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Author: Steven Hoffman (Captain Hoff)

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● In Mentors & Masters, we tap into Founders Space’s global network of startup advisors, domain experts, and visionaries. Every episode brings you unique insights and ideas on how to reinvent your business and your life.

Founders Space is one of the leading startup accelerators in the world, with over 50 partners in 22 countries. Forbes and Entrepreneur Magazines ranked Founders Space the #1 incubator for overseas startups.

Captain Hoff (Steve Hoffman) is the podcast host and CEO of Founders Space. He's also a venture investor, serial entrepreneur, and author of several award-winning books. These include “Make Elephants Fly” (published by Hachette), “Surviving a Startup” (published by HarperCollins), and “The Five Forces” (published by BenBella).

15 Episodes
Gary Wilbers, serial entrepreneur, bestselling author, and coach, talks about creating a winning company culture.
Cheryl Contee, venture capitalist, social activist, and author of Mechanical Bull, shares alternative ways to access capital and the need for diversity in venture funding.
Tom Antion, the multimillionaire guy next door, knows a thing or two about making money. From owning a hotel right out of college to nearly losing everything, he's full of stories on how to make and lose fortunes.
Jose Palomino has helped hundreds of businesses systematize their strategy, marketing, and sales processes--unlocking over $250M in new growth.
Bob Kulhan, professor and performer, teaches how improvisation can improve communication, collaboration, agility, and adaptability at work and in your personal life.
Chala Dincoy worked for Pepsi, Pizza Hut, Frito Lay, Diageo, and Playtex, and now she can help you understand how to take complex concepts and distill them down to a powerful pitch you can deliver in under 60 seconds.
Alex Chompff, a crypto pioneer and founder of Evolution Accelerator, recently launched The Minters Collective, with the mission of making it a no-brainer for any artist to create, market, and monetize NFTs.
Ever dreamed of climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro or navigating the Amazon with a bunch of other entrepreneurs? Todd Smith, CEO of Blue Horizon Venture Consulting, helps entrepreneurs unplug from the daily grind, challenge themselves, and participate in adventures all over the globe.
Many people underestimate the value of their time and charge far less than they are actually worth. Patty Block shows you how to create value in the mind of your customers and double or even triple your earning power.
Eric Rogell, founder of BOLDMEN Adventures and bestselling author, tells his personal journey to becoming a man, and his philosophy of Warriors, Lovers, Kings, and Heroes.
Joan Sotkin, executive coach and author of three books, has developed a new way to approach finances and money. She focuses on how emotional habits and family-of-origin issues can determine your financial behaviors. Once you realize this, it's possible to redefine your relationship with money, reduce your financial anxieties, and navigate a path to success.
If you don't feel like you're hitting your revenue or life goals, just take a few minutes to hear what Cat Stancik has to say. She's reinvented herself several times and become an expert on how to close sales calls, hit revenue goals, and overcome action deficit disorder.
In this interview Janice Litvin, the author of Banish Burnout Toolkit, shares her secrets on how to reduce stress at work, keep your team from burning out, and build more productive relationships.
What if everything you were taught about how to ascend the success ladder is wrong. Chuck Garcia, Wall Streeter, executive coach, best-selling author, and mountaineer dispels the myth that technical competence is the best way up. He brings clarity on why emotional intelligence integrated with communication skill development are the keys to long-term success.
You upgrade the operating system on your phone every year, but when is the last time you intentionally upgraded your OS for Life?Your success as a leader is limited by your operating system. If you want to achieve a new level of success in any aspect of life, from relationships to work, you have to connect with and upgrade your InnerTech. Join Rusty Gaillard, author of "Breaking the Code" to learn how to achieve a new level of results in your life.
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