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Author: Kim and Ellen

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Two teachers from Melbourne who are passionate about discussing and reflecting on life experiences to help with personal growth.
6 Episodes
We are here with Episode 5, where we reflect on and discuss today's social norm of having the 'perfect shot' to represent the 'perfect moment in time'. In this episode 'Take Another One' we talk about:- social media and it's impact on peoples mindsets - how the act of comparision is the thief of joy- the ways that people are digitally enhancing their images (e.g. staged photos of experiences and highly edited personal images)- the media and marketing companies that target our insecurities to keep themselves in business- the reality that no one is perfect and our connections with others are formed through our imperfections and vulnerability- a self-empowering journal prompt that can be used to remind yourself of your achievements and your unique qualities that can pull yourself out of comparing to a fake reality Enjoy the vibes, laughs and beginner editing skills!
Mindsetters we are back with an impromptu episode 'Rollercoaster of Emotions' where we discuss the emotions that we've been feeling during these uncertain times, and express the importance of understanding that all of our emotions, no matter the circumstances, are valid.We hope you can connect. Feel free to pass this on to anyone who may also benefit from being reminded that they are not alone and the importance of feeling, verbalising and honoring our emotions. Keep doing you, because you are the most important person!
Mindsetters we are back! In Episode 3 - 'Connected or Connecting?' we discuss the growing concern around the digital world, social media and the impact it can have on our relationships. In this episode 'Connected or Connecting?' we talk about:- an experience from the London Tavern that sparked our interest in discussing the impact of social media, and our ability to not be 'present' in real life situations. - our real life experiences where we share 'misconceptions of communication on social media' and 'the impact of forcing yourself to connect with people in real life'. - our classroom discussions surrounding the word 'Connecting' with our Preps and Grade Fours. - simple strategies that you can use when interacting with people digitally and/or in real-life to enhance your authentic connections. Enjoy the vibes, laughs and beginner editing skills. 
We're back with Episode 2 - we lovvvvved hearing from you all after our first leap into the little podcast world with 'Diving into the Uncomfortable'. In this episode 'It Better Be Cadbury' we talk about:- an experience in the classroom that prompted discussion about the importance of gratitude and living in the present moment- our real life experiences where we have fallen into the 'what's next culture' and 'societies pressure to have the best'- The Resilience Project and our connection to its message- how you can implement gratitude or small acts of kindness in your life (e.g. with students in your classroom, your children, your partner and most importantly YOURSELF)Enjoy the vibes, laughs and beginner editing skills. 
It's our first episode - and we are super excited to share it with you. In the episode 'Diving into the Uncomfortable' we talk about:- an experience that pushed us out of our comfort zone to start taking goal setting more seriously- real life experiences where we have slipped into the fear zone - classroom reflections - a helpful strategy called 'fear setting' by Tim FerrisEnjoy the vibes, laughs and beginner editing skills. 
Hi friends, it's Ellen and Kim here giving you a quick introduction into our new podcast journey - Mindsetters. In this brief episode, we talk about the aim of our podcast and what a Mindsetter is. We hope that you follow along and can relate and reflect on some of our discussions surrounding mental health and wellbeing and of course, enjoy our vibes!
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