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Author: Jesse Johns

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It is because of God's grace, we have received the free yet undeserved gifts of salvation and love from our Heavenly Father. As we walk daily with the Lord, we need to always remember that there is an amazing grace that relieves our fears, strengthens and feeds us spiritually and gives us hope each and every day of our lives. By standing firm in His grace, we can dwell in the house of the Lord forever.
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In this week's message, Brother Jesse will be discussing how we should view our spiritual life and physical life.Support the show (
Choosing Wisely

Choosing Wisely


In this message, Sister Karla will be discussing the importance of making wise choices in our lives.Support the show (
In this week's praise and worship message, Brother Jesse talks about what is truly in our hearts. Are we humble servant in service to the Lord and all those around us? Do we truly reflect the love of the Lord through our heart and actions?Support the show (
In this message, Sister Karla will discuss how God can you the talents given to you by Him to glorify the Father and encourage those around us.Support the show (
In today's message, Brother Jesse will be discussing how we keep our spiritual eyesight from losing focus.Support the show (
A Peasant's Story

A Peasant's Story


The mid-week message for the week of August 25 is entitled, "A Peasant's Story".Support the show (
Your Heart’s Desire

Your Heart’s Desire


In this week's message, Brother Jesse talks about your heart's desire.Support the show (



Are we truly alone as Christians? Have we been separated from God and our savior, Jesus, by these trials and troubles? The answer is easy. No, we are not alone and nothing can separate us from God and Jesus. The answer is truly easy, but it is difficult to remember while things are falling apart all around us.Support the show (
Up to the Almighty

Up to the Almighty


When we can only do so much, we can reach out to the Father through His son, Jesus Christ, to ask for strength, wisdom and guidance. As we continue to face problems, let us always remember that it is truly up to the Almighty.Support the show (
For many, Christmas is over. Children and adults are ripping into gifts under the tree. For others, they are just happy to have a meal and can celebrate that they have something under the tree. As we celebrate Christmas Day, let us remember the true gift of this day. It is the gift given by God to a sinful world that needs love and salvation in the form of a small child who will teach us to worship the Father and to love one another. His gospel will be peace and his words will be of redemption. As we light the fifth and final candle of Advent, let us remember Jesus’ birth as a gift from God.Support the show (
As we celebrate the Fourth Sunday of Advent, we also realize that it is Christmas Eve. The message that we receive tonight is that we should be filled with overflowing joy that must be shared with all. The prophecies of his birth are fulfilled this evening and we are reminded of why he came to live among us. Jesus showed us the love of the Father by living and, ultimately, dying for us. It is through his sacrifice and resurrection that we truly enjoy the gift of salvation. It is a gift that must be shared with all especially during this season.
During this third Sunday of Advent, we see the exultation of men, specifically shepherds, and the angels of heaven praising God in the highest. The angel of the Lord announced to the shepherds, those outcasts who watched over the flocks, that a great miracle had occurred. A child was born. Not just any child. That little baby was the Christ, the Messiah “Born that man no more may die; Born to raise the sons of earth, Born to give them second birth.” Yes, Hark! The Herald Angels sing. “Hail the heav’nly Prince of Peace! Hail the Sun of Righteousness! Light and life to all He brings”.
As we prepare for Christmas, let us dedicate our hearts, minds and souls to the beautiful and timeless nativity story. Part of the story is the preparation. In today’s message, we will look at what it means to be prepared for the birth of Jesus.
With the season of Advent upon us, we are focused on the birth of the Christ child. The wee baby Jesus in the manger and the farm animals around him. A golden aurora of light all around. But, is that truly all of the story? It is only the beginning to the greatest story of love ever told. God gave us His son not only as a gift but also a sacrifice. Jesus will grow up and will become our atonement. As Paul tells us in Romans, “For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life through Christ Jesus our Lord.” The true gift of this wonderful season is not the gifts under the Christmas tree but the one gift that we often forget. It is that free gift from God of eternal life through Jesus. On this first Sunday of Advent, we will be looking at the expectations of the people. What is the Messiah, foretold over 700 years before his birth, going to do? What expectations are we to have?
As we prepare our hearts for the season of Advent, let us remember the lessons of the children of Israel who waited for the coming of the Messiah. The Messiah would be the one who would restore Israel and be their king. For hundreds of years, they waited on the Lord to fulfill that prophecy. Generation after generation waited patiently for his birth. We, as Christians, must look to their example and realize that the Lord will provide when it is time. We must be patient and prepare our hearts.
The Pilgrims started a tradition that my family and I continue to observe and share. It is the tradition of the 5 kernels of corn. During their first winter, the Pilgrims faced tremendous hardship and disaster. With little food remaining, they rationed what they had, five kernels of corn. After surviving the winter with God’s grace sustaining them, they met new friends, the American Indians, who helped them. The Pilgrims celebrated their new friends and bounty that they had received by using those five kernels to remember the hardships. Each kernel had a meaning for them. The fifth reminded them and reminds us that God listens to our prayers.
During the first Thanksgiving meal, the Pilgrims placed 5 kernels of corn on their plates to remind them of their first harsh winter. During that part of their lives, they were forced to ration food. Each was given five kernels of corn to eat a day. When they received the wealth of God’s bounty and celebrated it during that first Thanksgiving, they used the five kernels to remind them of things that God had done for them. The fourth kernel reminded them of the people that God put in their lives who loved them.
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