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Author: Stephanie Bourbon

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A podcast dedicated to having a creative life in arts & entertainment for female storytellers, artists, and creative souls who crave inspiration and fun!
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In this episode, I'm talking about character and why it is so important to know WHO you are writing about, WHAT their "misbelief" about themselves is, WHAT their goals are, AND why you must always come from a place of character to drive the narrative arc. Stories can fall flat if you don't understand your main characters. It's important to know who they are before you start writing or you will have to do this in revisions. LISA CRON ~ WIRED FOR STORY She talks about the character's misbelief which is why we have character flaws and the flaw is what holds us back. It's important not to confuse the two. Understanding character is important no matter the age or genre. STEVE KAPLAN ~ THE HIDDEN TOOLS OF COMEDY Everything comes from character. Everything that happens is based on the character and who she is. Steve talks about comedy telling the truth about character. It's important. Look to your own family & friends for character reference. Characters are all around us. ELLEN SANDLER ~ THE TV WRITER'S WORKBOOKCharacter charts to discover how your character thinks about herself, how she perceives how others think about her, how they actually feel. This will inform how she acts and reacts in every situation. I ask my writing clients WHYWHY is the character telling this story now? WHY is this story important to start today in the character's life?WHY this day? Understand the WHY. Knowing your characters NEEDS/WANTS/GOALSExternal & internal. You must know these two things. EXAMPLE of characters from FRIENDSPHOEBE-secure and easy going MONICA-insecure and becomes type A You must have a deeper meaning for your characters. JENNIE NASH ~ BLUEPRINT FOR A BOOK When you know who your characters are and understand their motivations it's easier to write the story. The scenes will become clearer because everything your character does comes from who they are. MARTHA ALDERSON ~ THE PLOT WHISPERERDo narrative arcs for ALL of your characters. Use the Plot Whisperer workbook for each character. LEGALLY BLONDE EXTERNAL PLOT-A sorority girl goes to Harvard after being broken up with to get back her ex-boyfriendINTERNAL PLOT-is about a girl believing in herself and becoming worthy. External goals-get a law degree and get her boyfriend back Internal goals-to feel smart and better about herself. The stories that work are all about the character's journey not the plot. Dive deep into your characters. Check out the books mentioned.Thank you for listening! xo Stephanie This week's blog is all about character too. You can read it herePlease join my FREE FB group for female writers The Female Writers Society HERELET'S GET SOCIALTWITTERINSTAGRAMPINTERESTFACEBOOKHead over to my website for more about me and what I do https:Support the show (
In this episode, I talk about writing a synopsis for pitching your novel to agents & publishing. What makes it so hard and how you can write one once you understand what it's meant to do.Why they are needed? Agents want to know and understand what your story is from beginning to end. They can also realize plotholes and issues in your manuscript. It's not easy to write them. The main reason that writers can't do this is that they are too much in their own heads and don't understand why it's needed. Please don't confuse your synopsis with your query letter pitch/book blurb. The best way to write your synopsis is knowing your story's big narrative arcs. Most synopses are between 1-2 pages, but make sure you check the agent's submission policy. Once you know your story arcs and have them down, your book is finished through revisions you can write a strong synopsis. Story arcs/plotCharacter arcsBEGINNINGINCITING INCIDENTNEW WORLDMIDDLECRISISALL IS LOST CLIMAXRESOLUTION In your synopsis be clear and concise. Don't put in too many characters. A huge mistake that many writers make is to add too many details. Even though you are using your story arcs as an outline to write your synopsis please don't ever break up the synopsis. It needs to read straight through and flow nicely. Here is also a great example of a short synopsis of LES MISERABLES click on the link below to learn more about writing them.Here is the link to Jane Freidman who I mention in the episode well, here is the link to my writing query letters PDF join my FREE FB group for female writers The Female Writers Society HERELET'S GET SOCIALTWITTERINSTAGRAMPINTERESTFACEBOOKHead over to my website for more about me and what I do from Uppbeat (free for Creators!): code: D2L28UQBZWZ6Z0TCSupport the show (
In this episode, I talk about the trap of self-publishing out of frustration.  Many new writers turn to self-publishing because they are getting rejected a lot. This happens to everyone but for many, they don't understand that they need to revise their book more.  You can read the transcript for the full episode! Here are some things to help you. The editing book mentioned is Self-Editing for Fiction WritersHow to crush your query letter CLICK HERE Please join my FREE FB group for female writers HERELET'S GET SOCIAL TWITTERINSTAGRAM PINTEREST Head over to my website for more about me and what I do HERE from Uppbeat (free for Creators!): code: D2L28UQBZWZ6Z0TCSupport the show (
What is a book coach and do I need one? You may not.A book coach is someone who helps you with your book or story (for film & TV writers). They can help you with the big story picture or with line editing. There are different types.   1. Developmental or story coaches or 2.  Line editors Basically, you can find someone to work on the big picture stuff or you can find someone who just goes over your book line by line. They are different. I recommend line editors for self-published authors. What is a discovery call?This is how I decide if you need a book coach and if we are a great match.  This is something that happens at the beginning of coaching with someone. Be wary of anyone who says to send them a pile of money without a call. The costIt's expensive. It takes time to do this job and if the cost is super low it's impossible to do a good job. We want you to succeed so we want to spend time with you. You are paying for our time and devotion to you and your work. You may not need a book coach-yet. Only you know if you are ready. How to find a book coach? Google Social mediaReferrals Professional organizationsConferencesYouTube Women's Fiction Writers AssociationRomance Writers of AmericaSisters in CrimeThe Society of Children's Book Writers & Illustrators Mystery Writers of America Science Fiction Writers of America  Join groups on FB and get referralsWFWAFemale Writers' Society   LA TV writing groupKidlit 411 Fiction Writers 10 Minutes With An Expert RWA Contemporary Romance Writers  Books I love for writers  Story Genius - Lisa Cron Wired For Story - Lisa CronSave The Cat  - Blake Snyder Anatomy of A Story - John Truby Story - Robert McKeeHidden Tools of Comedy - Steve Kaplan The Comedy Hero's Journey - Steve Kaplan Writing From The Middle-James Scott Bell The Plot Whisperer - Martha Alderson Blueprint For A Book - Jennie NashMy website for coaching My author site Find out more about me & offers Follow me on social media Instagram TwitterTikTok FacebookJoin my Facebook Group for female writers My blog for writers Get on my VIP list Music from Uppbeat (free for Creators!): code: D2L28UQBZWZ6Z0TCSupport the show (
How to make money as a creative doing what you love & KNOW!You have the power all along just like Dorothy, there are things that you know because of the years you have worked or studied for your passion. In today's podcast, I talk about how you can make money on the side of your current day job, or quit your day job because you have a thriving online business. Marie Forleo leads an online course for entrepreneurs who want to have online businesses but need that foundation and today, July 22, 2021, she has a FREE online course that you can SIGN UP FOR HEREWhere she talks about mistakes that all entrepreneurs make. As well, if you sign up for B-School today in the webinar she has bonuses for you. I'm also giving away my new signature course, Live, Love, Create! as a thank you for signing up as I am an affiliate or a mini-private coaching session with me--YOU CHOOSEMy link to sign up for B-School is HEREJoin my FREE FB group for female writers JOIN NOWLet's get socialINSTAGRAMTWITTERPINTERESTFind out more about me HEREGot questions? Email me at Live, Love, Create!XO StephanieMusic from Uppbeat (free for Creators!): code: D2L28UQBZWZ6Z0TC Support the show (
In this episode, I am talking about accepting feedback on your work. It can be both good and bad. One thing is that if you are getting a lot of negative feedback, your work just may not be ready but don't despair. Some tips to help you! 1. Choose who you are sending it to wisely (I forgot to mention that in the episode but I'll do another podcast about this soon) 2. Take everything with a grain of salt. You can't change everything to please everyone so take what is said and pick and choose what you need to change. *Pro Tip: if many people have the same feedback, you should probably look at it3. Put the feedback aside for a bit. You can't face it when you are emotional and you can become defensive immediately.4. Picking and choose what to change. This is important because you are the writer/creator.5. Always be open to revising your work.If you can't change something, change your attitude. Feedback is an opportunity to grow and make your story stronger. If you can't afford a private editor/coach, go to writing workshops. You can take them online via coaches like me or from companies like Writers' Disget and online conferences.6. Ask for specifics for what you are looking for. It is okay to ask for something specific and it will help your critique group and readers. 7. It's not personal.8. Everybody has opinions. Their opinions sometimes don't matter. In the creative industries, there will always be someone who just doesn't like your story even if it's crafted well.   STORY is always first! Craft books I recommend The Plot Whisperer by Martha Alderson The Hidden Tools of Comedy by Steve KaplanStory Genius  by Lisa CronWired For Story by Lisa Cron Write Your Novel From The Middle by James Scott Bell My website Join my FREE FB group for female writers JOIN NOWLet's get socialINSTAGRAMTWITTERPINTERESTLive, Love, Create!XO StephanieThe show mentioned is SILICON VALLEY HBO Season 3, Episode 9 Music from Uppbeat (free for Creators!): the show (
This episode is all about getting a literary agent and the steps you need to take. I cover the following.  Where to find agentsTwitterBlogsTikTokManuscript Wishlist The Book (SCBWI)Guide to Literary Agents How to submit to themGo to their website Follow their submission policies With a query letter What is a query letter and how to write oneIntroduction to query lettersThe three paragraphs you need in your queryThe introduction paragraph personalizing it to the agent. Word count, genre, and comps.The PITCH-which is like the blurb on the back of the book and what that needsThe paragraph about you and your writing experience DOWNLOAD my FREE workbook for writing query letters HEREJoin my FREE FB group for female writers JOIN NOWLet's get social INSTAGRAMTWITTERPINTERESTLive, Love, Create! XO StephanieMusic from Uppbeat (free for Creators!): code: D2L28UQBZWZ6Z0TCSupport the show (
This is just a hello to get things going, so not really a podcast but more of a hello! If there is anything you want to know about writing, storytelling, working as an artist-send me an email...Support the show (
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