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A higher education podcast focused on the transformation of the higher ed landscape. Speaking with college and university leaders, this podcast talks about the trends, ideas and opportunities that are shaping the future of higher education, and provides best practices and advice that leaders can apply to their own institutions.
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On this episode, Karen Pedersen, Dean of Global Campus at Kansas State University talks about the evolution of online and professional education, and emerging trends higher education can expect to see as we head into a new normal. 
In this episode we're joined by Joe Sallustio, incoming Senior Vice President for Lindenwood Global at Lindenwood University and co-founder and host of The EdUp Experience podcast.Joe chats about the process of launching a new division within a historic institution, and reflects on how higher education leaders can innovate from inside the sometimes static walls of a postsecondary institution.
In this episode, Erika Warning-Meyer, Vice President of Enrollment and Student Affairs at Nicolet College, talks about the key role Student Affairs plays within the institution and how to create an environment around lifelong learning. 
Colleges and universities that have adopted continuing ed as a tool for reskilling learners have a choice to make.   They can either embrace the new model of education and do what is best for students and the community, or they can stick with the old and try to boost their rankings by getting as many applications as possible.   On this episode of Illumination, recorded live at UPCEA’s 2022 conference in Orlando, host Amrit Ahluwalia chats with David Schejbal,  President of Excelsior College, about the choices institutions have around CE and how global issues are impacting curriculum development.  
Corporate partnerships are one of the driving forces behind continuing education. They help prepare students for workforce expectations and guide instructors in developing curriculum in line with current employer needs. Since the internet came into the higher ed picture, multiple generations have used the web to advance their education and have had their learning experiences shaped by tech.   Gary Matkin, Dean of the Division of Continuing Education and Vice Provost of the Division of Career Pathways at the University of California Irvine, joined Illumination podcast host Amrit Ahluwalia live at the 2022 UPCEA Annual Conference to discuss the internet’s use in higher ed and how corporate partners are benefiting most from continuing education.  
 Continuing education can act as a gateway for the public to access a college or university. It's crucial for CE leaders to understand and engage with people who live in the area, feel the beat of the community and respond accordingly with programming that the residents find valuable.  Continuing ed can be the bridge between a community and an institution.  On today’s episode of Illumination, Michael Frasciello, Dean of the College of Professional Studies at Syracuse University, talks with host Amrit Ahluwalia about how CE units can help their institutions achieve their mission and attract partnerships with local employers.  
Giving students options, developed in partnership with thought leaders and industry experts, will better prepare them for the future of work, and give them the skills they need to succeed right out the gate.  Michael Cunningham, Chancellor and CEO of National University System sits down with Illumination host Amrit Ahluwalia to discuss schools adoption rates of upskilling or reskilling programs, the 60 year curriculum, and how schools could adopt a subscription model.  
A school is more than what happens within its walls, or even around its campus. Considering what a school does beyond what is expected, how it impacts the community that built it and the world that it aspires to change is a challenging yet critical task. Finding the right was to both manage an institution and impact social change is a balancing act of sorts, but one that can lead to better student outcomes and a better world.EvoLLLution Editor-in-Chief and Illumination host Amrit Ahluwalia is joined by Angie Kamath, Dean of the New York University School of Professional Studies. The two discuss the obstacles leaders of continuing education face, and how schools can make a significant social impact, locally and around the world. 
Stephanie Geyer, the Director of Digital Strategy and Innovation at the University of Montana, sits down with Illumination host Amrit Ahluwalia to chat about digital marketing personalization in a postsecondary environment, and share advice for marketing professionals whose work may be overlooked. Finding new ways to attract future students requires meeting them where they are, online, but also making a personalized connection. 
Tom Cavanagh, Vice Provost for Digital Learning at the University of Central Florida, sits down with Illumination host Amrit Ahluwalia, to talk about the differences between in-person and virtual conferences, the relationships public universities have with their communities.  How a higher ed operates its continuing ed department can be tricky. The right balance between generating revenue and serving students interest needs to be met, as well as bettering the community around the school. 
Don Tracy, the Director of Corporate and Community Education at Austin Community College, joined host Amrit Ahluwalia on episode 30 of Illumination, recorded live at the NCCET conference in Austin, Texas, to talk about the prison education system in the United States, and American community colleges.  Inmates are coming out better prepared to rejoin society thanks to ACC’s partnership with local prisons. Tracy also discusses how similar practices can be applied to some of the biggest companies on earth. 
Students returning to school to up-skill or re-skill can take what they’ve already learned in the workforce and apply it to furthering their education. At the same time, businesses can partner with schools to develop programs with the right faculty to give students the best education possible.Mark Koulianos, Executive Director of Corporate Training and Professional Education at the University of South Florida, joins host Amrit Ahluwalia on episode 29 of Illumination, recorded live at the NCCET conference in Austin, Texas, to talk about what higher ed can learn from corporate culture.  
Just as startup companies are fighting for our attention and dollars by constantly innovating and adapting, so too must higher education. Competition and creative “borrowing” of ideas drives innovation and produces better outcomes for students. On the latest episode of the Illumination Podcast, The EvoLLLution's Editor-in-Chief, Amrit Ahluwalia, sits down with  Frank Cappadocia, the inaugural Dean of Continuous Professional Learning at Humber College, to discuss what schools need to do to adapt. To learn more, visit
Postsecondary institutions are no longer exclusively marketing themselves towards teenagers fresh out of high school. They’re realizing that there are thousands of potential students who have already been working for years, and who want to further develop their skills, or re-tool themselves to switch careers. On the latest episode of the Illumination Podcast, The EvoLLLution’s Editor-in-Chief, Amrit Ahluwalia, sat down with Ian Allen, Executive Director of the College of Extended Learning at the University of New Brunswick, to discuss this wake up call for new learning models.To learn more, visit
The workforce is looking to fill its talent pipeline. Modern learners are looking for fast and efficient ways to upskill and reskill to stay relevant in the job market. On this episode, with Steve Pratt, Head of Engineering at Cytiva Vancouver, talks about the employer perspective on the current labor market and how to create a lifelong learning ecosystem fit for the modern learner.  
Increasing access to baccalaureate degree attainment is a new mission of higher education, and it’s gaining traction across the country. On this episode, Angela Kersenbrock, President of The Community College Baccalaureate Association, talks about the value of baccalaureate degrees in the community college and how to create access to these degrees to drive socioeconomic mobility.  
The traditional ways of attracting and enrolling students have been slowly evolving overtime…and then, the pandemic hit. On this episode, Kasey Urquidez, Vice President for Enrollment Management and Dean of Undergraduate Admission at University of Arizona, talks about new approaches to enrollment management that meet the demands and expectations of modern learners. 
With the increasing need to fill the skill gaps in the industry, higher education is starting to see a transformation toward more non-credit programming.On this episode, Sasha Thackberry, Associate Vice Chancellor of Learning Experience Design Innovation at National University, talks about destigmatizing Continuing Education to create a more collaborative institution, and future trends CE leaders should keep an eye on.Thanks to Feedspot for including us on their Best 50 Higher Education Podcasts. 
Presidents' Panel

Presidents' Panel


Though we adapted well to the COVID-19 pandemic, the obstacles it created for learner access and success created slow trends around learner enrollment and explorations of new options to meet learner needs. On this episode, a panel of presidents across the higher ed space share their insights on the next normal and how institutions can build a strategy to drive success and growth. 
Alternative credentialing has been a part of higher education for decades, and they’re picking up speed as modern learners demand more short-term, flexible options from their institutions. On this episode, Mark Leuba, Vice President for Product Management at IMS Global Learning Consortium, talks about the current state of credentialing and how to drive student success with innovation.
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