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Go Ask Your Father

Go Ask Your Father


Its our celebration  of Father’s episode. Host, Tiffany Conyers, sits down with pastor & author, Bishop Herbert Bailey to share how having an absent father shaped him, how being a father and grandfather impacts him. We even talk about how mamas can be one of 3 types of Bs when it comes to their children’s father…(it’s not quite what you think…). Which "B" are you?
Have you been struggling with blending your ambitions, dreams, and your desire to impact the world with your role and responsibilities of motherhood? Hear author and First Lady of Visibility, Roshanda Pratt discusses her latest book, Visibility is Power, and how moms ability to show up can inspire, have impact, and give God glory. Follow Roshanda on Social Media: Her "40 Days to More  Visibility":
Dr. Christy Bauman joins the Wholly Mamas Line Up with her book, Theology of the Womb: Knowing God Through the Body of Woman. Grief, Gratitude, and an invitation to mother is explored in this impactful episode.... and there is a special giveaway just for you! Find Dr. Christy Bauman, Author, Host of the Womaneering Podcast at:www.christybauman.com a Review of the Podcast:
Welcome to our Wholly Mamas Podcast! Get a feel for what you can expect this season of our faith forward podcast for Moms looking to enhance the mothering with Real Convos with Real Moms Talking about a Real God!PLUS, get a chance to learn a little bit about the host, Tiffany Conyers from a special guest interviewers.Be sure to follow us & Tiffany, Therapist to the Moms:@whollymamas & @tiffanyconyers
Being a mother is about learning strengths that you never knew you had and dealing with fears you never knew existed.  - Linda WootenThis episode of Wholly Mamas, Sergeant Beatrice Fields a  Law Enforcement officer and now Mother of Mothers, shares her discovery of strengths, fears AND the Art of Letting Go while raising her daughters as a teen and single mother.
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