing that steamy fire you once had with your partner in the bedroom? Truly, you both deserve passionate loving making, real authentic connection, and life altering sex. Holistic sex and relationship coach, Kim Anami, is here to help infuse more passion into your life and bed. Her work is a spiritual blend of over two decades of tantra, Taoism, transpersonal psychology, philosophy, and growth-accelerating practices. So if you’re looking for deeper connection, intimacy, pleasure, energy, and creativity, then this is the episode for you. Buckle up guys, because this episode will blow you away. Be sure to get your partner to listen to this one too. Because this information will greatly benefit you both. And do not miss Kim Anami’s course that is returning, Vaginal Kung Fu! Open registration is from Jan 19th to Feb 5th. It’s an 8-week Virtual Salon to strengthen and tone the vagina and enhance and increase your orgasms. If you’re thinking, why would I need to strengthen my vagina, well you’ll learn all about why in this episode, but also, If a woman is disconnected from her sexuality and her vagina, she is operating at a massive disadvantage. You can’t tune into your sexual energy and sexual pleasure if you have a numb, under-functioning vagina. Register to join Vaginal Kung Fu HERE In this episode we cover: What is a well f**cked woman? What are so many women not having enough incredible sex? Why having incredible sexual energy and being well fucked is life changing. What do men and women need from each other? Healing inner wounds and sexual trauma Openness, honesty, and trust. The importance of open hearted communication and breaking down those walls with one another The game changer: jade eggs (vaginal weight lighting) Strengthening and toning the vagina to enhance and increase your orgasms What does it take to have a world shattering, bed shaking, sex life? What does it take to reach cervical orgasms? How men can prolong their ability to keep going and why premature ejaculation is such a common problem Loving our partner’s genitals What about women who recently gave birth or are breastfeeding? women who are single. Kim’s advice for vital sexual energy Conscious monogamy Thank you to Buffy for sponsoring today’s episode. Use my code ELLEN for $20 off orders over $80. WHERE TO FIND KIM ANAMI Her course Instagram YouTube WHERE TO FIND ME Get my ebooks Instagram Watch the podcast Family YouTube channel
With homeschooling on the rise, there are reasons now more than ever to homeschool. I sit down with my friends Josefa Ciccarelli and Jenna Strubhar to share all about our homeschool routines, the reasons we homeschool, tips to keep the magic alive in learning, where we get our inspiration from, the benefits we’ve seen, and more. In this episode we cover: Different homeschooling philosophies Josefa and Jenna’s personal homeschooling journey The reasons to homeschool Problems that can arise with modern or public schooling The many incredible teachers there are - whose hands are often tied with many of the systems in place Are the milestones the public education system has created arbitrary, or is there a place for it? The rise in homeschooling and the reasons now more than ever to homeschool What age to start homeschooling? The concern some parents have that they aren’t certified teachers or experts in certain subjects and that they wont be able to properly educate their children Do homeschooled kids lack socialization? How to keep your kids motivated. What do you do when your kids don’t want to do homeschool? Does homeschooling require a schedule? Homeschooling ideas with a budget or financial restrictions like both parents needing to work Are there any cons to homeschooling? Creative ways to keep the magic alive in learning homeschooling authors and resources that have inspired us WHERE TO FIND JOSEFA & JENNA: Jenna’s instagram Jenna’s website Josefa’s instagram Josefa’s website WHERE TO FIND ME Get my ebooks Instagram Watch the podcast Family YouTube channel RESOURCES Jodie Mockabee Jodi Mockabeee Getting started with homeschooling guide TedTalk Hackschooling makes me Happy by Logan LaPlante Changing Education Paradigms Data suggests 1.2 million families switched to homeschooling last academic year: Art for kids hub Outschool TedTalk Do Schools Kill Creativity? By Sir Ken Robinson Books How Children Learn by John Holt How Children Fail by John Holt The 5 Hour School Week by Aaron & Kaleena Amuchastegui The Call of the Wild and Free by Ainsley Arment Dumbing us Down by John Taylor Gatto
Comments (3)

James Ansell

Ellen Fisher has a record of spreading misinformation on vaccines so is a poor judge of Dr Malone's claims. When I heard about Dr. Malone's career I was initially hopeful that she was going to talk to someone who challenges her views. Instead it appears she's cherry picked the one expert who agrees with her. Yes Dr. Malone is credentialed in the correct field to talk about this topic however there are many other scientists just as qualified who have come to the opposite conclusion. It's a great thing that we have many scientists in many fields of research. Unfortunately this also raises the odds that a small percentage will come to inaccurate conclusions and some may find a media career talking to the public about their unsubstantiated views. I find it telling that Dr. Malone has started speaking at anti-vaccine rallies and doing podcasts with people like Ellen Fisher and Joe Rogan who have a reputation for previously spreading misinformation. If I wanted my unorthodox scientific views taken seriously by the scientific community I'd spend my time trying to convince my peers and getting my research into peer-reviewed journals, not tweeting falsehoods that erodes my reputation. As a layman in this area I can't rely on my own reasoning to determine fact or the best course of action. That's why I listen to the scientific consensus. This article has more information for those interested:

Feb 1st

Jordan Nicole

My favorite question was about pushing your religious beliefs on your children and I couldn't agree more. I really hoped she might go into how this might relate with veganism. My children have been vegan their entire lives but my parents are often giving me a hard time for telling my child something like "that has animal products in it so we don't buy it, if you'd like we can find a vegan option or make a vegan version at home." They say I'm forcing veganism on my children, would love to know your thoughts, Ellen, or Dr. Shefali's thoughts.

Jan 12th

Lori Daly

Awesome conversation. It was always about the mass vaccination program. Everything is Covid now. A teen going to the hospital with adominal pain and fever. Tested positive for covid and sent home. goes back the next day and turns out his appendix burst, but he was misdiagnosed. Crimes against humanity!

Oct 15th
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