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For this season finale and in the spirit of Halloween as promised I share with you one of my many ghost encounter stories. If you don’t like scary stories I would skip this episode and share it with someone who likes to feel spooked. 
Have you felt since Covid everyone has become a Life coach, Psychic or tarot reader? The most amount of questions and concerns I have gotten is people feeling weary of signing up for psychic workshops or seeing a new tarot reader because they have gotten scammed in the past or simply the person reading them didn’t know what they were doing and not able to read the client. There are so many stories I have been told of people being dissatisfied with their experience and I felt it was appropriate to help those better understand what makes a great psychic reader 
What’s it like for a skeptical Scientist to be married to a Psychic Medium? Today’s topic I interviewed my lovely left brained and left handed husband on his take on what it’s like to live and experience the crazy metaphysical world with me. 
Reincarnation, does it exist, is it real? What is it and why does it happen? This is a pretty popular topic that many people have asked and a big question I’m always asked about. Have you ever thought about reincarnation? Today’s topic I will explain the basic reasons why reincarnation happens and why it is a good thing
Feeling lonely? Isolated and fearful? In episode 8 I will explain why these feelings have come up during the pandemic and how to understand what it is teaching you.
 In this episode I will explain the 5 important P’s and how it can help the way you see and carry yourself in this world, and allow you to absorb so much more of what we often miss in life because of everyday distractions. In the Q&A segment I answer Listeners questions how to start a tarot reading business and what to do if a loved one is talking in their sleep all the time, is it a spirit or just normal sleep talk.
The long awaited Q & A segment is here. In episode 6, I answer questions from the listeners about metaphysical topics. Some of the topics covered are how to deal with a haunted home, how to draw in better clients and what is up with moldavite. 
Have you heard the term Akashic records or Hall of records and wonder what on earth is that? I quickly explain my experience visiting the hall of records and what the Akashic records is. Q&A I help answer Listeners issue with sleep paralysis and coming out spiritually to family. 
In Episode 4 of Survival Guide of a Psychic Medium, I discuss what I have learned about the age old question we all ask ourselves: why are we here and what are you suppose to do. Also Q&A segment where I answer Listeners questions about the Fae and how to protect yourself and your home from unwanted spirits. 
I give 12 quick tips how to raise your vibration. Raising your vibration is a essential way of being for any sensitive intuitive or psychic. In Q&A I answer questions about Twin-flame, Soulmate and Karmic relationships and energy orbs. 
Not understanding the unknown can be scary and lonely. As we grow up, there are many people to teach and guide us with the basics of life. However, nobody is really there to guide or hold your hand when you are a Psychic/Medium. The great benefit of the internet is that we can better connect and help each other to gain a better handle with our 6th sense. The downside is that there is so much information out there. Therefore, I would like to share with you some basic tips that have helped me.
Brief introduction to the podcast of who KiddoMoon is and my motivation behind starting it.
In episode 1 of a Survival Guide of a Psychic Medium, I discuss the 6 stages of awakening.  I explain the different stages and give tips how to understand and grow on your journey.  In the Q&A segment, I answer questions from my listeners about anything metaphysical they would like to know more about. 
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