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David Flores gives detailed insight into his role as the Lead Developer at FX Digital, from his humble beginnings as a Music Technology student to becoming one of the pioneers of OTT app development at FX. David provides detailed insight into OTT app development, having been at the forefront of the development for some of the hottest streaming platforms on the market.
Chloe Allen delves into what life as a Project Manager is like at FX Digital, and as one of the key driving forces behind the innovative and globally recognised OTT solutions that we deliver, she gives her take on the highs and lows of delivering a complex project. Chloe is also asked which project she'd prefer to manage: Building the world's largest gym, or building the world's biggest edible pizza. What would you choose?
Automation & Beyond

Automation & Beyond


Senior QA Analyst Martin Tyler explains the advantages of automated testing for Connected TV & OTT app development. He also discusses what scares him about automation; would you let a robot make your family dinner?
FX Digital’s Co-Founder and Creative Director Tom Smith discusses expressing his creativity through Connected TV, OTT app design, UX & workshopping.
Inside FX Digital

Inside FX Digital


FX Digital’s co-founder Matt Duhig reveals the challenges, complexities, rewards and secrets of running a global Connected TV app design and development company.
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ofra dar

In 2021, there will be even more OTT platforms, and the amount of money that the consumer is willing to spend on content will approach the limit. Therefore, I decided to start an IPTV business and took advantage of the technical support from Infomir . This company is a European manufacturer of industrial and consumer electronics.

Oct 17th
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