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Money Talks is an immensely popular program that has everything to do with money. How to make it, how to spend it, how to grow it, and how to avoid letting it get away. Well-known, well-connected, articulate and knowledgeable, Michael Campbell is one of Canada’s most respected business analysts. Join him weekly for a full length show and daily for Campbell's Comment. If it has to do with money, finance, investment or the economy you will hear about it on this podcast.
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Parliamentary Budget Officer says Federal Budget may not be balanced til 2070. But do we care - it's our children's problem.  See for privacy information.
According to a recent Nanos poll that is what a large percentage of Canadians care most about. But does the government really care about the long term effects of their spending now? See for privacy information.
"Hard times create strong men, strong men create easy times, easy times create weak men, weak men create difficult times." See for privacy information.
Actually I'm sorry for our children - they have no clue they'll be paying off interest on what one top economists says is really $3.2 trillion in federal debt every year for the rest of their lives.  See for privacy information.
Quote of the Week  Legendary Thomas Sowell weighs in on apologizing for sins of the past while refusing to take responsibility for our actions today.  Shocking Stat of the Week  Common refrain from business is that we can find workers. Wait til you hear how much one state pays workers Not to work.  Goofy Award Government is working with social media giants to censor opinions on COVID that they deem misleading but even ignoring the threat to free speech, the trouble is the authorities are not always right.  See for privacy information.
Who knows what people really care about. They tell pollsters their big concerns and then ignore policies that have a direct impact. I can only guess why.  See for privacy information.
Interesting when people say how much they care about an issue and then ignore policies that have a direct impact. Mick Ottoman tells us how to get a big boost in investment income without a big boost in risk. And you tell us - which will make some people angrier - our Quote of the Week or the Goofy Award. Plus Ozzie on signs of a change in the real estate market.  See for privacy information.
Like or not - he's the product of it and it's now manifested in millions of Americans refusing to get vaccinated.  See for privacy information.
You may be surprised by the results of a major Pew Research poll but not surprised by what we're doing about it.  See for privacy information.
Not for most of us because our pay cheques don't keep up with inflation. The big winners are borrowers and who's the biggest borrower of them all?  See for privacy information.
Surprise or maybe not - new stats make clear that pay people not to work and some won't but that's not the only problem with UBI.  See for privacy information.
Especially given that innovation is the offspring of competition - and dare we say it...capitalism. And there are no shortage of anti-capitalists. But at what cost?  See for privacy information.
Quote of the Week  Culture wars in education are gaining intensity but where did concepts like Critical Race Theory and Intersectionality come from. Shocking Stat of the Week  Innovation is the buzziest of buzz words but it's just the latest area where Canada's ranking is falling.  Goofy Award As Mark Steyn says - The enduring sheen of revolutionary chic so attractive to some elites is in forlorn contrast to the decrepitude of the real thing.  See for privacy information.
Mike asks a straightforward but pivotal question in advance of the federal election campaign. The trillion dollar man weighs in on the inflation debate. Big Picture trading's Patrick Ceresna on the one thing all investors should do Now. A shocking stat on innovation - or lack of it plus a goofy you shouldn't miss.  See for privacy information.
Ryan King, SVP Corporate Development for Cailbre Mining gives us some suggestions of what to look for before investing in junior gold mining stocks. See for privacy information.
It doesn't matter what party you support - there's one question politicians, media and the public should answer before we get into a federal election campaign.  See for privacy information.
*revised* See for privacy information.
While Canada sleeps the US recognizes the threat posed by China's Communists' ambitions with a warning that business beware but will they pay attention before it's too late.  See for privacy information.
But after a massive increase in housing and stock prices shooting Canadians wealth up by $2 trillion during the pandemic - is it time to focus on the vulnerable?  See for privacy information.
Some of our political and public sector elites disagree but Cubans have taken to the streets yelling Down with Communism - lack of basic necessities like food will make you do that.  See for privacy information.
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Tom MacDonald

what the hell is this guy talking about?

Oct 4th

Dan Dumoulin

awesome information 👍👍

Apr 6th

Tom MacDonald

well done

Nov 12th


sorry, did you say that the Russia investigation did not prove interference??

Aug 1st

Vindell Santiago

You are discriminating rest of cultures!!think about it..

Jun 10th

John Drazic

Thx for the podcast, great format however, I miss the music, theme, and stories Mike tells about the music. How about adding that to the podcast??

Dec 11th
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