DiscoverMarketing McCants: Build Your Business with Cheryl McCants your Marketing Momma
Marketing McCants: Build Your Business with Cheryl McCants your Marketing Momma

Marketing McCants: Build Your Business with Cheryl McCants your Marketing Momma

Author: Cheryl McCants - Your Marketing Momma

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The Marketing McCants Podcast: Build Your Business is hosted by Cheryl McCants, Founder & CEO of the award-winning communication, marketing, and public relations firm, Impact Consulting Enterprises. In this podcast, Cheryl identifies problems that women business owners face and walks her audience through various pathways to come out on top. Cheryl and various guests will share tips designed to help you market yourself, and gain the skills to be your own boss inside and outside of the business world. Support this podcast:
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Motivating your customers is one of the key elements in generating sales leads for your business. Motivated customers are more likely to take action and engage with your products or services. Here are some practical tips that can help you motivate your customers and increase sales leads. --- Support this podcast:
In today’s fast-paced business world, it’s very crucial for you to be a top performer and deliver results, even if your time is limited. Here are some motivating strategies that can help you become a better performer and maximize your work performance. --- Support this podcast:
Behind every successful business is a successful salesperson, and the best salesperson in the world (as I once heard) makes it rain money…Now what business owner doesn’t want to dance in the rain? Let’s get motivated and talk about pitching. --- Support this podcast:
Diversity, equity, and inclusion go beyond mere HR jargon; they serve as powerful motivators. Embracing DEI is crucial in fostering an engaged, dynamic, and inventive workforce, as most individuals today seek to associate with a company that values these principles. --- Support this podcast:
How do we motivate? As you build your business, keep in mind that motivation stems from the practice of mindful leadership. As a mindful leader, you should consciously cultivate your ability to remain present, open-minded, and compassionate. --- Support this podcast:
It's no secret that receiving a cancer diagnosis can be one of the most life-altering experiences any person can have. This was my unfortunate reality not too long ago. When I received my diagnosis, one emotion that surprised me most was: Fearlessness in the face of extreme adversity and all the unknowns. In today’s podcast, I will explore what fearlessness means for me and share some of the lessons I learned about it while battling cancer. --- Support this podcast:
The right marketing and advertising plans can provide two very important outcomes: 1) the introduction of your brand to new customers and 2) the reassurance of your services to existing customers. That said, nothing solidifies and elevates your brand like a testimony from one customer to their network of friends, family, and associates. Personal testimonials and referrals share experiences in detail and specificity that traditional marketing can’t. Ideally, you want both –but here is how you can increase your referral business. --- Support this podcast:
Most business leaders spend a lot of money to speak with customers through sponsorship messaging, advertising, social media posts, and other marketing communication strategies. The smartest companies however, know that outreach is only half of a successful equation to expand and retain customers. As we all know, marketing is an extremely important part of listening. Getting feedback, solicited or not, is also an important aspect of improving customer service. Listen in for a few considerations: --- Support this podcast:
You can best serve your customers by knowing who they are. In a future podcast, I will discuss specific tools to help elicit customer feedback, but in this episode, I want to discuss the importance of understanding your customers and their behavior and how that aids you in providing them with the best customer experience and service. --- Support this podcast:
One thing for certain in 2022 is that every business’ marketing strategy toolkit must include a strong social media presence. I know ...  As a fellow business owner, that isn’t ground-breaking news. And we both know that remaining current and consistently posting on social channels may take up most of our time. From content creation to regular customer engagement, it’s no secret that social media success depends heavily on a well-implemented plan. Success doesn’t happen overnight and that’s why I’m here to tell you to stay committed. --- Support this podcast:
In this episode of the Build Your Business with Cheryl McCants podcast, we will take a look at marketing in general and what it will mean in 2022. Marketing in 2022 requires business owners to take risks, invest in their brand, and listen more intently than ever before when engaging with customers and prospective customers. Listen in as Cheryl McCants shares some expert advice on how to market your business in 2022! #ImpactCE #BeImpactful #DEI #diversity #businessstrategies #ImpactConsultingEnterprises #CherylMcCants #LeverageDiversity #Diversitystrategies #Winninginbusiness #storytelling #storytellinginbusiness --- Support this podcast:
For Black History Month, we’ve been sharing insights on diversity, inclusion, and equity and what it can mean for your business. Today, I’d like to share seven strategies on ways to become a more inclusive leader. And remember, increased inclusivity means increased sales, revenue, and team retention.  #ImpactCE #BeImpactful #DEI #diversity #businessstrategies #ImpactConsultingEnterprises #CherylMcCants #LeverageDiversity #Diversitystrategies #Winninginbusiness #storytelling #storytellinginbusiness --- Support this podcast:
With millennials and Gen-Zers becoming the dominant workforce generation, diversity remains an important factor in attracting and retaining talent as these two groups are currently the most different generations in American history. In this episode of the Build Your Business podcast, Cheryl discusses how diversity in your workforce will lead to increased innovation and ultimately, REVENUE.  #ImpactCE #BeImpactful #DEI #diversity #businessstrategies #ImpactConsultingEnterprises #CherylMcCants #LeverageDiversity #Diversitystrategies #Winninginbusiness #storytelling #storytellinginbusiness --- Support this podcast:
Happy Black History Month! In this episode of the Build Your Business with Cheryl McCants podcast, we will kick off Black History Month with a discussion on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) and more specifically, how and why it is becoming a workforce trend in 2022. #ImpactCE #BeImpactful #DEI #diversity #businessstrategies #ImpactConsultingEnterprises #CherylMcCants #LeverageDiversity #Diversitystrategies #Winninginbusiness #storytelling #storytellinginbusiness --- Support this podcast:
Are you considering using social media influencers to market your business in 2022? If so, this one’s for you! In this episode of Marketing Momma, Cheryl offers a simple, comprehensive guide on how get the most out of your social media influencer. From choosing the right influencer to maximizing your return on investment, your Marketing Momma has your back! --- Support this podcast:
In honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Cheryl discusses the “social justice bandwagon” and the difficulties corporations have when trying to establish a stance on popular social justice issues. Commonly referred to as “woke-washing”, the trend became popular during the George Floyd protests last year and consumers became increasingly more critical of companies who cannot communicate their stance in an authentic way. In this episode, Cheryl discusses how to remain genuine in your social justice communications, as well as how to foster an environment of diversity and inclusion in your business. --- Support this podcast:
Marketing Momma discusses various trends to look out for in 2022 and focuses on one of the most important elements to your content: Video. With YouTube as the second most used search engine, promoting your product or services via video content becomes a necessity rather than an option. Listen in for some tips on how to make your videos as effective as possible. --- Support this podcast:
In this episode of Marketing Momma, Cheryl kicks off the new year with a heart-to-heart. She discusses the Great Resignation and Termination, and its effects on small business owners. How can a small business get the revenue and resources needed to offer competitive benefits to their employees while reducing costs to their clients? Fair contracts are a start! --- Support this podcast:
Understanding the services your products and business provides is absolutely necessary in identifying your target audience. Knowing your audience does not mean that you exclude other types of customers, but it helps you to focus your efforts on a group of people who are more open to your messaging. Cheryl McCants goes over three quick tips on how to carve out your target audience and later highlights how the business Airbnb got their start by catering to their ideal customers. Sit back, relax, and allow your Marketing Momma to simplify the process of discovering your potential buyers. --- Support this podcast:
Delivering the perfect pitch is essential to landing coverage in the New Year. In today's episode, Cheryl McCants, your Marketing Momma, discusses the basic of what goes into a pitch and offers advice on how to craft the perfect story that guarantees maximum exposure. It is important that the public not only knows your story but also resonates with it. Cheryl also talks about how to use social media channels and media outlets to your advantage. Marketing Momma shares with you the basics for crafting the perfect media pitch, as well as an inside look as to what reporters, bloggers, writers, producers, and editors look for when considering your story for coverage. Remember ladies, your voice matters, and it deserves to be heard. --- Support this podcast: