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Author: Krissie McMenamin

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Did you know that the word huh is the most common word in the most amount of languages? Welcome to askHUH?, a personal growth podcast about people who questioned, got curious, and made changes--big and small--in their lives. I’m Krissie McMenamin, lifelong student of emotional intelligence, and my hope is these conversations inspire you to look inside at yourself, your emotions, and your choices, so you can be more authentically you in this world that so desperately needs you to be.
11 Episodes
"Sometimes my thoughts would get so loud, I would hear them echo in my apartment… It’s how I discovered how mean I had been to myself for a long time and how I was using that self talk to keep me going in the corporate setting… but then I realized this will not serve you any more.”Christina left everything behind - her family, her uber successful corporate job, the man she thought she might marry - to spend two years in Japan. There, the voices that had kept her focused in the high-paced corporate world were drowning her. She gives specific examples of self talk that was damaging to her, how she started talking to herself instead, and how she continues to choose words that heal over words that kill.We discuss her big learnings from her two years of travel, including this big one of “What got you here won’t get you there.”We talk about how to expand the life toolbox you have available to you and how the same three tools you’ve been using won’t work in new situations going forward. We go deep into the re-entry process after a big life experience and how hard it can be to come back when you’ve fundamentally changed, your thinking has shifted, and the people you’re coming back to may not have changed as much. How vulnerable it can feel to share about those changes. How we’ve made ourselves small or taken ourselves out of the center of attention for fear of being too much when talking about our experiences. And we vision into what is the fullest expression of Christina and me?Find Christina at or ninon_belle on Instagram.
“Things are happening in my subconscious that take time to digest and integrate before they’ve landed and settled and become part of me and my experience of life.”In this conversation with the one and only Ryan Alan Jones, we discuss the eye opening journey of drugs. This journey has led him to a new understanding of God, society, and his true, higher self. Instagram:@mr.ladysmithWebsite: Reads:The Old TestamentOther Fun Mentions:Gabrielle Roth 5 Rhythms Dance 
“You start planting good seeds, good flowers, good plants and removing the ones that are useless…then you just keep nurturing them.”Tarik El Assal left his life in Morocco behind to move to Canada two days before the pandemic hit. The self awareness practices he has developed through yoga, Islam, and voracious consumption of personal growth books have helped him stay resilient, positive, and growthful during this strange and difficult year.Instagram and YouTube: @holistictarikLinkedIn: tarikelassal or up for Tarik’s virtual yoga classes: Reads:Molecules of Emotion by Dr. Candace PertThe Miracle of Self Discipline by Brian TraceyYoga:- The Ultimate Yogi Program by Travis Eliot (@realtraviseliot)- Alonso Aguilera (@shri.ganeshwar)Self-help:- Audiobook mentioned: The Miracle of Self-Discipline by Brian Tracy (@thebriantracy)- Wim Hof (@iceman_hof), David Goggins (@davidgoggins)- Stoic philosophy (start with this book: Daily Stoic by Ryan Holiday)
“No matter how small I was, no matter how difficult life may be, you always have the opportunity to impact others.”Blake Hudson is no stranger to speaking his truth with others. In this episode, I get the chance to speak with Blake about his journey with public speaking, politics, consistency, and everyday self reminders that shape his mindset. Instagram and Twitter:@onebrightblakeLinkedIn:Blake HudsonMentioned Reads:“The Big Leap” by Gay Hendricks
Natalie Nixon:“I was about access to a different environment and to really be channeled to blow up the system.”Natalie and I dive into a conversation about the moment she found direction in her “loopy” world, why creativity dies as we get older, and how intuition plays a role in business. Instagram and Twitter: @natwnixonFree Sample chapter of The Creativity Leap: WonderRigor™️ Tip Sheet: Reads: The Creativity Leap: Unleash Curiosity, Improvisation, and Intuition at Work By Natalie NixonWhen by Daniel Pink
"I was curious. What else is there to life rather than this dry existence I was just grinding?"In this conversation with my friend Sammi, we discuss her inspiring decision to evaluate her life and make a major change. This change was sobriety. Over the last three years, this journey has led her to more nourishment, presence, feelings, and living. Instagram: sammibarkzFacebook: Sammi BarksConversations with Sammi: to Check Out:
“My compass at that point was so oriented toward what I thought I was supposed to be doing and so disconnected from what I wanted to be doing. Now, the pieces I feel disconnected from are getting smaller and the pieces I feel engaged by and lit up by are growing and growing and growing!” Drew Davis is a Harvard undergrad, Booth MBA, wicked smart restaurateur, chef, storyteller, triathlete, spoken-word artist, and dad. We talk about his big huh moment, how to stop following society's shoulds and start following ourselves, and his motto “if it makes no sense, it’s perfect."Find Drew's spoken word, rap, and writing on Instagram @dewsybluesy.And, we talk about Byron Katie "The Work," which you can read more about here:
"Getting pregnant and having a baby and carrying a baby to term wasn't something that I could just try a little harder and get it under control."Ashley Chi is a mother, wife, and lawyer who opens up about how her experiences preparing for the LSATS couldn't prepare her for the trials of pregnancy. In this episode, Ashley takes us on her journey in which she realizes that not everything in life can be controlled. 
"When you're alone and don't have any action going on around you, you don't have anything to do. You just focus on yourself. That was the moment I dreaded the most because that was the moment that I had to battle my demons." Aya Alsaqaf is a 19-year-old computer science student in Kuwait with the wisdom of a 90-year-old monk. She opens up about the taboos about mental health in the Middle East, how she has battled these taboos, the pressures of student life, and the strategies she uses on a daily basis to check in with herself.  Whether you're 20 like Aya, 37 like me, or in your fifth or sixth decade, this episode is for you. We have so much to learn from each other.
“My biggest obstacle is me.” Sonja Dakic is a Serbian entrepreneur who started the first cloth diaper company in the region with zero business experience but a need she felt she had to solve after the birth of her first child and the mountains of waste she was creating. Over the course of her journey as a founder, she learned she was the biggest thing holding her back.  We discuss this journey, her Ted Talk, and how she redefined success for herself post burnout. TedTalk: Website: 
“I yearn for this idea of doing while I’m being and being while I’m doing.” Welcome to the very first podcast for askHUH? We'd like to introduce you to our first special guest, Nate Kirby. Join us in a discussion about Nate's own unique experiences with vulnerability and the way it relates to the idea of manhood. Nate runs two popular Facebook Groups:Self-Compassion/Kristin Neff (unofficial): To Lead (TM) Discussion Group:
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