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Author: Sy and Drew

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The Duo, Sy & Drew are putting you ON NOTICE! As these two millennials work to lead more intentional and authentically happy lives, they realize adulting is hard and they may be ill-equipped. Be in on the conversation, right here, every other week! Be sure to subscribe, rate and review. @onnoticebrand
23 Episodes
Racism, a lethal infection of the heart, has ravaged these United States of America since its inception. In this episode, Sy + Drew share space with Tina Green, a wife, mother, and advocate who strives to raise an antiracist family. Tune in as Tina talks about engaging in antiracism work as a way of life, the power of proximity, leaning into our gifts to champion change, and so much more. Want to keep in touch? Tina's IG: ONB's Site: IG: Facebook:
ON Education (22)

ON Education (22)


Sy + Drew take to the airwaves to discuss how they continue to impact the landscape of education in their new roles. Listen in as your favorite duo tackles the multi-faceted dilemmas that educational institutions face in the wake of COVID-19, and dream alongside them as they ideate about what’s possible when we dare to reimagine the structure and purpose of instruction.
For part two of the generational convos, Sy and Drew are joined by Lailah, a young girl with hot takes for the future. Listen in as she talks goals, school, and life!
Listen in as Christian puts Sy + Drew ON NOTICE! This young man, wise beyond his years, talks grieving, entrepreneurship, and advocates for a reinvigorated Wichita. Prepare to be inspired by the next generation!
This is Episode 19 of On Notice and we are on the couch with dear friends, the #murried Foday and Carissa. Together they talk about life before they met, our God that brought them together and navigating friendship, dating and now marriage! You do not want to miss this, FoRissa, fa sho put us ON NOTICE!
Sy + Drew bring Tina Robertson, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Therapist, and Mental Health Trainer to the couch. Ever felt so weighed down by the reality of life? Learn why that is, and how you can walk in freedom! Inside this episode the trio covers topics like understanding grace, discovering purpose, gentleness over judgment in friendships, making decisions when you feel paralyzed and so much more! Be sure to share with a friend and drop us a comment if you can hear Sy shed thug tears. Want to hear more from Tina? Check out her website OR catch an episode of "Freed Up"
SUMMER. Hair gets lighter. Skin Gets Darker Water gets warmer Drinks get colder. Music gets louder. Nights get longer. Life gets better. Soundbyte Features: Montell Fish “Heavenly Father” Goldlink “Yard” Since recording this episode, we have fallen in love with Chance's new album, "The Big Day" as our favorite drop of the summer. Check it out!
The Shift is Real (16)

The Shift is Real (16)


When you look back on intentions set at the beginning of the year, how do you measure up? Do you feel emotions of satisfaction or inadequacy? Perhaps bliss or dread? This episode Sy and Drew briefly juxtapose their goals to their current reality and unpack obstacles hindering their zeal. Listen closely for practical applications towards forward momentum and voyage with the besties to Normal, IL for this week’s soundbyte from Charlie Johnson. Instrumentation provided by Chillhop Spring Essentials 2018.
School's Out (15)

School's Out (15)


Lament: To mourn aloud; A passionate expression of grief or sorrow In this stripped-down episode, your fave charismatic duo takes to the airwaves to share insights from the front lines of urban education. After 6 years of fighting the good fight daily, Sy + Drew question the real purpose of education and the measures of success for our children. The duo talks cyclical debt and quitting jobs, all the while encouraging listeners take a seat at the table in this crucial conversation. Sources Cited:
On today’s episode, Sy + Drew hit the vault to dust off an unreleased episode. As the first Quarter of the year winds down the melanated, mindful millennials press pause on the year to evaluate alignment to intentions. Journey with them through reflections of time well spent, lessons learned, anticipated challenges and so much more. Hear something that resonates with you? Be sure to like, comment and share with a friend!
Going Forward (13)

Going Forward (13)


For episode 4, and the last 72 days of the year, Sy+Drew challenge you to seek God daily and share your stories by email or social media. What changes are manifesting in your life? We want to hear from you!
It's Episode 3 and, Sy+ Drew may or may not be in the Valentine's Spirit. Listen in as they dish about their "types", the power of sex, and what it means to love in this #postwoke #AfterChrist era. And, as always, your faves bring you their favorite music and inspired thoughts to bless your eardrums and expand your mental. So take notes yall!! This could be your 2nd Chance on Love!
To Be Frank (11)

To Be Frank (11)


To Be Frank, there is no space for mediocrity in 2018. And so, Sy+Drew bring you Episode 2 of On Notice, where they talk straight about what has held them back from their EPIC. Listen in and get some tips on how to actualize your goals and maximize your time. Frankly, this is an episode you simply can’t miss. Be sure subscribe, share, and leave ONB a review! Feature Tracks: “Thinking Bout You” + “Acura Integurl” x Frank Ocean Downloads: Devon Franklin “Reclaiming My Time” Harvard Business Review: On Managing Yourself
On Notice Brand celebrates its first anniversary, and with it comes the drop of Season 2!  Sy and Drew return clearer and bolder as the saga of adulting continues.  Join these twenty-somethings as they share the revelations they've had since their hiatus.  Buckle up because the learning curve of life is always a bumpy ride!  Be sure to subscribe, share and leave ONB a review if you hear something good to ya! Featured Tracks: FKJ + Masego "Tadow Berhana "Grey Luh"  Follow on Social Media @onnoticebrand
Sy + Drew are back to serve you up some truth and put you On Notice! Get a glimpse of last season before Season 2 airs January 8th!
Episode 4...20? (8)

Episode 4...20? (8)


This week Sy+Drew announce their hiatus, but before they go, they talk 420, Bob Marley, and interview one another for the inside scoop on the girls you have come to know and love! Speaking of love, Sye Elaine Spence, has everyone asking one question... "Is this love?" Stay tuned for this duo's return to the airwaves!
Your favorite duo is back for Episode 3.5: Spring Cleaning! Grab a seat on the couch and catch up as Sy+Drew talk Birthdays, Drake slander, and Beyonce. All the while, they make it plain and debunk the American Dream, still finding time to shine a light on why we are all "Running thru Lovers". Oh, and did I mention the Queen Bey?! Issa Celebration!
Ever found yourself feeling guilty for letting friendships fall through the cracks? Sy + Drew welcome their first post grad friend, Michael, as a guest on the couch. The old, but fake friends try to get to the root cause of why it’s so difficult to maintain friendships from previous stages of life. Dan Caplen touches souls with "Badman" and @badgalriri supplies the episode's sound waves. Listeners are challenged to grab a partner and join the April #minsgameONB - - - - ** Subscribe, Rate and Review ** **See @onnoticebrand on IG for more details!** - - - - Guest Feature: @mnmcgee13 ArtistFeature: @dancaplen
Drew + Sy return to put you On Notice that the time has come to put an end to misusing or over-using the term "woke." In Episode 2.5, the duo talks lessons learned from letting go of material possessions and bad eating habits. The discussion of sex and accountability show that all roads lead back to a higher power. Eryn Allen Kane cries out "Have Mercy" and fellow music fans rejoice at the drop of On Notice's "Side A: Be Kind...Rewind" Playlist. Be sure to follow @onnoticebrand and subscribe, rate and review! Opening Written By: @eabykev Feature Artist: @erynallenkane
You almost didn't recognize us, huh? The Bottom Line is officially On Notice! Drew + Sy close out Black History Month by talking acculturation and communication in black families (or the lack thereof). Journey 'Down by the River' to pay respect to lost loved ones and take a Seat at the Table for a lesson from Sista Solange and Mama Tina. Be sure to Subscribe, Rate, + Review and follow @onnoticebrand on IG, Facebook and Twitter!
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