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Author: Eric Ruiz

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On this podcast, we will share the challenges of Marriage, Romance, Parenting, Finances, Relationships and more. Have you ever said "I wish somebody told me sooner!" or "I can't be the only one experiencing this!" Then this is the podcast for you! The goal of this podcast is to help influence change by having thought provoking conversations from different points of views. Thank you for subscribing and listening!
4 Episodes
This episode we talk about our Grieving experience over the course of the first year. We have a lot of Do's and Don't that we've learned together that hopefully will help everyone listening. We also discuss the 5 Stages of Grieving and what it looks likes from both the person experiencing and the spouse. Please don't forget LIKE, SHARE, FOLLOW AND SUBSCRIBE. As always appreciate the support. Social Media:Facebook - - https://candidlifelessons.buzzsprout.comSupport the show
In todays episode we are going to talk about Date Night, why it's important and ways to enhance the experience to strengthen communication. I'll also share my own personal stories and some ground rules we (my wife and I) follow during Date Nights. This should create some thought provoking ideas and suggestions so hopefully you enjoy this episode. Social Media:Facebook - - https://candidlifelessons.buzzsprout.comSupport the show
This was a difficult episode to record but a very important turing point in our relationship. Everybody has insecurities and the sooner you can identify the quicker you can improve your quality of life. Understanding the whys behind your decisions will help you and your spouse navigate through those difficult conversations. This episode had my wife in tears as she listened and remembered one of the most challenging times in our relationship. Social Media:Facebook - - https://candidlifelessons.buzzsprout.comSupport the show
This episode is the most important factor in any relationship. We discuss some of our early failures as a couple and provide an example of what poor communication sounds like. We are not perfect and this is still an area we continue to focus on so we hope you enjoy todays episode and please make sure you Like, Follow, Subscribe to this podcast for more great content. Social Media:Facebook - - https://candidlifelessons.buzzsprout.comSupport the show
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