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The Too Much Test Podcast is a light hearted discussion of just about anything that strong Alpha men would be interested in. You can find our full podcast episodes on all of the major podcast platforms like Apple, Google and Spotify. We cover many topics, but the majority of our discussions are about Men's health, Working out, Diet, Testosterone and hormone levels, meditation, bodybuilding, gaining muscle, losing fat, pro American values, etc.Too Much Test Podcast Youtube Channel - Your Levels Links Channel - - - Stolts Links Channel - - - Demesquita Links Channel - - #Workingout #Diet #Testosterone #TRT #TestosteroneReplacementTherapy #HRT #Hormones #meditation #bodybuilding #gainingmuscle #losingfat
11 Episodes
Too Much Test Podcast - Episode 11 - Special Guest Supplement Snoop0:27 Special Guest Supplement Snoop & Morphogen Nutrition4:35 How the Supplement Snoop App Started5:26 Biased Supplement Info Online7:08 How the Supplement Snoop App Works12:28 Proprietary Blends are Bullshit!14:49 Become Dave's Student18:05 Asking People What Supps They Take21:54 Sam's AI Idea to Heal You Holistically23:16 Why TYL's Balls Don't Work Anymore! Shady Supps!24:11 Sam's "Researching" with Peptides25:59 Most F'ed Up Supps We have Seen Sold29:07 Buying Supps in the 90's? WTF!30:08 Supp Labels are Bullshit31:00 DBol in Pre Workouts32:33 Jack3D & DMAA - DMAA Vs Adderall34:51 Supplements You Haven't Heard of Yet? New Delivery Methods37:37 Anti Cancer & Alzheimer's Supplements?39:25 Are Preworkouts BS? Placebo Effect?41:50 Is Sodium the Ultimate Pre Workout?44:59 Is Sodium Actually Bad for You?46:20 Bone Broth is Awesome!48:08 The Collagen Craze49:42 Our Favorite Supplements52:22 Poor Diets Require Supplementation53:25 Is Vitamin D3 the Most Important Supp?55:53 Brain Disease Healing Supps & Nootropics57:50 Anabolics that are not AndrogenicTest Your Levels Links Stolt's Links DeMesquita Links
0:55 TYL Gets Robbed in Miami4:38 Sam's Tesla Camera Records Some Craziness6:10 David's Buddy Finds a Brick of Coke7:13 Sam Picks up a Crack Whore at the Club8:45 Deca Only Cycles14:20 The Cycle that Gave Mark Plummer Gyno16:00 Microdosing Tren & Other Compounds24:30 Sarms and Gear Year Round vs Cycles27:15 LGD-4033 Study of Muscle Gain29:37 Fast Gains vs Side Effects32:17 Anavar Titration33:48 How to Regulate Blood Pressure on Gear?39:20 Natural Diuretic that works better than Pharma?40:48 Why are so many Bodybuilders Dying?48:31 Young Athletes are Dying like Crazy and all have ONE thing in Common49:30 Is Social Media Killing Bodybuilders?53:21 How to Make Bodybuilding Safer as a Sport?Test Your Levels Links Stolt's Links DeMesquita Links
0:00 Intro0:32 Sam's trip to NY1:35 David Can't Sh!t Normally3:25 Favorite Celebrity Crush6:40 Spanking the Monkey Pre Internet8:02 Does Self Love Hurt Performance?12:47 Our Partners View on Self Love24:10 Favorite Exercises for Each Muscle27:10 Can you Pin Test in Your Balls?28:30 Best Resources for Gear / TRT Info?35:14 Twin Babies - Fox News Vs CNN35:45 Tesla Option Trading37:03 Low Libido on TRT40:09 Vitamin B6 Vs Cabergoline for High Prolactin43:15 Morning Wood Every Morning?45:48 Trimix - Member Injections for ED48:34 Medical Treatment For an Hard On Lasting Too Long50:13 Acne Tips / Hygiene / Accutane56:27 Sam Doesn't Use Soap!58:14 OutroTest Your Levels Links Stolt's Links DeMesquita Links
0:00 Intro0:57 FDA Bans Compounded HCG, FSH & HMG2:31 Biologics Price Competition and Innovation Act of 2009 & Insulin Pricing5:02 Different Types of Insulin10:26 Real Cost of High Priced Medicines11:50 Open Source Insulin13:51 How Medicine Patents Work - BS14:29 Why is Aromasin so Expensive in the US?16:38 Why isn't Sustanon 250 FDA Approved?17:09 Hucog HCG from India18:00 ADHD Meds tainted with Fentanyl21:28 Your being ripped off! - Medicine Middle Men24:50 PPI's - Proton Pump Inhibitors - Heart Burn Alternatives26:30 Leaky Gut, CBOW, Gut Issues31:15 Lectins - Hidden Inflammation in the body38:34 Another Bad Episode for TYL :(40:10 Pressurized Tubes of $h!T46:00 Do Needles Actually Cause Scar Tissue?49:05 Our Injection Preferences51:30 How to Measure your Member Correctly52:22 Can You Grow Your Member?55:12 Fitness Influencer Exercises and Programs61:32 Watch the Biggest Guy in Your Gym Workout63:00 Super Set Sam64:14 How WE Workout67:39 David Calls Out TYL's Check Workouts - Flat Bench71:25 Our Goals73:00 David going Pro?78:30 David Coaching Sam for His First Show?78:53 Outro#MensHealthPodcast #TestosteronePodcast #BodybuildingPodcastTest Your Levels Links Stolt's Links DeMesquita Links
In this episode TYL and David talk about their favorite compounds, Let's Go Brandon and tons of other topics! Time Stamps below!0:00 Intro 0:15 Mr. Olympia 1:04 Jujimufu's First Bobdybuiling show2:37 If you could only take one Ester for the rest of your life?3:48 Testosterone Undecanoate4:55 Best Tesosterone Carrier Oil5:20 Home Brewing9:47 UGL Gear PIP & Crashed Gear12:42 How to fix Crashed Gear14:24 Horrible PIP Sustanon 25016:25 Test Flu19:36 TYL's Bad Injections21:15 David's First Injection Ever23:48 TYL's Needle Phobia25:47 Test Flu & Tren Cough28:38 TYL's Favorite Test32:15 Glass Shards from Ampules33:50 Fake Tren Hex35:17 Our Favorite Anabolics on top of TRT40:30 David's Shoulder Healed on Deca42:00 Deca's Medical uses and Dosages45:30 Will Low Dose Test cycles shorten your life?50:45 Natty Bodybuilding Genetics57:25 Racial Comradery in the gym61:43 Being Racist is boring63:00 TYL is super White63:55 Race is made up65:49 Social Propaganda / Germany73:40 Let's Go BRANDON! 74:44 Trump vs Biden vs Obama78:15 Brandon has Dementia :)#MensHealthPodcast #TestosteronePodcast #BodybuildingPodcastTest Your Levels Links Stolt's Links DeMesquita Links
Too Much Test Podcast - Episode 6 - Tony Huge & Seth JordanTime Stamps for different topics below.In this episode with speak with Tony Huge and Seth Jordan about a wide range of topics. We cover everything from IGF-1 and Insulin, To Crypto Currencies and Arachidonic Acid.Big THANKS to Tony Huge and Seth Jordan for spending their time with us! They are truly friends of Freedom and the Too Much Test Podcast!!!0:00 Intro1:00 Govt Seized Tony's Website2:35 Forced Jab4:00 Tony's Coof Story8:12 Post Jab Labwork9:45 Tony's Current Gear Protocol10:25 Tony's GH/Insulin Protocol12:00 EA Slin Pills & Insulin Sensitivity19:09 IGF-1 Levels24:23 Gear, Less is more26:30 Human Growth Hormone28:21 S@rm Scheduling34:18 Trenbologna Sandwiches35:45 Cycle Experience Over Time37:10 Teen Gear Exposure from Social Media38:41 Our Next Research Experiments56:39 Myostatin Inhibition60:14 Future Bodybuilding Genetic Evolution & Stem Cells66:43 Amazon Monopoly & Idiocracy68:32 Tesla & Artifical Intelligence70:31 Helium Crypto Decentralized Data Network72:35 Artifical Intelligence & Stem Cells74:57 Petides & Anti Cancer Meds76:20 Monero XMR Untraceable Crypto Coin77:16 Mainstream and Underground Health80:16 Unhealthy Americans & Small Business Lockdowns86:46 TYL Almost went down a health rabbit hole88:36 Small Farms, Micro Nutrients, Curing Cancer89:34 Arachidonic Acid & MGF85:47 OutroTest Your Levels Links Channel - - - Stolts Links Channel - - - Demesquita Links Channel - - #TonyHugePodcast #BodybuildingPodcast
1:16 TYL Instagram Story2:03 Gear now gets you banned on social media3:14 Social media companies now make laws4:36 Big Pharma's huge power7:41 Birth control conspiracy9:23 Horse Pills & the Fouci Ouchie talk 13:12 David almost died from Covid16:51 Glucose disposal agents20:30 Cortisol24:35 Seth's GDA strategy26:12 Inositol - So many benefits and it's a cheap nootropic32:14 Nicotine is a PED?33:33 DHEA37:37 Tibialis training for knee pain40:07 Nandrolone / Deca42:20 Nandrolone Libido & ED45:43 Nandrolone health risks46:31 Gear in the NFL49:00 Gym strategies & PhilosophySeth Jordan's - InstagramTest Your Levels Links Stolt's Links DeMesquita Links's LinksInstagramYoutube
In this episode we have Zach (@The.Retro1) as a guest. Zach recently opened up a supplement shop in Orlando called @krazymuscle.orlando. You may recognize Zach from the National Geographic show Trafficked. Zach was featured on the Steroids episode along with Tony Huge. He was prepping for a bodybuilding show using only SARM's.In this episode we discuss his experience on the show, Marijuana / CBD / Delta 8 for training, why less gear means better results, Fat burners (Clenbuterol, DNP, Bam-15) Coaches killing clients on contest prep, Keone Pearson, Reacting to Arnold schwarzenegger saying "Screw Your Freedom" and much more! Test Your Levels Links Stolt's Links DeMesquita Links's LinksInstagramYoutube
In this episode TYL and David discuss L-Carnitine & Lipo-C for weight loss and health benefits, ADD/ADHD and Adderall's effects, Caffeine's benefits and side effects to the adrenal system, Is Sleep a PED and one of the best sleep supplements on the market, Serms vs AI's for TRT, DIM & Calcium D-Glucarate for estrogen management, People who don't research, David's client gains 17 lbs with zero fat gain, how Cardarine (GW-501516) feels and studies on it and a TYL synthetic weed story.   Test Your Levels Links Stolt's Links DeMesquita Links
In this episode we cover some very common TRT myths, How bad are SARM's for you and how they effect your bloodwork, If Peptides are the future of medicine and some medicines you have probably never heard of to help prevent balding! Check out Clips on our Youtube Channel! Social Media and Affiliate Links below!Test Your Levels Links Stolt's Links DeMesquita Links
In this episode we cover a broad range of topics including Nutrition, Gut Health, Diverse Diet Benefits, Aromatase Inhibitors for TRT, Alpha Male Mentality, Low and High Testosterone Levels, Participation Trophies, Meditation, Bad Genetics and the Wimhoff Meditation Technique! Check out Clips on our Youtube Channel! Social Media and Affiliate Links below!Test Your Levels Links InstagramTikTok Sam Stolt's Links DeMesquita Links
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