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Author: The Frontier Psychiatrists

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Meet us on the frontiers of the mind and the media for deep dives on internet communities, mental health, and pop culture by two married psychiatrists and their friends.
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#FreeBritney Podcast

#FreeBritney Podcast


Edited 30min highlights of our New Frontiers Creator First Show. Join us. This is a public episode. Get access to private episodes at
Welcome to the unedited recording of our August 8 edition of mental health myths busted with Jeremy Fox and friends on clubhouse. Thanks for supporting the show, please feel free to continue your support at This is a public episode. Get access to private episodes at
Yes, we have an episode of our podcast featuring interview with one of the team leads at IK multimedia for integration with Clubhouse. Recorded at summer NAMM in Nashville! This is a public episode. Get access to private episodes at
Here is the podcast edit of the clubhouse room! Join us for subscribers only content. This is a public episode. Get access to private episodes at
While we wait for the blizzard of content coming from our Clubhouse activities, a blast from the past-cast. This podcast is the first episode made by Owen when he started making podcasts. It ended up being part of a project funded by the Rudin Fellowship in Ethics and Humanities throughout the NYU School of Medicine. It’s about learning to draw blood….enjoy! This is a public episode. Get access to private episodes at
Ken Cahill is the founder of SilverCloud, among the most serious of the digital health companies in the world of mental health (or, as we might have it, the medical discipline of psychiatry). He joined us on Clubhouse to discuss the world of digital health companies and the role of partnership with clinical entities in getting the needle moving on actual outcomes. Join us for the podcastified version of the social audio programing! This is a public episode. Get access to private episodes at
This podcast, created mid pandemic while Owen and Carlene were in early pandemic Exile in Rural CT, explores the world of Trolls old and new. Mary Shelly, the author of the first science fiction novel, has as her antihero the Monster. The Monster is one of our earlier Trolls of great repute. Victor Frankenstein, a young doctor, created this creature of meat and lightning….but that wasn’t enough to make him feel included. Our Episode also describes the parallels between excluded-feeling people of our current era, whom we feature as Zoom Bombers. This episode also features Dr. Dickon Bevington, the medical director of the Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families and our IT Director, RJ Smith, who we are introducing as our sidekick on our Clubhouse show.For our Creator First show, The Frontier Psychiatrists, we are embarking on a path of exploration of the frontiers of the mind and the media. Think classic ReplyAll tech investigation but through the lens of two married psychiatrists instead of PJ and Alex. It’s regular home is at 1pm EDT on Fridays. Tomorrow, we will be focusing on gamification on social audio, with a panel of diverse views that include behavioral scientist Matt Wallaert, prominent addiction psychiatrist Dr. Anne Lembke who was featured in the Social Dilemma, Bethania Baciagalupe who is known as “The Pricing Nerd”, digital futurist and prominent social audio creator Brian Fanzo and game designer and therapist Julia Koerwer.. We thought the Zoom Bomber episode would give you an idea of the type of subject matter we look forward to exploring on our show. Also note we have a calendar of all upcoming Frontier Psychiatrist-related and Sphere Club programming and our Sunday night AMA Frontier Psychiatrist show will be continuing and include special guests from mental health, the music industry, athletes and more. We are publishing excerpts in the form of podcasts for our paid subscribers of some of our shows. This is a public episode. Get access to private episodes at
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