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n our ongoing series as to why leaders fail, we are diving into another of the top ten reasons 1.4 million employees gave for failing leadership and poor organizational culture; Learning and Development. Nearly one-third of all employees stated that education and personal development were very important. In fact, it is the third most frequently discussed topic in the review. So how can organizations meet the expectations of personal development and learning? Join us on this episode of Mainline Executive Coaching ACT to find out.
We continue our series on why leaders fail with the third highest reason 1.4 million employees gave for poor leadership and organizational culture which is a failure by leaders to live core values. Employees are typically cyinical about their company leadership living the core values of the organization. So much so that it is 7.3 times an indication of poor organizational culture. With comments such as, "managers only give lip service to core values," and, " a wide gap exists between cultural rhetoric and reality," it is an issue that needs some attention. Rich and Maikel will discuss core values and why there is such a disconnect on today's episode of Mainline Executive Coaching ACT.Subscribe to our Newsletter
We continue in this episode of unpacking the top ten reasons that 1.4 million employees gave in a recent survey as to why leaders fail and organizational culture collapses. This episode we will talk about the lack of support given to employees. In fact, employees in this survey were particuarly critical in terms of support and is the leadership trait most closely associated with a highly rated culture. So what exactly is support of employees? Join Rich and Maikel on this episode of Mainline Executive Coaching ACT to find out.Sign up for our Newsletter:
In our last episode we discussed another of the top 10 reasons employees gave for failed leadership and organizational culture. We continue this discussion with how leaders can use the Value Appreciation Cycle to their benefit on this episode of Mainline Executive Coaching ACT.
We begin part two of our series on a recent survey with 1.4 million employees weighing in on the top 10 reasons why leaders and corporate cultures fail. One of the top reasons why employees state the reasons for poor leadership and cultural failure is mergers, acquisitions and reorganizations. In fact, it was viewed negatively by a whopping 97% of of those 1.4 million folks that responded to the survey. For this reason, it is imperative that leaders get this right in order to sustain and successfully merge organizational cultures.Ronny Shumaker is a Master Certified IL Executive Coach and has held executive level positions for over 30 years and is an expert on leadership development. Ronny joins Rich and Maikel to discuss this episode of Mainline Executive Coaching ACT.
We have talked in detail about respect in our last three episodes. We are wrapping up this series on respect with why leaders must give respect and how to do it. We will show you ways to improve your leadership ability through respect your employees, and yourself on this episode of Mainline Executive Coaching ACT.
In the last two episodes we have been covering the number one reason why employees state a reason for poor leadership and organizational culture. Today we are discussing why there is a resistance to change in leadership in terms of understanding the reasons behind the perception of respect. On this episode of Mainline Executive Coaching ACT.
In our last episode, we discussed how a lack of respect is the number one reason employees cited for failed leadership and bad culture. In fact, in a survey with 1.4 million employee responses, lack of respect was 17.9 times more powerful a predictor of an employees perception of a leaders ability to efectively lead as well as a predictor of the overall health of the organizational culture.David Burnell is the founder of the Urban Warfare Center. Since the 9/11 attacks, he has trained thousands of soldiers, federal agents, SWAT teams, and police officers. He has participated in numerous operations around the globe including military, search and rescue, and recovery missions. David has earned the respect of thousands of people and is recognized as a global leader in business development, entrepreneurship, and leadership development. Rich and Maikel welcome back David to Mainline Executive Coaching ACT to discuss why respect is essential to the success of both leaders and organizations.You can reach David at:
Over the next ten episodes of Mainline Executive Coaching ACT, we are going to highlight ten reasons why leaders fail and how to avoid these problems. On this episode we will discuss the number one reason employees have indicated a failure not only on leadership, but the organization as a whole which is a lack of respect. Join us on these live interactive episodes of Mainline Executive Coaching ACT.
One thing is certain, change is inevitable. As leaders, there will always be issues that arise that will catch us by surprise and in some cases, blindside us. So how as leaders do we deal with the unexpected such as a restructure in the organization, key roles being vacated, mergers and acquisitions, the loss of a job, or communicating change to the organization, the list goes on.So how do we prepare as leaders for the inevitable change that will challenge our abilities. Rich and Maikel will discuss this on this episode of Mainline Executive Coaching ACT.Take our leadership survey:
Is it just about money, or is there something more? We all know that in order to survive, businesses must bring in revenue. But is that truly the only reason that companies are in business? How do we incorporate the people into the success of the organization?Rich and Maikel will discuss this on Mainline Executive Coaching ACT.
Let's face it, change can be hard. Learning new skills, changing old habits, and perhaps the hardest of all, making yourself vulnerable and open to feedback that can be difficult to hear. The bottom line is that true leadership development through executive coaching is difficult and takes time. Not to mention that in order to be successful, the organization, senior leaders, and the individual being coached all need to be fully invested in the results. Perhaps ILEC founder John Mattone said it best, “Successful organizations and leaders don’t just invest in executive coaching. They invest in results.”Join us on this episode of Mainline Executive Coaching ACT.
How many of us feel at times like we are chasing the tiger by the tail? Working too many hours, unhealthy habits around eating and exercise, poor sleep habits, the list goes on. All of these things can have a negative impact on not only our ability to be leaders, but our life and the lives of those around us. What does it take to free yourself from these unhealthy patterns and reach a more sustainable, rewarding work-life balance?Roman Garcia joins us again on Mainline Executive Coaching ACT. Roman Garcia is a former FBI Special Agent with the Behavioral Analysis Unit. Roman has also served our country as a combat medic and is now a certified life coach. Roman will provide important insight on the importance of a healthy life cycle.
So what is the most important thing that leaders cannot afford to lose. I will give you a hint; it is not respect. So if this leaves you scratching your head and wondering just exactly what that one thing is, join us on this episode of Mainline Executive Coaching ACT to find out.
Culture is a word that is spoken quite frequently in every organization we work with. We often hear that culture is very important to the success of their organizations. However, when asked to define their organizational culture the answers vary but never focus on the what organizational culture truly is. Our research and experience indicate that companies place an abundance of their time, energy, and resources into differentiating the value propositions of their products or service. But this approach is often detrimental to developing and maintaining a coherent operating culture that fosters talented leadership.Al Fragnoli is a Master Certified IL Coach and former MLB Scout. Al joins us on this episode of Mainline Executive Coaching ACT.
In today's business environment, leaders at all levels are facing enormous challenges when it comes to achieving and sustaining breakthrough operating results. Globalization, economic change, more stringent regulation, and tougher governance make realizing shareholder value increasingly difficult.John Mattone is a bestselling author, the world’s top executive coach, and the founder/co-founder of five exceptional coaching and leadership development companies, John Mattone Global, Inc., Intelligent Leadership Executive Coaching (ILEC) Franchise. John joins Rich and Maikel on this special 100th episode of Mainline Executive Coaching ACT Podcast. With global followers in 33 countries and 245 cities, this will be an episode you won't want to miss.
So what exactly is the inner core? In a nutshell is the fundamental part of who we are and yet, it is completly invisable to to us most of the time. It is the blueprint of who you are: your character, your values, your self-concept, and your beliefs. It is imperative to understand your inner core as this impacts everything that the world sees in you. Ultimatly, it is where your leadership journey starts.Rich and Maikel will journey to the inner core on this episode of Mainline Executive Coaching ACT.
Most times when we talk about ROI, we think in terms of a financial payback. However, some of the most benefical ROI comes in terms of personal development, life improvement and overall satisfaction. When was the last time that you really sat down and measured your personal ROI?Camron Bodily is a successful entrepreneur and expert on personal ROI. He is the creator of High ROI Technology Solutions as well as the host of Consult ROI podcast. Camron joins Rich and Maikel on this episode of Mainline Exectutive Coaching ACT.
More than 50% of all leadership training programs fail. That is a substantial statistic considering the amount of money that is spent by corporations on leadership training. So why do so many fail, and how can you avoid the leadership development pitfalls. We will discuss some of the reasons why in thisk episode of Mainline Executive Coaching ACT.
As leaders, it is our task to OWN credibility! Sounds simple, right? Defining credibility is both simple yet complicated. There are many factors that determine a Leader’s credibility. In a nutshell, credibility has two key components: trustworthiness and expertise. So ask yourself the question based on those two components, are you trustworthy and do you have the expertise to pull it off. Even if you answered yes to both questions, that is only the beginning. So how do you improve your credibility? Rich and Maikel will unpack that subject on this episode of Mainline Exectutive Coaching ACT.
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