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In this episode we talked to Dave Jarman, Associate Professor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the University of Bristol. As an experienced educator, Dave has a unique perspective on innovation and how to take your ideas and turn them into a successful reality. Here's a list of links from things mentioned in the episode:Matthew Syed's Rebel Ideas: Johnson's Where Good Ideas Come From: Harford's 50 Things That Made the Modern Economy:'s TedX Talk: Ries' Lean Startup: Strategyzer Series: Futures Innovation and Enterprise Course Trailer: 
How do you start a tech company? What are the pitfalls? And what do tech leaders think you should know about the future? It's time to find the answer to all these, and more...In this episode we celebrate Newicon's 16th birthday by sitting down with its three founders - Steve, Neill and Mark. We explore the humble beginnings (in Steve's bedroom) right through to today where we've just reached our £1 million turnover milestone! And we talk a little about the future too.  02:20 - Steve background05:30 - Mark background09:15 - Neill background14:00 - Newicon's history39:30 - future technologies 43:30 - some cool new projects Newicon are working on57:05 - biggest lesson the founders have learned over 16 years
Thinking about how digital transformation (or organisational transformation) could benefit you? Then this podcast episode is a must listen. In this episode we talk to Tom Geraghty for the second time. In episode 4, we talked to Tom about psychological safety, and in this episode we explore the ins and outs of digital transformation - how it's achieved, what are the blockers, who drives the process and more. Tom's website (full of interesting content on psychological safety, dev ops, transformation and more):
In this episode we talk to Huw Robson about his history in innovative products, his work for the Product Partnership and his advice for people wanting to apply for grant funding - and much more!1) The Product Partnership 2) “A guide to grant funding" page and download 3) Huw's LinkedIn Profile 4) Newicon's YouTube channel
In this episode we talk to Konstantina Psoma CEO and Co-Founder of Kaedim about the journey of the start-up, from idea, through to funding and building in a team. We also talk about innovation and how a large part of it is about being willing to take risks. An insightful and interesting conversation, enjoy!Kaedim LinkedIn Page:'s LinkedIn: (soon to be updated): Future Thinking podcast episodes:
In this episode we talk to Rod Dickinson (university lecturer and artist) and Nathan Semertzidis (researcher and PHD student) about their collaborative artwork Machine_In_The_Middle, the nature of Human Computer Interactions (HCIs), brain to brain networks, Karl Marx, and much more!Watch Machine_In_The_Middle here: an interview with Rod and Nathan here: Discourse on Method: Marx on technology: Wiener:'s Mechanical Turk: McLuhan:
In this episode we talk to Tom Geraghty, Open Innovation Labs Transformation Lead at Red Hat, about the subject of Psychological Safety and its relationship to innovation (among other things!). It was a truly eye opening talk, with some very relevant and actionable insights from Tom.Here are some of the resources Tom mentioned in the interview: for everything and anything psychological safety, sign up to the newsletter and join the community. - Tom's personal site, with some stuff about resilience engineering and other complexity stuffAmy Edmondson’s original 1999 paper, used in Google project AristotleGoogle’s project Aristotle, showing psychological safety to be most important in team performanceThe Four Stages of Psychological SafetyThe Fearless Organization by Amy EdmondsonSidney DekkerJohn AllspawPaul O'Neill at AlcoaRemember to subscribe so you don't miss out on future episodes!
In this episode we talk to Newicon's Ross Harrington (Head of Design) and Donata Lesiak (UX & UI Designer) about the Innovation Kit - a tool we've designed to help people build innovation into their businesses. Link to the kit (and free exercises): us on LinkedIn:'t forget to subscribe if you haven't already!  
Jess Palfrey is CEO of Dooo, an exciting new startup, bristling with innovative ideas.  We sat down (digitally speaking) with Jess to discuss her background, how the business got started, and what she thinks about innovation in business. Follow Dooo on social media:LinkedIn - - - -
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