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We all think that time management is impacting our productivity, but what if I told you that you can be more productive with anti-time management?Today we have a special guest, Richie Norton, Richie has a company called Proud Products, you’re proud of where they make over a hundred different products at any given time.Proud Products makes products for companies but also for influencers and entrepreneurs.Anyone who really wants something, they’ll package, ship, warehouse, and fulfill it.Read More Here
Many bloggers start their blogs as a hobby and often need to go back and understand what is positioning in business and how can they find theirs. Today we're going break it down for you so that you can confidently find yours.If you haven't listened to episode 312 we talked about the Business of Blogging.I told you my story of where everything has come from, why I talk about what I talk about all the time on this podcast, which is making you as bloggers, think of yourselves as business owners because that is exactly what you are.And when you start treating yourself that way, that's when you start to scale.You start to be able to see more income coming in, and you're able to do more in your business for others because of that.Last week we talked about making sure that if you haven't already downloaded the workbook that goes along with my book Influencer Entrepreneurs that you make sure you do so.Today we are going to work through the first piece of the pack framework from book, which is the four step process for building your audience, growing your business, and making money online.Read more HERE.
In order to make sales, we need to know how to write copy that sells without being sleazy.Today we have special guest Jackie Sunga, Jackie is a conversion copywriter and brand voice expert specializing in sales, copy and launch strategy.She helps impact-driven education companies bridge the gap between their expertise and their audience with customer-first messaging.Whether she’s teaching emerging entrepreneurs or writing for 7-figure brands, Jackie loves helping clients find the words that attract perfect-fit people and sell with integrity.When she’s not helping clients with strategic sales copy, you can find her grabbing boba with her husband or playing with her two dogs.Read more HERE
Moving into 2023, I want you focused on the business of blogging so that you can have that thriving business you've always dreamed of.You need be treating your blog like a business, looking forward to it as a business, and setting goals for it.In order to get to do that, I will walk you through my P.A.C.K. framework, which is going to help you have the confidence that you need in order to really start to scale your business.As we go through this, you are going to want to make sure that you have that workbook so that you can take notes.If you haven't already picked up my book, Influencer Entrepreneurs: The 4 Step Framework to Building Your Audience, Growing Your Business and Making Money Online, you are going to want do that because it is going to give you a deeper dive into the topics that I'm going to talk about. Join the Business of Blogging Event.Read more HERE.
Creating blog content is great, but understanding how to use keyword research to potentially triple your traffic is an outright game changer.Today we have special guest Aleka Shunk, a food blogger at Aleka's Get Together.She’s been blogging for 5 years and resigned last year from her full-time teaching job to blog full time.She is also the owner of Cooking with Keywords which is a keyword research focused class online that has a few different courses.Read more HERE.
We often find ourselves comparing ourselves to others rather than cheering them on, but here’s how to stop comparing yourself to others.Why should you not compare yourself to others?We really need to start with this idea that if you compare yourself to others, you are going to be tricking yourself. You are bringing on and seeing negatives you wouldn't ordinarily see if you weren't comparing yourself.When you look at someone else and see, oh, they're doing these extraordinary things. They're going to these extraordinary places. They have this wonderful life. You are seeing the highlight reel and seeing all of these great things and seeing yourself as not having them. And because of that, you are reinforcing things that you do not have.Join the Business of Blogging Workshop.Read more HERE.
Being a podcast guest can help you grow your blog and influence and today we're diving into exactly how.On today’s episode we have special guest Angie Trueblood, Angie is the founder of The Podwize Group.They are a company that helps podcast guests and hosts grow their business and their authority through podcast guesting.They are an agency on one side and an education company on the other, so they train and do on behalf of their clients and members.Get Pitch It at 50% off!Read more HERE
We learned a great deal about blogging as a business so far in 2022 and there are 5 tips that I want you to move forward with into 2023.The first thing that I want you to keep in mind, even before we get into the tips, is that in order for your blog to be seen as a business you have to see it as one first.You have to stop putting aside your blog in order to take care of menial tasks that aren't really moving your business forward or are not fulfilling you the way that you need them to be. If you want your blog to be considered a business, you have to think of it as that.You have to try to put in hours within your day that are going to be dedicated to working on your blog and your business so that you can move it forward.Fill out a mastermind application today!Read more HERE
We set goals because we want to achieve something that we have never achieved before, but in order to do that you need know how you can achieve your goals and we've got three principles for you that will help you achieve them.Our guest’s name today is Theresa Forever. Theresa helps struggling goal-getters to become real life trail blazers.Basically helping these people become the first person that you know in real life to pursue your goals and to live a life with purpose.Read more HERE
Understanding how to use Pinterest idea pins as part of a sponsored campaign can greatly change the price that you charge on a proposal.You do not individually tell a brand what you charge for a Pinterest pin, an Instagram reel, an Instagram post to your feed, a blog post or an email blast. All of those things I want you to have prices for, but we're going to give them a package price. That way you have wiggle room to be able to negotiate with them when they try to tell you that they don't have that amount of money for a campaign.Grab the Pitching Guide.Read more HERE.
One of the hottest features of Instagram are reels, which is why Tina Lee is sharing her Instagram Reel tips and tricks.Our guest today is Tina Lee. She started off as an influencer and content creator in the travel and lifestyle niche about five to six years ago.About two years ago, Tina started a course called the full-time influencer program which is a separate page where she teaches people how to grow and monetize their following on Instagram.Read more HERE.
Monetizing your influence through sponsorships is a great way to diversify your income, but you need to know how to find brand contacts in order to develop those relationships.Before we try to find the brand contacts, we need to determine what brands we are actually going to pitch.Now, in order to do that, you have to start with your positioning. You need to understand what problem you solve for your audience and what makes you unique. Grab Pitch It at 50% off!Read more HERE.
Entrepreneurial anxiety starts when the highs and lows of your business become difficult to overcome, but there are ways to combat it.Our guest's name today is Lianne Kim, she is a business coach for mama entrepreneurs, she helps them build successful and profitable businesses so they can live their wildest dreams.At the beginning of Lianne’s business, she felt really excited and joyful everyday, like she was running on adrenaline because she loved what she did.All of these challenges started popping up and feelings of imposter syndrome, mom guilt, and vulnerability of putting yourself out there.Read more HERE
In order to work with brands on sponsored content, you need to be able to stand out to a brand and show them how your audience is the perfect fit for them.Today, we're gonna dive deep into five out of the box ways to work with brands.Join Pitch Perfect Live 2022.Read more HERE.
Cause marketing is a way in which entrepreneurs can bring to light important social issues and today we're diving into a cause marketing example with an influencer.Our guest's name today is Iryna Fedchenko, while she is a full-time influencer on Youtube, she also coaches other influencers.Iryna helps her clients level up and work with brands they have dreamed about working with.She is very passionate about what influencers do to our society today, of course there is a lot of stigma about influencers but in today’s topic we will discover a lot more than what we hear on the internet.Read more HERE.
We are celebrating the 300th episode of the podcast by reflecting on all that we have learned over the past five and half years.That’s right, the 300th episode!And for me, it's not about the length of time. It's about the number of consecutive times that this podcast has come out. Read more HERE.
On today's episode we have special guest Emily Perron giving us examples on zone of genius when it comes to outsourcing. Emily is a productivity coach for creatives, she mostly works with bloggers, content creators, and influencers.Not only to uncover their zones of work but also to build their teams because if you want to spend more time in your zone genius , you have to get some help doing it.So that’s how Emily got into this space and this passionate topic for her.Read more HERE
Identifying key factors that are impacting your content strategy allows you to conduct a content marketing audit on your own content.In episode 275, Content Plan Vs Conten Strategy, we talked with Amanda Warfield about the difference between the two and which one you should put in place to benefit your business the most.Today we’re going to walk through the key indicators that you can use to conduct a content marketing audit of your business.Read more HERE.
One of the most important pieces of email marketing is knowing how to improve email open rate, which is why we're taking a deep dive into it today.Our guest’s name today is Liz Wilcox, you know that feeling when you listen to an awesome podcast or you go to a webinar and there’s somebody out there that says “Oh my gosh, you gotta email your people”.So you go over to your computer and open up convertkit or whatever you’re using and you sit down and promptly feel kind of stupid because you don’t know what to write.Liz helps eliminate that problem and makes writing emails pretty simple.Grab your Email Growth Guide.Read more HERE
Understanding the benefits of a social media detox is great, but actually putting into practice how to social media detox is game changing.In episode 294, Social Media Detox Benefits, we talked about the benefits of a social media detox. We also talked about that this isn’t something that needs to be done cold turkey, but is something we should do with insights from our engagement and revenue in mind.Today we are diving into how to social media detox as a business owner so that we can have those benefits.Grab the Mastering Overwhelm Guide.Read more HERE.
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Megan Schneyer

Such great content to help you level up you business. I love all of Jenny's podcasts they're so well put together & filled with valuable info.

Aug 11th

Frank Boucher (FBoucheros)

so many "Ooo" and "aaa" are during this great episode. 👍❤️

Dec 31st

Frank Boucher (FBoucheros)

great episode, thanks for sharing it. Insta is a place I try to "understand"...

Nov 23rd
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